I was playing in a pickleball tournament this weekend I believe I mentioned that I was playing you did and and I have some thoughts on that shall I share now or shall I wait I I have some questions on it well okay all right go ahead and then I'll tell you yeah that's fine all right Chris give me first yeah well I as you mentioned you had a.

Monster pickleball tournament I guess Saturday morning title defense yeah defending your title and as the day progressed as the College Football Saturday progressed yeah I kept looking at my phone and I saw nothing that's right normally I would see a sweaty photograph of you on the podium with the diesel wearing a bronze medal or.

Something he's he's saying exactly what I was going to ask okay see we're all in the same mindset yeah it was just a it was what do they call it a roaring silence yeah I I couldn't focus on anything else Saturday okay well so so many people said that you know Saturday what a sports day your your college football playoff position chaos College.

Chaos World Cup us eliminated and this pickleball tournament that was going on I just couldn't keep track of anything else you didn't send any pictures why there were no well there were no pictures taken to me that's what overall that's kind of a win there were no that means no Podium no we.

Were home for lunch we got back this was the drive to the tournament was an hour and 15. and I told my wife don't wait up I'll be because you know huh you go through pool but it's just like the World Cup you have pool play okay and then you have tops Advanced tops Advanced then you have tournament play and it's like best out of three.

And then you go to the losers bracket I mean there's so many ways and last year we had to go to the losers bracket took us forever we won the gold medal and it took forever to get there I wasn't home last year until nine o'clock 10 o'clock at night all day event and this year we were swiftly eliminated in three matches Bam Bam Bam didn't make.

It out of pool play and I told the diesel what a stupid game I'm done with this game it's over I I noticed that like I threw my paddle like the tennis players you can throw a racket they break nicely when you smash them baseball players if you're really strong you can smash a bat over your knee yeah with a mat with a pickle Mallet what can.

You do I know I kept trying to break it just hurt my knee yeah that's all it does it hurts it's terrible you can fling it but that's really terrible that's dangerous well I've seen it flung yeah I've seen guys playing them before I was worried about this yeah you know I I didn't feel like you were loose enough going in I wasn't I felt like you were.

Too worried about defending a title I was and we should we should point out and a dear friend of the program reliable source spotted Chris Kelly what a day before two days prior to the tournament and said you could barely walk fact and quote looked so defeated he saw me from a friend she decided not.

To approach because she didn't think he could croak out of hello if you remembered her right if she had said Hello I would have had to do that all right Kristen Dem doesn't even know this you were also being bullied by an older man into getting some Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets.

Oh this is news to me Biggie's correct I did not know an older man was on your case he's not even that old you know okay six weeks ago we gave away Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets okay a guy I know I can't even name him said hey man go a long way with my old lady if I get some of those Trans-Siberian tanks like.

All right I'll see what I can do we had a pair left over I said okay you go I stay completely away from ticket giveaways that's Biggie's Department Megan who runs camera here she takes care of all of that stuff you know when anybody wins anything so I say to Biggie and Megan six weeks ago hey man put my friend Curtis whoops on the.

Uh they say okay great then he immediately Peppers me when am I getting these tickets how do I like immediately I was like hey man Curtis this takes forever you know the show is now coming up we're you know it's Christmas time now that's their thing it's Christmas so I said that you won't even hear from them for a.

While you know but don't worry I said don't worry it's coming so um you know a few weeks later hey I haven't heard anything it's like don't worry it's coming then I said I'll check on it never did you know never finally you have faith in the system I did I had faith in the system on Friday he goes hey that show it's like this one man oh.

Depending it's in pit now so I had to send a text to Megan and Biggins Curtis is wearing me out on these on these Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets what's going on and Megan says I sent those to him a month ago he should have those guys no no God and Megan's so great so she's like I'll cancel the transfer yes and I will re-transfer them.

Yeah you're kidding no and then biggie said have him check his spank I think they've got to be in the bowels of hispan because it comes from Ticketmaster for somebody you know and so uh so I tell him I was like oh they gave you those a month ago and uh you check your spam and everything I thought I was done with it well two hours later.

He's like hey they're still not here oh geez and this is when yeah we took you out of it and you should have seen the text between Megan and I okay foreign but I I knew in my heart I said This is distracting him from his goal it wasn't it was just not offending the gold.

That's so it was just bad it just the whole home for lunch we stopped at Chick-Fil-A we had to wait till we got all the way back almost in town to stop and get you know I mean it's like you know everybody might just take me home we just ate breakfast yeah I mean really I had a bagel and then at 11 40 I had another uh chicken pickle you know did.

You at least get a participatory shirt I got the shirt it's a nice shirt I like the material and it's a it's a nice color but you get run out by somebody you knew or of newbies newbies these are all out-of-towners age groups so uh about the same major maybe a bit younger this is a tournament that's divided into age brackets.

Uh all of them are I can't remember if we played in the open division or the 50 plus division either way what we did was we moved it see we won in our division last year so we moved up a level this year and promptly got our Tails handed to us that's the thing when you move up a little now this weekend I'm over in the candy cane classic and.

We've moved up another level it's like so now we've would be home in time you know for the 10 a.m show yeah I mean this will this will be one fcm do the game day picks yeah let's see Lee Corso put on the head that's right it's an Army Navy this weekend Lee Corsa whatever game is left I will see that here's the whole thing here's why I was.

Talking about that gym so I go I'm at this tournament and one the guy beat us I mean he'd already beaten us they just and that was it for us we were done and you know the diesel my partner so badly wants to play he's like I mean I'm putting my stuff on and it's starting to it's raining it's cold this place is covered so we could play.

But it was miserable and I was like let's get on let's go and stop I I lick your wounds yeah regroup tomorrow's another day I had a chocolate chunk cookie that's how you know I had where'd you have it thank you I can't say because they're not advertisers.

We've already dropped three of them I know oh my God our boss is probably just his head's exploded yeah if he had his hair wasn't already Greg yeah that's right so we stopped and I just said diesel I'm gonna I'm gonna drown my sorrows in a chocolate chunk cookie here as an addition to my usual stuff I'm just gonna do it you know I'm just gonna.

Now look at my puffy face yeah oh that's a cookie stuffed face that is a cookie stuffed face if I've ever seen one this guy has uh he takes off his shirt to he's changing shirts after he beats us because they're going into the next round and he's changing shirts and on I'm surprised to work up a sweat yeah well I don't usually change till the.

Semis yeah exactly I guess the rain must have been coming through that yeah okay in the match when he played us he hit a blazing shot that went right by so much so that we couldn't even look to see if.

It was in or out just a blur yeah that's right so we looked at each other I mean it was close to a lot and we look back at him it's good it's good okay that's fine let's just move it along just two arthritics thumbs up yeah okay fine when we got me diesel said uh maybe we could.

Just play for fun with some of the other players we are not sticking around don't take me home get me out of here please what did I ask whipping I mean when you just get destroyed it's like why do I win yeah I don't want to hang around for this the guy takes his shirt off and he's got the orange theory logo.

Tattooed on his chest no in Orange the you know the oh it's it's an o or some sweat coming off that's what he's got it permanently Inked Inked on his chest and I looked at him now I go as you know I'm passionate about it I possibly said is that the orange theory gym logo tattooed on your chest you guys you better believe it is and I said what's.

My secret I said well mine too oh is it I know you oh dude wow I said well I go there and he said really like he was surprised you're kidding I said no I I really like that I said uh are you I thought I thought I may own one of the franchises sure because he's got it tattooed on his chest and I said do you.

Own are you a big like manager or something is oh no no no he goes I've just lost 200 pounds with the help of a keto diet and that gym and I like to keep it right here as a reminder oh my gosh wow and oh my gosh dang that's a guy man I just couldn't believe it he's like so I keep it right here close to my heart to know what took.

Me where I've been and the journey I've been on look we're all on different Journeys I think he's been very public about his journey yeah this has been a year yes that's right who will you tattoo over your heart my face my face left to be on your because I saved your life yeah I set you to a facility fat face or skinny face Kelly please make.

Sure I'll do this for you you've had a tough weekend just oh awful yes that's right so I was like dang and I uh was he did he have other tattoos no that's okay that's it that's all I saw oh my word it was and it was pretty big too it was really noticeable I mean immediately and I know the logo I was like and it's orange yeah.

Yeah wow that's that's something that's dedication he's like I never forget he started in Ohio and then moved to North Carolina and I never imagined on a run she's on the Run yeah I'll be honest that's psychotic behavior and Vicky brings up an interesting how long before we have the pickleball.

Killer yeah making news on Dateline no kidding exactly he kills random pickleballers he starts with the elderly and infirm they were easy targets yeah right exactly we would be next on his list I'm sure so that was that and then the next day I was at the gym and I'm your big orange and in my big orange and I told.

Coach Tommy who was you know who was who was teaching I was like man gosh and I told him that story he goes what's his name I want to use him in some advertising I didn't get his name because you didn't you just met a guy with the tattoo and you didn't get his name and I said no well it's like asking somebody to identify the truck that ran.

Him over fact he had just beat you at the plate of the the cement truck that ran you over just nailed me I mean just just killed us and that was that and we went it was disappointment it was a well I'm sure the the comforting bosom of your family was yeah yourself oh yes wait they weren't there no they weren't they weren't there they were out Daddy.

Had the house to himself or was the girl there uh they were all gone but they came home early also and in fact they got home shortly after I did and they said what happened and I said well we lost and I wanted to get back here to spend time with you as quickly as possible which then I got attacked right you're.

Doing the Pinocchio then I got a text from the diesel saying we need to right this wrong let's meet over it so and and same day he's like let's meet here and drill I was like really and so I we went out and drilled about three oh God in the rain in the cold rain how can I make this day worse.

Got it
Chris Kelly went to a pickleball tournament this weekend and he didn’t do too great. Chris Demm and Biggie could tell by the lack of pictures Kelly would normally send them. There was also a man who had an Orangetheory tattoo on his chest.

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