There's another VIP section you can see all the feet along the side my goodness this has been a fantastic event the largest pickleball tournament in Arizona history James ignatovich starting on the left to your point yeah so I didn't know how they would line up I think both players Zane and James are versatile they can.

Play either side look look for them to play Up Tempo here early they never tell getting the ball down first yeah and you see how Zane really took his time in the transition zone make but wanted to sit back and give him time to take that big two-handed swing an ace for they never till I'm gonna call it an ace because that.

Was it it didn't even come off the paddle really so you don't get a lot of real Aces so that might may as well be one it's funny in the world of volleyball if you get a ball shanked off your platform pretty bad you just you go with a nice you just count it you just can't why not why not.

Fill up that stat sheet and right now they're gonna have a check on the ball as well saying I think that one is already cracked yeah Grant Mellon gave that a pretty long look after uh the serve he couldn't return looked like maybe it took a funny bounce on him the ball out of bounds so some nice.

Defense at the hand of Derek Shearer showing off some of the athleticism that he's known for flying through the air and saying don't you dink up my line Oh Derek Shearer had a good look with the punch but I think that is just wide yeah he hit it really clean but might have just been a fraction of a second.

Too early on that one who got away with one right there kept it just low enough on that shallow return yeah sometimes when you're slicing your returns accidentally short can actually end up being a good return um tough to drive from mid-court there side is Derek Shearer yeah excellent.

Hands there didn't have a lot of reaction time he kept his body still great concentration foreign and some of the slippery stuff I was talking about from sure but Zane navratil not fooled yeah really has some nice misdirection in his game like we.

Were talking about tough to do it in the middle of an exchange there but yeah Zane was all over that particular one speaking of Mr Rex oh oh they never did that was just filthy that was an ankle breaker right there grab on completely fooled slid over to his right and Zane splits him up a little.

Going with the law but to the forehand side of ignotowicz yeah I like the Cross Court lob from the right side because it usually goes over the left shoulder of of your your opponent on that side like you mentioned forehand side it's a much smaller window five zero and a let's serve.

And you can see the strategy on the side of navratil and ignatowicz right away going with the third shot drives one after another and they're using the shaken Bank their Partners disconnecting fully looking to poach and Trust the drive time and time again well handled by ignatowich yeah if I were uh sheer and bond here I.

Would consider returning to ignata which they seem to be returning to navratil that allows to be the poacher he's very very comfortable in that role with the Long Reach and the fast hands yeah no absolutely they're both great singles players they won't rip the ball and they both poach well so it is a pick your poison situation.

So if you still May likely see the shake and bake the opposite direction what do you need to do in terms of managing the fourth I know they just got the site out here you have to have the discipline that when the it is a good low drive to not try to punch it through your opponent because they're often going to be ready to send it back with interest.

So sometimes you have to surrender and simply just block and keep the ball down the downside is with that you are inviting your opponents to get to neutral and get all the way to the kitchen line so I expect navital and ignado which to continue using that tactic there's James ignata which is one of his.

Favorite shots right there off the bounce out of the middle of that forehand yeah I was able to just test the hands of Grant Bond wasn't able to catch up with that one so far and again that's the dangerous part that fourth is causing some trouble yeah and even if it is a pick your poison situation just I think as a team you.

Always want to be ready to go to that plan B and throw your opponents a different look well there's the different look there is again it's the shake and bake but this time it's ignanowicz it's another great drive again I haven't seen them be willing to try to Simply block one back when it's a good drive that's an.

Adjustment I think they're gonna need to make see if you can get into these dink rallies a little bit more up at the kitchen oh my goodness a couple wild light cords and Derek share on the better end of it looked like more of an eye formation.

From ignatowicz and navratil Ronaldo which was dinking on each side of the court and Alberto was just kind of hanging back figuring out which side he needed to fill in on fun point trying to get some more depth on the return yeah and you need to go for more on the return When You're Expecting that shake and bake uh just took that one a.

Little long better fourth right there putting the ball down at the feet so sure and bond look to get their first point on the board just low enough off the paddle of sure one point on the board yeah you had the nail and heading out of it saw that it would have been there but it just didn't.

Quite sit up high enough a little uh little shake and bake themselves a little taste of their own medicine and this is what they need they need to play a couple of up-tempo points given that the the point differential here just to kind of get some of those nerves out and find some confidence uh.

For game two I think that one surprise bonnet just a bit slower than maybe anticipated yeah I think he should have kept his center of gravity a little more neutral it was kind of falling back on that block there wow look at the hands of Grant Bond you got chicken wing twice and then closes.

On the forehand yeah he's starting to move and get his hips and shoulders out of the way a little bit better in these fast exchanges it seems like he's seeing the ball a little bit better now Bond and cheer playing straight up middle from Say Never till yeah they've tried going to that left hip of navratil a couple of times he's doing a good job.

Of sliding and still finding the space for that two-handed backhand ball back to the 11th seed looking for a take he held it but into the top of the net game point for navratil and ignotowicz game number one to navratil and ignato which 11-3 the shake and bake is their friend.

Um some dangerous Play Between the veteran and the up-and-comer and James ignatovich but right now he's partnered alongside Zane navratil and they're looking awfully dangerous Cameron and Kyle McKenzie yeah yeah and it's it's a it's a good partner not just because Zane's a good player but they can play multiple Styles you see they've been.

Playing Up Tempo very effectively but if they're up against a team or in a match where they need to slow it down they're both very proficient in this lower kitchen game as well so side out for never till ending nowwich and yet again that first one blocked back but still a little bit of pace yeah.

Not much is so comfortable and confident with his hand speed you see how he does not need much time to be effective here with that one-handed punch lets it lets it stay and that ball is well in bounds yeah really nice volley there from Grant Bond was not able to just get that down but get that right hip and kind of handcuff thing onto it.

There however even though Sheeran Bond didn't pick up that that ball I think the nice thing is you see the fourth they just surrendered the kitchen said come on and let's get into some points yeah exactly I mean I think they're that's the kind of tempo that they want to play is more of the slower game.

And there is a better look so getting into some rallies here yeah especially sheer he seems to be an excellent counter puncher very comfortable moving the ball around at the kitchen line they just haven't had an opportunity to slow the ball down that much yet wow there was some Tempo coming off the paddle of James ignatowicz yeah I think.

They knew he was gonna speed it up but that's only half the battle you need to know where and that thing got on them in a hurry my goodness Sean they've got some hands but Zane navratila is not fooled yeah it's not a bad speed up it's just it's the same location every single time so far they need to work a few different spots on.

Zane to keep him honest watch ing yeah and you don't see that very often obviously the the returning team's almost always going to want to return and come in Graham Bond was pushed back so far by the quality of the serve he actually let the serving team take the.

Net first so it took three but goes the direction of Derek Shearer but to your point speed up same location just a little lower let's go oh shut up caught him yeah yeah then again they're mixing her up their spots a little bit better I don't think they've gone kind of right at the left.

Hip of ignado which he uses both one and two-handed backhand so that's a good location to kind of um add some uh disguised yourself just Relentless pressure from navratil and ignatowich yeah more of the same from game one they just seem to be on offense a very high percentage this match.

they've tried to flip around and find a backhand I don't even know what you want to call that an overhead backhand facing the opposite direction I think we would have happened we would have had to name the shot had he made that one over because it would have been the first time seeing it just look at that oh.

Dearly kind of wanted him to just for that because you know it would have been a highlight reel first got the Merry-Go-Round now you got the Zango round whoa that thing was just gnarly going watch this paddle angle right here from Zayn navratil that's second kind of.

Misdirection shot that we've seen out of navratil y a couple High balls yeah I like the choice to try to swing or punch back on that initial volley looked like they were ahead to start that exchange but the athleticism hand speed of navratil and ignato which was still able to get.

The better of them there tries to just get a paddle on that you can just see the difference in terms of Different Strokes from individuals one either it's a heavy swing or it's a whippy swing it's just so fun to watch these guys what's great about pickleball is there's not one way to play there's.

Not one technique there's a wide range of acceptability and then a lot of times something can look funky but if it works for you there's no not necessarily a reason to change it out to know that one's in James ignatic then that was the first time that navratil has taken you know a ball lower than the height of the net and tried to.

Attack it with Pace he'd been more effective using more of an off-speed uh selection um see if it goes back to that balls called out of bounds on the Ernie yeah it looked like maybe just an inch wide read it well set himself up just slightly overcooked it see the five or excuse me the hands open.

From his name never tell that means they're going for the switch Grant Vaughn just trying to get his feet out of the way yeah get all set up by a really well-placed attack by navratil the inside hip of sheer finding the hip of ignanowicz yeah yeah.

Good location ignado has had the paddle there but his momentum was kind of drifting to the left just over uh pulls out all white time to leave there in Zane navratel right now just kind of taking shots up the line at Derek Shearer on the speed UPS.

Up into that point grip Bond had done a nice job on that right side yeah you know for me I think they really need to adopt more of a singles mindset on the return really take a little bit more risk to hit a penetrating return because if not they're under so much pressure with that initial Drive all smiles right there as he finds one.

He got really outstretched yeah it kind of jumps back into recover and it was a little bit of a look what I found as the ball said right to him he says who needs yoga when you got pickleball oh yeah certainly a makeable volley there from shear he'd like to have that one.

Back nine two now which again all over it using his length yeah set up by the navratil drive he was able to dip that low you see how the face of Shearer's paddle had to open up and lift that over the net but not if it's there to take advantage thank you.

Oh good I'm glad they earned it because that looked like a trick play in the middle of it I knew it wasn't but it looked cool now on to the second serve wow that's one heck of a speed up there from Zane navratil I would not have expected that yeah he's really hitting his location as well he went to the.

Backhand but he made sure reach for the backhand which really makes it a tougher shot thank you sir second match point nice adjustment there from Derek Shearer on the second yeah no absolutely I think when when there's a neutral attack his way he really does a good job of making.

Him pay for it um they get into trouble when they just get a little too careful with their dinks set themselves up to be attacked too easy foreign.

Yeah it was too bad sheer played an excellent excellent point but again the athleticism of ignotowicz and navratil was able to extend just long enough to get it and looking to take a big risk but it goes the way of navratil and ignato which 11-3-11-2 a strong first round for the 11th seed yeah they're all smiles.

Here showed some obvious early chemistry on the court but off the court as well they look like they're having a great time and again a team to look for that has a real chance at uh making a good run here today you know okay here we go take one time in.

Okay that's Nico man Montoya with the drop he is the Lefty in the blue shirt an excellent drop and the forward pressure to back it up shrinks the size of the available safe locations for the Jones Brothers oftentimes we talk about how playing against with some of these top seeds for.

The teams coming in now is a great measuring stick opportunity to figure out exactly what you need to work on and focus on well absolutely Kevin two hands trying to fight that one off yeah just punched down a little bit too much rather see him push outward try to get some depth Molly that's Adrian calling John's right off the bat.

Colin John's got to play a little bit more left side and MLP Mesa in that format was highly entertaining to talk to him he goes yeah but I know what pays the bills cam sat right side for me because of a light cord here on Championship Court yes Colin Johns is certainly a lot more than just a right.

Side specialist but he has that side very figured out foreign speed up and you can see automatically Colin johns's response sitting down yeah using that pancake grip trying to get very low with his body to cover everything with the forehand like we talked about so often we utilize the.

Term pancake grip just with casualness but maybe some viewers don't understand exactly what the pancake grip is maybe after this point foreign very impressive but no pancakes so it'd be more of a what tennis players would call a western grip it's when they're.

Able to cover basically all the spots on their body for a counter-attacking standpoint with just one side of the paddle it takes out that indecision of choosing between a forehand or a backhand and how it varies depending on whether they're at the Baseline what shots they're hitting if they're countering just so many different.

Nuances that's what it requires in terms of details to play at this professional level Colin was well prepared for that one but a little too much might have saw it too well it looks like he was a little bit early on that one still ball goes the way of the Johns you.

Feel like you're into a rally you're starting to find yourself and then all of a sudden the Johns just go nope I'm closing the door yeah it's gonna be tough to attack Cross Court against the Johns Brothers hail's just probably a little bit too fast foreign wondering if that ball is in or out but.

He did a nice job at the kitchen line to that point yeah and I like what legarretta did there using his feet running around finding more attacks on the forehand side they didn't win the point there but that's what they're gonna need to do a certain amount of.

And Ben John setting up his brother perfectly and I mentioned they have the geometry of the Court figure yeah they know exactly the moment that uh Ben pushed uh Montoya out wide calling knew exactly where the likely dink would go Four Hands on the outside right now for legarretta and Montoya yeah with that righty Lefty normally you're going to.

See them try to keep those forehands in the middle but uh kept them on the outside for that point game point for the Johns not so fast getting the ball back a side out on the side of the number 32c one ten one we find in the right hip yeah he really.

Took his time with that one realized it sat up just enough to be able to be aggressive and a great location on the speed up there one tattoo bunting a few balls back and then the left seat the southbound Nico Montoya with a great shot no I love it he sits on that two-hander but then anticipates.

Where the next one's gonna go thank you just a little missed execution there on the side of Montoya tattoo one point and game number one to the number one team Ben Johns and Colin Johns pick up the first the 32 seed coming through.

The qualifier though with a daunting task of facing number one zero two and that's one of the infamous Ben John's disguises yeah he's starting to get his shoulders involved more making it look like a speed up is coming and then choosing for that uh aggressive angled dig the hard part is even if you know that's one of his shots your.

Natural instinct when you see a massive wind-up the first thing in your body and your brain is telling you is oh prepare for a speed up yeah it makes you freeze up a little bit more and then it makes you susceptible to those out wide dinks if your feet aren't moving so it's a really nice uh another thing that like your question that he's added into his.

Game and there's the flick from Ben Johns yeah excellent location going to the left hip of uh Montoya there knowing he's a lefty that might be the side where it's a little tough to to find the foreman overhead Crush by Ben Johns matches LED of course by John friesner.

As our lead official our second is Wendy Rath boy three zero one nice two-handed speed up on the side and you see John's was almost fully down on the ground unable to time the counter punch upside down and on the board are Montoya.

And ligareta zero three excuse me not so fast just a side out and you can see that there's definitely paddle skills on the side of Montoya and legarretta yeah very athletic obviously tennis background missed return off of a very nice sir yeah great depth on that one really uh.

Affecting the the weight transfer of Colin Jones wanting to go diagonal to that right side after the return Colin John hop in the corner really created that instinct of every time that uh that his brother pushes that ball out while he's looking for that Ernie been very successful with it.

Early on three one one just a fantastic drop from Colin Jones to set that up when the ball gets lower than the knees of his opponents Jones can really disconnect freely and look to poach which he did look nicely there and it's the combinations not only just from one player to one shot it's.

Actually between the two how they can really come together in a firefight if you know where to lean if it's not just their reflexes but their anticipation is what's so hard to be able to measure but it is on point early on this morning it's from one one player to the other right it's not even just the shake and bake like on your own it's the ability.

To see what your teammate is doing find the right response yeah like I mentioned they really have figured out the blueprint of of Pros doubles and they figured out where to be in which situation uh very nicely Ben John's of course looking to find another Triple Crown so far he's found himself in two finals tomorrow.

Really really nice speed up there on my montoy I love the footwork it kept him very balanced on that was able to just uh jams just enough on that right not able to straighten out that is a big drive from Montoya he's nearly lost his feet on that one look at the shape he was able to get Jones was forced to take that volley almost at his.

Angles a good leave he had his paddle up and dropped it I love what they're doing here they're playing a very conscious effort to be Up Tempo playing to their strengths here and see if they can keep riding this momentum it's five off cut got a little high yeah John's definitely clued in to lean in and kind.

Of maximize his reach so dangerous with that one-handed backhand flip five two now second serve excited I think uh legarretta almost questioned himself he goes this boat couldn't be this High to attack absolutely I think he's surprised that John's gave him something to work with.

There Colin Johnson even though they didn't win the point there I like the speed up again from Montoya you know you could say oh they should be more patient but the John Brothers give so little away at some point you're gonna have to choose to be aggressive I didn't mind.

And there it is again it just forces you to feel so uncomfortable yeah I know I would be nervous seeing uh the number one player in the world right in front of me winding up like he's gonna power it right through me looks like he's gonna put a hole through you fine I love that the competitive Spirit.

From ligareta no yeah he can feel it they're right in this second game he knew that was makeable it just looked like his little indecisive between staying on offense or not even that block and slowing it down second server so they are forcing that ball to the side of Ben Johns in terms of trying to keep him a little bit more.

Neutralized at the Baseline I was gonna say that was a great cover there by Montoya and a nice pickup yeah they extended the play there um the Jones Brothers just a little bit too much in that movie I mean they are just carving this ball it's not just Ben but Colin even on that.

Just so dialed in to the exact length to the Baseline but such a tough speed up because you have to measure the spin and also the pace you have to take enough to face off that ball to give it a chance to land in inside out aside out now for Montoya and legarretta so they fend it off one match point.

The quick hold and roll from Ben Johnson and you see so many other points he's been setting that up with rolling that that ball inside out opens up the middle when he's able to keep him honest like that Ben John's just unreal right there great execution so athletic working around the court.

Somebody's calling for a new ball and that's probably right that one's gone probably not wrong he absolutely hammered that one okay five one match goes to the number one team Ben and Colin John crowd on their feet as they will be moving on but still some great opportunity for Montoya and La Carreta.

To pick up some nice learning cues against the number one team absolutely and you know they pushed them for a bit in that second game there's a lot of established proteins that can lose to the Jones Brothers with a similar or Worse score line so they've got a lot to be proud of here today yeah without a doubt 11 to 11-5 so Ben Johnson Colin.

John are moving on a desert ridge open presented by Foot Solutions Wesley Burroughs gets us started for you and first point to Burroughs and Garnett now before the break you mentioned picking spots in terms of those speed ups for Connor Gardner and Wesley Burrows after this point I'd love to know what are some of those squats.

And right on cue you see the first speed up from Conor Garnett yeah so both uh Frazier and Johnson really keep their feet planted in these baskets for me they've got great backhand volleys but if you can get them reaching for the back end neither of them really use two hands on the counter very often so if they can get them reaching to the.

Backhand side just a little bit where they don't have their body behind the counter that'll often sit up just enough to give you the advantage okay so an extended reach on the backhand side that's what I would go for nice another fast exchange well done and to my point I would say I would do that on JW Johnson on the left side be very.

Tough to find a reaching back yeah with Frazier given that that'll often just be a forehand for Johnson so with Frazier I might try to work that chicken wing right shoulder or a right hip location Connor Garnett and Wesley Burrows currently looking straight into the sun something to keep note of as the day continues.

Sometimes those lobs got a little dicey over the last few days second sir and to me that's in the budget for our Garnett and Pharaohs and I haven't seen Burrows If You're Gonna Play together but on paper I think they're a team that makes sense um Garnett really plays best with.

Players that can play that fast of tempo Style with him try it out yeah and if there's a superpower of JW Johnson Beyond his hand speed it is that backhand flick doesn't need a lot of space to be offensive with that shot nice protection there from Wesley Burroughs and Conor Garnett works with.

That two-handed backhand role in the Dink and sometimes that can cause some issues in terms of the ATP yeah the Top's been really explodes off the court so he's got to be careful not pulling uh JW Johnson out too wide you can see just a little bit more calculated on the overheads on the side of Burroughs and Garnett gotta find the.

Ball first yeah I like the patience uh patient aggression they didn't try to do too much with the ball when it wasn't there really waited for it to be high enough to put that overhead away second sure and that's the downside of that shake and bake or the poach if if the initial Drive sits up just a little higher tough.

When the the ball is coming at your feet as the poacher side out there's one of the first looks Connor Garnett will take a step back and just unload and that's his shot but to me that dink from Johnson is a little too penetrating of the slice to be able to fire off the bounce off foreign.

ATP neutralized but that's the complimentary shot from Conor Garnett up the line yeah no and and Frazier's so good with that backhand volley we talked about maybe find the forehead under the right hip being your better opportunity for a speed up location well executed there by Garnett.

Sir that cut just got away JW takes advantage one two two side out tough all the way at the video board yeah yeah sometimes tougher drive when the return's so deep kind of pushing you off balance a little bit really nice disguise there by the attack.

By Frasier found the right hip of Carnet and really disguised it uh another point on the board now for the number four seed four one one JW Johnson patrolling the middle very well right now with the expectation of the speed up and then what Garnett needs to add in every now and then is when he.

Has that big take back rolling the dick out wide to take advantage of Johnson sliding over and covering six one one right now they have the 6-1 lead trying to find the ball but lands in it lands on the side of JW and Dylan get some help from the net is Connor Garnett but you also were talking to me.

Just about the take back right of Conor Garnett what he has the ability to do in terms of opening up one more shot on that backhand side yeah I think you know what's tough for him and his progression as a player is when he has that big two-handed take back people know the attack's coming but he's been having so much success with no disguise it's like.

Why change it but for this top level of the men's game adding a little bit of a disguise or a variety or making look like the speed up is coming and then maybe going with an aggressive dink just often enough to get his opponents off balance cross-court you think of Ben John who does the nice nice job of that with one.

Hand on that backhand side kind of the big take back right and then rolling across court so maybe find a little bit more disguise JW Johnson puts a fist in the air it's just a fantastic fire fight as they continue through this second sir took a little bit of a funky.

Bounce there for Jada yeah Burl's put a lot of backspin on that slice Jade up fits on that drop attempt nice setup there from Wesley Burroughs yeah and again the location if there has been one that's been working on Dylan Fraser it is that forehand side um kind of near that right hip where he's got a little bit of that indecision do I slide.

And keep it as a backhand or do I keep it two six one appointment three six one add one more they're starting to move quickly that's gonna be a big confidence booster he hasn't been able to find that attack up in the middle until that moment uh that's gonna be big for him.

So quick wow the lateral movement from Connor Garnett yeah he's really known for playing just a little bit off the line and it really enhances his athleticism and hand speed makes him very difficult to attack so you mean there are times to play off the kitchen lights there is there there.

Are a few a few oh man five six two foreign had a good look on that with his paddle but not quite enough touch against JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier whoa that is some wild defense right there yeah it was a good shake and bake from from Frazier and Johnson but a great.

Little reflex volley from Burroughs there to find the Open Court foreign he nearly had it yeah you wanted to set up that big two-handed backhand his first lob attempt we've seen the lob wasn't great but he almost got himself out of jail with a beautiful backhand up the line.

Just little one thank you yeah it looks like a little bit of a miscommunication on that middle ball from Garnett and Burrows there eight five two eight five two now point.

It's nine five two Point make it 10-5-2 things starting to Trend towards the direction of the four seed backhand uh flick of JW Johnson's really been the difference so far in this first time second serve again Wesley Burroughs get over.

Trying to encourage the ball combination yeah again Garnett go into that uh that forehand side of Frazier he was there for the first one but good Anticipation by Burroughs and Garnett for the second that ball did not give enough air yeah and again that's where we talk about just the progression of Conor Garnett as.

A player he has the tools but it's creating that discipline to know which balls really are just a little too ambitious to attack ball out of bounds number four seed 11 and six Connor Garnett and Wesley Burroughs finding some solid success but JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier are just so steady the court 60 Pros on the carvana.

PPA tour nament that time that works finding the left shoulder of Dylan Frazier yeah looks like maybe he had a Little Help from the little left board there but again fortune favors the bold and often that ball will go over sometimes you got to take some risks.

Second chair yeah you see the the short efficient counter punching stroke of Dylan Frazier able to just punch that forehand for the winner zero zero two point point on the board for Garnett and Burrows one zero two point.

One more you put up the paddle an apology they're having some good karma so far here in the game the game number two the net is on their side and that's a great little dig by Burroughs to even extend that point just a little too high on the drive from Garnett allowing his opponents to hit down on that ball into his partner's.

Feet oh Dylan and JW sit at 21 years old still in Frazier still doing schools right now at the University of Missouri where he's getting his business administration degree online it's getting tough when he gets on the body like that for West Burrows and Frazier and Johnson step off the.

Line much and they've just been getting the better uh Barnett and Burrows in most of these fast expenses two two winning a dink rally that's going to give you some confidence yeah absolutely it's not the pattern that he's necessarily favored in with.

With Johnson so anytime you can win some of those slower points uh it's really going to help you get over the finisher two two it'll pop up there and have just in these early points have you seen any terms of adjustment on either side not too much I mean right there I would have liked to see Burrows be a little more.

Decisive knowing that Garnett's going to drive about either staying back with him and then just looking to drop or fully disconnecting and looking for the coach when you kind of get caught halfway in between they're kind of not really doing a great job of being on offense or defense there sort of a different No Man's Land right exactly an internal one.

Foreign a little ambitious yeah yeah I mean that's his game but you're right maybe could have waited for a slightly higher ball to ultimately fire the attack there some help from the net for Dylan Frazier I actually caught up with Dylan I asked him how he got into pickleball and.

Apparently his mother said he played record recreationally when she was in college ATP for Connor Garnett and he does not need a lot of space uh out wide there with that two-handed backhand very comfortable going around the post and one more so JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier.

Surrender the ball side out for Wesley Burroughs and Connor Garnett make it 3-5 and again for Frazier and Johnson they're both going to be so grounded with their feet if you can start finding attack locations that make them stretch often they aren't taking that step with it and then they can get a little.

Overextended fans no way and Wesley Burroughs yeah you deserve some extra Applause on that one yeah Burrows is telling the crowd to get up this is what you're here for four five one four five now.

The lock off yeah yeah Bros has kind of been kept out a lot of these plays I love him being a little more bold and saying hey I can I can poach out here as well beautiful anticipation here five five one second third we're gonna say important to note too that little run was only on.

The first serve so they still get to potentially add to the total watch out Connor Garnett again that backhand is a weapon when he gets a ball up at all he has the ability of using his left hand and whipping across his body so tough to defend against him six five so a lead change Connor Garnett and Wes Burrows up by just one as he's a at.

The top of the game now his mother Cindy and actually I talked with him too and he said his favorite pickleball memory in his career to this point is still playing alongside his mom Cindy I just thought that was the sweetest thing yeah it seems like a heart of gold for the young man and uh tough to tough to root against him or his partner J.W Johnson.

Well right now they need to find a little something special down by one here in game two versus Connor Garnett and Wesley Burrows second sir yeah when you asked me if there'd been any adjustments from game into game two and what I've noticed here is the court positioning of birds they're kind of keeping him out of the play on the right.

Side and going mostly to Garnett and he's really adjusted and looking to clog the middle now just to change the shots and what that's going to do is it's going to make it to where Garnett isn't going to have to move back and forth as much to cover that middle he can have his feet set more often with uh hitting those backhands so a little bit more.

Aggressive Court positioning from westboros you can see that left foot watch how he moves right now on the right side West Burrows ended up with his right foot on the center line just to show you I know obviously protecting the Middle with this attempted ATP foreign.

Way to get your feet out of the way West Burrows did a much better job clearing his body out of the way on the counter Punch Yeah Yeah Connor Garnett rather uh did such a good job um Staying Alive in those points and he really thrives kind of in the chaos there.

For j-dub again he's been very very effective when he's had opportunities to lean in and flick that that one-handed backhand you know it's funny on social media one of my favorite quotes from jjab is when you have the flick you don't need the okay all right.

And of course that was more in reference not necessarily to moving his feet but he busted a sock when he was trying to uh chase down a mall while playing alongside his sister Georgia sounds like he doesn't want to move any more than he has to no that's all about efficiency out here he's got a nice angle there by Garnett.

Both players are kind of leaning the other way pulled that one across his body nice six seven second serve a little miscommunication I do feel as if after that last time out Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson maybe just testing the middle a little bit more with some of those dates they are.

They're trying to go middle to be able to open it up out wide Burroughs is leaning that side but if they get it down there's still not a whole lot he can do other than just take it back yourself JW Johnson looking again for the defensive blob and sends it up but.

Burroughs and Garnett still come up with another shot selection for being in the middle of the Court there but he knew he was out of position thought he was just trying to trust their defense and athleticism where I was just frustrated no he had just a tiny window there on the shake and bake just wasn't able to straighten.

That back two seven seven second serve four eight seven so right now if you're Conor Garnett and Wesley Burroughs what are you telling yourself in terms of strategy to finish out this second game when the Up Tempo is working it's gonna have to look to continue to be aggressive but understand when it's not.

There switch roles and make your opponents worth the point a little bit points it's just hitting the top of the net time and time and time again right now yes the tape has favored them this game but long term it all evens out so just ride the momentum while it's on your side.

What a dig by Burrows and nice job by J dub right there I know you mentioned the dig that thing was phenomenal now so yet again it crawled over the top of the net but they get the ball back now 7-9 I was about to say they just nearly saved themselves that was a pop-up yeah yeah he definitely floated that backhand.

Roll good job by JW Johnson closing in and going on offense JW Johnson has to be leaning middle he's been leaning middle the entire time if you don't use that one too often it can really fool your opponent the reason for the tone is because traditionally.

You're thinking a speed up in the transition zone you're not on the kitchen line so that's why I like clarifying on that reverse absolutely we're gonna hit it and the fact that he hasn't used it too often this match Point nice fend off from Dylan Frazier yeah that ball got up on him but he was still able to block that and keep it.

Just low enough to take it out of the strike zone from Garnett on the next one match point for Johnson and Frazier again she's making me nervous and that one even made me nervous Dragon let it be known he was really falling backwards but again sometimes aggression just wins out risk it for the biscuit taking some Pace off too sometimes.

That's all you got to do yeah anytime that you see Garnett have to go to that one hand shot with too low and so he's resorting to just trying to block that back Wesley Burrows puts his hand to his face he had a good look but three inches just wide at the sideline and it's a tough location.

Back across your body in hindsight he made it have more success just going right up the middle seconds they fend off yet another match point for Johnson and Frazier Johnson and Frazier have trailed most of this second game until they got to match point at 10-9 all right.

Now JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier with just incredible adjustment right there you saw it utilize both on the side of Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson on the last Point yeah no they they played their game they stayed right in there Connor Garnett was very bold kept firing I like that he played his style at the end there but just again the counter.

Punching the overall consistency of JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier just a little bit too much for him today headings on the left side he is a right-handed player as tioni is a lefty yeah look for them to obviously stop and try to probably keep their forehands in the middle for this match.

Catches Riley Newman that's gonna make you feel good to start I played some games with tioni and he really has a way of holding that forehand speed up to the last possible second until you've kind of committed as to which side you're gonna move hold on second shift Riley Newman says no that.

Came off your chest that's not gonna fly that is not below your wrist sir shout out taking a head shot at Riley Newman and I say that only jokingly yeah Tony lives here in Phoenix I believe he gets some games with Riley Newman on a semi-regular basis so should have a pretty good idea of what Mr Newman brings to the table.

I was gonna be impressed with tioni's uh hops right there but Riley Newman shuts the door yeah and Matt Wright showing off some of the variety that he has he's such a good attacker but he also goes to that lob effectively more than a lot of the other top Pros foreign.

There was a lot of questions as to maybe who's playing right who's playing left they tested different things until finally kind of falling suit here with rally on the left and it's paid off especially in the later half of 2022. I think with Riley Newman being a much better mover than Matt Wright out there playing that left side allows him to.

Play a little bit more freely from a Mobility standpoint all right and they faced off in one of the best semi-finals that I have seen yesterday in mixed doubles to see this partnership than to be on the opposite sides of the net that one was just so wild Matt Wright and Lucy kogalova getting the better end of game three.

Second turn yeah that was the highlight of the day the crowd was packed it was a tight three gamer every game was really in question as to who was going to come out on top point a little strong from headings there five zero two zero two.

Point another point on the board for Matt Wright and Riley Newman so take a look though now we're going to show you some grandstand as well because they're in game three the Johns drops game two four to eleven after getting a pickle in the first 11-0 yeah sometimes there's no way to predict.

These score lines is that Cameron um love to see the bounce back in the grip from tardio and Hewitt though a lot of teams would fold after taking a beating like that and they come back out and have a chance to to pull off the upset here for them well and that's what's so wild about the game of pickleball right all of a sudden you'll be feeling so.

Great and in your game and then you drop the game and you're going what in the world where did this score come from yeah now you're questioning every shot that you hit it's just yeah momentum is a real thing in sports and it feels like it's extra real out here on the pickleball court you gotta to go uh highlight right reel right there for.

Riley Newman though he hit an overhead with his right hand and then an overhead with his left hand he is amazingly comfortable at switching hands has a lot of feel with his with his left hand there that was almost the equivalent of the.

Disguise a bigger wind-up and hold from Riley Newman can Riley Newman's really the first person that I've seen that started that it seemed like John's kind of picked up on that little shoulder fake that Newman kind of implemented into this game oh second turn and Matt Wright is just.

Shaking his head saying really Riley of course just getting back from a trip to Australia he went to watch the Australian Open he actually got a chance to attend four different days and he also taught several pickleball clinics across Australia and New Zealand doing his own work to try and grow the game yeah I've been to Melbourne myself.

An excellent uh sports city and during the Australian Open that's when you want to go there absolutely one of the great vets in the game of pickleball I love the story he has in terms of finding the sport he said he was obviously a great tennis player they actually took a tennis ball and punctured it and played with wooden paddles the first time they.

Taped lines I'm not kidding this is seriously so took tennis court uh he was doing tennis for conditioning so they tape lines down on the court to make it smaller we're using five dollar wooden paddles punctured a tennis ball and uh yeah that was six months before he played in this first U.S open.

Second serve tioni's looking to take a shot yeah that's the the risk you take when you flick if you just take a little too much of the ball and don't barely graze off of it it can carry on you just a little bit like it did for tioni though foreign yeah we mentioned that I I think they're.

Somewhat familiar with each other's games yeah Newman got him one time with that speed up but the next couple times he's gone there Tony's got a good job of getting his body in front of that ball find in the middle right now is Bradley Newman side out on the side of the two seed two one.

There's the load up from Riley Newman but tioni getting the better of this hey hey foreign yeah nice play by headings there did a good job of really putting Newman and right on defense with the first backhand and puts the next forehand away right at Matt right.

Second serve two eight two balls a little frustration as the third is missed on the side of Sione also important to note it seems as if the Johns have found not the game they had and game number one now up nine to one in game three.

On the grandstand you defend a fantastic ATP and then have to try and handle the overhead from that right no thank you yeah and that's what it takes to win points at this level these guys just it's not one shot that gets you it's an absolute uh combination of offense and you know pretty tough to come out on the right end of that.

Eleven to two is your first game score Matt Wright and Riley Newman off to a strong start on the carvana PPA tour for the second stop the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Open presented by Foot Solutions right now we're right in the middle of a matchup between Matt Wright and Riley Newman versus tioni and heddings that's Pace attorney and Chris hettings.

Side out watch out for your head headings yeah it was a nice attack into the body from from Newman there you saw headings was leaning towards his forehand in the middle pretty tough when he was shaded that way to cover uh cover the body there zero zero women's Action Now underway as.

Well doubles yeah Antonio's had quite a few uncharacteristic return errors here definitely gonna need to clean that up if they want to uh push right and Newman here in game two headings giving Matt a little bit of a hard time saying really.

You know I hate to be the one to say it but based on that where that ball went I'm not sure that he needed the net to be a picture boy double overhead it's called a power up yeah and I'm surprised that Wright has had so much success with the lob given that tiony and headings are a righty Lefty team.

Normally the lob through the middle is over a backhand shoulder but it's tougher to do in both four games are in the middle like that that's where Ryan Lane Newman winning a fire fight yeah great hands there by tioni but this is the Newman wheelhouse those fast exchanges not sure.

If there's just about anybody in the world better sorry so a football called but a correction by our official the ball did bounce so not a kitchen violation it happens peony was there early enough to change his paddle angle with his wrist right at.

The last second and I love the choice to jump the kitchen too not just the execution but knows that Newman will often stay in that pattern kind of Daring his opponents to attack him but I like the choice foreign for a reason he took an Uber aggressive jump back to the middle to cover after.

That wide and Riley Newman says there's the back door yeah yeah I think if you are gonna drive the ball at Riley Newman I talked about this yesterday I think you're better off aiming right at his belly button once he gets a little bit of extension on either side so difficult with those volleys.

Side out Riley Newman changing the equation there going more up the line four zero one right same Mac where do you think you're going not poaching on me today here and headings playing a very nice Point defensively getting themselves back to.

The kitchen yeah and right smiling a little bit he went for a very fancy misdirection shot certainly in his Arsenal but uh unable to convert oh so fancy right so fancy one for Dion headaches getting a nice drive on their side at a point second shirt tioni's starting to take some cuts at the ball yeah it didn't.

Look like he was fully uh balanced there maybe need to be just a half step closer to the ball on the hunt and that's the challenge of speeding up through this team he kind of fooled Newman who went for the Ernie thinking a dink was coming but Wright slides on over able to convert on the backhand counter punch no.

Second and the switch you saw tioni on the left there see what takes shape here in terms of play sides plate they do go with the switch organize chaos I'm not sure Tony even knew he was playing the right I was gonna say I think they got pretty fortunate there I think maybe there's a.

Little miscommunication about which side tioni was going to cover after the return but they're able to get away with it there oh that was almost a highlight real worthy moment for Chris headings yeah Jay devilier uh known to be very good at those shots almost straightened.

That out behind the back from heading Zone yeah sometimes you know it's tough when you're clogged in the middle like that to know how far to go it looked like he was just dared to keep going just slightly out of his reach there sliding opening up the forehand is.

Heading yeah headings has done a really nice job in that left to left pattern with Newman of not missing dinks staying neutral they just haven't been able to create a whole lot of offense on their own so far in this match you yes.

better get out of the way that ball is wide well they had Newman and Wright scrambling and running all over ultimately they're able to to get the point from America look at that hustle from Riley Newman Annalee picking up the Triple Crown back.

At the Hyundai Masters event the women's double though was earned by her and Anna bright is now working with Catherine parento is on and Tara schenko playing alongside one another and now bright is playing alongside Vivian David second turn four one though for Matt Wright and.

Riley Newman here on championship the tweener from Riley Newman opens up the court but always one of the great showmen no absolutely but it was all set up by the half volley backhand lob by Chris heading puts it on a dime great shot he says all right now run Riley.

Oh I was hoping we were gonna get another same play and again it goes back headings way I don't know if that's Chris headings out there or Callan Dawson but he is putting on a half volley lob Clinic an extremely difficult shot to pull off asking whether it ball's in or out of.

Bounds his headings that just couldn't quite clear his body looked like that one caught the line uh Second Chance the big out call from eddings yeah it was a great job by Tony and headings there looked like Riley Newman was in control of that exchange but headings got just enough on his counter.

Maybe a bit too tight on map right right there on the drive a little closer to the heel of his hand second turn lots of acreage to work with for Matt Wright yeah and I don't blame tioni for uh closing in and looking to shake and bake off that but right doing a good job of pulling that across his body to the open camp.

my goodness he had everybody fooled there I mentioned how he can hold that ball a little longer and uh yeah perfectly executed settings you love to see this right they're on Center Court they're playing the number.

Two seed they've got nothing to lose here's the time to make the most of this opportunity it's the celebration that got me man if you love pickleball this is just fun to watch five four two all right add another error on the right and Newman right now as it is now six to four tioni and headings with the.

Advantage I think it's seven four and I will say there is something to be said when you're playing somebody with a little bit of a different playing style right then maybe you're accustomed to at a certain point so it's it's challenging right now for right and Newman and there's the adjustment he earned two.

Of them but then Riley Newman quick to cover behind Matt Wright yeah he jumped on that one pretty quickly like you mentioned and didn't look like headings had quite the same depth on that lob um as he had on his previous two successful ones yeah just some different shot selection right coming your direction yeah and.

They got caught it looks like they don't want to unwind the stack when headings is returning uh so they're forced to play that point with both backhands in the middle whoa talk about some Pace from tioni yeah tioni got a little nice little wrist snap on that backhand flick caught that right hip of Matt right excellent.

Execution there five seven two yes they only knows he had the availability and interesting here we've got a change of formation looks like Newman and Wright are wanting to just throw headings and tioni just a little different look obviously they're both.

Capable of playing either side at a very high level oh that's a great call by you as Matt Wright points to the crowd he's playing the left having a full conversation with somebody in the crowd thumbs up for Riley Newman.

Yeah he had a lot of shape on that ball looked like it was going to go long off the paddle but the spin was able to keep that one just in so they grabbed the lead back and Matt made the move to work around the edge and ever since they made that switch you can see how it's bothered.

Tioni he's not really sure what spots to go with and it's clearly affecting his shot selection one more so Matt Wright and Riley Newman find themselves at match point 10-7-2 with a nice little comeback here in game two side out.

Gionee is rather quick get very fast hands very strong young man as well so when he times those counter punches it really comes off the paddle quickly we got some highlight reels from Singles as well I think back to some of the sliding ATP yes and the drop log created his own shot yeah it looks like.

Headings was apologizing there probably should have laid off that one but so tough to to make that decision and fraction in a second I think one of the other elements you have to pay attention to is uh on that switch is Riley's now back on the other side as maybe they didn't want to have to deal with the lob over the top of.

Matt Wright it says try and lob me now yeah Jackson it presents some some different options and takes some shots away uh for their opponents yeah it's like he's swatting a fly away Matt right to the Cross Court ten eight one match point for Matt Wright and Riley Newman.

again having success speeding up lined up with Riley Newman I've got to think that the familiarity with each other's games is what's leading to the confidence and the execution there match nearly a full layout for deoni but 11-8 too much pressure from Matt Wright and Riley Newman with a nice comeback in.

Game two you know what the Cameron I was so impressed with the lack of uh being stubborn or prideful out there knowing that they're the favorites but still recognizing hey I don't need to be the alpha or strong player all the time if my partner presents some different options let's let them live on the left for a little bit really really.

Impressive decision no and you're 100 right I love it too just making sure they're exactly where they need to be making in-game adjustments not showing too much pride in that regard and just picking up the win when they need it yeah yeah and that's what experience can do right you know kind of what you do best but you also know how to adjust if.

Your normal patterns aren't working really really impressive decision by them so Matt Wright and Riley Newman 11 2 11 8. a great look behind the scenes to the number one team in the world for Men's Pro doubles Ben Johns and Colin Johns they now have a task in front of them that is Jay de villier Jocelyn de.

Villier and DJ young this is the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Open presented by Foot Solutions Cameron Irwin alongside Kyle McKenzie Kyle we talked about the creative play of DJ young and Jay defilier right now they're gonna have to create some points against the number one team so when you're facing off against Ben.

And Colin knowing what your own Scouting Report is what are some areas you might look to attack obviously a certain amount of it's just going to be the fundamentals right applying pressure making your opponents work even though they are the best team in the world but I think when you get a neutral ball can you get a ball that.

You've earned that maybe isn't sitting up on a silver platter or something that could be attackable um I think you need to vary and not just attack Colin Johns a lot of players make that mistake but John benjons is so good at playing off the ball you have to vary some attacks I think back behind him I think into the body of Ben John's just.

To keep him honest also all right so maybe a little bit more of a varied attack from DJ young and Jay devilier as they find a new ball here I was looking back to Masters to see maybe if these two teams had faced off against one another and they have not to this point with this exact alignment second turn.

The first meeting between these two zero one second serve now yeah I see from Young sometimes when you you miss a draw pie and you're a little out of rhythm on that shot you tell yourself you're gonna drive the next one but just didn't look like it was the right ball uh to go for the drive attempt there.

That first ball off the paddle of Ben Johns that was almost like sorcery right there yeah yeah that came off uh extra fast pretty tough to tough to handle if uh if you're young there so two zero second pressure from davilia and young and devilia known for taking more than a lot of other uh male players he really.

Plays his best when he's moving that might really set his team up well if young can have his feet set more often to incorporate some of his creative attacks there's a good look at a unique wrist angle from DJ Young boy yeah nice attack from Ben Johns there knowing again how much devillier.

Is moving and sliding found that uh that right hip not able to get the spacing on the camera Elite official Don Stanley key James coo our second official boy davilia tried to go back behind Ben Jones there it looked like it would have worked he just overcooked that.

Two-handed backhand four zero two the eighth seed zero four one second serve yeah young just unable to find uh kind of his touch on some of the bass different shots so far here and again aside out so still just trying.

To find a little rhythm on the side of the eight seats oh just not on the right spot on his paddle Ben Johns was all over that loved those two-handed resets on the backhand side from John yeah yeah no they did a lot of good work to give themselves that opportunity and go on offense and Ben.

Jones is unable to come up with uh with the kill shot there and again the number of times we've seen these Pros pick up a different ball it's because they're hitting the thing so dang hard it's the power out there Cameron balls can only take so much violence you see the thumb uh and fist comes up.

From DJ young I'm curious what you think the sign is there just in terms of that location for one knee it could be you know normally you give the fist for the stay so he may be telling uh okay that's what I was wondering could a lot of times go Point as well.

But a little that was a different way of doing it so I think pink uh thumb is one way and then Pinky's the opposite side correct okay just there's another good look at it in terms of where he wants him to play the return a lot of times in fact yeah if in fact that is the signal that he's giving is to tell him to play the return ten.

John's and that's probably to keep Ben Johns off of being that poacher and being able to play that off the ball roll which he's so good on yeah just keep him at the Baseline a little bit more neutralized I mean I don't think Ben John has really ever neutralized but that's one way you can attempt to slow him down.

questions and watch out Colin Johns just took one to the shoulder yeah a little unlucky for Colin John's there he was trying to turn his body and get out of the way but as he was turning unfortunately for him hit the paddle.

Second sir tough ball on the outstretched short hop for Jay davilier yeah again they just are not yet in a great position on those thirds finding uh an unattackable location to move forward yeah and again just a little miscommunication even on the third debilier trying to work over towards the.

Side of DJ young yeah sometimes with two partners a little out of rhythm you try to overcompensate and do it a little too much look to be the case on that last point so wild to watch Colin John's reset the ball his feet are just so quiet as is his upper half it almost just looks like his hands completely release on the.

Pattern to the exact right amount to reset that ball yeah I think if you tense up too much on that shot it's not very effective right so he does a good job of staying very quiet especially with his lower body like eventually second nice finish there by DJ young sometimes just getting a smash the recorded is enough to just change things.

Up and build a little confidence that you can carry forward tricky tricky from Colin John yeah really like it he's just taking what his opponents give him there right he uh played the same ball back to him two or three times the devilia is not shuffling all the way over and Colin John's taking advantage of his line.

Those last two shots were identical from Colin Johns in terms of his footwork and what he looked like even the same rhythm of his feet yeah and that's what you want to practice when you're practicing attacking making it look exactly like a dink to the last possible second and change your shot and I'm thinking that Ben Johns may have.

Uh stroked for the Sun instead we're all human it happens to the best of us yeah you're trying to accomplish a sun stare there not the easiest thing that ball get behind Jay and it seems like davilian really not wanting to reset that ball um more towards the middle and when it.

Gets pulled out wide it makes his dick back Cross Court that much more difficult DJ tried to crash in and help out a bit another ball back for the number one seed eight three now second sir yeah good location on the dink there by.

Debilier anytime Jones has to play a half volley uh you know that you've pinpointed your location pretty well Wicked from DJ Young and that's tough traditionally you want to try and go when you're unwinding the stack up the line to give yourself more time but they also want to try and keep Ben Jones back yeah exactly.

What yeah great great play there by Davila and what I love here too is when you're playing such a tough team like the Jones Brothers you have to bring that energy you're starting to get loud in between these points showing them that hey we're here to compete we're ready the hair getting loud and they are.

Getting awfully big DJ young with a nice finish both young and devilier have good length good reach they're both very athletic and they can play this style for short bursts absolutely knighting Ben John four or five contacts and finally finishes one down.

Very good and that is just a clean winner from Ben John so compact it's a perfect location to you saw young slide into cover the backhand and he found that Tunnel right in between the two of them well measured from Colin Johnson lifting off against Jay devilier and DJ Young first game action.

Center both Johns hold themselves to such a high standard in their game see just a little of the frustration there missing in the transition zone yeah you don't see uh Ben Johns very often miss a couple shots in a row seems like he's just a touch we'll see if devilier and young can take advantage.

Here second serve yeah good job by Colin John's getting on top of those volleys that's not just about power when you're making those counter punches if you need a downward trajectory makes it very tough for your opponents points to villian young now with their sixth.

Point six not two they went Uber aggressive in the middle of this first game and got themselves into a little bit of a better posture finding a few points back John's protecting his body and then again so often that forehand is the.

Closer from the left side no absolutely when he sinks his teeth into one of those four hands it's very very tough to win those points uh great job by Young and Emilia extending that but you see how many volleys it takes to get through that wall of the Jones Brothers we saw so much of this at MLP Mesa DJ.

Young has really worked on his character he's doing a really nice job in that regard and we saw him successful with that similar motion earlier in this game but missing that dink yeah it was indecisive as to what type of spin he wanted to put on that ball um.

Not going to work at this level for sure talk about being just low enough Ben Johns when you see him start to drop down that is DJ Young finding the left shoulder making that much more tough exactly so on the previous one John's hit a great flick but he went to the right side of Young's body and he was able to send it back.

With interest this is third round action and Men's Pro doubles that went long it's Colin johns with the first speed up so good job by uh demillier sliding over and countering that first one but uh oh he tried to do what Carl Yates there and beat him on the ATV yes what's tough there is it looked like uh Colin.

Johnson's ATP was going to go wide but at that point devilier is committed when he's standing there yeah that's real pot committed right there yeah absolutely he's all in second serve yeah it looks like Ben Johns thought that that ball was going to sit up just a little bit higher he was committed to.

The attack ended up being pretty low for him there boy it's interesting in the middle of that point Colin John's actually put his finger up to call the ball out but Ben Johns kept playing and Colin just kind of followed his younger brother on that one.

Didn't even look like DJ young necessarily put that ball back over the net in terms of the contact but clearly he did yeah I think it came off it's just weird enough to yeah Colin John's on the next one again Ernie from Ben Johns great that's right then yeah you can do.

The Ernie more often when the players Cross Court from you if it's middle is able to cut off the angle nicely though and he misses the wide open DJ young yeah I just went a little too they're just there to try to put that one away see if he can bounce back here I like the choice by devilier when he.

Gets the pop-up in that pattern knows that John's Ben Johnson is fighting for his forehand in the middle goes back behind him into the body good choice foreign from Ben Johns as he runs down that a opportunity to ATP yeah and he didn't have a ton of space there really.

Measured that one nicely switched to his backhand spin to kind of curling around that ball to straighten that one out point just ever so balanced as Ben John's just on about every single contact he has yeah very much looks like he Prides himself on that very efficient with his footwork as well.

23 years old has been John's the younger brother to Colin who's 29 six years the difference between these two zero four one second sir and Ben John's of course being the number one player in the world before converting his older brother John's over to pickleball he coached him.

Up real quick and they are a dynamic duo uh obviously the number one player uh Colin had been a professional tennis player for a few years wild fact he had two four hands four zero one I've played Colin Johns in singles a few years ago did you was very fooled to see a left-handed forehand Blaze past me uh visually it's just a.

Little different seeing that come off you're like wait a second I was like how do I find your backhand now sponsor one get some help from the net is Ben Johns 5-0 for the number one team come on second turn yeah young known for being able to play.

That what we call scorpion where he rotates that extreme forehand to the opposite side of his uh of his body how calling Johns that was just a nasty overhead look at this full opponent the number one seed Ben Johns and Colin Johns there's one way to go so this of course.

Is the carvana PPA tour just the second stop here at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa at the sharp of an angles you can find yeah yeah his backhand volley so versatile he obviously plays singles as well so he knows how to knife that one a little bit shorter uh great job on the stretch for the volleyball.

And just when you think oh maybe we've got them in a compromised position Ben Johns just comes in and cleans house yeah it looked like they had a tunnel and then of course Ben John's knowing that the some quarters left open slides in there and closes the Gap quickly CJ young that was a good speed up by Colin johns but great anticipation by DJ.

Young able to use the two-handed backhand to extend his reach there gosh then John shaking his head he saw that one coming just slightly over DJ young laying off that one and it was the correct Choice yeah it was a good penetrating dink but uh and uh Ben.

John's probably attacked the ball lower than he normally does trying to get creative there with the spin is DJ Young and that's where it's gonna be uh you know a fine line with your variety sometimes variety can be exactly is healed because there's so many shots you're capable of it's easy to make the.

Wrong choice you know at times pushing d ude yeah one one and just pressure mounting off the paddle of Ben and Colin John hey one one now 8-1 still on the first serve what.

Yeah young obviously frustrated with himself and they they brought some good fire at the end of game one to make it close they're seemingly a little bit deflated at the moment here second serve now this is for a spot in the semi-final on the other side of the bracket is.

Johnson Frazier Lang and Kohler thank you yeah davilia has been very steady with that backhand dink you know all day normally that's a pattern John's wins against just about everybody in the world but Delia doing a good job here not mine Colin John says hey you better stay in.

The line and Jay devilier beats him into the speed up here no absolutely and it shows great timing body control athleticism all the above to be able to pull off an Ernie on a speed up there really impressive foreign and you can just tell from the posture right there of DJ young just again it's.

It's the difference of inches right there beautiful setup from Jay you feel for DJ young here he's obviously one of the best players in the world yeah you know we've all been there which is not our day and um he's just gonna have to shake this one off that's the second one now we've seen.

From Ben yeah devilian's doing a great job of finding the feet of Ben Jones forcing him into a little bit of indecision as to what his best response should be good man there's the body and the match for Ben and Colin Johns 11-6 11-2 and you see the level of dominance of this team this is a very good team in.

Davilier and young but welcome back everyone we're here on Center Court we're halfway through the draw these guys have just earned themselves a spot moving forward guys talk about that last match what was working so well uh yeah I feel like just getting used to the conditions is always important and.

Both those guys bring some weapons to the table so you got to be aware of those but I felt like our game plan was good um we stayed the course and even when they came back in that first game one we were able to Rattle off that game so I think that was big and set the temp for the match well guys we've seen a lot of.

New Partnerships debut in the start of this year among those your opponents in this last match how are those coming together and how do you prepare for those match-ups uh yeah I think you just got to be careful uh new matchups can present new uh strategies basically so you got to be kind of feeling them out uh find out what they like to do and.

Kind of just develop your strategy as you go along rather than having a strategy uh going into the game so much um so yeah I think it's more about feeling them out and adapting from there you got it all right guys good luck in your semi-final yeah and this is men's quarterfinal action.

The winner of this will face the number one seed in the semi-finals and a first Miss from AJ Kohler right on cue from JW Johnson with that backhand flick that signature shot of his JW Johnson trying to give a little more lift it looks like on some of those thirds just to get into a rhythm here to.

Be trying to wheel the ball over with raising his arms in the air as that ball gets close to the net and and like I mentioned AJ Kohler look for him to be the most bold player on the court sped up Cross Court into the JW Johnson backhand normally a tough proposition but again he knows his hand speed is so fast he's anticipating where.

That response will go foreign AJ Kohler also known to like a law of or two just misses his first long yeah I doubt that'll be the last one we see out of him but uh he's the most creative player with the shot selection on the court for sure oh that was a nice flick from AJ can you.

See the paddle speed that he's able to generate in a short motion that ball has a way of getting on you so quick stand up yeah using two hands on the paddle isn't normally his preference for dinking looked like maybe he changed his mind uh was going to speed it up and maybe opted to try to take that one second sir.

Dylan Frazier has looked as if he's working a little bit more with that third shot drive just to start this match sign up Eric Lange who we talked about oldest on the court right now 41 years of age out of Westland Oregon and sometimes good things just happen.

For you yeah Lang opting actually for a two-handed back he was not very often out of him unless this is the new and improved Lang that I don't know about normally he gets plenty of power just with his one-handed punch he's about 6'4 big guy and a lot of pace coming off of uh his punch balls and an easy put away for leg Yeah JW.

Johnson just struggling to find kind of his soft game Rhythm on those backhand drops so far here and a couple of mystinks I think on both sides both teams again just hitting Championship Court what is you mentioned the pace that can come off of the flick while JW Johnson's got plenty of that dropping that paddle face.

Down 1-0 second serve now and Johnson doing what we all do when there's an uncharacteristic Terror wondering why or how it could have let you down what did you do the last uh 30 minutes before I started playing AJ Kohler again it's just wildly quick with that.

Yeah it's the second time that he's sped up kind of closer to the middle of the Court back behind JW Johnson right into the body we'll see if uh Johnson can adjust here he's been caught leaning middle a couple of times so the question is too with how compact that stroke is for AJ Kohler where does the power actually come from like what's.

The muscle group because I know it's different from athlete to athlete yeah you know when I teach it I think a lot of people see the wrist right so when they go on they try to learn the shot they just end up using too much of their wrist so I like to still get a lot of my power from my shoulder but it's really important to keep your hands very very.

Relaxed in order to get that whip at the last second from the wrist well that was another great example from AJ Kohler he's found a few to this point side out he also takes a look at his paddle told you we all do it AJ Kohler just looked like he was trying to body up Dylan Frazier in the kitchen line yeah it was normally a good speed.

Up from Frazier uh Kohler sits so heavy on the backhand his right hip is usually the available spot but he saw that one coming yeah wow so again things still working on the side of Lang and Kohler yeah right now the power and the pace of Langan Kohler is really.

Problematic so far for uh Johnson and Frazier here excellent dig by Lang second sir that's a nice shot from Jay dub getting Lang to actually pop up off his feet as well so the five seed with a five point advantage that's the second third we've seen Miss.

From AJ Kohler yeah certainly not the area you want to make when you're wanting to keep that lead here we'll see if Frazier and Johnson can uh get on the board tough to lob the length of Lane yeah might be the one he's gonna have to put back in his in his pocket there it's gonna be a tough proposition whistling.

Size for sure so I'm watching this what it what's happening on the side of Johnson and Frazier right now well you know normally especially Frazier is more of a drop first player so it seems a little odd to me that he's opting for the drive I don't really think there's a game there with Lang and Kohler known for their.

Power and their hands I mean I'd like to see them just slow the game down work the point a little bit longer and let some of these points come to them organically professional there's another good ball this time you mentioned the countering of JW Johnson Dylan Frazier and it is important to.

Note too Dylan Fraser did start off this match with two drives on those thirds now finds the drop oh perfect timing I love it Dylan Frazier shows his hands yeah that's a big confidence booster Lang tried to almost cut a corner by speeding up cross court but uh Frazier ready and up to the task.

That one got away from JW Johnson yeah and I think it's going to be really challenging for Johnson to play his backhand slice up the line to Lang with his reach with his ability to also extend and flick it's a very small Target for him well and that's a great call by you in terms of changing your game based off.

The Scouting Report that's in front of you traditionally you are able to reset maybe go up the line a little bit more frequently but with the length of length that's maybe not as much of an option they work with the switch there yeah that's what we talked about you know it's important to be self-aware always looking early to kind of play your game.

Play to your strengths but you have to pick up on these little cues from your opponents and be able to make those tiny adjustments and Lang doing it on the left side there did a great job of using his feet on a couple of those balls not settling for a backhand but again his reach really seems to be problematic so far uh for.

Frazier and Johnson a perfectly placed LOB and he gets one in return and I'm loving the chemistry right now that we're seeing from Lang and Kohler they seem to really have a good understanding on those middle balls of who can apply more pressure I think if.

It's something that lane can reach in with his backhand and flick out of the air something that has happened in the women's draw the number one seed has taken a loss in their first round match as they did receive a Buy in the first round so they it would be Lucy kovalova and Cali Joe Smith lost in three two Bobby oshiro and Sarah annsbury.

Yeah it's a great win for ashiro and annsbury certainly a surprising loss uh for Cali Smith and Lucy kovalova credit to their opponents they'll be moving on yeah wild 11-7-4 11-11-8 for your game scores great hustle from J.W Johnson and Dylan Frazier says Ah I've been playing wrecked basketball don't try and.

Love me showing a little bit of UPS on that one right one of the best pastimes or his favorite pastimes is actually when he's not on the pickleball court playing some wreck basketball University of Missouri Dylan Frazier left quite a lane yeah yeah so he he earned the pop-up first it wasn't a huge pop-up but just didn't hit.

A good enough location on his first attack polar was already kind of waiting for that forehand there just enough yeah Ling's really tough on that right side he's a big guy so it's tough for you to flick and get the the ball on top of him and he does a good job of sliding uh for that backhand punch there.

Second server an easy leave for JW Johnson yeah ill-advised shot selection from laying there ball that low probably should have uh opted for them I like the confidence of laying there trusting the third and taking a step to the transition zone yeah you know when you trust your hands sometimes you can.

Play your drops with more margin of error because you're fine with your opponent stepping back and ripping without him a little bit of a different location he took that last rally on the forehand side of the transition zone that time they found the backhand of length Point AJ Kohler getting hit on the right.

Side of his body that was a fantastic location from Dylan Frazier yeah Lightning Fast hands but if there's one spot where he's a little bit vulnerable it's that traditional chicken wing area on the right side of his body oh he got a favorable bounce to be able to create an ATP take a look at this you looked like the.

Angle opened up for him and he finds the posters wow what placement from AJ Kohler he goes wide and opens up the middle yeah looking extremely confident there intentionally brought his opponents in to earn the pop-up for an easy put away on the next one.

Yeah it looked like the attack was there for a flick but Fuller may have needed to aim for a higher location on his opponent's body to make sure he cleared the net on that one Eric Lang finding the right well Johnson and Fraser have closed the Gap here but the side out for Lang and Kohler still maintaining a three-point.

Lead here second sir second serve not the time you want to miss a surf we do have some room but at the same time you want to continue to apply the pressure what a deep from Eric Lang yeah really good choice the ball dropped just lower than the net and instead of trying to.

Attack a borderline ball he just shaped it back across Court to use an excellent pressurized length creating problems the Lang length there you go length length I think I've used that a few times already it's only game one two nine five two they've got things sorted now Correct server correct side.

The whole Smiles we have two Alphas yeah once in a while when the confidence is high yeah five nine one Point nice defense from Dylan Frazier yeah it was a great attack by Kohler to find an awkward location but uh great job covering that one by Frasier a rainbow sir.

It's time he finds the right side of Eric Lang yeah the flick from Johnson's been effective the whole match let's see if he can start using that more point time out receivers eight ten they're gonna stack here eight nine one put AJ on the outside a.

Little cleaner of a stack he always hurts you know right great time out okay a great time out exactly side out back to back for j-dub yeah just what the uh the doctor ordered if you're Kohler and Lang here let's see if they can find their best stuff to uh close out game one.

Second sir and unfortunately the short drop seemed to be contagious out here that's three in a row still a chance here for Langan Kohler yeah great job by Fraser going back behind Kohler knowing that he was going to be shifting to the middle Nice Shot selection by him oh just right in the middle of the net.

The lowest point in the net not to double down on you AJ yeah that he's gonna shake that one off certainly not uh a standard Miss for him by any means Dylan Frazier throws his to apologize for that Dylan that was awesome that was amazing and Frazier not known for using two hands very often in doubles but he timed that one perfectly.

Ten nine one one minute time in ten nine one back out of the timeout JW Johnson Dylan Frazier with a shot at game point an unfortunate ball off the net for AJ Kohler they trailed the majority of game.

One but yet again JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier come up with a game one victory yeah they just played steady when they needed to um they chipped away and ultimately played the big points better uh than Lang and Fuller down the stretch here's a look at that last ball AJ Kohler was so deadly with those quick.

Flicks this one could have been but Ned got in the way the largest pickleball tournament in Arizona history has been roaring over the Sands of Desert Ridge usually you would say standing room only with a sellout but there isn't even room for that welcome to the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Open presented by Foot Solutions.

On the carvana PPA tour this is day three which means it's all about gender doubles at this point hello everyone I'm Cameron Irwin alongside professional pickleballer Kyle McKenzie and we are picking up in the midst of men's quarterfinal action it's AJ Kohler Eric Lang versus Dylan Frazier and J.W Johnson game one went the direction of.

JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier foreign Kohler he is on the far side of your screen playing the left side in the yellow Eric Lang 41 years of age is his partner and just out of balance I mentioned Kyle McKenzie my partner here Kyle just give us a little bit of a Lowdown in terms of.

Strategy into game two for Dylan Frazier and J.W Johnson yeah no absolutely game one was a bit of a roller coaster not the best start by Frazier and Johnson but they chipped away were able to climb out with a victory in game one but it was very very tight they seem to be in a better Rhythm now they're very comfortable slowing the game down.

Waiting for their opponents to attack them and using those Lightning Fast hands we'll see if we can see more of the same here in game two JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier just 21 years of age on both sides now full-time professional pickleballers as they also are students pretty wild yeah they balance a lot and they are two of the.

Young phenoms in our game here yeah excellent and that's been kind of the story of game one as well that JW Johnson flick has been extremely effective thus far oh Eric Lang trying to find that on his right side the forehand.

Okay we've got AJ Kohler here to serve it's really a top player in the game known for being much more creative than some of the other top players with his shot selection known for his hand speed being Elite but he'll throw in the lob he'll attack from lower positions and it's a bit of a roller coaster ride when you watch his matches certainly a lot of.

Good stuff to see but uh he will go for more than others it's a great call from you Eric Lang now playing on the left side Kohler on the right and that deep just pushed wide and we did see some creative play on the side of AJ Kohler in game number one you saw the lob several times.

Like they're going back to that standard formation where they put Eric Lang on the right side that allows AJ Kohler to have his forehand in the Middle where they feel that he can apply the most pressure uh for their team and AJ thought he sent that beyond the Baseline don't give up AJ you actually hit a.

Pretty beautiful shot yeah it looked like it right on the line fortunate to win that point there after maybe popping up that volley a little bit AJ Kohler out of Las Vegas Nevada looking for the ATP that's around the post but just about a foot wide of the opposing Sidelines color did a good job but when you go wide if you can also.

Push it deep in the kitchen it makes that around the post shot and that much more tough uh to execute on so keeping things close here in game number two there was a separation of about five or so points in game number one with AJ Kohler and Dylan or AJ Kohler and Eric Lang with the advantage.

Three four two there's the LOB ster Point wow what hands from Eric Lang and that's not easy to get on top of that flick but that's what he's good at he's about six foot four it's tough to hit those High locations on him he's very good at covering those tough scores.

Great lateral movement there from AJ Kohler and Cole are a little bit like his partner there was chicken wings but he's able to just get that ball down enough uh to stay neutral in the point ultimately Win It that ball out of bounds yeah it just looked like Kohler wasn't.

Exactly sure what he wanted to do with that ball till the last second indecision may have cost him there nice roll right there on the backhand side of AJ Kohler just so much spin yeah yeah he's really using the shoulder and just climbing straight up with that ball and it creates such a heavy uh ball off.

The balance and we have another alpha alpha moment between Eric Lang and his partner AJ Kohler yeah sometimes a tough thing when you both have good hands and good counter punching on those middle balls tough to know who's whose ball it is all the time tied up and again like you mentioned.

Cameron you look at the shape it's not the power Kohler could hit that ball harder but he knew it made more sense to go with heavy Spin and get that ball low to the General Lee Johnson feet and Kohler almost had to work with a punch right there as he couldn't quite catch that ball from JW Johnson yeah ball gone on him so quick that was.

Really his only option what a shot JW Johnson from the top floor yeah showcasing his athletic ability body control going back for that one you know that's the first time we've seen Kohler go with the lob in that location a little tougher to pull off given that it's over the right shoulder of JW Johnson.

And the combinations explain a combo because they've become not only a 1-2 combo but now it's a one two three four five combo yeah what's tough to translate is when these players know that they're gonna attack they know where they're attacking and they know where the probable counter attack will go so right after they hit the attack.

They're already kind of making an educated guess as to where the next ball is going to come oh right AJ Kohler reaching there we do play Gaines two out of three you play to 11 points must win by two it's a double side out if you're new to the game of pickleball.

And you can just see frustration anytime one of these Pros misses a ding they spend hours countless hours finding the consistency in every single contact to be able to play at this level and right now a timeout has been called by Kohler and Lang they Trail by three JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier are looking awfully dangerous in this men's.

Quarterfinal match up here on the carvana PPA tour at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Open facing off against AJ Kohler and Eric Lang in game two action a spot in the semi-finals is up for grabs between these two yeah unfortunately for Eric Lang there when you're going to be running diagonal in that stack formation you really need to.

Get some good depth on your return if you don't you might just be a little bit late getting into formation point and that of course is the voice of Kyle McKenzie our in-house Pro I'll have a full crew with you this afternoon as Drew felios and Dave Fleming will also be on the mic alongside Hannah Johns who's courtside.

Point game match and there is the match for JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier they take down Lang and Kohler 11 to 9 11 to 5. they're going handshakes because those two are moving on to the semi-final welcome back to a very sunny Championship Court I've got our boys here with me man I should say headed on.

To the semifinals Dylan Fraser JW Johnson guys you started down one seven in game one you took a timeout where did you come back after talking about yeah well first of all Eric and uh AJ are both great players and and they kind of took it to us at the beginning they've got great reach great hands great speed ups and attacks so I think.

We kind of talked about uh initiating ourselves a little bit because we both felt like we could kind of hang in those battles and once one of us gets going we both kind of feed off of it and then we're tough to stop at that point so well Eric and Jay known for throwing some funky stuff out there especially AJ the lobs and some uh interesting speed.

UPS how do you continue to play your game when you go out there against them yeah I mean uh we just gotta try and um figure out their patterns if we can't then just try to guess but uh other than that yeah we just just kind of talk to each other um talk about where we're gonna hit the next one and we just play our game well.

Guys we have the Tennis Channel audience tuning in and in game one you were able to run over to to JW site and hit a Bert can you explain what that is and how you did it yeah so I guess uh Birch is when you run to your partner side and jump over the kitchen line so like an Ernie I guess except on the other side um jdub hit a great drive and I saw an.

Opening and I ran over there uh put two hands on my paddle and kind of shanked it got a little lucky but uh it was a big point so I was happy it went in it certainly was a great shot I loved it it took you up to 10-9 which was an awesome lead to have in game one guys congratulations we'll see you in that semi-final later on today we'll be back.

With much more right after this beautiful Phoenix Arizona such an ideal Place early on for this carvana PPE tour in 2023 the weather has just been pristine all week long 75 degrees we're ready for play Drew felios alongside Dave Fleming and here we go from Championship Court yeah and it's going to be a tremendous.

Matchup of styles Drew you've got Tyler loong the Lefty from Utah serving here to Thomas Wilson from Texas and that's Colin Dawson who jumped in there Surfer from California and then finally the fiery also a Californian Julian Arnold he'll be screaming Andiamo he'll be getting the crowd fired up this is a great.

Matchup our last quarter final Drew so Logan and Dawson the number three seed Wilson and Arnold come in number six if there's one player who comes into this event absolutely red hot it's Julian Arnold it sure is he was the MVP of Major League pickleball what was played in Mesa so.

Still in the Phoenix proper the good news for him is his partner in that was the guy standing next to him now Thomas Wilson they were fantastic they're a relatively new partnership but got great practice in at that event on the other side of the team that's played 54 times together much different and had a great run in 2002 they've won three.

Out of every four matches they've played foreign oh nicely done beautiful shot by Wilson yeah so what viewers are going to see is Tyler loon jumping to the right of the Court looking for what we call an Ernie where you take the ball out of the air that'll Force the ball into the middle.

To Callan Dawson look for that throughout the day foreign second serve now coming up Arnold's already joking around with loom that is what he does best he is so athletic Dave he just redefines the game in many ways he has the liveliest arm.

Too so when you have a ball that's up it is going to be good night every single time watch him finish that one right down the middle nicely done that time by Thomas Wilson 32 years old played Collegiate tennis at Purdue and the University of Texas and now makes his home in Texas so it's a burnt orange sat well with him.

Dawson having his say Callum Dawson the firefighter turned pickleball Pro and he is the son of Legends isn't he he sure is Steve Dawson and Jennifer Dawson are two of the absolute greatest people in the game they run the Bobby Riggs it's almost entirely pickleball now it was a tennis facility but the popularity down there they're they're incredible.

Ambassadors for their Sport and very proud of their son without question pickleball royalty tried to sneak that one in and it is in Arnold found a place in that corner yeah the other interesting thing about uh this matchup is you're gonna have very stoic Alan Dawson and Tyler loon for the most part and they're going to.

Get rambunctious on the other side will Wilson who's about to serve in Arnold Arnold attack it again but again Dawson is there for the great defense see Arnold's even wearing his major league pickleball Jersey out here today trying to carry that over from last week Loom hovering over the kitchen and just.

Overwhelms Arnold and that's the steadiness that will come from Loom and Dawson so many matches played together they know what to expect and they will make it very hard to beat a little short that time.

Alone with the second serve continuously Dave new viewers joining us on Tennis Channel new to the sport of pickleball how is the sport different from tennis well the big the big difference is obviously what's about to happen here the serve has to be underhand so the big servant volleyers.

Like the great John Isner has hit more more Aces than anybody neutralized here now you can't go for your servant I recommend that people do it but it's got to be underhand and Cross Court we'll get into more here in a second Tyler don't thinking Ernie Dawson able to hold it down Dawson right now causing all sorts of.

Problems for the oppositions with finesse over power which I love the other big difference is the kitchen or no volley zone so it's that section of the Court Right Around the Net you cannot close like you can in tennis and be an inch from there that is a fault you cannot volley the ball out of the kitchen.

Julian Arnold trying to get on track a little bit of a slow start here early and then obviously visually we have doubles going on no doubles alley out there it's not an invisible line that's missing there Drew there is not a doubles alley the court is 44 by 20 for singles or doubles four nothing to lung and Dawson.

and uh Arnold and Wilson are speeding up the wrong balls right there you have two forehands in the Middle with a lefty that was just who can get to the cake first yeah and that's it Well Done by Julian Arnold maybe that's the shot that gets him going so if they are going to put.

Those with four hands in the middle beat him on the outside that's a great roll from Arnold thank you lob time well calculated by Dawson now the overhead by Loom and it does the trick that's another big difference is in tennis you can bounce that overhead into.

The 50th row because of the type of ball harder to put overheads away but that Lively arm of loon able to get it done there foreign that time from Dawson so finally a side out going to Wilson and Arnold still looking for their first points just perfect condition 74 degrees not a.

Cloud in the sky here at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Open powered by Foot Solutions Drew fellios alongside def lemming Thomas Wilson Julian Arnold bit of a slow start here looking to wipe that goose egg off the board that's a little bit wide so they play a high risk High reward style and that's a.

Tough ball inside out for Wilson to make off that position zero six two they need to get rid of that goose egg you reference just for confidence sometimes that first point toughest one to get and it's gonna have to wait yeah and they are especially Arnold thrives on that he will rattle off Four.

Points in 20 seconds sometimes haven't been able to find that engine yet second nicely done by Thomas Wilson and when you have a team that's not at their best this is when you must take advantage of it every time Logan Dawson get the ball they need to get at least one just to keep that separation oh my Tyler loong had a gift given to.

Him and could not unwrap it home he he'd had no trouble at all with the singing and then couldn't get the bow off the top of the package there foreign against speed UPS in the middle against a righty Lefty are really asking for it the one thing you do see though is that Arnold and Wilson have chosen a.

Different side of the court to play on here just to change things up see if it makes a difference Tyler didn't always a threat to Ernie and that is a great shot by Thomas Wilson and I like that they said okay we're kind of a mess right now let's do something that's in our control and where we stand on the court is always in.

Your control so uh great choice now that you got to make sure you don't get confused and have the wrong person serving they got that sorted out trying to get settled here on Championship Court sometimes Dave you're battling all day on the side courts you come out here you see all the fans in the cameras.

Sometimes it's during the headlights you just got to be ready to go and they weren't to start but plenty of time left it's sleep done I'll tell you what Dawson looks really really good early on in this match yeah he's reading the speed UPS he's reading the paddle Arnold tries.

To go down the line here and he's just waiting now Julian Arnold Strikes Back you'll see uh Callan Dawson former second baseman in pitcher sidearm serve delivery you'll see right there Tyler Long hits long and those are the loose points you don't.

Want to play When the other team is trying to work it out so they're going to stick with this formation of Arnold on the right that's wide so another Point here for Wilson and Arnold Julian Arnold Collegiate tennis star UCLA wants a five-star recruit at the high school level.

There's that vintage Ernie from home it came back no worries Dawson took care of it and that's the working and partnership and again what an Ernie means is the kitchen is flat so you cannot step in there to hit a ball out of the air but you can certainly jump over it that's called an Ernie named after Ernie Perry.

Great job by loon there Tyler Loom right now instinctive I really like this team yeah it's a team that's uh just gained more and more confidence as as they've played found a lot of podiums last year for long he is reading it like a children's novel yes he is uh Dr Seuss would be proud and uh I think the big.

Issue there is that Wilson on that side if he's pulled wide and wants to leave it up the line Loom can read that and is crushing it A2 now for the team in the near Court and loon once again making good contact and Arnold just is stunned there he hasn't moved Arnold is not letting one more ball go.

He says we'll we'll keep an eye on that that time second serve coming up with a 9-2 lead yeah and again Wilson and Arnold going back and forth you love to see that as an opponent that they're not real sure where the best positioning is for them to beat you you love that.

Yeah there's little again that time shakes it a bit left and a reaction from Arnold yeah and a good grindy point that's what they're gonna have to need to do to get back into this Long Hill to climb here for Wilson and Arnold it's over the net oh.

Yeah Arnold's like hey I had everything I wanted there just didn't execute the shot no and that's wide from Dawson and again even though you're in a big hole here if you can get some momentum and feel comfortable on the court this is best two out of three so there's a lot of.

Time left just feel Wilson and Arnold speeding up the tempo here and is it in Dawson says no we saw it my second thought up is the ball gone okay ball is gone played Just deep there players calling their own lines here on the PPA tour yep they did appeal to the.

Referee as we mentioned in the open the referee's job is to really keep an eye on the kitchen and the feet so uh did not get a good look at that one and that caught Moon the bit off guard that time as he went to the office yeah so he was sitting on the backhand down the line and uh beautiful choice and Target by this attack from Arnold.

yeah that's one big difference also as we talk about tennis rarely are you pegging and choosing a Target on your opponent in tennis that's definitely something you're doing here and pickleball up at the kitchen line especially Ned's starting to come into play Dawson.

Hits right into it and it's 9-4 491 starting to get a little bit interesting here and one more so at this point if you're loong and Dawson do you think about timeout a little bit although the team on the other side is so fiery that I don't want them to have confidence and I give them.

From that decision now that three errors in a row and I think the answer is yes look at the men's draw here in doubles play Ben Johns Colin Johns they're in the semifinals what a surprise day yeah you're kidding no but that match is going to be.

Terrific because the Johns boys almost lost in the first event of the year to Frazier and Johnson that's going to be epic yeah Johnson and Frazier very much known as The Young Guns around the PPA tour and Julian Arnold comes out firing out of the timeout and uh Andiamo is coming with it that's his big yelling phrase that he loves to get fired up and.

We're just a two-point lead here it was 9-2 just moments ago see if Dawson and loon can get it together there's Tyler loon with that big overhead and the thing you can't get caught up in is then making a bad heroic choice because you did a great thing on the point before speeding up down the.

Middle here is a no-go Zone the fault called for the first time today Ernie jumping over here I heard the left foot and that is indeed a great call from Anisha Smith over there uh so that is an immediate point for the other team cannot land anywhere on that this to tie.

We are titled nine unreal yeah Dawson had a great look at the ball but it's right in the middle of his body so if you don't get to extend that arm like a lever and you hit straight down on it side out much needed now for Tyler Loom and Callum Dawson I mean what you have to tell yourself is hey we're not losing let's just go get.

Two points and get out of here Dawson got a piece of the net that time and it landed wide yeah we haven't seen much of Wilson uh there's been a lot of Julian Arnold on the other side he has a lethal forehand sped it up and Dawson just a tad late the net wasn't his friend either this match certainly being played at the.

Pace that Wilson and Arnold would like didn't start that way great defense by Tyler Dawson adds in oh how about that and there's a perfect example of the difficulty of putting a overhead away in pickleball and that last one goes deep rear feet.

hear many folks in the crowd disagree with the outcall you know unlike a tennis ball the pickleball doesn't compress so it's game point and now comes up short bloom Dawson survived they had the fast start.

And they were challenged at the End by Wilson and Arnold yeah and there's some feisty uh Julian Arnold over there looking he just kicked the spot where he thought the ball hit on the overhead all the intensity of the carve on a PPA tour we're back to Phoenix just a moment luck finding a seat in that.

Grandstanding oh you can't sold out in here and uh I love it and used to live in this area this city loves its pickleball and they're getting treated to a great show here to start this last quarter-final so excited you are with us Tyler loon Callum Dawson started fast had to survive that first game let's see what.

Arnold and Wilson have to offer here in game two came up short that time on the tank from Dawson yeah they were leaking oil for sure and Andiamos were flying at them but uh they they made it to the finish line oh my God and Arnold hits it a little bit long.

Explain the Andiamo where it came from Julian Arnold his his big rally cry and uh you know sets it on his paddle even Drew I mean that's how important uh energy is to his game both teams take it away now it speeds up and Arnold has the final set and Don Diablo there nandiamo of course in Italian means let's go so uh it's it.

Just sounds so much better I mean a let's go is good Andiamo is fantastic he's got a nice ring to it doesn't it it does tied at one oh little nice inside out that time Wilson just cannot keep it alive yeah and you know we've talked about the.

Kitchen and you saw Loom go for an Ernie there he's still allowed to go in if the ball bounces you're welcome in the kitchen get you a snack if the ball bounces what up against the net as we watch Tyler loon Dave how difficult is it to play against that Lefty in the sport of.

Pickleball well I think the eventual best teams will have a righty and a lefty in the middle because you have two forehands that's menacing to cover that middle of the court so he is so athletic and what we saw is his ability to jump the kitchen puts a ball in the middle for his partner too and you want to be hitting Four Hands in the middle so.

That's why this team's so tough to be Wilson comes strong with it and Lou can't redirect yeah and Wilson can't believe he didn't hit an over that there's he's going back and almost hit him on the top of that hat but uh still has a huge forehand able to recover a little short that time from Dawson.

Callan Dawson will grind those danks cross court all day and he takes time away because he short hops it it's a very unique style and it creates a lot of errors on the danks because of that gonna get another Point here so it's now 5-1 and game number two looks awfully like game number one sure does and uh Arnold and Wilson again just don't look.

Comfortable so eleven nine five one here in game two we'll step aside come back to Phoenix in a moment Tyler loon Callum Dawson with the lead here in game number two here at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Open powered by Foot Solutions little surprise so far Dave about what.

Has transpired for sure and there you see the lob doctor Callan Dawson the good news about his lobs and why they're so effective is they look the same as his dinks you can't read it off the paddle some people Telegraph it and you know it and overheads get crushed in your face.

And long again from Julian Arnold Arnold is frustrated just took it out on his right hip there that looked painful Dave I'm going to say those two close line calls that took place in game number one really affected Julian Arnold oh there and both their heads right in the second true no question about it but you have got to be a professional and.

Get over that and go and that is vintage Wilson and Arnold right there yeah they want to play at the high Pace that we saw in the last third of the first game get that crowd going the crowd wants to erupt here they just have not been able to make enough balls there's another example right there.

Those little mistakes that have haunted them here in this match and into the net that time from Thomas Wilson he can't believe it yeah so we love the flashy but you got to be able to make what we call a reset right there in the transition area coming up to the kitchen Wilson not able to do it after.

Arnold was unable to do it does not quite make it over from Dawson and if they can get one more hold here and get that ball back obviously once you get the ball you can keep it for a while they did that in game one lots of eye candy from Tyler long it is tough to just keep your composure as he continues to jump the kitchen.

and Arnold's frustrated with the left cords now too and they have certainly not gone in his favor and that just sat up on a platter and loon some people panic when that happens took his time and hit down it didn't need to be hard it needed to be down great choice from Loom.

Another second serve here Arnold well done they weren't going to be denied that time and that's the sick athleticism that this team has we had a huge duck down here by Wilson and then he's able to get up and finish they didn't miss leg day at the Wilson home well you said it Dave they really.

Hope this matches played at that frantic pace Dawson Cerny well done and you the question is well Dave why aren't they able to play at the Frantic Pace it's because Dawson and Lou aren't giving them anything to attack it's that precise on their side and then Dawson with a beautiful Ernie to finish.

Yeah I'll tell you what Mr Dawson has pulled it out of the bag here in this match well when the balls Cross Court from you and you are on the opposite corner you just fill the Middle with your forehand and it's cake City great finish but not the best choice still got an 8-2 lead Dawson's got to play.

And into the net from Wilson oh yeah and they just cannot get comfortable with any of it and now they're pulling the trigger on some tough balls Julian Arnold comes back it'll be second served trying to keep the momentum going here in this game too time is running.

Out on Wilson and Arnold they needed that desperately so can they make those fundamental balls to get to the kitchen line to set up all the Firepower we'll see round round the post first one we've seen in this.

Match both teams reset and off the wrist of Arnold Bloom was able to sneak it in best point of the match by far we saw that ATP or around the post well defended then it's 50 50 again and it's loong that pulls the trigger the