So mixed doubles about to get started in the main draw we've had action all morning as the qualifiers have been duking it out to try and get in it to the main draw just 32 teams there now final shoe ties for all four individuals you know the one advantage that Gremo and Forsyth do have is that they're.

Fresh and that they're warm and they've been competing all morning they're obviously going to be confident they've won their matches to get here so let's see if they can get off to a good start here so Ben Johns and Annalee Waters are facing into the Sun as that is a let serve.

Crambo will serve again and quickly learns that middle is unavailable you might have pulled the trigger from a little too low there but working out those nerves early on Forsyth working with the Selkirk paddle working alongside cell Kirk now and we see Ben Johns on the you know first time he's touched the ball here.

Going for that third shot drive then crashing in immediately after he's gonna test the hands looks like a grambo early to see if she can handle uh his early offense here switches on and you saw the one hand roll from Annalee Waters she said she's been working on it anytime she gets over.

To the left yes known for her prowess with her amazing two-handed backhand but she's still adding in new tools to her game as well beautiful off the bounds falling out of it Annalee Waters with the winner such a visually disguised attack very uh rarely will people run around to play a backhand in that position and then pull.

It up their line the server Ben Johns always talked about great power as well as depth again work towards that drive it's time to the top of the net a little a little miscommunication between Ben and Anna Lee but it's all smiles out there they're still making it works.

Okay Rambo and Forsyth will definitely take that missed return they are on the board here yeah and those are the balls that you know maybe it's not fully there but when you're playing such a good team from forsyth's perspective you're wanting to thread the needle a little bit more anytime that you see any opportunity to.

Be offensive I understand the play Emily Waters patrolling the middle of the Court a couple of the backhand flicks that he's missed on that one he's able to play with a little bit more margin over the net um because Ben Johns was back see if he can make that adjustment.

Seriously well and you heard me Cameron talk about my rule of two right she did it once I wouldn't have adjusted but now he's gonna have to look to cover the line when he sees her run around like that picture that John's looking to fly in yeah good time for it just wasn't able to to connect with that poach.

Opportunity Mr turn grandpa really working with the heavy slice return let's get into the kitchen line Ben johns with a near Ace yeah you already mentioned it Cameron he takes just a little bit more risk than a lot of the other players on the serve even.

In doubles to set him up for an easier next shot for him or his partner nice job by Rambo right there she fended one off of her body well a couple shots there from Ben and Anna Lee you saw the two-hand backhand from Ben John's new part of 2023 for him yeah he's looking to use that shot a little bit more in both doubles and singles.

yeah in Forsyth and grambo right now are just struggling with neutralizing these points and getting all the way to the kitchen they were able to get there but the shot that got them there they were a little bit off balance I'd like to see them get into a few more dink rallies if they can and see if they can work the.

Point a little longer it's like he's going for the ATP but instead finds the middle of the Court yeah yeah foresight needed to take just one more half step to that middle knowing that John's has that ability to attack uh you know off the bounce of the backhand.

Emily Waters fights the court lots of space to work with yeah and it looked like Rambo and Forsyth just not quite there with their communication looked like they were kind of fighting over that one a little bit left that court open for Annalee to go back behind Forsyth there.

11-1 for the number one seed yeah and you know I would say you know if you're in the streets of grambo and Forsyth here obviously you know it's Herculean task to take this team out but I would just focus on focusing on what you can control working the fundamentals and getting into more points for us to.

Get into here Ben Johns and Anna Lee Waters taking game number one in mixed doubles but coming up next it's Michelle Esquivel and Tyler lung versus Leia Jansen and Travis rettenmeier Ben johns with some nice lateral motion at the kitchen line yeah starting off game two a little bit uh more aggressive early taking some chances was able to.

Get that attack through on on foresight one hand for Annalee Waters still working now before the break you mentioned you got to control what you can control so what are the controllables if you're on the side of grand bow and foresight yeah I think you know keeping it simple mentally I think when you focus so much on winning points.

Sometimes your shot selection can suffer you get a little bit antsy trying to do too much at the at the wrong time so I think when you're when you're serving it's just how can you get to the kitchen you can do that by the traditional drop or you can work more of a drive drop combo as a way to get there when your opponents are back and you're returning.

Just making them work not necessarily never letting them get to the line but feeling good about it if you've made them hit several good shots to get there temperature make them earn it a little bit more right yeah absolutely a lot of shape off the paddle of Ben.

Johns and Rambo comes crashing and not necessarily a bad decision but just a little bit of a misconduct there and obviously they have to at some point make their move forward and she decided to be aggressive I didn't mind the decision but you know you have to time that one really really well yeah all right.

Yeah and John's is being more aggressive with his court position than I've normally seen him in a first round match he's kind of known for feeling his way through a tournament but he's bringing uh some of that bold Court positioning uh to this match right out of the gate it's also something to be said about not spending as much time on the court right.

Right I mean when you have multiple matches in front of you it's a little bit more helpful yeah there's a few different ways to look at the logic behind that foresight had a good read on it and again to your point you may be right maybe John's is saying hey we don't want.

To spend too much time on the court they are going for their double triple crown again like they did last tournament you know that becomes a factor after a while of course Ben and Annalee both winning Triple Crowns at the Masters event like you mentioned the Hyundai Masters event Grandma did well to get the serve back but she was so off balance working Her.

Way Forward just wasn't able to to bring that to neutral and use her Advantage as the returner Cross Court from Adeline Waters after the third shot lob from Ben Jones I was gonna say John's bringing some variety early here we've talked about uh some new shots that each of them are using maybe the.

The third shot lob in 2023 is one we'll see a little bit more we'll we'll have to wait and see you can see just the amount of depth on that Kelsey Graham boat trying to fend that off she's got her feet all the way up against the JW Marriott Desert Ridge side so eight to zero Annalee Waters and Ben Johns bringing the pressure.

Championship court with some big time Champions Annalee Waters and Ben John's the number one seed now up 8-0 in game two over Kelsey grahambeau and Eric Forsyth who came out of the qualifier early this morning so a lot of pickleball has already been played and it's only 10 20 local time foreign.

Was ready for the speed up but the combination of Ben John's too much to handle yeah yeah you know I think he's he's realizing that his hand speed is so good that his initial speed up even if it isn't perfect he's gonna bail himself out with everything that he brings after that shot gives himself a little bit more room for air absolutely it's now.

Match point and the third shot long from Ben John seals the deal 11-1 11-0 the number one seed are the number one seeds yeah and you know for Grandma and foresight they can still hold their heads high they beat some good teams to qualify and you know John's and Waters are capable of having a very decisive score line even.

Against some of the very top teams right well we await the patterns as we await the play this is the carvana PPA tour Cameron Irwin alongside Kyle McKenzie thanks for hanging out with us Leia Jansen will get us started sun in the eyes but ready to go time in zero zero two slide a little more middle there and.

Open up the left shoulder as Esquivel you can see you're just trying to steady herself yeah she's laughing a little bit I don't know if she hit it as clean or where she was intending but side out either way and quickly you're seeing just how aggressive Rhett Meyer is going to be in the middle yeah no absolutely and also.

Uh the females they've had early offense right at each other right out of the gate we'll see if that Trend continues did you say aggressive from the ladies because I think you're spot on well like I mentioned since they're lined up in front of each other it lends itself to to attack one another a little bit more often so far it seems to be the game.

Plan for uh both both females here foreign yeah she really turned on that two-handed backhand nicely Leia Jansen was looking for a little she can bake with Travis redmeyer crash in the boards crash in the kitchen wine more or less side out there's that cross-court Ding.

Battle you were mentioning yeah and that's Bill did a great job of hitting a heavy ball putting Meier under a little bit more pressure to earn that error point and I really like that choice of Esquivel to hit her drop back behind retinmeyer he's pinching middle and leaning there so much sometimes just going to that backhand is you know not a.

Bad idea was over that gavel set him up nicely with a low third shot Drive normally Loom's gonna be able to put that one away I think I'm sorry let me recall the score one zero two not sure.

And it looks as if Leia Jansen is aiming for that left shoulder of Michelle Esquivel right now that's not a bad pattern for them I mentioned Loom you know not as aggressive you know in those neutral dink rallies more of a waiting to to counter attack type player um I think Jansen.

Has the ability to set up her attack against eskiml a little bit more if she stays in that pattern for a while Travis redmeyer getting the better of the fire fight yeah Esquibel choosing to run around and play Four Hands there but when you pop a ball up and leave that Court positioning open it exposes an attack up the middle.

Jansen drive down the line on her backhand side but what an Epic how to get our morning started this place is packed and the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa bounce not working in the favor of toddler loon yeah some unconventional.

Shot selection by loong to play three drives in a row you know you do that if you feel as though your opponent can't handle the pace of your drive but I think jansen's gonna be up to the task for that uh today nice job by loong inserting himself finding the outside hip of Jansen as he crashes to the middle there good.

Placement on that attack all right it's gonna say Leia Jensen did a nice job on the return giving herself plenty of time to unwind the stack but it still goes the direction of Esquivel and Loom yeah they're looking to send a lot of offense her way uh early on here nice play by Travis rettenmeier finding.

The backside yeah he sensed that lung was leaning towards that middle kind of wrong footed him on the first one was able to put the next one away one four one tough right now Leia Jansen trying to drop the line yeah Lou seems to be pinching more and more middle we'll see.

If they keep him Honest by going back behind him Michelle Esquivel gets wide and for the second time attacks the middle yeah threading the needle early running around and that's the advantage of running around to play dinks with a forehand sometimes you're more capable of pulling the trigger on the attack on.

That side great play from Michelle Esquivel finds the middle and like you mentioned sends it to the backhand side yeah and she's been aggressive with her dinks right now she's not content with just hitting a neutral drink and allowing Rhett Meyer to take control of the point every time.

She plays a ball to him she's putting him under pressure well plenty of pressure has been applied now the 13 seed 6-1-1 with another nice finish from Michelle Esquivel the timeout I'm wondering is it drop location where might you find that drop in terms of Rhett Meyer and Jansen when they get the search back yeah well it's.

Mostly been driving to escabel it hasn't been working yet Loom's pitching more and more middle I think you need to drop back behind him to keep him a little bit more honest early on these points Travis rettenmeier doing a nice job you can keep looking up into the sky trying to figure out exactly if he can see with how bright the sun is overheads get a.

Little more tricky when you're dealing with the Sun yeah nice volley by Rhett Meyer they're finding the feet of esquimel station let's see where this ends up there it is Travis brettenmeier and Leia Jansen find their second and a strong.

Adjustment just like you mentioned they didn't choose to drop but they did Drive Tulum and they drove to his backhand I think you're going to get more of a neutral volley when you drive to that side and it's going to give you an opportunity to get in on the next ball again I think we kind of talked about this by going too often to Esquibel.

Early in the point is just making that Target smaller and smaller with loom sliding over with his forehand in the middle the equation for Success they tried that early on in game number one however it didn't work quite pretty effective mark it has now again it's all about setting things up.

Right as long and then find the middle and another yeah a little bit of a gift there from long he knows it he was set up well good idea just cut the tape for him there and finding the right side of Tyler Loom make it another point it's five six like we mentioned he's leaning towards that middle with his forehand anything in the.

Body or back to that backhand side they've had some success with thank you trying to slow the roll as Tyler long after a four-point run gets Jansen and Rhett Meyer back into this six five one thank you Ned a second Brett and I are.

Trying to be aggressive there and go deep to loom but hey short for a winner will work and a good lead there by Jansen loong really trying to test her hands uh with multiple drives over to the the Jansen Direction that's a very timely hold for Jansen and Rhett Meyer.

and it works yet again that Leia Jansen backhand as she's crashing in well done no she has a lot of offense in her game uh definitely capable of still bringing an offensive shot even when she's a little off that kitchen line and a missed return so a lead chains Jensen and rettmeyer now on Top seven.

Six one and that's what you also have to be wary of right when you're dropping to that corner Tyler Loom and I think in the corner obviously yeah that's why they've been reluctant to do that I think the play that's been working for them is the drive but the drive to loong to his backhand his paddle face is a little.

More open on that side most of the time you're gonna get a ball that comes up rather than down yeah Leia Jensen right now looking for that exact same thing Cross Court yeah they just got to give herself a bigger Target not really needing to hit a winner on that ball just trying to make him hit a volley that doesn't put you under too much.

Pressure as a team tough to drive Cross Court like that as well got a little extra time and I like the adjustment that you saw from escovella Bloom as well making sure to get the ball over to Jansen so they don't have to deal with the Travis retten Meyer Drive so it's one adjustment after another yeah.

Can you see the anticipation right he left a lot of his own line covered look for Esquibel and loon to make that adjustment to keep him a little more honest if he's freely uh gonna slide to the middle all right I think Michelle Esquivel just getting caught a bit there in motion yeah and.

Retinmeyer seems to be putting a little more on his dinks as well really keeping her under pressure so that she can't be as aggressive with her own soft game forward from Travis redmeyer yeah we talked about you know in in the pre-match uh conversation about how Jansen really wants an aggressive male.

Partner that can slide over there and take those forehands Rhett Meyer right on Q4 foreign ER sliding in there's another when she plays that attack up the middle um open it up a little bit more with a.

Few more aggressive dinks back behind retinmeyer to make him think that that's an option as well it was all Tyler loog and Michelle a star take a look now at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Open presented by Foot Solutions as who's coming up next it's Anna bright and Riley Newman versus Etta Wright and Rafa Hewitt so your.

First look now at Newman and bright but again back on Championship court it's Michelle Esquivel Tyler Loom facing off against Leia Jansen and Travis rettenmeier it was all Esquivel and Luke to start but it's definitely a different story now yeah after the first time out from Jansen to Rhett Meyer I believe they've gone on a nine point run to put.

Them in a position to have game points here it's good math that's exactly right nine points great adjustment from yeah she went back behind retinmeyer but it wasn't just trying to blast power through him again it was calculated dinking that really put him off balance there.

with the early but game number one going to the 20 seed 11-6 fantastic adjustments middle of the game found game number one over escobel and lung after some mid-game adjustments we'll get into a few more of those and what could be here in game number two cameras Kyle McKenzie.

Yeah just out says Michelle Esquivel so you talked about dinking to the backhand side of Tyler loong the next question is how do you still neutralize the Ernie that you might see from him on that side yeah I think the ball is coming from Cross Court it's a much more complicated uh Ernie so obviously you're gonna be.

Very selective dinking or going back behind him if you're lined up in front of them but I think you can test them a bit if you're cross-court from him of dinking it there but we talked about the drive to him was really the effective shot um kind of working that drive drop combo to get their way in.

Foreign Jansen but she's opening up her body well and finding her big forehand one one to your point that Cross Court not allowing for loom yeah Lou doing a really nice job of using the the one-handed backhand flick.

He doesn't opt for that one very often but uh executed nicely I'm sorry let me recall the score one one two you heard the stay call based off the return from Michelle Esquivel yeah they wanted to unwind the stack and get their forehands in the middle but the quality of the retinmeyer served just didn't.

Give Esquibel the time to get over there okay and that's what I was wondering in terms of another adjustment so if you want to stay away from the Cross Court dink if your Esquivel in Loom what if you dink middle and that falls it's still cross-court but not as far across Court.

To engage the Ernie yeah yeah and let's these are the little tiny adjustments that these players make they're gonna probe they're going to try different locations and stick with what works absolutely Michelle Esquivel looking to speed up middle there just missing long 4-1-2 Michelle Esquivel is everywhere she.

Fought off an absolute onslaught of attacks from Rhett Meyer and Jansen Well Done by uh Esquivel big point for them one four one Point yeah excellent location on the drive there from Long Johnson knew it was coming to her but anytime you get the outside hip players are often leaning towards covering the middle.

There foreign ER right there I love the backhand overhead yeah putting the athleticism on display but to me the difference in this match is Lane and Esquibel haven't made the adjustment of keeping retinmeyer honest like Rhett Meyer and Jansen did.

To loom that won them game one we'll see if loon and Esquivel can can kind of give them a taste of their own medicine here side out yeah right my appears to just still be freely kind of owning that middle hasn't had to play enough shots on that backhand side yet.

Corner pocket for Leia Jansen yeah it looked like Esquivel was trying to go back behind uh Rhett Meyer there just left that dink just a little bit High five two one and for the second ball in a row Travis rettenmeier able to volley yeah early offense from Jansen and Rhett Meyer whether they're dropping or they're.

Driving they're really committing to their forward pressure as a unit and it's been uh been very effective for them so far a great save from Fred Meyers you see the expression on his face but an even better play on the side of lung and Esquivel.

Great job being able to pull this ball back around uh to go up jansen's line their basketball it's showing some of the fast hands there by Rhett Meyer and also his length and his ability to lean in is giving some some problems to ask about here.

Well done by rentmeyer thank you there's the Ernie and that's why they've been somewhat reluctant to drop to that side really impressive by loong it looked like it was open but he quickly uh closed the Gap there with the Ernie how.

And Michelle Esquivel says no good yeah she was sitting on that one she knew that she didn't put a whole lot on her dink she had her paddle up and ready expecting the attack from Jansen was able to counter-attack nicely go a little too much of that one yeah I love the shot by Esquivel to go back.

Behind Rhett Meyer there but she had a neutral ball I'd rather her just see her play that safe get to the kitchen land and neutralize that point first before she pulls the trigger great combination Michelle Esquivel still in the middle yeah so often when you attack it isn't the initial attack that wins you the point it's being ready.

For the recounter she knew right where that was coming well played sign out right on the toes of Tyler loong I missed a call there should have been four one Tyler loong's toes might be a little too Loom bad joke sorry.

Showing off the Scorpion at one time in that play that's where you take the forehand side and bring it to the opposite side of your body foreign that came just in time for them to get the ball back here serving 4-7 need to make a run here.

Point trying to unwind there's the backhand side of Travis rettenmeier five seven one second let's return yeah trying to catch them again unwinding that staff just didn't look like he was able to perfectly get his feet set as well as he would have liked to.

Foreign Ed up the middle by her previous shot of rolling her dink out wide so I feel like that's the pattern that they're gonna have to find she's gonna have to hit one or two dinks out wide to set her attack up and I think if she does that her attacks are going to be much more.

Effective ready finding another ball now as one has been lost into the massive crowd that surrounds Championship Court every corner of this place is filled and Leia Jansen with a smart dink there testing the middle yeah she went right to that inside foot of escabel maybe she.

Could have taken it out of the air but just got a little confused by it once your weight starts going back you're definitely on defense point play a chance in earning a third shot Drive yeah certainly a makeable volley from lung he's a little frustrated with himself but again then they find that.

Backhand side there's a big difference on what lung is capable of as far as putting them under pressure 951 point yeah just looked like ask about just barely overcooked that one long looks like we're gonna have our first match point here for uh Rhett Meyer and Jansen.

Out of bounds Jansen and Rhett Meyer the lower seed coming up strong 20 over 13. a new partnership with a strong start have set their rotation to this point and a bright on the right Riley Newman on the left so we were wrong interesting all right we'll see hey maybe a little game's been shipped to get started yeah never know.

Point nice slide from Anna bright and a bride of course okay and it looks like they're playing straight up here oh even better sorry I got excited about pickleball stuff straight up is it's not gonna give your opponents the same look every time so they're gonna have to always be aware of.

What shots are open you know uh at which point during the point yeah you knew that spelled trouble immediately as Anna bright took a step back and just Unleashed on Rafa Hewitt and had a right yeah that's her signature shot that powerful two-handed backhand side out.

Long on the serve one zero one point certainly a makeable ball from right there got the one that they wanted Trish will clean that up as the match progresses point.

Hewitt showed great hands earlier in that point to fend off the attack from Anna bright but just a little short on the dink there is there all one on the court I wonder if this might be a replay I don't know if it bugs anybody or not point okay looks like they are going to award the points to uh may not have distracted.

Them but distracted me point I think Anna bright got away with one right there yeah Wright's had a couple of forehands that have been high just wasn't able to catch up with that one Point yeah he was trying to hook that you know that Lefty forehand back across his body that's one of his signature.

Shots just got a little ambitious with going too close to the line there second sir Riley Newman maybe still shaking off the uh Aussie Beach that he was just sitting on took a trip to Australia teaching some pickleball out there helping grow the game all over the world okay big side out here from uh from.

Right in here let's see if they can get on the board at a right doing everything she can to dig those balls out but Riley Newman just continues to add the base yeah they just haven't been able to get to neutral very often here Riley Newman really making his presence known in the Middle.

With that Long Reach beautiful posture from Anna bright yeah Hewitt really testing the hands of bright there but she's known to have some good ones he may need to work the point a little longer you can say right not easy to put the ball away against.

Brighton Newman excellent Defenders but great angle there by Hewitt 602 . that's the Riley Newman shot that he rarely misses the load up and hold yeah expect to see him go to that a couple of more times knowing that it is the Hewitt backhand on the line there.

second sir yeah right one of the few women that's very comfortable hitting that one-handed backhand flick just wasn't able to look like she hit the the correct location that she's going for on that one point missed return just a few inches.

So on the board 162. side out also important to note we do have a switch in ball from the last event for these athletes six one one the MLP Mesa championship curious to know how much that's affecting athletes as they did have several days to prepare and switch back.

Yeah it's a lot of pickleball but I think you know for the most part they're used to used to being on the grind here foreign speed up plenty of pace off the paddle of Anna bright yeah she was able to find that dominant kind of hip shoulder area of right she wasn't able to fully get the spacing and.

Be able to convert on that volley foreign that woman right there at her right coming over to the pickleball world with such an incredible paddle and Racket background having played just about anything possible Under the Sun in that regard badminton tennis ping pong it's a great play there by Hewitt but to.

Your point we talked about pickleball being a blend of so many other Rocket Sports having um you know a high racket sport pedigree certainly helps go it's a great example of how to write reaching in there on that backhand side.

But not able to put that ball back up the line she kind of forced in that cross court with how extended she was on the reach yeah absolutely and Hewitt's still trying to attack a slightly cross-court to Anna bright hasn't been effective so far laying that up to the Anna bright backhand that has a warning label.

Written all over it yeah when you hit those flick attacks you inherently have to go a little bit higher but when your opponents are ready to get on top of those balls it's point over most of the time foreign.

Exactly well sometimes if your opponents can cover the high flick attacks you just don't flick and you wait to have a ball a little higher for you that you can hit more more of a level shot Riley he is planting himself in the middle of the Court really daring his opponents to go back behind him getting involved.

While there foreign the first one which was a good attack by Anna bright set himself up for the overhead and he definitely wants that one back game point game eleven one bright and Newman 11-1.

Don't get me wrong are a deadly Duo to have to face but Anna Brighton rightly Newman just played clean yeah yeah they really didn't do too much I don't think that's as well as right and Hewitt can play but uh you know Newman and bright took advantage they didn't have to do too much and we'll see if adjustments can be made in the next game this is.

Mixed doubles on the carvana PPA 2 were fantastic conditions for the second day of action zero here at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa point and like you mentioned in game number one Kyle McKenzie sitting next to me flattening out to that attack yeah yeah starting with some early offense was able to keep that drive low put.

Enough pressure on the first volley and take advantage of the next one points yeah nice footwork by right there to kind of straddle that kitchen line and make it very hard for her opponents to find her backhand she's cute close him in and I love that choice by.

Hewitt I was going to talk about adjustments they need to make it does need to go back behind Riley Newman every now and then kind of set his offense up with that shot incredible dig from Rafa Hewitt and the close by his partner and you see the tempo change they're really moving well.

Together seems to be playing very free and it's working so far here in game two you you know Point forehand from the inside and to.

The outside it doesn't matter no matter right and he will find another Hewitt is doing such a good job of attacking with that two-handed backhand keeping it low to the net putting pressure on the volley of Anna bright the timeout had to be taken on the side of bright and Newman 5-0 now.

Right Hewitt and this is what's challenging too when you got somebody playing straight up trying to come up with a Scouting Report technically you need two exactly and that's why it's again it adds to the versatility of this team of Newman and um jumping.

I'm not even sure what was the most difficult contact in that entire rally because each one of these athletes had a beautiful contact at one point or another look at the tempo of the kitchen points being played right now they are at full speed everybody looking to dictate and be the team that's in.

Control out second serve definitely got enough of that one one five two great first volley by right to stay alive she got caught a little late unwinding the stack but then ultimately.

Unable to finish off with the forehand there a little extra sauce on that one from Hewitt yeah I got a Little Help from the net but it did look like his intention was to wrong foot Newman and go back behind him I think it would have worked even if it wouldn't have hit the net to be honest with you Fairfax.

Five two now second serve yeah great location from Newman on that first attack on Hewitt Hewitt known for having some great hands himself but was able to chicken wing him on that dominant shoulder Bradley Newman taking a shot the former.

Division One tennis player out of Seattle University and I'd like to see right um hit a few intentional dinks to to Newman in that cross-court pattern I don't think it's going to be easy for Newman to fire an attack because he has Rafa Hewitt in front of him who he knows has very good hands so I think if she.

Worked the point a little bit longer it might not be a bad play for them it's a great call by you it me yeah baby can you see Riley Newman sliding in front of his partner coming all the way over but he was ultimately able to hit it right on that line up his line two.

Five two it was interesting and a bright kind of sliding back Point Cheeky from Ryan Riley Newman yeah we mentioned he may try that one again with it being Hewitt's backhand side he doesn't have quite as much reach a little more room for him to go up the.

Line there and that's the second one on the side of Wright and Hewitt yeah just what the doctor ordered for Hewitt and Wright to stop the run like what are we gonna do come on five three second sir I was just lowered off off the Newman paddle yeah Hewitt known for.

Having a lot of offense in that mid-court transition zone just wasn't able to time that one correctly yeah excellent adjustment knows that when uh Newman plays that dink out wide that the natural dink is right up her line and she takes it away from Hewitt there.

Nice timing for man of bright on Newman stepping in yeah I think Hewitt in hindsight would have been better off kind of hooking that ball back Cross Court uh Newman read that attack very well second serve d four five two.

At a right almost in self-preservation mode there from her own partner yeah Newman was trying to catch at a right moving as they were unwinding the stack great anticipation by Hewitt there to cut that ball off and make it a forehand volley for himself foreign continues.

yeah the ball was so far out wide Hewitt knew Newman was going to be going around the post so he was there great defense and then able to get on top of the point on the next one thank you second sir Newman making it so tough for.

Wright to get in she appears to be wanting to play every ball um to Anna bright Newman is all the way over there I'd like to see her go back behind him to give herself some space four six one second serve four six two and you see the hand speed of Anna.

Bright and Riley Newman but what set that up was an excellent dig early in that point uh by Anna bright to extend that point for the team and again it's just so incredible to watch these two going back and forth from right to left both just affecting he would and right in so many different.

Manners the question now I have with Etta Wright doing such a nice job Robert you are giving so much love to his partner right now is do you see a better pattern in terms of Newman and bright Glides it right after this point here.

Facility I think right as her hands are warmed up right so I think that they've tested her a lot they've tried to go through her I think if they work the point and just a little bit more selective with when they bring the offense uh they'll just be a little bit more efficient fall after overhead after overhead and.

Attack on the side bright and Newman can serve six six two foreign or fourth shot just to get the ball down but while defense on display on both sides of the net yeah the male players.

For each team are being extremely aggressive on that fourth balls with their core positioning and each team is struggling to get to that kitchen line because of that well and that's one way you can try and open things up you just mentioned the aggressive play from both of the fellas yeah trying to drive back behind Riley.

Newman is going to be a lot tougher than just playing a softer shot easier to open up the angle when you reduce the pace to your point at a right just not able to come up with the next the fifth ball yeah unfortunately still you're looking for them to play that.

From a lower position ball was high enough for Riley to take a full swing with that two-handed backhand that seemed like it was a necessity for Rafa Hewitt yeah trying to go back behind him but again he did it at the time where he was out Widing Newman kind of knew or was sitting on that attack up his line.

Got a few of those slight chicken wings where he's actually picking the ball up off the ground no doing well to make their opponents continue to play but you see the poaching ability from Newman is really being the difference right now here in game two seconds Hewitt showing his chopped a little different to speed up right there.

From Hewitt and I like both him and Etta Wright played two intentional dinks Cross Court to the backhand of Riley Newman to set up that pop-up point just missed time nine six two one minute correct correct one time out remaining.

Time in 962. point the prowess of both Newman and bright and some of those hand battles is just so phenomenal to watch where they're unique is they can win a lot of those battles even when they're slightly in a.

Worse Court positioning than their opponents Riley Newman win full Superman in the middle of that rally yeah these athletes are really showing that doubles is extremely enough needed to be an athletic uh sport absolutely at the pro level much needed side out for right and.

Hewitt said that just popped up off the paddle of outer right yeah Riley Newman's length his ability to lean in really making it a small Target for them to find a ball to move forward on foreign and a quick side out so a hold two balls ten six one.

Point game match number three takes the match eleven One Eleven six in Newman Hannah Bright and Riley Newman look oh so dangerous yeah it was our first Glimpse at them as a partnership and I think it's as advertised there's certainly a team to look out for excited to see them compete this year on the uh carvana PPA tour.

So in terms of looking for a drop when they are on offense we'll call it uh with the serve where should the Johnsons maybe look to either drive or drop the ball on that third yeah great great question I would actually say and maybe the pickleball world is going to call me crazy no I think I think the drive drop combo is a really smart play here.

Meaning you drive but not for the intention of winning the point or crashing in and shaking baking uh you drive just to get a neutral volley to make an easier drop on the next one and I would actually go to John's backhand with that he's more opt to punch his backhand volley whereas Annalee Waters is taking more of those short compact.

Swinging volleys which will put more pressure on your next ball okay so maybe look for the third shot Drive fifth shot drop on the side of the Johnsons here we go foreign both these ladies are playing well outside the court I think Georgia.

Johnson may have played an out ball I think she was being a little bit generous did a great job playing the ATP looked like she maybe played one a little wide but credit to her sportsmanship for making sure she saw it well.

Hi and that's the one you missed it's always frustrating to get such great ones back and then miss a very makeable ball foreign yeah great job by J.W Johnson leaning in really doesn't need a lot of space to be effective with that backhand flick one.

Of the shots he's known for second sir yeah just a really assertive dink by Waters there see how she pushed that outside the stance of Johnson percentages always go down if you don't have your body behind the shot out on the side of Annalee Waters and Ben Johns foreign.

foreign yeah Johnson had one to work with um tough to to take that ball across court but obviously tough to attack Ben John's up his line as well yeah another play that Waters has added into her game more and more comfortable.

On that right side looking for the Ernie trusting that her partner has that middle for her second sir second serve now for Ben Johns two zero two still up by two yeah I got Georgia Johnson pushed out.

Wide as she cuts that ball back instead leaving it high in the middle yeah she's doing a great job of staying in the pattern with Waters but Waters is like you mentioned they're having a lot of success when she just goes a touch wider she's getting that pop up from Johnson right now foreign.

Few different ways to handle the forehand role of Annalee Waters it's not easily done but you mentioned she able to push the ball wide in that last rally Georgia Johnson with the nutmeg yeah showing off some athleticism there but one of the ways that you can try and slow down that forehand roll is something a tool that Georgia Johnson.

Does possess short hopping that ball back but requires a great deal of touch yeah absolutely but like I mentioned I think she's pretty comfortable with that she's been getting a lot better on the right side and it appears she's not giving up too much Court positioning she doesn't doing well right now in those cross-court battles just the score.

Hasn't reflected it so far Georgia Johnson takes a shot at the backhand side heads up everybody and that'll be the kind of the problem to solve in this match is when she does get a forehand to sink her teeth into where does she take it I like how she dropped the head of her paddle to be able to hit that Medium Pace attack at John's and.

Was ready for the next one well you know the ball is coming back so the question is is your preparation after the speed up right what's taking place before or excuse me before that next contact yeah I'd like to see her speed the forehand up and then instantly look for a backhand counter punch as that's the likely location if John's uh.

Touches a back at her it works in his favor but he did take a good step off the kitchen line to JW's credit he got both Annalee Waters and Ben Johns backed up about two or three steps off the kitchen line but with dinks yes he's doing a great job of moving the ball around both of the the.

Johnsons are at this point they're keeping benjons and Annalee Waters honest and not giving him the same shot over and over I hope they continue that trend so far working out well for them as the score is 4-4 analy Waters that's so dirty we saw that play a couple of times in her first.

Round match it really doesn't look like there's that much space there really thread the needle beautifully there hi six six four now make it seven that's gotta hurt yeah yeah those those definitely hurt a little bit more when you you fought to get this pointy uh this game won't even.

football JW Johnson yeah he's trying to be big on those fourth balls and lean in looks like he just caught his toe on the line there eight to four it was for a piece but a four point Run for the number one seed water and John's gonna Force the time out at the hand of the Johnsons season.

More prize money more athletes than ever ever before playing professional pickleball nice closeout from JW Johnson and it's interesting I looked uh at some head to head between JW Johnson versus any other opponent with Ben Johns including Annalee Waters or Catherine parento in the number of times J dub has.

Got the better in a mixed matchup versus Ben Johns as Annalee Waters comes crashing and that's where you got to be careful with that fourth ball he's done it twice once in the backdraw at the PPA Atlanta in 2022 JW with a nice dirty really tough to do when the ball is with your opponent.

Cross Court really had to time that one well great anticipation and J dub having won alongside someone who's our gym in a game to 15 and also once before with Paris Todd second sir not many people could say they have a win over Ben Johnson in any regard so that's rather rather impressive yeah we talked about him.

Being one of the certainly Rising if not already established stars in the pickleball game he has the skill to really push this this dominant team but they uh they made it work foreign six nine two now and we saw a timeout taken from the Johnsons just a minute.

Ago when they started getting down a few points and you can take timeouts for a couple of reasons sometimes you need to change your tactics others is just to catch your breath and change the momentum I like how they came out tactically and we're seeing more of the same well you just tossed up a t-ball to me.

So you said you like the way they came out tactically what are you seeing I'm seeing moving the ball around they're not fearing Ben John so much to where they won't play to him he's so good in an off the ball roll meaning he's always disconnecting his Partners playing the majority of the dinks when you can force him to be on the ball a little bit not.

That he's going to give you a lot of errors but it just doesn't allow him to poach so freely and a much-needed hold on the side of J.W Johnson and Georgia Johnson again JW Johnson showing that he's able to generate offense with a tiny amount of space with that backhand flick seen JW Johnson in the last two days.

He's just tossing his hands right there going well with the defensive blob and it worked in his favor yeah yeah it seemed very casual with it but uh maybe he knows something that I don't know because I was able to get a little miscommunication from his opponents on the next one I also think they've handled Force pretty decently in terms.

Of J.W Johnson and Georgia second sir Annalee water's taking a shot there yeah well measured seven nine two nice reach just at the last second fully outstretched for JW so good at generating a lot of pace and spin at the last second just by flicking his wrist.

foreign take from Georgia Johnson yeah I agree I think that uh the counter punching on the other side is just too good to be able to take an attack lower than the net very often wow the JW ball off the bounce to keep Ben John's back the amount of pace right.

There with the flick that was beautiful yeah he's hitting it with good power but also it's a heavy ball with a lot of spin really letting that spin dictate and explode off the court Annalee Waters again just a fantastic read right there now she's able to see the body language is when she sees the shoulder of JW.

Johnson dipped she knows he's gonna have to hit up on it and that's her moment to cut off that angle for the poach just a fantastic read amazing Cross Court across body from Georgia that was a very creative attack and really surprised Annalee Waters to hit her right hip it's a pretty small Target.

To hit that from a cross-court angle high-risk High reward foreign they keep trying to push Georgia wide both were on that in terms of Anna Lee and Ben yeah again it's a tough job for Georgia Johnson right now because she's getting most of the balls hit to her and.

She's got to figure out some opening for her offense back-to-back dink errors from Georgia Johnson she did get them to the kitchen line very well with two beautiful drops meanwhile it is game point for the number one seed and a body bag yeah and a great shot at setting that up.

By Georgia Johnson realizing that John's was still moving and going right at him with a step back four shot oh good coverage by JW but takes the shot and wide but the Johnsons putting a little push on the waters in game number one but if you're a fan uh you know of the the brother and sister Duo of Georgia and J.W Johnson a lot of things.

To like I thought what was the promising is they didn't seem to play outside their style or comfort zone and they made it very very close so a lot of their offense came organically we'll see what translates here in in the second game foreign.

Waters have just a little miscommunication to that ball dinked to Annalee Waters inside foot she's not sure if John's is going to take that or if that's her ball I think everyone's just sitting there you might as well just start counting gee boy you're looking up one one two as that ball just stays up on the lob you.

Know one thing when you do play those lobs really really high it does get a few opponents just enough time to think about it it's not easy to put those overheads away nope foreign So Good by George Johnson if there's one.

Adjustment that she can make it's just this hitting more of those medium pace attacks back behind Ben Johns are sometimes right into the body might be a good choice to keep him honest you're not going to get a lot of high balls that you can Crush but if you can flick body shots on him oftentimes he will just block.

Sorry bro Georgia Johnson checking the ball an extra second there that's tough trying to take the pace off from the extension of J.W Johnson yeah good shot by Waters they're going up the middle a little confusion as to whose ball it was and popped up for a Johnson finish.

Foreign it's too bad to see the the overhead Miss by J.W Johnson their their team did such a good job of opening up the court by going back behind John's dictating but just unable to come up with the the final Kill Shot there and George are going to pick up her brother just a little bit there he actually ended up I.

Think biting his finger in frustration just saying come on like it's it's right there on my paddle yeah when you work that hard to get ahead it's it's tough to miss the easy one there I will say too one of the interesting things is they finally found the ball in the crowd as uh JW Johnson at times when he's played mixed there's been.

Conversation about him covering middle and maybe not being aggressive enough in terms of inserting himself into a match however I think in this matchup to this point he's been rather aggressive and picked his spots well especially in game number one yeah I wouldn't say he needs to adjust really doing anything different I.

Think he's riding that line pretty pretty perfectly right now just more of the same for him it's just execution at this point yeah without a doubt so aside out again and the ball is gone yet again looks like they're gonna have to change balls here there's always a science behind that do.

You go for the one that's kind of scuffed up the brand new one new what do you do well I like offense so I usually like them brand new shorten up those points sir that Ball's gone again as well and that's why you know the male players often lean and try to be big in the middle if there's anything that they can.

Reach with their forehand they're gonna win a high percentage of those points uh starting with that attack so now a couple tough things the direction of J.W Johnson yeah right at his feet he was a little indecisive about what he should do with that ball and wasn't able to to get the spacing with his body there.

from Johnson there she held it long enough to avoid the John's forehand but that's the challenge with this team Annalee Waters is right there with that beautiful 200 backhand second sir second serve now Annalee Waters she had the right idea but I think may.

Have found the video board just adjacent to the court yeah it did look like there was enough angle for her to do that just wasn't able to straighten out that uh that ATP there hi a few errors now on the side of the Johnsons by the receiving team at 4-1.

They played pretty clean low error pickleball in game number one but a few just on the side of the Johnsons right now yeah you hate to make the early error there you want to at least make your opponents hit a couple of good shots to bring the point to neutral before you make the mistake so that's uncharacteristic for JW Johnson but he.

Has to still look to be aggressive with those balls and put them under pressure J.W Johnson looking to get a little more aggressive Annalee Waters and Ben Johns proving why they are the number one seed facing off against the deadly Duel of the Johnsons sign out and of course Ben and Anna Lee.

Winners from the Hyundai Masters event the first stop on the 2023. carvana PPA tour nament foreign Waters thought the point was over her partner found the extension but you also see the tough visibility on the side of.

J.W Johnson there was a lob that came his Direction he actually waited to play that down by his hip in the middle of the point yeah you wonder if he just plain couldn't see it until the ball dropped lower normally he'd be a little more aggressive when the ball goes up in the air like that interesting as soon as they pushed.

Georgia Johnson out wide and she goes for the cut back so that slice back Ben Johns is just snagging that out of the middle yeah that's been the one that can float on her a little bit more often but credit to her I mean honestly in these uh in these dink rallies she's done a really good job of not giving Waters very many dead dinks she's using spin.

Being assertive and it's it's making Waters really measure her attacks three four two Point Georgia Johnson and J.W Johnson showing their chops at the kitchen line yes we talked about they're going to really force benjons and Emily Waters to work the point you see how good their.

Counter punching is when there's an early trigger pull can John's able to see that Johnson's sitting on that forehand was able to pull it to her inside hip and like you mentioned handcuffed her nicely foreign again Annalee Waters just showing how good she is on that forehand side.

Rolling that dink over just so deadly with that paddle Tech I'll recall it five four one George and Johnson doesn't have a problem she's wearing the hat for good reason again she set herself up by holding that and going slightly behind John's to get the pop-up and put the.

Next one away great movement from J.W Johnson you saw him pick up the backhand dink worked actually on the Inside Out found the backhand side of Ben Johns he did a good job of starting middle and staying middle and anticipating where that attack was gonna come foreign.

It's all about partner coverage right there yeah nothing you can do if you're Georgia Johnson she absolutely put everything into this backhand counter but unfortunately for her went right to the paddle of Ben Johnson I think some different locations you talked so much about both Johnson's moving the ball around in terms of.

Dinking but also doing it when they're finding different locations and attacking there he was able to see that John's was actually closer to him and the more obvious Target for an offensive shot executed nicely Johnson's now with a one-point advantage make it a two-point advantage and Annalee Waters quick to call the timeout.

The ball around so well and again to credit the number one team they are still with the advantage had game one right now it's eight to five though for the Johnsons yeah they've won the last few handbot battles and those are big confident boosters coming uh going forward Georgia Johnson rolling to the Baseline.

Nine five she made that look easy but if she hit that ball any harder it would have gone out really good job measuring the spin and speed of that shot side out so the side out on the side of waters and John's now trailing by four look for John's to get a little more aggressive here now that they're down.

Late in game two apologies six nine word six nine one hi and back-to-back errors I hate to say it but you think about back to game one those back-to-back mystinks.

Just enough Pace off to JW Johnson to rare you see Annalee Waters not get a paddle in the ball well it was such a unique time to play it because Ben Johns was well inside the court and perfectly executed there by JW Johnson side out so the side out after giving two back I believe yeah huge side out.

For them they still have a two-point lead with the ball 9-7-1 this is their opportunity here to take a take game number two so where do you drop if you're the Johnsons right now are you Georgia has done a nice job of multiple times throughout this competition dropping just actually more middle and not finding a whole lot from there you.

Know for me you know what I teach my students is drop wherever you're most confident right it's more about execution than exactly X's and O's here so whatever your favorite highest percentage drop is I say go there don't worry about your opponents as much foreign goes to the number one seed The Great.

Exchange at the kitchen line ultimately Jenna B Johnson getting a little unlucky that his ball clipped the tape and jumped right into that two-handed backhand of handling Waters great job from Georgia Johnson all eyes are on her right now she's going to Cross Court dinks then going a little bit more middle or to the backhand side.

Changing the pattern she's showing some good discipline of resetting when she needs to to back John's so far he hasn't beat her with the with an Ernie yet it's getting point for the Johnsons shout out Georgia Johnson did a nice job on that first slice but the second one just into the net and it was really a great Point all around I mean she played.

A lot of balls there but ultimately the number one team coming up big in the big moment all right then John's just getting caught a little bit tight there with the let cord tough Ball but JW sneaking in looks like maybe they did change their.

Own call they're originally called out I think after talking as a partnership they realized that one did flip the line so a second look for Georgia Johnson and J.W Johnson sir unique didn't went with this point yeah I think yeah I I don't mind it uh Annalee Waters read the location very well but notice how she.

Had to clear her body in order to hit a good counter-attack sometimes you just have to say too good uh from your opponents both Johnson's not able to get up to the kitchen line on either of those yeah yeah obviously too high on the initial drop there from JW Johnson then a great job finding an extreme angle to put that.

Away by Emily Waters and now they're good from Emily Waters now foreign Johnson the half speed speed up to the backhand side because what we talked about is going to be important for her as a way to keep John's honest without.

Relying on an extremely high pop-up from Annalee Waters and yeah that's called a quick adjustment Ben John Logan looking to counter punch on both of those went one for two but if you play the exact same location in back to back shots you may be ready for it 9 10 with a chance to tie now.

Ben Johns is all over it and that's the spot that's effective to attack on a lot of people the inside hip but John's known for leaning middle normally has that uh that forehand covered very well foreign Johnson holding her ground there getting some help from the net yeah credit to.

Her she stayed very patient you know the nerves are high yeah they're very close to taking a game off a very dominant team still have an opportunity here uh 10 a piece must win by two second sir.

What a point the point had it all they were in control looked like they were down and a great dig by Georgia Johnson but ultimately great hand speed there by Ben Jones and Annalee Waters foreign Johnson with a different location twice and two different tempos yeah she's gone inside hips she's going into the body.

She's dinked soft back behind on hardback behind she's really taking John's out of his rhythm playing off the ball here start out and another chance for the waters now they Trail by one get the ball back and are up by a game second sir.

and they're all human folks everybody does it I was gonna say that's a unicorn tough going head-to-head with Ben Johns yeah she did well to really stick a couple of those first volleys but that's why he's the number one player in the world he can manage that onslaught of attacks and still find a way to go on.

The offense 11 all now so much sauce on that ball and by sauce I mean spin off the contact from JW Johnson such a short motion really we talked about and generating a lot of pace and spin just with his wrist there at the end of the motion it's 11 all now Johnson's with a second serve.

Georgia trying to pump her brother up knowing that Now's the Time To Play their best Pokeball here just feels like things are getting a little bit tight right now yeah you hate to lose out on those opportunities you won't get very many of them normally we'll see what happens here.

Make it 12 11 Waters up by one and still on their first serve yeah they've got their first match point here we'll see if they can convert yeah and I don't hate the play from Anna Lee Waters the drive was right into the body of Georgia Johnson it looked like she was going to have something she was going to be able to poach but Johnson.

Doing a great job of finding the angle and there it is Emily Waters and Ben Johns taking a fantastic match against a very tough opponent and Georgia Johnson and J.W Johnson yeah very entertaining match and if you haven't watched Georgia Johnson and J.W Johnson play before this.

Is absolutely an upcoming team to watch this year on the carvana PPA tour well yeah notes I think posture is an underrated part of pickleball I think especially when you're in that transition zone I actually liken it to playing defense like you're digging a spike right because you want to get underneath that ball in any way that you.

Can she does a great job of being very low with her lower body now to get started Anna bright with a big forehand and they are starting the same way they did previously and upright on the right rightly Newman on the left zero zero one second sir Riley Newman looking for the drive off.

The start yeah looked like Vivian David was a touch late coming in Newman picked up on that but unable to convert on that drive Thomas Wilson a beautiful speed up off the bounce out of the middle yeah and his ability to hold that make it look like he was going to dink Inside Out is really what got Newman leaning and.

Opened up the middle there a bridge nice constroke from Vivian David we talked about the importance for posture for doing defense it's also huge for counter punching she really stuck that well Point Thomas Wilson just again fantastic lateral motion yeah and that point really sends a message Riley hit a very.

Assertive dink um Wilson's still able to attack that off the bounce effectively and win the point sending another message by airmail Thomas Wilson Vivian David smile that one they've had a couple of little miscommunications already but they're smiling it off they understand that's part of the game and they'll uh they'll.

Right the ship quickly here foreign missed opportunity so three zero still second serve for David and Wilson and Riley never just goes why what am I supposed to do yeah Wilson laughing at himself if there's one place not to hit an attack it would be that right side of.

The body for Riley Newman known for his what we call Pancake grip where he can find a lot of offense without much time on that forehand side second sir Newman doing a good job closing in but just floats that uh that final attack there.

One three two so quick it's Thomas Wilson I believe the ball was called out but was that in it looked well into me um not sure who where we heard that out call but I heard it as well looks like they are going to call that one in three one one.

Yeah a little maybe a heat check there from uh from Wilson definitely the standard play would just be to drop that one and get all the way in um might want to rethink the offensive shot on that particular occasion wow great shape right there again as Thomas Wilson takes a few extra Shuffle steps to the side to finish yeah and you.

Mentioned it it's his lightning quick feet that they're showing the footwork to open up even the option to hit some of these balls as attacks foreign talked about earlier a lot of even the dominant male players would have played that ball as a backhand but Wilson knows.

How much he can do with that forehand he's willing to sacrifice Court positioning for the option to stay on offense with his shots nice shot from Thomas Wilson as he works around the corner and lets that fall just wide yeah showing what a lively arm he has there on the flying overhead.

Thomas Wilson out of New Braunfels Texas again a little bit newer to pickleball has a great tennis pedigree play tennis at Purdue second sir yeah and a great Point all around but you're seeing some of the variety that Vivian David and Thomas Wilson have they each have the ability to use both two hands and one hand on.

The back hand depending on the situation they'll opt for one or the the other and he's had a lot of success attacking Newman so far we'll see if that Trend continues White another point to David and Wilson also.

Important to know Thomas Wilson also played at UT he's got a few different places to go it's a traveling man yeah long been known on the tour as just one of the most naturally talented players and in the last six months or so he's really starting to show um you know what he's capable of putting.

Everything together trying to work inside out there one six one Second Great motion on the side of David and Wilson yeah David does a really good job of attacking those balls near the height of the net by dropping the head of her paddle and being able to start.

Offensive shots more often than needing to wait for that really high pop-up so ball back right now bright and Newman still looking to find a little bit of Rhythm as they Trail by five second sir Riley Newman's all over it but you did get to see a little bit more of that push dink on the backhand side.

From Vivian David that's one of my opinion that's a really tough shot that backhand push Dean Cross Court very much so they are the team right now when they are getting to the kitchen line that is dictating and I think it's reflecting in the score line they're moving their opponents more than the other way around because they're taking a little more.

Risk on their Dinks yeah Wilson's had some success when he has pulled the trigger hitting the left hip of Riley Newman he'd better rather take his chances with the backhand than that pancake forehand but Newman was able to anticipate and be ready for that.

One snow foreign had done such a nice job until that ball finally went just a bit too wide yeah she was able to get the first smash from uh Wilson back but really the ball is flying off his paddle right now very.

Tough to stay uh stay in these points there's Anna bright nice job getting her hip out of the way and finding that backhand up the line yeah I like how Wilson was planted in the middle but when he sees his partner go Cross Court he has to take a step to cover a little bit more of his line there foreign.

Yeah and we see some of the versatility of Riley Newman even though he's playing the right side he's still able to play just as aggressive as most male players when they've got their forehand in the middle so comfortable with doing a lot of things with that two-handed backhand uh on the court oh.

And that's how we actually started uh this first match or excuse me this first game six six second sir yeah even though David missed that she got the ball she wanted and um you know one thing to think about Riley Newman so tough to attack at the kitchen line but.

When you can play a third shot drive right into his belly button with his grip he tends to pop that particular one up said they take the drive across Court one of the interesting things too is in terms of driving the ball whether you go.

Driving Cross Court versus up the line and mixed doubles is how you can try and get your partner involved across Court versus up the line yes and just enough from Riley Newman to close yeah he's starting to move better move a little Freer start to anticipate uh some of the shots of his opponents.

Here taking a step back as Thomas Wilson that's really not the wrong shot but you know credit to the counter punching ability of Newman and uh and Anna bright he's aiming very low to the net to be able to stay on offense there six all now.

Quick hands of Thomas Wilson a little a little the two-handed backhand uh Arsenal that he has and a myth so a lead change bright and Newman they started down 6-1 and now worked their way back yeah they've really switched the momentum here let's see if they can keep that rolling.

Foreign backhand it is so difficult when you're trying to keep that within the line to not pull that wide of the Court yeah it's really tough to know whether to just punch it or kind of rotate on it she rotated on that one and then pulled it a little bit wide so eight to six the number three seed finding the advantage.

It was all David Wilson to start as they had the 6-1 Advantage however score is now eight to six in favor of Newman and bright tonight there it is instead of full rotation you got a little bit more of the punch Kyle McKenzie yeah yeah able to straighten.

That one out it is a little easier to do a slight rotation when the attack is coming Cross Court measures that one perfectly it's Wilson reaching into the middle but still able to pull that ball back to the line that's impressive yeah and you talked about what attacks or offensive locations are they going for if you can.

Get it into the body of Anna bright that way she can't get the spacing on that uh two-handed backhand that's gonna be a good Target for them throughout this match all right so you heard it here from Kyle McKenzie maybe one of the locations more towards the body of Anna bright she is known to slide well though so something.

In terms of a moving Target on the other side into the body again into the body again it's gonna say Anna bright just saved herself there but and it's doing a great job she knows that players are thinking to hit at her.

Body so she does a really good job of extending that point by dropping the head of her paddle and switching to a reset not able to win the point but good job extending it there second serve after earning two back so eight all right Thomas Wilson checking the ball wouldn't be surprised if it's got a bump.

Or two in it now wow Thomas Wilson's feet are so bad my goodness yeah he picked off the ball in the middle to put them on offense there normally Vivian David's gonna put that two-handed backhand away.

Yes Thomas Wilson is Airborne for the Finish he was absolutely everywhere on that point Cameron great communication Vivian David got out of his way he let him kind of control the point in an amazing two-handed backhand flying through the air that man has wings.

Foreign great hands on the side of Anna bright she backs up the kitchen line but shows she can stick in a fire fight yeah absolutely she's so good at when she is handcuffed about being able to just do enough with that ball to extend the point that is a heads up play right there from.

Vivian David Anna bright gets pushed wide tries to attack middle and Vivian's there defend it all so tough to do her responsibility is to make sure her Line's covered so she's really helping her partner out by being able to clock that middle counter there thank you.

A great play from Riley Newman right there to catch Thomas Wilson moving the opposite direction he was leaning middle and Riley not only went behind him but he got some good bite with that left hand on his two-handed backhand to keep that attack low nine all we talked about the shape that.

Wilson can get with that paddle a really nice dipping third shot drive there at the feet of Anna bright Inside Out unfortunately for him maybe a little too much dip on that drive attempt doesn't unfortunately got in the way for him nine nine as Vivian David takes a little Hustle.

Everybody get reset Vivian David came to play yeah Newman's trying to insert himself and be more aggressive but you see how challenging that can be with the reflexes and the Hand speed of of Wilson and Vivian David nice job Riley Newman patrolling I was gonna say right now they are trying to.

Work to unwind the stack Vivian David doing a nice job on their turn slowing that return down with a cut right now it's game point though for bright and Newman God Riley Newman through the middle 11-9 game number one was fantastic yeah had a little bit of everything it was Up Tempo it was calculated there.

Were some great dink rallies expect more of the same here in game number two alongside Kyle McKenzie uh facing off against Riley Newman and Anna bright two points of Separation what do you think it's going it's going to come down to it's gonna come down to execution I like the game plan of each team here they're clearly understanding the X's and O's.

Within the match and if you're Vivian David and Thomas Wilson not the time to reinvent the wheel they had a couple of sitter overheads that they missed that probably was the difference in game one we'll see if they can adjust here all right upside down well I think each team had their own miscommunication uh one shot in that.

Point David and Wilson ultimately able to come away with it they've got an early side out uh zero zero one here oh somebody gave Riley Newman a shovel he just dug that one out I think it surprised him yeah you see that that's just you know reflexes and talent so tough to get attacked through these.

These top players bye bye ball then you see the little shake and bake action here that's when one partner is the driver the other partner instantly goes in for the poach is able to take control of the point with that first volley wow what a move right there from Vivian.

David you watch Shield is about one foot away from the center line two quick shuffles as that ball went cross court to close and her posture of being low really helped her get on top of that counter which is ultimately why it was so effective that ball just sprang wide so zero two for bright and Newman now.

Second sir yeah when you're reaching below the net it's really hard to hit the outside hip of your opponent so easy to pull that ball either too high or too wide or both I was gonna say left or right hand it doesn't matter Thomas Wilson with a big old yeah and he's smiling he went right.

At the pancake forehand of Riley Newman still was able to win the point he knows that that won't happen very often I think that's where that uh celebration came from for sure yeah and Riley with the smirk as he gets a nutmeg yeah he got Wilson leaning and he's smiling right back at him they're.

Having a good time out here these two I think like playing against each other it looks like it definitely yeah Newman a little frustrated with himself just kind of overcooks that ball known for giving very few unforced errors away that one is certainly uncharacteristic for him foreign.

speed right now Vivian David that's being effective but her ability to use that two-handed backhand and pull it across her body is finding that open part of court that Newman is leaving open players that use more of a one-handed backhand tend to punch a little bit more.

And it's very tough to yank that ball across your body and find that open court even if it is available to you one yeah great job by Riley Newman of being able to reflect that ball back looked like Wilson was on top of that initial speed up but still.

Um Anna bright and Riley Newman able to come up with a point foreign ATP defended but it still works in their favor yeah it looked like Newman was yelling at Diana bright there to remind her that the angle is going to open up for around the post uh perfectly executed and put away.

I believe that ball is done for after the uh Riley Newman Hulk smash we'll call it they can only take so much aggression for their life to be done looks like they're getting a new one out here four or two you hear the words of Anna bright another Anna bright one of the great.

Energies on the pickleball court so competitive in her spirit unafraid to show it which I love yeah really wears her heart on her sleeve and you know lets people into you know what a competitor she is absolutely yeah really well covered by Newman it's a chess match out there with Nielsen it was when is he going to pull the trigger.

And then where is he gonna go great job covering that inside hit by Newman curious after this tournament to see the point differential between Riley on the right versus the left in their matchups to see just how many points were scored on each side yeah might be some stats they would want to pay attention to to.

Figure out the optimal formation for them as a team well obviously it depends on matchup too but still curious and Thomas Wilson Wilson went for the tweener I was gonna say if you thought your video froze for a second that was just uh Riley Newman going for a little bit of flair and Wilson trying to match.

Him there flares exactly right we need a freeze frame of that Riley Newman dink alongside Anna Lee waters for gender doubles right now she finds in mixed doubles a new partner as she played alongside Dylan Frazier in the first event now it's Riley Newman.

First oh and just missed there but you can start to see some of the patterns take shape here now into game two anytime Riley Newman started to step past that Center Line he's looking to speed up off the bounce backhand side of Wilson yeah and I like the the speed up by bright there it just came off in an awkward.

Location Riley normally is going to be able to clean that up and put that next one away Riley Newman completely on the other side yeah he goes from defending the ATP to completely on the opposite side of the Court uh putting the forehand away shows the kind of athleticism core.

Coverage he's capable of he's so far all over the court it's hard to tell what's becoming Ernie and what's become a burden at this point I know that we're gonna have to start coming up with new terminology for some of the stuff that he does out there it's hard to tell if he's on the left or the right four seven one.

Okay great play ball after ball after ball Vivian David gives an electric high five it was an absolute onslaught of attacks from Wilson and David great defense by uh Anna bright to extend that point Anna bright we haven't said her name.

That often in terms of attacking but that one was a doozy yeah I think Wilson's been quicker to pull the trigger this match so it hasn't given her an opportunity to measure her attacks as much but he was a little more patient there and she she took advantage and went on offense herself tough with the amount of spin Riley.

Newman just put on that ball when you're trying to work inside out that ball is going right into your body if we're trying to go out yeah with a lot of footwork involved to even set yourself up and it's it's small Target sometimes that they're aiming for foreign yeah it's pretty tough to communicate.

When it's off of a smash normally it's better that both of you go for it than neither one of you so kind of an understandable miscommunication there yeah and you see what Riley Newman has to do to be able to protect that shoulder and amazing that he was able to create just enough space with his body that's a great disguise on the attack.

From Wilson and they're both having a laugh because Newman knows he was fooled but was able to make it work anyways continue to handle those dinks and if he gets a little more air under the ball he's gonna have to fire away and take his chances and a Brighton Riley Newman with the second surf.

And that's where the danger lies right you've got even if you go across court and then all of a sudden you attack up the line Riley Newman so quick it looks like it's open but it doesn't take long for Newman to step over and close that down and he's closed off all the middle locations with his presence so that's why I said the X's and O's kind of.

Solving for the problem with the other team it's very challenging for them at the moment foreign yeah I'm extremely impressive win from Anna Brighton Riley Newman they played a very inform Thomas Wilson Vivian David team and you could tell that they tried a lot of different things and just not a.

Lot was working for them in game two there what should be a very entertaining very close uh match up here both teams having that last minute Communication in terms of strategy and skill set Jesse Irvin played lights out at MLP Mesa came away with not just one but.

Several highlight reels in terms of her ability her willpower shown on full display at multiple points yeah she's a fiery competitor herself but so disciplined so smooth out there real treat to watch her play foreign and this is actually our first chance to see AJ Kohler on the PPA the carvana PPA.

Tour in 2023 because he uh wasn't at Masters so nice to have him out here now yeah happy to see him show what he's got oh wow so much to look for in that point I'm not sure if that ball is in or out I think they're still talking about it here very very close on that one but.

Sure of the hand on the hip but not sure if he thinks it gives him more balance it just you know keeps him relaxed out there no but even in the middle he just stood straight up after the lob and they're still having conversation whether this ball was in or not okay.

Okay so I believe what just took place is zero zero two Kohler and Irvin just decided to call their own ball out of bounds Zayn giving them a little bit of a clap there saying nice sportsmanship yeah a great sportsmanship by them early on in this match here that ball just long of the baseline from Jesse Irvin I believe we have a replay.

Here of the look I think that's a fair call did look to be just wide called out of bounds but wow those were some hands from AJ Kohler yeah unbelievable to handle that onslaught of aggression from now until there.

Foreign extension from Jesse Irvin yeah not just a very consistent dinker but some of the best counter punching hands around she's more content with waiting to be attacked because she does so well uh in those moments a second log from AJ Kohler seems to be picking his thoughts well to this point.

Yeah he's definitely known for having more uh creativity with his shot selection than a lot of the other top guys second sir Mrs the Third one zero two side out yeah it looked like AJ just misjudged where that return was gonna go.

Really wasn't balanced on that drop attempt I think something about the spin fooled him a little bit there Jesse Irvin on the left AJ Kohler on the right yeah not sure if that formation is going to be one that they stick with here want a piece now one one one.

They will work with the stay okay interesting looked like uh it was giving the sign to switch one one two well we just got a chance to see Riley Newman and Anna bright here on Championship Court both of them working uh with a little bit more of a straight.

Up in their new partnership these two might be considering exactly what side they should be on yeah they're going back to a stack here when they're serving maybe they're just trying to throw some different looks at their opponents and take them out of their rhythm Jesse Irvin out of Los Angeles now.

Yeah AJ Kohler known for having some of the very fastest hands on tour he closes in off his drops very aggressively but the trade you make is balance and he was a little off balance there uh unable to convert uh his next shot wow Jesse Irvin doing a nice job skidding herself back up to the kitchen.

Line it appears as if they're trying to apply that much more pressure on Catherine parento in the dink yeah I agree they're really trusting AJ to clog the Middle with his backhand in the middle similar to J.W Johnson he can generate a lot of offense with his backhand flick I think they're trying to trust that but you.

Don't see a lot of players with a one-handed backhand effectively be able to take over the court from the right side most of the players that can do that opt for usually a two-handed backhand so we'll see how this plays out oftentimes we see those try and lob over Catherine parento she does a nice job picking up that one.

Yeah the lump's been mostly working here for for Fuller so far um they're in a decent position there just uh unable to to get the point AJ Kohler my goodness that was so close yeah and a great job from navratul and parento to fight off some tough balls here and have it get on Kohler just quick enough to earn the air.

Until that were just remarkable oh so slippery from Catherine ferento reaching in such a great attack we talked about those those what I call yellow zone attacks or attacks near the height of the net if you can drop the head of your paddle you're not going to miss in the net very often and you kind.

Of kind of start the attack with that first medium pace one slide out it's gonna say it feels as though if they haven't gone that often to the backhand side of say navratil they just found one yeah it's definitely a play they're gonna need to do a little bit to keep him honest one six one.

Second just reaching a bit too far as Jesse Irvin yeah she saw that she had a tunnel up her line but the ball got on her so fast it's really tough to be in a defensive position and then execute a tough offensive shot side out and another Miss from AJ Kohler they believe that second.

Terms of thirds nice drive from Catherine parento yeah I think AJ was really expecting a drop there looking to earning it and very tough to do if your opponents are driving Catherine birds are not scared to go line the line with AJ Kohler right now yeah she's doing a good job of going.

Line but still incorporating a little bit of spin on that ball to make it more difficult to attack the second stop here at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa second service that's a little too far for Catherine parento yeah we talked about those attacks near the height of the net you often can't hit them that.

Hard and she looked down to hit that at full pace and then the net got involved I'm never till using his signature paddle from Pro XR it's literally Called To Say Never till signature paddle and look for him to continue to look for that drive while Irvin is moving off the return doesn't play a lot of singles and so that might.

Be an area that she's a little more uncomfortable point yeah Kohler a little frustrated with himself like I mentioned he's definitely one of the top male players in the game this has been not his game so far he's made way more errors than he usually does.

Zane looking to close with his own shake and bake yeah he's doing a good job of really implementing his will on that third shot drive and coming forward on his terms second sir second serve now Kohler again still just trying to find the soft stuff in terms.

Of his stink games not quite in the Rhythm he would hope for yeah the Precision of Parental is really finding his feet and giving him all kinds of fits here thank you and another Ball but this time it's a lob that goes out of bounds yeah he's been successful with his lobs so far.

Um not sure that it was needed in that moment there game one game goes to parento and never till 11-1 you can guarantee there's going to be a significant amount of conversation here between games for Irvin and Kohler trying to figure out a bit more rhythm yeah and to me you know there's a lot of.

Times you lose a game badly you make adjustments I don't think this is quite as much about the X's and O's yeah they just need to kind of build each other up and just Embrace competing out here right now because if you look at the body language there's appears to be a little bit of a disconnect of course they're disappointed because they didn't.

Play to the level they're capable of but I think this is where they just need to focus on energy and bring that fire a little bit it was out with a minor foot injury right now the advantage lies on the side of Catherine parento and they never tell but maybe just the level of execution yeah you know they threw some formation.

Changes in there I think they should go back to what they're each comfortable with more of a traditional mixed with uh with AJ on that left side with his forehand in the middle inside out a longer rally though in terms of ball going back and forth for these two teams trying to find a little bit of a better better dinking pattern.

Yeah I think Irvin and Kohler just need to work more points to just find their Rhythm I think the attacks will come naturally but when you're not playing your best and trying to force it it's often not the not the recipe and again I mean you see Parental and natural just a little bit off the line.

In these exchanges but that's giving them more time to take a bigger cut at the ball and ultimately they're able to get through that wall of AJ Kohler in the middle Catherine brento is sitting down and finding one yeah and you you called it there's the sitting down that made that possible she saw the flick attack coming.

Knew that if she got her posture just lower it would enhance the quality of her counter punch second sir the great reset by parento earlier in the point but unable to come up with the next one I'm getting some extra whip on that as.

They never till but a much better slice return from Kohler there that's something both him and Jesse Irvin are gonna have to do be more intentional with the quality of their returns to limit some of that aggression of the third shot Drive foreign Kohler.

Yeah it was a pretty good attack that he fought off and then shifted to the middle anticipating where the next one would be Jesse Irvin says I can do it too nice to speed up from her yeah a little bit of a misdirection there not only did she drop the head she kind of swung inside out there sliding that ball the backhand of.

As a Navajo Jesse Irvin just sends that inches long on the Baseline yeah looked like she had never till fool waited till the last second but just unfortunately for her unable to convert yeah I mentioned earlier some.

Similarities in the AJ Kohler game to JW Johnson who really doesn't need a lot of space to attack with those little wrist flicks and a big call from Jesse Irvin one of the most competitive on tour she's ready to get this thing started for Kohler and Irvin you'll love to see them get loud after a point like that they just need.

To focus on bringing energy and just competing right now so smooth by parental really took her time with that well played two four one looking for a headshot is AJ Kohler never tells laughing a little bit as he was able to duck out of the way from Zane.

Brenda with a pop skip and a jump might have learned that one from uh from Riley Newman who's known for that that ball was high but it was slow enough to drop yeah I think she was sliding to create space for her backhand but navratil didn't also slide even further and uh Kohler able to find that.

Hidden tunnel I was gonna say AJ Kohler continues to bring the pressure the direction of Catherine parento each time she's resetting that ball she's feeling comfortable enough to take a step forward yeah one of the biggest differences in the match is they haven't been able to keep their advantage very.

Well Kohler and Irvin did a nice job of finishing off that point but he set himself up with some of these lobs of getting them off the line but the defense and the consistency of navitral and parental has been a real factor and an issue for them Irvin have done a nice job though here in game two early at least down with the.

One point advantage 5-4 oh great Point construction from AJ Poehler but yeah it's harder to deal with missing those easy ones when you've come up with such great shots to put yourself in that position but we've talked about you have to have a short-term memory it's in the.

Past just move on and play your best boy this time so now quick strike from Say Never till yeah I like what I'm seeing from navratil he's trusting his partner but at the same time understanding that there's moments where he needs to jump in the middle and be a little more aggressive he's he's finding a good.

Balance today so the question is is how much conversation takes place before they step on the court together for maybe for the first time second time get some practice under their belt with a driving winner looks like she caught the line parental very partner dependent I think some people prefer a.

Lot more discussion early on others would rather just go out there and see what works so much more of a personal preference thing I would say second serves took a little bit of a funky bounce there for his name looked a little fooled we couldn't clear his body quite enough to make space for the dink.

Of course the urban again on the left there yeah and I like that play of driving to Jesse Urban I mentioned that she doesn't play a lot of singles the volley in singles is a little different than the volley in doubles where you're often doing it on the move and she struggles in my experience a little bit more with.

Those type an unbelievable with the dinner think winner that's about as sharp of an angle as you can get take a look five seven one plenty of pace on that one second sir yeah AJ normally very good at all those touchy feely shots when he's extended uh.

Just struggling with those a little bit more today Jesse Irvin trying to create on her own yeah not a bad idea to keep navrata honest but uh showing his athleticism to not just get there but get down on that volley as well second serve getting caught too tight to.

The ball you could see the angle of his paddle yeah he's been effective with the law of really pushing them off the line and he's starting to win more of those points and keep his Advantage now Jesse Irvin gets hit and it's interesting you watch Jessie's uh Court positioning in terms of where she's.

Locating herself on the left side and she's nearly got her left foot on the sideline and I'm not sure I'm not sure she's able to get away with that because of the things we talked about AJ Kohler does not use two hands on the back end it is his back and he doesn't have the reach to cover that much middle for her to kind of fade like that we'll find out.

What pattern they come back with after this engaged currently wedding planning yeah that's a big congrats to both of them I asked him how much uh you were doing in terms of wedding planning Zayn and he said oh no no I stay away from all of that smart man that's a smart answer from the from the groom there so five.

Eight Jesse Irvin and AJ Kohler trailing by three after the timeout was taken man a lot of sides been on that ball too you could see the trajectory of that one yeah it was a little slider on that one I don't know if that's what he intended maybe it came off just a little weird for him foreign.

so they have one back now second serve eight six excuse me six eight six eight two man you gotta have your track shoes on when you're facing off against Jay Kohler you're gonna be doing some wind Sprints out there yeah he's been going to that lob quite a bit for the most.

Part he's been successful with it but you know it's always always tough to miss those when you really need these points here well and even if you're seeing the better end of them it is exhausting having to run down lob after lob after LOB physically and mentally.

With the clothes yeah some short punching motions from Kohler but um parental able to create the space and get more power on her two-handed backhand counters side out and correct me if I'm wrong here it's been interesting to watch AJ Kohler in some of these fire fights because you mentioned that quick and.

Compact backhand punch back but at times it's it also seems as if he's resetting more often than not in those counters yeah I think it depends on you know who started it and how well you see it I think you know what I teach is if you don't see it well you always have the ability to block it if you see it well and can meet it a little bit earlier Get.

Down on it you should be looking to counterpunch yeah it seems as if there's been a decent amount of blocks from AJ Kohler than to your point so seven nine yeah quiet nice job at getting on top of that one able to hit with a little bit more more motion on that forehand side get some good spin down apprento's feet and watch.

Out here come Jesse Irvin and AJ Kohler by one getting some help from the net I know and AJ Kohler like we mentioned very very good with those flicks really holds his position of the kitchen line leans in well he's able to thread the needle on that one all right nine one so.

It's time to take a Timeout on the other side as AJ Kohler and Jesse Irvin have finally knotted things up at nine a piece interesting to see exactly where this third goes they send it to Jesse Irvin drops across Court to Catherine parento who and Catherine is uh shaking her head because I think she knows she just might.

Have played an out ball yeah from my vantage point it was a little white again credit to her sportsmanship if you don't see it clearly your job is to play on all right so Irvin and Kohler find one look to push this to game three yeah they've earned their first game point here.

They've been down the whole match this will be huge for them Jesse Irvin again stepping up just so so clutch on that final point huge defense for her to keep her team alive navratil had the one he wanted just tried to add a little extra action on that flick that's the court presence.

Of AJ Kohler in his hand speed that affected the shot on the last one we'll get into some adjustments after this point he's gonna say one egg of a speed of cross-court will finned it off from Catherine Pronto but Kyle McKenzie what did you see in game two that was.

Different than game one you know I think uh you know AJ Kohler and Jesse Urban just did a better job of when they had the advantage being able to keep that advantage and ultimately win the point I think they set themselves up well to get it but the defense and the you know the soft game putting balls in play from navitral and parento is really.

Problematic for them early on they did a better job of adjusting in late in game two oh that was about as close as it gets for Catherine parento so if I were to ask you what do you think this third is going to come down to in just two pieces what would it be yeah you know I think.

You know if I'm never telling parental I want to make a Kohler dink specifically dinks that bounce right it's easier said than done but I think making him work the soft game just enough his shot selection can sometimes get a little too creative I think working the point on him but if you give him a dead dick he's too good of an attacker has too good a.

Hand speeds you have to make him work in the soft game that's what I would try to do upside down Jesse Irvin looking a little surprised on that one yeah I think she expected Kohler who's been clogging that middle so much to slide over and take that one she looked a little fooled by that.

AJ Kohler second serve fantastic job with the Ernie yeah parental looking to make Kohler dink but when you're lined up in front of him he has that ability to take that option away with the Ernie well played oh man I was gonna say that was some.

Really nice hands from Jesse Irvin but just for unrelenting in terms of the pressure from Zayn Naper till yeah you hit a really good spot here with the forehand on the outside right hip of AJ Kohler he sits very backhand heavy with his counter punch so finding that right hip shoulder area is going to be a good location for them.

Foreign body I think got in the way of that one yeah yeah he was clogging the middle and just a little reflex volley from Kohler was able to find the open court and get behind navratul there so two to one parento Nice Shot he goes to the backhand side then finds the forehand of AJ Kohler.

Second serve AJ known for putting a little more air under his drops really trusts it gives him more time to get forward and it really puts him in those hand speed battles which he prefers AJ Kohler getting way more aggressive in that rally following his own ball in yeah right on cue he really Sprints to the kitchen line at times it makes him.

Off balance but the trade is it gets him closer and can play offense more often to all right nice shot to the shoulder one of the hard parts of your body to protect when you're on the pickleball court yeah did a good job of handcuffing never till their excellent location it's not one that you can use too often but when you.

Use it just every now and then can really uh fool your opponents just enough soft stuff from Jesse Irvin that one literally crawled over the net yeah Urban's really starting to add a lot of Spin and uh intention with her dinking and it's allowing Kohler to freely move we talked about ways to set up your partner sometimes going for more.

On your dinks allows them to be more active all right great avoidance maneuver from Jesse Urban yeah we had a couple of switches during that point a little Matrix move by Urban to finally get the point there she got real skinny real quick five two two.

Five two two now in disbelief is AJ Kohler yeah he got the kind of the ball he was looking for it was maybe just slightly more stretched than he was hoping but uh he can kind of smell it now and they're starting to find their Rhythm as a team now.

Trying to block that back but a little too much under it yep wasn't able to get on top of that one like he needed to Great attack by Catherine great never till change the intention of his shot there great job by Irvin to get that Molly down and out of the strike zone for now until.

Side out now for Kohler and Irvin just a Miss there you know what's interesting I I was talking to Zayn about playing with different partners and it was in reference to the MLP event and how you have different partners and he actually said he loves the challenge of finding chemistry.

And also the fact that it's it's really fun to figure out exactly how you can play alongside someone there's always a new energy when you have a new partner unwinding the stack is Catherine Brenton's name never till yeah they really took the momentum back late in that second game and they've kept it so far in this third game now.

It's making sure they're in the right location with the right serve so I believe things have been sorted now six three two six three two is the score excuse me six three plus second serve D Jesse or excuse me Jesse Irvin was well.

Prepared and anticipated that like it was nothing else yeah we talked about her Cross Court dinking being one of the big parts of our game the other part is her ability to set her feet and counter punch very effectively yeah from four feet off the kitchen line too she has plenty of power Geez Louise okay much needed side out here for.

Navratil and parental let's see if they can close the gap here second serve that's not gonna help Catherine parento with the rare dinking error three seven two Jesse decides to stay on the left foreign next to the post and the finisher yeah.

That's absolutely a huge point from Jess here she really doesn't mind being in that cross-court pattern was saying never till but great recognition that that dink was going to come up her line and she says not today all right he had room yeah he did you know he got a little jumpy with his lower body and when your lower body.

Raises low to high often the ball does as well and can lead to a lot of those attacks floating long and navratil puts his hands in the air saying how can you come up with such a good shot in that moment we talked about Irvin not known for taking as many chances off the bounce perfectly timed.

And executed there second serve you hear the conversation from Jesse Irvin there saying just put it in the middle of the court but still plenty of face on the side of parento and navratil and some help for help not great Fortune if there's a.

Navratil there doesn't seem like anything seems to be going his way still have a chance here but a match point for uh Irvin and Kohler foreign from his partner it looked like it was going to be in the whole way it slid just wide at the last second new life here.

For navratil and parental score is 10-3 they hop by a lot of work to do make it 410 now make it 5 10. nice drive from Catherine parento yeah oftentimes when teams have a big lead or a big deficit rather they opt for the drive a little bit earlier offense look for that shake and bake play to continue.

foreign Jesse Irvin finally calls that last bowl out of bounds take a look at this Replay that shot from Zayn or the cut right there around the post this is why pickleball's so great you just don't know how a Point's gonna unfold crazy.

One there sliding to open up that backhand it's 10. yeah Kohler was on it he was just a little bit early and slightly cooked that one wide six ten two yeah we talked about those you know near the height of the net attacks definitely.

Being ones that you can do but if you hit them at full strength or full speed they're usually going to go out on you match point for Irvin and Kohler second sir I thought it was going to be on the backhand side you saw her paddle location great shot from Zane navratil yeah really good usage of the two-handed backhand looked like it fooled Irvin.

Just a little bit there and the block lands just within the Baseline AJ Kohler and Jesse Irvin found some magic after game one they lost the first one to 11. and then came up with two games back to back welcome back everyone to Championship Court AJ Kohler Jesse Irvin have earned their spot in the semi-finals and guys you lost a very.

Definitive game one but it really felt like you found your energy in Focus moving into games two and three talk about that yeah I think we played about as bad as we could in that first game um and uh you know just survival mode kicked in I'm terrified of Jesse actually I when we talked about playing.

Together we you know we just said it's all right but you gotta win so um yeah I called my family this morning just to say hey if today doesn't go well um you know we've had a good run um so keep that in mind if you're trying to pick sides for next match who to cheer for you know just keep me in your thoughts and um that's kind of how it's.

Gonna go is right you are debuting a brand new partnership today you're set to play the majority of this year together what are you focused on when you're playing with a new partner besides threatening him keeping him on a short leash very very short leash you know um but no it's like he he's he's good.

And he I gotta let him do what he does but you know I always tell him every now and then smart choices and uh but no he he is a great player because of his creativity and because you know he's out there you know threatening people and getting in their face and causing havoc and I I just got to be ready for his chaos and uh if it's too much then I'll.

I'll give him a look and he knows what that means and uh yeah we're just you know we're getting we're getting the hang of it and uh I'm happy to be on to the next round well and one of the very few first points of the match uh Zayn appealed to you guys to overturn a call which you then did and you said oh yeah my ball was out uh it's been called into.

Question whether players should be allowed to make these types of personal appeals to each other what's your stance on that yeah I'm a big proponent of it obviously I mean we all know each other so well like uh and we see each other every weekend so if you cheat someone one week you know you gotta look him in the face.

The next week and a big believer in the pickleball God sometimes I like to just give one away and he usually repays us all right guys congratulations you're on to the semi-final good luck game one time they lost twice to Vivian David and Thomas Wilson in our first tournament of the year out at Mission Hills Lucy kovaleva gets us started.

And Matt Wright emphatically out of the game of the gate yeah and kovalev and Wright are a team that want to get back to Sunday haven't been there in a little while they certainly have the pedigree once again Matt right right down the middle so many new pairings this year.

Dave put kovalova and right same old story yes and after this point I'll share an answer to that with numbers Point 124 and 57 is their record that's the 685 winning percentage since June of 20. it's a lot of pickleball together and Matt Wright lets it go so kovalova and right all over their opponents here.

To start they're also Partners off the court and on this court today we have three Wichita Kansas residents with Jay davilier on the other side only Cali Smith from Utah is not from Wichita right now so a whole lot of Kansas going on Kelly Smith to serve.

This also one of those matchups you've got kovalev and Smith very close friends of course they pair on the women's side yeah they'll be together tomorrow but certainly not together right now just long yeah and you also have the situation where Matt coaches those two when they're playing if he's able so uh.

There's a lot of familiarity on this court Matt Wright once again and then you've got the two males Matt Wright Jay davilier complete contrast as far as their style yes gonna have uh right just firing away first turn the attempt Koval over there for the stop.

oh Lucy coming through what a defensive point by Lucy Koval over there because the Ernie's from davilia don't usually come back she kept it in play that's the thing with pickleball make him hit one more ball tremendous start here for kovaleva and.

Right this is exactly what they were hoping for davilier finally able to put it away Lucy very stubborn yeah and kovalev and Wright are playing with those new paddles 10 millimeter carbon face so uh this is the second tournament for those.

So you get more comfortable with that as well you see it's firing that forehand third right now oh the quick hands of Matt Wright little Shake of the head to go with it yeah so the the enthusiasm bravado if you will from the Michigan Wolverine that's when it's going well and they.

Look fantastic to start here devillier comes right back I have a feeling we're gonna see quite a duel between these two male players yeah we will and just to clarify on the paddle situation when I say 10 millimeter that's the thickness of that so A much thinner paddle Cali Smith on the other side using a 16 millimeter Onyx paddle.

Well Lucy threatened the Ernie match stays at home and takes care of business so devillier is always going to sit heavy with his forehand in the middle so you can go inside out and beat him on the back side and that is what Matt Wright did beautifully there didn't have to over hit it second serve here for Cali Joe Smith.

And right that time can't bring it back it might have saved devillier that ball had a lot on it and a high trajectory to the net it's a little bit three seven two and that one goes long so from seven one to seven four same idea there Matt Wright cheating in the middle you go.

Behind him you get the backhand error on the drive smart shot selection from devillier and they're gonna play it a hundred miles an hour while this run is gone right oh miscommunication there that rarely happens yeah despite the 181.

Matches that I mentioned before there's still that middle ball the other problem they're having is they're unwinding the stacks of drives are going into it and that's when runs can happen oh how about this run Dave this is special over the point and kovalovan right are a team that don't like to have Lucy on the other side of the court so they're going.

To keep doing this but this is quite a run now to Philly attacking and they have got their first lead again players on the move you want to hit them the ball it's much harder to hit a ball when you're not set and it's setting the table.

A little bit long that time and Matt Wright lets him know yeah he's uh he will be at the comedy store tonight here in Phoenix as well with his Antics but that's part of that he wants the crowd to get behind him especially after that humongous run from Davila and Smith and Lucy a little bit heavy-handed that time.

Yeah reached in that ball was very low now Cross Court gives you a little more win because of the depth of the shot but still too long and a miss serve so a you want to talk about a 180 and a match wow momentum clearly flips defilient coming all the way over wow.

And devillier is high-fiving people in the crowd now that's tremendous pickleball he is a showman isn't he and he wants to keep the crowd on his side as well while Matt's talking to him just tremendous pickleball and again when you are unwinding the.

Stack the pressure of the return is harder because you have to move all the way across as well so it's hard to keep that deep Matt right executed it perfectly there and that's a ball debilier I should have taken in the middle there with the forehand that's a tough ball for Cali Smith 791 so now Matt right to serve.

They Trail 9-7 game one foreign hits it long everything going right out of the gate then all of a sudden they've just have not been able to really get on track 792 a little inside out again that.

Aggressive male is going to have that paddle in the middle of the court and you can leave that paddle and then just tilt it back a little bit slide it into the Open Court davilia great job and they're still on an odd number so Wright is going to have to come racing across again or I can't lift it and now it's game.

Point nine in a row drill ten seven one right oh drop the dime that time so if they're gonna drive it at Lucy every time odds are that's going to be where the ball goes that's a tremendous read by Wright and a great finish second serve here for Cali Joe Smith.

Another ch