Foreign pickleball thank you guys for tuning in on this one uh this is the video that I've wanted to make since the dawn of the channel which was what like two weeks ago or something um but it is all about the Kiwi lab slice our first go to market paddle.

Before I get into that though I have a couple housekeeping things um so everyone who's been watching these videos first of all like I owe a million thank yous for just the nice things that everyone's saying and it's great it's so I had no idea that it would be received this well I I just wanted to you know make a couple uh videos because I I'm a.

Big pickleball fan I'm starting the Kiwi Labs company and I needed videos for like the website and I wanted to just get this out there but I had no idea the the type of like viewership that would be happening like that like I expected like 60 views per video and we're looking at like 6 000 so um thank you guys so much and in in turn.

That has turned into a ton of pre-orders which again just blows my mind guys like thank you thank you thank you for uh you know taking a chance on us and you know the last thing we're going to do is let you down because we are so excited about this thing and I'm so grateful uh that you guys are joining us like right out the gate like this is gonna be awesome.

We already are in talks of two more paddles that we're working on uh probably gonna be a while before you see anything else other than this but we're getting right to work because we're here to stay um we're prioritizing our approval that's all set so usapa should come back uh probably about the same exact time.

That our first big batch order of the slices uh get in so that date is a looking and again this is roughly so you know take this as you will probably around the 20th of April hopefully sooner I've been telling people like the 10th and 20th maybe like in that window so that's what we can aim for to start actually shipping out so fingers crossed.

Nothing goes you know sideways but it's looking good so far so that's where we stand as far as shipping things out and and having stock on hand I have raised the order number because of all the pre-orders for you guys so I'm not expecting any um sellouts or anything like them being too hard to get unless you know.

Something crazy happens but so everyone who pre-ordered will definitely get theirs right away um and then probably a couple extras as well too so we're looking good there and now we can that that's out of the way let's talk about the paddle uh this is the unit that I've had in basically every uh video so we've we've gone.

Through iterations um I don't know maybe we'll do some a version like this later on but we're holding off on that right now and starting with uh this design of the slice let's start talking about shape we'll we'll hang out here because I do think we did something interesting you'll notice it is still technically an.

Elongated uh rectangle rectangle shape paddle but it is a little bit shorter for not as long and a little wider so it's kind of like a hybrid between like a traditional you know eight inch panel which is like a lot wider and um this is like taller but not as tall as like I don't know some other.

Everyone's gravitating towards the 16 and a half by seven and a half we're kind of Towing the line just barely different but but we like where we landed so then this is just over it's right in between it's like 16.2 and instead of seven and a half why we're seven uh 0.7 ish uh on the screen right now you can see the actual measurements.

Because I already filmed that earlier a big reason why we did that is how popular the need is for extra room on the handle for two-handed backhands now that's where we Shine from here to here is about six inches plus which is crazy so yeah if you go all the way there it's almost six and a half inches so but not the handle the handle is only a standard.

Uh five yeah about five inches for the handle but we we've worked in a little a ton of extra space for your hand which is great and I think what a lot of people are looking for right now um also when we're talking about the grip here we do have the hexagonal handle the circumference is coming in around 4.2 inches.

So it's a bit bigger but not too big personally it's exactly what I like in a grip and I you're going to see that throughout the whole paddle I was a little selfish and basically just built you know what I wanted to see on the market and obviously I'm not alone there and I've had help with my other teammates here at KV labs.

But yeah I'm really excited uh for our biggest reason that we're kind of like a different from other paddles is our thickness so we have a 16 millimeter just core just the core of 16. and a lot of people the whole panel link the biggest they make is 16. um granted we're about 20 all said and done but a lot of that you'll see is.

Like the edge guard overlap is like it makes up a good two millimeters and then um the the layers of carbon fiber all said and done yeah we're at 20 millimeters the same as the didem uh Warrior I believe is also 20 and the reason we do that is a lot of these thermal form paddles like this are power heavy and.

What we found is around this thicker core is actually going to help balance that power with a little bit more control because I'm all about control at the end of the day I think the the hand polished t700 carbon fiber really helps with that as well really lets you direct where you want the ball to go um so those two things the thickness and.

The and the face here is really going to help you at least me get a little more control without sacrificing power because at the end of the day it is a thermal form paddle that is built for power right so you get the best of both worlds in my opinion and while we're talking about technology this is like I said thermal form what that means is.

It's one piece it's a unibody design so we have carbon fiber wall we have a face and we have a bottom or I guess two faces that are all carbon fiber all around and then that is put into a press with the core in the middle there's adhesive between there and then there is foam layered around the edges.

To then adhere the the final unibody uh piece and then it's heat pressed in place and then you get the paddle which is going to be sturdier than most paddles it's going to hopefully last a lot longer so all that leads to just a better hot more high quality product which is why we're living in the thermoformed world here now I do owe you.

Guys another video because I got a lot of questions around like spin uh swing weight and um what else power I think just like speed of like average speeds for for serbs and I have not been in the field with any equipment or anything to try to get that stuff uh we're hopefully going to be sending.

Review units out to maybe get that sourced for us however we are pausing on that so if you've submitted the affiliate link on our page we purposely haven't answered any of those and it's because of all the pre-orders we received and we want to make sure everyone who bought a paddle is taken care of they get theirs and.

Then we will look at getting the ambassador program started and yeah like tons of like coaches and people reaching out we're definitely going to find a way to hook you guys up but I have received your messages I just I don't want to answer until I have a program in place hopefully that's okay with you guys it makes sense.

Um but yeah we'll we'll get something sooner sooner than later especially once we have extra paddles to send away for demos and uh all I have to say is I do owe you those kind of metrics because I I don't have that yet as far as like balance and swing rate I can give you this like super unscientific.

Um really well so like this is directly in the center um which means that the handle actually is actually a little more weighted than the face there's a little more weight in the handle to help balance it out.

Um something like this one a big reason we didn't go with it is all the weights in the paddle and and same with a lot of these um uh longer longer elongated ones they're they're a little too heavy up in like where you're holding it whereas this one I just love how well it's balanced through the handle and the.

Um handle in the face so um I know that's not scientific but hopefully it's better than nothing there sorry guys so yeah that's a little update on it hopefully uh there's uh most of your questions answered there and yeah I don't know what else to say other than I'm just so grateful and.

Excited and can't wait to get these in your guys's hands and on the courts because um yeah we worked hard on this and not only that we want to keep making more stuff so we're ready to get other other product lines up and running and and I don't know I'm excited and very again.

Grateful it's not like a program okay bye guys
Hey everyone, it’s me! I am beyond excited to announce the release of our new Pickleball paddle. It’s been a long time in the making, but we’ve finally perfected our design, and I can’t wait for you all to try it out. Our paddle is made with the industry’s best materials, including T700 carbon fiber and a raw carbon fiber face, making it incredibly lightweight yet strong enough to handle even the most aggressive games. Plus, with a thermoformed construction, this paddle is built to last.

I want to give a big shoutout to all of our pre-orderers who believed in us and supported us through this process. We really can’t wait to get things started on the court!