The overhead is one of the easiest shots to learn which makes it one of the most overlooked the most common way of hitting an overhead is just to slam the ball down as hard as you can but at a lot of levels nowadays people's hands are getting so fast that this might not win the point so you have to work on hitting sharper angled overheads hitting.

Sharp angles with your overhead is very easy to learn with just a little bit of practice now the drill for the sharp angled overheads is super simple we got two cones out here both of them are placed at pretty sharp angles and all I'm going to be doing is having my drilling partner Clint feed me some lobs and I'm.

Going to try to hit as close to the cone as possible I'm not trying to kill the ball just yet I'm trying to aim my overhead as sharp and as close to the cone as possible so go ahead oh nice now the most important part about this shot is the consistency if you try to.

Hit it as hard as you can you're not going to be able to get as sharp of an angle as if you're just going for that angle like I said at the higher levels players hands are getting so fast that if you slam the ball right at them they're probably going to be able to return it so you're going to want to go for as sharp of an angle as possible.

Give me some more foreign the key to this shot is not just using your arm but it's actually using your wrist a lot more to generate the angle that you want using just your arm only gives you this one path of Direction which is pretty straight you have a little bit of leeway but you can't hit.

It as sharp as I was with that cone over there or this cone so you want to use your wrist a little bit more it'll seem super weird at first and it might lose a little bit of power but like I said power's not what we're going for at this stage it's for that sharp angle all right all right now the same idea in.

Principles go into hitting the overheads from this side obviously it's just on a different side you're still going for angles rather than pace and consistency is really important making an unforced error on any shot really sucks but especially on an overhead where you should be winning the point 99 of the time.

Here we go foreign trying to use my wrist a lot more to generate the angle rather than my shoulder and my elbow all right we'll do a few more all right and as with any shot once you.

Get more and more comfortable with hitting these angles you can start to speed it up a bit more but while you're drilling it go slower before you go faster that's how you'll learn the best fundamentals of the shot which are the most important parts thank you.

You don’t want to overlook the overhead these days with the quick hands and defensive skills of advanced players 😯 Practice hitting the right ANGLES in your overhead with this drill from Porter Barr!

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