Foreign Pirates it's gonna be a good match you know who's playing Joe in the near court and don't forget to have a good day and check out the title descriptions in the paddle discounts I screwed that up it's very hot here have a good day thank you foreign.

Thank you um sorry yeah right now right there all right yeah and we play the same team yeah yep.

Thank you thank you pretty much but I think what sets it all up man I feel the need to hit it so far.

That's why I'm saying like this first guys on the way no way thank you this is all right.

Thank you just trust in there again foreign all right a little over a year ago obviously so weird thank you foreign.

Thank you thank you that would have been worse it's still weird Marshalls like tennis yeah are you guys from around area.

Where are you from I'm always from Ohio oh wow cool yeah um Little Things foreign is it out thank you.

Like you just you know it's like this right it's like uh that's right yeah two all right dude.

Do me a favor thank you oh I heard about pieces of experience you gotta have you heard it ever so it's like a mixture of a Walmart foreign is that one of your faves some people really like it so people are.

Like yeah whatever yeah thank you foreign three seven one where were you.

I don't know everything is uh I couldn't do it right here hello.

There wow of course thank you sorry about that what you're in my spot it was perfect I was like watching my next opponent um.

I played that was awesome want to watch more
Dylan Frazier (white shirt, Selkirk Labs Project 002) and JW Johnson (brown shirt, Franklin Carbon STK) vs Rettenmaier Travis (polo, Selkirk Labs Project 002) and Austin Tchikatilov (tank, SLK Halo).
Pickleball game in Pictona at Holly Hill, Florida.

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