Kevin here with Kevin's pickleball tips I am here in Palm Desert beautiful Palm Desert at the Pickled bar this is a four quart indoor facility fairly new open here in Palm Desert today I want to talk about the mindset of taking your game to the next level and all my travels and all my teaching everybody wants to get better.

Everybody wants to improve the number one thing is making sure you're realistic right you can't beat some 50-some-year-old guy thinking you're going to play on the pro tour probably not going to happen especially if you just started playing pickleball so make your goals very realistic.

Second thing is make sure that you always have a plan so when you step on the court you're actually going to be working on something maybe on this day I want to be working on my backhand games okay I'm gonna pick one thing and I'm gonna work on it for maybe the whole hour and a half or whatever but I'm going to be very very goal oriented okay.

I'm going to make sure that I'm using great mechanics and I'm also going to give a number I'm going to put a number on it so like maybe 50 in a row okay humans are goal oriented and if they don't have a number they'll get to like three or four and they'll say okay that's good enough let's move on but when you're doing this when you have.

This plan of 50 in a row if you miss it 17. that's not good enough that's not 50 in a row the other thing is you gotta have Pat patience you must have patience all right pickleball is a marathon not a Sprint so don't think you're going to go out there and you're just going to get so.

Good really fast when you first start yeah it's kind of like you're just taking off on a rocket and then you reach that Plateau when you reach that Plateau that's when it becomes difficult that's when you really got to say hey I need to start drilling more and playing less one thing about playing though I'm not.

Telling you not to play sure playing is fun but when you go out there you can actually drill while the other three players are playing so in your mind in your mindset you're saying okay today I'm going to be working on my third shot drop you might even want to let your partner know you're going to be working on that.

Third shot drop so you have permission by then to miss more okay the other the last thing is you got to remember that it's going to take time okay everybody wants everybody wants to go to heaven and nobody wants to die this is Kevin.

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Pickleball is a Marathon, not a Sprint! Use these few steps to take your game to the next level!
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