Thank you so much to the pickleball Community for all your support and feedback both positive and constructive we've listened and today we're excited to introduce new additions to our pickleball line here's Tom to tell you more about it it's hard to believe that we only launched just a few months ago during.

That time the team Yola family has grown quite a bit and one of the recent additions is a living legend Simoni Jardine Simone is provide us with tons of insight as a player coach and friend she's fallen in love with our products and today we're proud to introduce the Simone jargine Hyperion series foreign.

Hyperion series showcased the line of a paddles that you already know and love but now Simoni doesn't have to cover up Ben's name anymore in addition to the Simone Hyperion CFS 16 we're introducing a 14 millimeter version and something completely brand new a 14 millimeter Swift Edition.

Now you might be wondering what the Swift is all about let's learn more foreign hey guys Kristen here the Ben Johns Hyperion CFS has been the most sought after paddle on the market players love the solid feeling the power the spin and.

Control that it gives but one point that we did hear from many fans out there was that it was a bit too heavy for them the all-new Yola Swift technology allows for paddles to be a half an ounce lighter giving you the ability to swing even faster and make your shots even stronger Swift Edition paddles can now be found in the Simone jajing Hyperion.

Series The Solaire series and the Ben John's Hyperion series one of the other points we've heard about the cfs-16 was that they also wished that it came in a 14 millimeter version well your wish is our Command today we're also introducing a 14 millimeter model and as mentioned previously we're also including a lighter 16 millimeter and 14 millimeter.

Swift Edition along with this we're introducing two CGS versions that allows for more feel and pop to the paddle we feel that the Ben John's Hyperion series now has a model for each and every one of you out there that's a lot of paddles and what better way to carry all those paddles than using our brand new Yola tour Elite bags.

you've seen Ben carry it around you've demanded it from us and it's available today the tour elite pro bag comes in four different colors and two different sizes the bag has lots of great features from easy to reach compartments thermal insulated pockets for your paddles a.

Shoe compartment and even a hook that allows you to hang it up on the fence these bags are perfect for all the tournament Players out there players aren't the only people we listen to all the coaches and Facilities that are part of the team Yola family have given us great Insight on what would make their lives even better therefore.

I'm happy to introduce the Yola ball Hopper the hopper is easy to transport and can hold up to 100 pickleballs in the detachable and portable bag great for coaching or for drilling sessions with your practice partners thanks again for tuning in today we hope that you've enjoyed learning about our new products.

They will be available on October 7th on and at your favorite dealers and retailers and just one more thing keep an eye out next month for another announcement because we're not done yet mom can you play with me just a second.

Bubba mom is not done yet mom come watch this video hold on sweetheart mum's not done yet Mom you hit with me oh yeah moments definitely not done yet
Watch the JOOLA Product Keynote to learn more about the new Simone Jardim Hyperion Series, JOOLA Swift Pickleball Paddles, new paddles to the Ben Johns Hyperion Line, Pro Elite Bags, the Ball Hopper, and more.

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