If everyone was available and you had a tournament that you had to win your life is on the line and you cannot play with Dylan because I know you would answer Dylan yeah yeah what would you choose to play with.

Hmm it's a tough one all right we have J.W Johnson on the podcast uh consensus top three uh player in the game arguably um I don't know if anybody would argue against that uh some of the fastest.

Hands uh except for when he's playing me in skinny singles um hello it is so great to be honest amazing uh podcast it is good um I like that uh that long sleeve collar the Franklin of course you know representing as.

Always okay okay all right well we're gonna get uh into the details of me and JW we we train together pretty often um he is definitely uh pretty intense practicer uh we we practice all the time and um yeah so he he Graces me with his presence and we're gonna go straight.

Into our topics so JW my my first question for you is going to be what are your favorite pickleball tournament venues I would say uh San Clemente is definitely a top one uh other than that I'd probably do uh the lifetime in Atlanta.

Um then after that hmm I'm not sure about after that but that's definitely the top two right there those are the top two um those are both PPA venues right yes those are PPA okay okay you think there's any good app venues yeah there's a there's one in Delray that's a good one one in Boca uh that's.

A good one too other than that um supposed to have a couple in Cali which are pretty good okay uh yeah my two my two favorite app venues were app Camden and app Houston yeah those are those are great venues for sure yeah those are amazing Okay so.

JW we're gonna get into the uh the real stuff here the stuff that everybody wants to know um if you had to outside of yourself not including yourself rank the top 10 men's doubles players just men's not mixed just men's independent of side left or right how.

Would you rank them um okay I'd probably go Riley uh uh okay Riley Ben uh Matt Dylan uh uh sorry continue uh Colin and after that hmm after that I'd probably go.

J uh Tyson um yeah I don't know maybe uh Tyler and then Callum and then so on from there that's nine I think that's nine okay and then Jimmy or genius sorry okay then me okay.

Okay so you've got J at number five well really J number six because we know you've got yourself in the top five We're not gonna get into where you put yourself you know I'm sure it's uh probably number one but um so okay so you've got J at five and Tyson at six or you know not including UJ at six and Tyson at seven.

um some might say that's pretty high what would you say about so you've got J over well calendar nine is also pretty high but he's a better men's player than he is a mix player this is true yeah I guess that's fair okay okay so now I'm.

Gonna ask you to rank them um let's include yourself this time how would you rank mixed doubles uh just on the men's side for now just on the inside okay all right uh let's see I would do uh I would do Riley Ben and then I would do um.

How do you mean Dylan Dylan at four and mixed okay yeah okay okay I'm just making sure that's okay uh let's see after that uh still doing top ten right yes Alton okay all right all right so then uh um AJ I would put AJ in there AJ wasn't in your top 10 men's that's.

Who that's who we were missing I was like who are we missing yes well I mean you know this is this is mixed it's a little bit different okay so that was was that a was that an oversight to have J have AJ not in the top ten of men's or was that something that you did on purpose I mean.

You know that was probably on purpose wow okay so you think that you think that Callan Tyler Tyson and Jay are better men's doubles players than AJ okay I probably switched in a Tyson with uh AJ there.

Okay so you would take Tyson out of the equation entirely woof we might have to edit that out this is a sell Kirk podcast everyone all right all right so we're still going with the mix right now okay yeah sorry to interrupt your mixed rankings that that's quite okay okay so we're playing um age at four right yes you had Dylan.

At four right okay AJ's at five okay and then I would go um I'll go hmm let's go James there's a six me a little bit a little bit High a little bit hang on here we are young okay six High that's really high.

Okay tyler7 that's also okay okay sorry sorry keep going okay Federico no wait sorry um are these are these Florida rankings okay okay and then uh J J at eight.

Okay that's understandable okay all right just making sure after that that's a tough one who do you think the other two should be well I think that me at six is pretty high uh but I'll take it Tyler at Tyler at seven I don't know I mean Tyler's had some results but is he.

He's not a guy that's gonna speed up off the bounce he's not he's not creating a lot of offense um he's got the Ernie and he's really solid really consistent but I don't know I mean you've got AJ ranked already but what about a guy like Thomas Wilson he has been having a lot of good results.

I will give him that hmm okay okay he could uh he could possibly replace hmm you think he would go in as nine um yeah I mean to have yeah I would say he could be nine or higher yeah yeah it's been getting a lot of really good results in AAP and PPA hmm.

Okay okay that's fair and then 10 for the 10th hmm foreign yeah I was gonna say I mean decal last two times I've played him in mixed uh I have one and I wasn't I I don't know if he has the consistent mixed results that you'd expect from a.

Guy that's got that much power and the big serve and the drive but he's got to be top 10 right I mean who's who's behind him that's I would I would put him in the top ten wait was he in your top ten of men's decal uh I did not put him in there okay yeah no I didn't I don't remember okay.

Uh here to elaborate on him being outside of the top ten you don't have to we can always edit it out trial run okay uh let's see let's go back who did I have in the tent I had a uh Riley Ben Matt Dylan you uh who else was there Jay yeah you took Tyson out uh Tyler and.

Callan Tyler and Callan okay okay okay um that's nine though there's a tense oh because we were counting you I think but we just did rank yourself right we can just take me out of the equation and then put a Deadpool on there okay and you consider Gekko better than Thomas Wilson in men's.

Yes I think so I think he uh I think he has more uh more shots than uh Thomas Thomas is still really solid but I feel like uh that go has a few more shots um like tricky shots than uh Thomas does yeah Deco can be creative um yeah he can be creative.

So if everyone was available and you had a tournament that you had to win your life is on the line and you cannot play with Dylan because I know you would answer Dylan yeah yeah would you choose to play with.

It's a tough one uh actually I think I would take uh Riley agreed yes I feel like uh he has gone on both sides so I think he would be okay it would take the right very point or two okay.

Okay why um who's taking middle Riley's backhand or your forehand well we would definitely have to um discuss that before the match um because I know he really favors his backhand um but I would really try.

To suggest to him that uh my forehand might be a little bit more dangerous uh he might not see it that way but I try to make him see that like that make him see it that way yeah lay down the law on these guys I mean I would try to just like done don't take those medals oh Dylan's high back yeah we don't want to.

That's uh yeah that's that's a good strategy no high back hands for dill on that topic we discussed this today I think you know exactly what I'm about to ask you yeah discussed this at practice today if you had to choose one player and this player has a high ball above.

The shoulder and they've got a you know a gimme it's above the shoulder they're at the kitchen line and so are you you know you could take a step back or two to try to try to get get get uh you know some more time but you're both up there which Pro mail player would you feel most comfortable like okay I'm gonna I'm gonna get this ball back.

Honestly there's there's there's two places not just one player in this one so I'm sorry for I'm sorry to say this for these two players but it would be uh Dylan Frazier and Federico stack sir and Federico statue I can't help but agree I mean I I would say Dylan he's got the 002 so he can he can get enough pop on the.

Ball where he can uh what am I saying we're getting it back but I would say I would say if you had to how about this if you had to choose between those two you know okay uh I would put I would pick uh Federico.

Me too yeah it's it's tragic it's confusing almost because well Federico's a great singles player and he's solid he gets to the kitchen line and doves he's a great uh great he's great at third shot drops he's a good dinker but for whatever reason uh I mean we've played him a lot he does not.

Seem to have the ability to um you know put the ball away finish the point correct correct yes well I have noticed this um I mean he has an excellent paddle um which has a lot of Pop and uh I just I I don't know for some reason um you know when he when he has those backhands.

And they go into that I'm just scratching my head and I'm just not understanding quite right um I'm thinking you know maybe he needs to gym a little bit more or maybe a little more of a poppy paddle I guess maybe you can talk to y'all about making him a more poppy one.

Um but you know I mean I don't know I'm just gonna start praying for him I guess that's what he probably needs he uh I'll tell you what I I never watched him play tennis but there's no way that guy was serving over 110. I don't think he I I think he was a kick serve and I'm trying to get into the net.

Yeah I uh you know it's unfortunate but it's true I think he might need the black Ace or the O2 because those are those are some pretty poppy Pals that is for sure yeah yeah we're the Franklin that is another Choice it's it's a great choice too so yep.

So here's a good one outside of Al obviously who is and you can't well you know you're playing hypothetically you're playing with Georgia so outside of Al and Georgia who is the toughest female to play against in mixed um um let's see.

Uh uh from the ones I have played against I would say either Lucy or um Cali really so not just no we are going to definitely edit that.

Out but um yes no um Jesse is good she's very solid has a lot of great atps um you know she has a very commonly pedal and she can definitely finish the point um but um yes I feel like I'm more threatened by Lucy than I am by.

Jesse what is it about because I've never played Lucy what is it about Lucy's game that is so tough uh well she's she slides very heavily on the backhand a little bit more than Jesse does um and she has some pretty good defense.

Um she definitely likes to go behind you but so does Jesse uh so I'd probably just say mainly just the part where she slides over and really smacks that back in pretty hard and then just stays there and then Matt comes over and takes the middle a little bit more and then it's kind of tough yeah.

Yeah so on that topic we were going to ask you who would your top 10 mixed players be on the women's side if you had a ranked number one um then I'd probably go to Jesse number two.

Um then I would go from maybe maybe Callie three and Lucy four and then after that all the way out here agenda who do you think you go out there this is all you this is all of you I.

Can't okay all right that's there all right so we'll see I'll put after that it would be hmm it'd be uh Anna five okay okay okay just making sure okay all right and then Georgia Six okay I'm with you all right this is good.

Uh What She bagged me in practice like three times yesterday oh yes yes I I noticed that I was I was um I was on Georgia's side that was fun anyways uh and then the Paris seven is this right seven pair seven that's about where she should be yeah no I mean I think I think she's I think.

Seven is you know mixed mixed usually comes last for for girls coming into tennis okay yeah uh let's see who else maybe uh maybe I'd put uh no no uh Elise Jones has eight good one yes agreed she's tough okay uh I would put um the righty cow mode I think that's.

Jackie yeah that's correct yeah it is okay Jackie she's a beast a lease over Jackie don't think so I think Jackie not to interrupt your rankings but I am also pretty biased because me and Jackie won a major league pickleball Championship together also got fourth in Orlando and she.

Basically carried me through the tournament I think Jackie is in terms of just mixed could be could be number six okay one second yeah you go sorry yes all right so let's do this I put Jackie in and as what was that number eight is that correct yes.

Number eight and then Jade is number nine and Elise is number 10. okay I think I think you're gonna like playing with Jackie and Jade at this uh at MLP you guys are gonna be a good team I mean me and Jackie played um Paris and Tyson and and Jackie was probably the best player on the court just so solid like such a good dinker.

Holds the forehand dink so well um you don't really know where it's going she's not attacking you too much but it looks like she might Jade I've never seen her speed up a ball I don't think I've ever seen Jade speed up a ball so you should probably know that going in but she is a reset machine I I I don't think she misses.

Um it's probably good for you probably good so okay yes I'm definitely excited about that okay who are your who are your teams in MLP in the Premier League that you think are gonna be outside of yours I guess or the the most threatening teams to you best teams well I would say uh.

Some of these teams I don't know they know so I'm just going to say players so I'd say uh and Lee's team what uh what's the team's name for that one my team the five yes the five yes okay that that's a good one right there um I'd say why what is it about the fives I want to know exactly why they're such a great team okay all right well.

For one they got um two top uh yeah uh they got two top males uh they got a top uh female um uh okay okay two top males me and Big H uh wow that might be the first time somebody's described the fives and said.

That the fives are a really good team because they've got two top males nobody's ever said that so thank you that that is that makes me feel good about myself in Big H I will send you this I will I will share this with you there we go okay and then I would also say um I would say Riley's team is uh is a.

Pretty good one because they have also uh two top males and uh a couple of pretty good females too uh I know there's Lindsay I forgot the other one though um that's correct yes very good one uh and then I'll do uh.

Um I would say uh see I say Ben's team is okay I don't know about one of the most winnable teens but it's a pretty solid team I think pretty solid team okay.

So you don't think they're one of the favorites but you think they're pretty solid solid but not one of the favorites I do not think so okay okay I think um Dylan's team is solid um but also probably not one of the top papers probably.

Um let me ask you a better question wait okay go ahead this is the question that I would like to know what are the weakest teams the weakest teams in MLB I mean it does you don't have to give me the the weakest one but maybe a few that are on the weaker side of things could we go into the Challenger bracket.

For that question we can go Challenger after Premiere I just want you know one or two Premier teams and then we'll go Challenger okay okay all right um let's see um forget most of these teams so you're gonna see I'd say uh.

I'd probably say the hustlers are probably one of the weak teams you know it's funny I don't necessarily disagree but uh right okay what is it about the hustlers why why are they so weak according to you.

Oh that's a controversial uh question there sir well I mean you said they're the you know you you that was your words this is true this is true um may I ask why you do not disagree first before I answer this or uh is that not enough because I wouldn't dare disagree with uh you know your your world of pickle knowledge.

Right okay okay so I disagree with you this is true but okay all right that's fair um well I do not think that um Rafa and Tyson I've ever played before and um I'm not sure if Tyson has played with many Lefty males I don't think um so this could be interesting for both.

Of them I think uh I will say there will be a lot of um yelling on that team for sure a lot of um a lot of you know positivity from that team um a lot of fire from that team um let's see there will be uh there will be some.

Fireplace when uh Rafa is in that Exchange um uh Tyson will Bethlehem try and hold us down there um I think he's gonna do good with that and uh for the mix I think I think graph is pretty good in next and Tyson as well too I think they both can take over.

Quite a bit so um that should be good but um I don't know I think just playing for the first time is going to be a little bit difficult for them it's a great answer that's such a politically correct great answer now who else which other team is just weak.

I want to know who's worse than the hustlers you said they're the weakest somebody's got to be weaker than them correct yes uh there are um let's see hmm most awesome some team names and uh I'll try and think of some right here okay well let me check these teams so you mentioned that the hustlers in your.

Opinions suck um well no no okay okay how about this what about the the Los Angeles mad drops that is Catherine parento Irina tarashenko Julian Arnold and Thomas Wilson okay okay um.

They could probably be a little bit weak too but mostly just because like I said uh a lot of those players have not played with uh play with one another very much so there'll be a new team out for sure I know Julian likes to start the firefighters a lot and uh I know um.

I know that Thomas I know that Thomas likes for somebody else to start the firefight first that way he can um he can get in there and exchange uh hands too so I think that'd be good I think tight I think uh Thomas is um really doing better and mix so I think him and Catherine if they play together could.

Probably do some damage um and then obviously they all got singles players too so that's definitely a good thing for them okay let's just ask the question we were talking about earlier all right off this was off the Record why why or in your opinion do you think.

Richie uh made the right move taking Federico stack shrude over names like Andre dieesku DJ Young Thomas Wilson Colin Johns was that what is your opinion on that move I think I already know it but but what is.

What is what do you uh what are you willing to say about that um I don't think that was the smartest of choices um I think that probably he could have I think if I was Dylan I probably maybe would have wanted um DJ or Andre maybe over um the great Federica Stafford just because.

I think um stature is good and doubles for sure um he held his own against Matt and Riley at um what was that Vegas PPA um but I think um I think that DJ creates a lot more openings for both him and Dylan um he'll attack more I think.

I think that uh Federico just keeps thinking until he's a high Vault then he'll speed it up but yeah I don't know if I would agree with Rich he's uh with his pick but that's him yeah all right well you wanted to talk about this the Challenger weakest teams in the.

Challenger yes well um I do not know many of these teams but uh hmm how about not in the nasty's team Matt went asking that is him that is Jeff Warnick I believe is this correct okay and I do not know the females though Regina Goldberg and Alex strong.

Who are two good women two two good female players I had never seen Alex play but I watched her play about a month ago and I was impressed I think she's she's good and we know Regina's good we practice with her all the time um Matt manasse.

Not good yeah I I really have not seen him play um very many tournaments I've seen him coaching himself and that's that's great that's great I just don't know how that will translate into an actual match but you never know yeah I don't know if his coaching is going to translate into Major League.

Pickleball I actually played him I played Matt manasse um at takea me and Warren to manha shout out to Warren um we played Matt in the backdraw and I was having a bad day I was out of it I was my fourth tournament in a row four straight weekends didn't feel great and.

I um Matt was pretty aggressively unimpressive um he's going to give you a lot of missed drops a lot of Miss Dinks um Slow Hands very attackable just I don't understand how he was picked and then I looked and it turns.

Out he was the GM of his own team so I think that is what happened I was shocked when I saw it yeah I would agree with that I think he saw an opening I think you took it and uh well that team is um you know it is I think it's gonna be tough tough for that team but I mean we'll see if.

They can pull through we'll see so over a guy over guys like altoff didn't get drafted um Brendan long who I think is a good player I played him in Orlando and I was pretty impressed solid good fast hands good dinker good drops uh very solid player.

Um I think he is underrated and uh dela Rosa didn't get taken in the Challenger League um just some really good players that did not get taken and you gotta think should Warnick have been taken um probably not yes I think there are a few players in.

The Challenger League that um probably didn't get picked who should have been but um yeah I don't know I I don't understand the reasoning for that but I guess we'll find out so who are some players that you think are underrated some players that are really good.

And they're a little underrated yes well uh I think like you said De la Rosa is one of those I think he's underrated a little bit um I think that's um that was what I say I probably say that Pablo tables is a little bit underrated too I think he's pretty good.

Uh um let's see close I'd say uh I'd say Tyson might be a tiny bit underrated just just a little bit just a little bit okay um and then other than that see I'll I'll get one more for you I think uh I think that actually uh can I pick one.

And two or just men yeah you could pick women I think uh Vivian David is a little bit underrated too I think uh you know she's definitely doing very very well and uh AVP and uh I think BPA too she has been doing very well so I think that's another one yeah she's a complete stud in my opinion.

Um yeah really good on the right all right I think that is that is about all we have time for it's been uh all right one more thing though okay one more thing so I I think I think I remember a time that Dylan Frazier was here while we were practicing.

And um I think it was me and you playing Dylan and John Goldberg and we were down significantly in that game wait one second all right there we go we are back um all right would you like me to continue what I'm saying or do you remember so we left off with you discussing our match and practice against Dylan Frazier.

And Johnny Goldberg and we were down 9-3 against them and I think they were serving I think they were up nine three one and we decided to employ different strategy very yes I will let you take the reins okay yeah so we were down 9-3 very Serene and um basically.

We started lobbying every single point uh when we were returning when we were returning when we were serving it did not matter um and we just logged almost every single ball we could until we had a ball that we could finish um and I seem to remember at one point I think it was.

9 10 we were serving we wobbed Dylan Dylan went back crying over her head and he said come on guys like he was he was finished with the with the lobby because I think his eyes were uh probably burning from looking into the sun after every single um overhead that he tried to that he tried to finish.

Um but um yes that was a guy where he hits a lot of overheads because that first one's coming back and the second one's coming back and so is the third and so so he had to hit a lot of overheads and he was he was in pain and we yeah I mean what else do you want me to say well he didn't let up that's what you guys say.

But yes that was that was fun watching Johnny and Dylan just crumble because we were hitting over feeding them overheads basically and just yeah that was great yeah so that was a strategy we might not want to share this to the public because they might just start lobbing Dylan when you play yes.

This will definitely be an edit out for sure we might have to um last thing we're going to discuss in your opinion maybe three Partnerships of next year four Partnerships that you think are very strong or stronger than people might expect and a couple weaker ones that don't include me and Tyson because oh so you.

Better not say that right yes of course I wasn't gonna do that anyways um yeah so I would go with me and Dylan one of them okay uh yeah okay and then I'd also say hmm I still think Riley and Matt will be a pretty strong team actually um and other than that hmm.

I'd probably still go with the building Colin yeah that's why I think those top three will be uh pretty strong I mean the others will be uh very strong as well um but then let's go into the weaker side um so sorry what's the change that I couldn't say again.

Oh just me and Tyson I mean if you think we're gonna be a weak team then you can say it that's fair I'll take it no you know what I'll I'll do what you said well no we'll name that one um okay I'd say um I'd probably say J would be uh probably um weaker one of the weaker teams I.

Would think um I don't really know who well I well I don't know who he's playing with but doesn't matter who he's playing with just Jake hahaha okay okay I don't know who Jay is playing with.

Yeah it doesn't matter when the weaker partnership oh that's hilarious uh okay uh just uh tell me a couple of these of these teams that are going to be playing then I'll name one of those oh you got to think Tyler and Callen are gonna play together next year again yes yes that okay Rob nunnery not sure.

Who he's playing with but he's making a comeback what do you think about Rob's game um yeah uh I probably put them in as one of the weaker ones probably um I I will say what you're just cut throat I will say want one team that I think will be a little a little bit weak.

Um I mean the the Argentina and Mexico team um laughs um that'll be uh Federico let's talk steering and I'm Pablo Tellez um yes why can you care to elaborate that on that I mean we know Pablo's game a.

Lot of people do but what is it about stack shrewd's doubles that makes you think he's maybe not gonna have the success that he thinks he'll have who knows if anybody else he'll have it but he surely thinks he'll have some success why do you think he won't well I think that we covered this but I'll say it again.

Um I think a lot of bowls above the uh shoulders just might not be put away and then with the fast hands I think uh you know he definitely has some fast hands at times for sure um but I think I think he kind of has a tough time with that um for now maybe in the future he will uh he'll definitely develop more fast.

Hands I wouldn't call his hands fast I wouldn't oh okay all right I would call him I wouldn't call him slow but when I think fast hands I think you Dylan me AJ caller Riley Newman.

Not Federico okay okay yeah okay I understand now I don't know about you I mean I just uh you know it's tough those are yeah doesn't make sense yeah okay all right is there um anything else that the master of this podcast would like to say.

I think that's it I think we've covered everything I'm gonna have to end it soon so I don't so my computer doesn't die because if that happens I lose the recording but this has been great oh wow three percent oh okay yeah let me end it but this has been good this has been very all right some great content here so yes appreciate it all right.

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