Heavy pressure on I think that's going to be a good uh place for them but oh On Cue a nice little hands battle won by Yates and dash who good start for them Yates and ask you on the far end he eats in the white they ask you in the green Chad trying to go for that ball again well I was just hoping it was going to.

Come this far oh I'm like oh I'm like oh for 27 this would have caught anything pfps Chad pfps I need to work on your pitcher Fielding practice well you know I was a two-way guy don't quick side out says both these teams trade them early on still zero zero and I just realized that my comment if.

You're not a baseball player sounds completely wrong Chad pitched and he also played here outfielder right I was an outfielder yeah yeah I I know and Yates got great hands so does they ask you but these two young.

Kids and Frazier and Johnson the hands battles you want to stay away from them as much yeah you're not going to be able to test them that much on a on a good bolt yes but that right there no no no no no right on cue it's just not gonna work right there is Frazier and Johnson take a 3-0 lead.

They're still cackling and smiling hey again I mean Frazier just coming over with a with a backhand taking that speed up from Yates like it's nothing daisuku played with Fraser in the Chicago up and they won Gold there um so he knows what he what phrase is.

Capable of on the right hand side of it and go hey we're here to do a job and they did their job and they're doing their job here early yeah and that's the other thing too is that they're out there they're laughing they're having a good time they're joking around it keeps them loose yes and they said that too yo it keeps them loose they don't they're.

Not putting a ton of pressure on each other you know that if you make a mistake your partner's not gonna get gonna get upset with you yeah and you're exactly right Chad and I said that too they're like why would we the looser we are the better we play yeah a good spot from dayes Falls in a small row two ladies in the crowd saw.

The ball after it went between them late reaction here that he's just not gonna make him they're like scampering try to get the paddle back he just literally raises up and says boom see you later oh Yates recognize that one so Yates have seen that before too from Johnson he's ready for it.

I watched the early reaction straight into the somewhat pancake position just lays the body back up a fraction to give himself some room a little long right there Yates and desk who get one back that's what we're seeing more and more of right and around the post to set up.

Your next finish shot not handy around the post and win the point just just hitting it to to set it up to come back and then be aggressive again the ATP is not the winner anymore it's the after the defense no you're expecting your opponent to get that and defend that now and pop that up so you get the put away.

Better job from Yates right there putting a good forehand down Johnson not able to flick that one back up just everything's so compact nothing's big everything's out in front from both the Johnsons and Fraser just no like it's just that's what.

That's what Frasier is saying right desk is speeding up no and that's a good speed up from the ice cream and that's the point construction that Yates and desk would need they need to elongate the points drag it out a little longer and make it work six one two there it is don't initiate it let them.

Initiate if they initiate fine it's the work your way out of it but elongate those points one six one Frasier I do like how you said elongate because you lengthened out elongate at the same time as you were saying at Long Gate oh yeah that's trouble so much better job from diasco and.

Spreading the ball out three six two yeah it's not the right spot for for a speed up there from Yates he's that ball is a little too deep a little bit behind him and he's not quite as balanced as he would like oh that's in two.

Tough second third all right yeah but again it's a lengthy point right yeah so you get that speed up and it's like okay I gotta do something wait wait for them to get back on their heels a little bit can we go back like 10 shots ago where dasku was about to light up Frasier and he just reset it.

I mean that ball was punished at him and he just reset it foreign just to extend the point that long for Yates and diaski was incredible it's a big overhead there from Dylan Frazier though to put that ball away and end that point foreign.

Johnson and Frasier with with something on them right because they're they're too fast to react but if you do if if they can uh go for a few more middle balls keep it tight then push it push it back out we've seen that has worked extremely well uh all day today foreign yeah I mean as soon as they ask who goes.

To hit that I think he wants to pull it back it's not the right decision and it's a game point here for Johnson and Frazier has a better hand in this change and it's literally who can get on top of that ball first who can get that ball down at the feet first oh Yates left-handed oh nice dig.

Full left-handed dig right there for Kyle Yates the Wiley veteran oh the highester wanted to pull the battle down he's screaming knows that Ball's going out probably gonna hit the Hilton Head open sign in the back that's good pressure dink there from.

Dylan Frazier winning that cross-court forehand battle against Cali Yates no small feet another game point for Frazier and Johnson oh hands battle win there for dasco and Yates yeah it was a good good spot from diysco coming back into the body of.

Dylan Fraser on the win there for Johnson and Frazier that's a nice start there from Houston to ask you good serve short return Yates comes in and attacks that third oh another short return and they ask you making them pay this time in a nice 2-0 start to ask you not happy with himself right.

There but definitely a good start for them 2-0 zero two one just wide on a hands battle from they ask you and Johnson and Frazier on the board one two one oh a little too big from Yates anticipated the speed up well but tried to do a little too much.

Two two one oh good lead right there from de-asco what so nonchalant easy yeah it's it's it's easy pal three two two oh good spot from dasco in the middle finding a hole finally two three one a little wide right there.

Two three two thank you oh I think Frasier got scared by Johnson he was so close to him I don't know why reading reading the lips on that one what yeah a lot tighter battle here in game number two.

One point lead for Yates and dasku yeah I like that pressure from diaskea right there good drive from Yates the diasco crashes hard nice ball from Dar Esq taking a little off that right there and flipping that middle yeah both Johnson and Frazier thinking that ball was gonna go out.

Oh yeah they ask you trying to slow it up right there which was the right play last thing they needed was to get that ball any higher three six one Yates trying to put pressure on Johnson and this round the post goes right at him.

ATP back what yeah you can see one there for death a little bit of tautness there for diysco in the last couple of dink rallies you know and it's just the ability of both Frasier and Johnson to reach in and speed up balls from down low puts that.

Pressure on you that you can't leave a ball sitting up or floating just a fraction five six two I'm just trying to figure out if that came through our microphones or not yeah tough right there is he's trying to lob from a little too far back right he's he's three feet off and they.

Recognize that being Frazier and Johnson pretty easily yeah and their movement was was spot on as well you see First Step drop foreign nice read from Yates clearing himself right there on the speed up yeah a little slide to the right.

Looking for that counter attack it's a little late preparation for diascu there difficult trying to take that paddle back and come forward once that ball bounces nice adjustments from Yates oh that ball was gonna go in the palm tree back there behind yeah look at the.

Spot where he gets him right Center Stone I'm Center Mass like you can't fall going you can't get out of the way of that one foreign a little too big there from Johnson Yates two-point lead here force a third game foreign.

On that front foot watch him crash this hard and he steps in and he attacks it but he doesn't get big the mistakes that he's made a couple of times coming in like that he's gone for too much wow nice get from Yates so it's yeah it's chaotic but they're doing it in an organized chaotic way right and so.

They're going inside out Cross Court you're making that X and that's exactly what they're doing it's a game point beautiful run like Yates said to his partner desk who take a four point lead here we go six ten two all handcuffed right there right at the.

Right hip yeah two really good balls from Yates and diasco on the last two points quick side out from Johnson and Frasier oh yeah and there it is 11-6 Victor fight their way out of the bronze medal match right there I mean like like like if you did like.

Five years like I normally would yeah I'll never forget that or tell that story eventually I think I got a record of like 22 courts or something like that oh that's a nice cross-court forehand Ernie from descu beautifully done yeah good recognization that's the wood that's what it was.

Yesterday recognition recognition gosh dang it good thing English is my second language Johnson's moving out of the way people I ask you even hit that yeah but what I was saying good recognition of the down the line from daisco on the point before going for that uni.

Something wow yep boys are back in here the counter attacks right there from Frazier and Johnson all over it Yates trying to reset it and slow it down but it's a good spot he had Johnson leaning backhand right there one zero two.

Oh when that boy wants to bounce and move he can watch his athleticism yeah and we've talked about this before with with both Johnson and Frazier turning turning up or stepping up levels and going to another gear foreign longest point of the match right there but a great setup there from Dylan.

Frazier he's the one who sped that up and got that pop-up for Johnson so we I just did a dictionary looking recognization is a word it's just a longer way of saying right recognition it says the Wiktionary on Wikipedia that's great oh Johnson adjusting the ball off the net again.

Look at how quick he gets back in position mid-swing and change yep four zero two that's a double yeah it came off of come off a Frasier's paddle before Johnson could hit it great recognization oh yes good attack from you I don't think Yates thought his ball was going.

Over he like stopped and then he attacks one four one point oh a couple of points back for diasco and Yates right here two four one yeah again Yates as soon as he went up to hit that he wanted to grab it and pull it back there was no way that that was going to be successful I like the.

Offensive law but it's been questionable as far as the timing because Frasier and Johnson haven't been off balance when they've chosen to do it four two one we got the uh ladies when his bracket flying all over on cc2 oh nice move by day asking just so big.

Such big reach right there even if he doesn't hit it that clean still able to do something with it again we see a ball not come up you know these these courts here at Palmetto Dunes there's 24 of them they are GM packed all year long so they're they're getting plenty of wear and tear on them and that's potentially why we're not.

Seeing those balls come up they're just hitting dead spots on the court two five one wait three point there for diasco and Yates on the missed return by Johnson see Yates in the back he was playing eye formation for that one and he didn't know where to go if he if diasco is.

Moving as much in as quick as he was right there he's just gonna get run over so I like the movement by Dai esku oh just like that it's four or five now a couple of missed returns yeah they ask you just needs to get that down a little bit get a little more on top of that and that's a winner.

Five four one just a little while just long hey man if it's 73 degrees and I'm not gonna finish that comment all right that Ball's deep yeah six four two big side out here for Yates and they ask you I like it's not a bad idea the the speed up but the fact that that bowl was a.

Little bit deeper made it much more difficult to go as hot as he did there yeah Johnson just leading with that elbow a little bit too much right there and can't get on top of that four seven one that's going Yates within three four seven oh and that ball just sailed so now it.

Is getting chillier Chad what happens ball gets harder starts to sail a little more gotta back off it just a little yeah how's that one not say along cause was calling Miss hit on that one I mean probably a little bit of mishit but good good roll as well just couldn't get that last one down but.

They do get back within two five seven five one what yeah it's tried to sell that with the body and and I kind of think it it threw off his timing a little bit and he came in flat ain't quite what it's like she just misses that off the.

Tape right there but second server here 8-5 lead for Frazier and Johnson oh he was going all body there was there was no doubt where that ball was going there was nothing but you hole in the chest yeah he was trying to go through the m in the eye in the Franklin Family sure.

JW's face I think Frazier played an out ball that's in oh oh another one he played two owl balls throughout that point but one hand from these gentlemen here I mean they went firefight reset firefight reset into firefight.

Oh that's what they needed right there six nine one point just creeping back in seven nine one seven nine one yeah oh wow good job of recognizing that was gonna go past the Net post by Dylan Frazier and just waited for it to develop and just an easy wrist flick an.

Easy wrist foot again we're probably not in the best position they call them call it out what second third yep wow eight nine two oh my anyway.

Yeah well it's good oh it's good receiving team the score is nine eight one one minute the ball called oh no replay on here right now so ball called out overruled overruled by the referee the.

Can you replay that again that ball is on the line right on the line huh okay I got a ball was called out by yesterday overruled and it is a nine eight lead for Frazier and Johnson getting into any of that but according to Yates that ball is long we just need.

To zoom in nine eight one wow that's up very strong showing from Coop and Johnson over there oh inside out there for JW Johnson good spot from Johnson right there going up into the chest of of Yates to get that that next Ball Match Point here for.

Johnson and Frazier oh nice hands right there good elongated point from Yates and to ask him as a elongate that point to their advantage W Johnson goes backside and they will take it oh
This is the Hilton Head Open Tournament.

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