Hey this is braid with pickleball effect today we’re taking a look at another pedal from yola this is the solaire cfs 14. when yola came onto the market they introduced about 10 or so different paddles and they signed a handful of pros so it all happened pretty quick and the pros were given some paddles to try out and over time several of them.

Gravitated to this one as their their primary go-to paddle so i was interested in taking a look at it additionally this paddle and ben’s hyperion cfs 16 are the only two paddles in yolo’s collection that have two brand new features that they introduce to the market that no other brand is using so one of those is the carbon forged handle while the other.

Is the hyper foam edge so these are the two paddles that kind of stand out in their collection as being the most advanced uh technology wise when we’re looking at those two technologies that the hyper foam edge is foam that’s injected around the perimeter of the paddle this is supposed to add stability and forgiveness to the paddle and then.

The carbon four handle is attached to the paddle so the normally the polymer core of a handle extends through the handle but the polymer stops here and then they attach the carbon forge handle so this does a couple of things for you one it adds flex to the throat of the paddle which is going to add some power and then it gives yellow the ability to.

Control the shape of their handle which is really nice when we’re comparing this paddle the benz hyperion cfs 16 they both use the same facing material which is this carbon friction surface when you fill it it does feel textured it’s directional the grit is built into the material and it’s not sandpapery so it should last longer and then the core.

Itself is this reactive core which means it has smaller honeycomb cells which is going to give you a little more power and that’s the same core that ben’s hyperion has when we’re looking at differences between this one and ben’s paddle the shape is different so the shape is a little shorter and a little wider this is going to add some.

Forgiveness to the paddle and move the sweet spot down a little bit on the face and then it has a different thickness so this thing is 14 millimeters thick whereas bends is 16 millimeters so the 14 millimeter thickness is gonna add some power to the paddle and give it a little more bounce with this paddle being 14 millimeters thick you think.

It’d be lighter than bends since it’s thinner than his but it’s not it comes in at the same average weight of 8.4 ounces which is on the heavier side when i reviewed ben’s paddle that was one of the major drawbacks of his paddle it was very heavy and the weight lived in the head which made it difficult to handle a maneuver sometimes.

So that’s something i’ll be paying attention with this paddle in the play test if the weight is uh has those similar drawbacks and issues as ben’s did or if the shape of the paddle is going to distribute the weight just a little bit differently which will may make it just fill and play different and like ben’s paddle it has this white.

Ribbed grip i’m not a huge fan of ribbed grips or the color white because it gets dirty so fast but that is what it is this is the solaire cfs14 let’s go put it on the court and see how it plays after drilling and playing with the paddle for over two weeks here’s my review of its performance so i’m.

Categorizing this as a power paddle there aren’t too many power paddles with a wider classic shape like this and that’s part of what makes this paddle unique it’s long handle thinner core and heavier weight combined to get the power plenty of power definitely more than what the hyperion cfs 16 offers the power was coupled with a high spin.

Rating this deadly combo made the paddle a menace when attacking its easy power allowed you to keep your swing quick and compact which was a major asset with counters and speed ups i felt confident being more aggressive with balls below the net knowing that i could generate more spin and put added pressure on my opponents that way but you did have to.

Be careful when you were attacking below the net because it didn’t take much to send the ball along the heavier weight was not as big of a factor with this one compared to ben’s cfs16 i thought benz was too head heavy which made it difficult to get power on backhand volleys but that wasn’t the same case with the solaire it still felt.

Heavier but it wasn’t as hampering as paddles get thinner they typically get less stable and the sweet spot shrinks however yola injected foam into the edges of the head that help stabilize it and improve the size of the sweet spot especially when you compare it to similar thinner core classic shaped paddles like the carbon 2 13 millimeter.

This extra stability and forgiveness makes the paddle more player friendly and appealing for a wider range of players who want a power paddle i thought it was most forgiving from side to side but the ball did seem to die a little bit towards the tip of the paddle and with the paddle already being shorter this made it feel even shorter.

Than it was talking about the fill and control of the paddle it had a denser firm feel to it and the ball came off hotter which made it harder to control it took me a full two weeks of playing with it before i felt comfortable with my soft game you had to earn your touch with it i will say that my soft game got better each.

Time i played with it and it even seemed to feel softer in my hands over time as i adjust it to its feel i’ve played other power paddles where i never truly gained or retained my touch with them for example the engaged pursuit series i love the engaged pursuit series i think they’re some of the best power pedals out there but i never truly connected.

With them when it came to fill and control and i felt like i had a better touch with the solaire cfs14 compared to similar power paddles so here’s my recommendation if power is what you’re looking for and you prefer a wider classic shape then i think you should take a close look at this one.

It has a combination of power spin and stability that make it a great power paddle that can be used by a wider range of skill levels it is harder to control though and takes time to rein in but if you give it a couple of weeks i think you’ll find that you can adjust to it well like i did however if you haven’t developed a.

Decent soft game in general then that will make this paddle harder to control you may find yourself hitting balls deep and popping up dinks more often than you would like so that’s everything i have for you thanks for watching and i hope it helped
There are two paddles that stand out technology wise in Joola’s paddle collection. Ben’s Hyperion CFS 16 and the Solaire CFS 14. Check out our review of the Solaire CFS 14 to see if it’s the right paddle for you. We loved its combination of power, spin and stability.

Read the full review here, https://pickleballeffect.com/equipment-reviews/joola-solaire-cfs-14-paddle-review/.

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