Welcome back to the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships powered by Margaritaville. Now you guys have seen some amazing professional athletes come into the Sport. Kent Mercker was here today. He's a former major league pitcher and in 1994 he threw a solo no-hitter and the following year he helped pitch the Atlanta Braves to a world championship. KENT: You know, when I started playing about three years ago and got really addicted to the sport and this is obviously the mecca of pickleball in the United States. So me.

And a partner of mine up in Columbus, Ohio entered the lottery we got selected and and here we are when when our phones went off me and my partner said report to Championship Court immediately. I'm like, we're playing our first experience in the US Open is going to be on the big stage and I loved it. But I love that atmosphere my background in baseball. I've played in front of crowds and it was a blast. What a great experience. It's it's so neat what.

They do down here all the people I've met from all over the tree from other countries just to come down have a good week and what I love about this sport is you can be walking next to a 72 year old man that's limping, And he could beat you 11 nothing and you would have no idea. You can't size up your competition. Everyone comes together with one thing in common and it's pickleball. I almost call it a lifestyle at this point. Like it's not just a sport.

That you go put it's a lifestyle. It's it's it's a really cool hard to explain how addicting it is and people that haven't tried it. You need to try it because once you do it, you're hooked.
Hear from Kent Mercker who got a chance to play on Championship Court on his very first trip to the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships. He is right when he says that this event is the mecca for all pickleball players.
We are so excited for Kent and all the players who get a chance to come to the greatest pickleball party in the world!
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