Hey this is braden with pickleball effect today i've got the yola essentials with me so this is their beginner level paddle but it's supposed to be a higher end beginner level paddle so this costs about 60 bucks and then i have another paddle here i got from amazon for 30 these are both beginner level paddles but i wanted to.

See how this compared to something you could get that's cheaper to see if it was worth the money let's go put this on the court and see how it plays let's first talk about how the essentials feels in comparison to the cheap amazon paddle the yola has a much more quality lively feel off the face compared to the amazon paddle was.

Actually felt kind of hollow and sort of dead i didn't really like it though the yellow felt more lively in comparison i would still call it a control paddle the paddle absorbs pace well and doesn't return much power on bigger swings this is a good attribute to have in an entry level paddle like this because slowing the ball down and reducing pop-ups is.

The hardest thing to learn so having a paddle that helps you slow the ball down is a good thing another thing you notice real quick when comparing the paddles is that the yola essentials is more forgiving and doesn't twist in your hands as easily on off-center hits yola touts that their essentials paddle has multiple facing layers of fiberglass and.

I bet that's a big part of the reason it's more forgiving and has a better feel to it additionally the yola is a bit heavier at about 8 ounces on average which also helps add more feel and stability to the paddle the extra forgiveness and stability of the yolo over the amazon paddle is worth the extra 30 dollars in my opinion sticking.

With the soft game because the paddle absorbed the pace so well it helped with executing soft shots like drops resets and dinks paddle does have a harder feel to it so it takes some getting used to and some time to adjust before you get a good feel for it you probably wouldn't notice that it has a harder feel unless you've played other.

Higher end control panels that have a more plush soft feel to them that's one of the things you give up with a less expensive paddle it just doesn't have that same soft feel that higher end paddles have let's talk about some of its offensive capabilities the essentials and the amazon paddle had similar power ratings though i may have.

Been able to hit it a little bit harder with the amazon paddle it was a little tricky to tell the one advantage the essentials has over the amazon paddle when it comes to offense is a higher spin rating the surface on the amazon paddle was completely smooth while the yola had some texture to it the yola could produce average spin while the.

Amazon one was below average though the yoda didn't offer a high power rating i thought it was good enough especially at the entry level player stage as you get better and play better people you'll want more power down the road but not at this stage of the game here control trump's power ultimately the extra stability and forgiveness of.

The yola is what you're paying for with the extra dollars over the amazon paddle those two attributes pay big dividends with every shot in the game and help you reduce errors in general and in regards to what you're losing by going with an entry level paddle instead of a top tier paddle as you just don't get that same plush feel you have a little less spin.

And power and it's not going to be quite as forgiving as higher end control paddles are i also want to talk about the durability of the yola compared to the amazon one the yola has multiple facing layers and feels much more durable although i didn't play with either paddle for a long enough time to test the durability i'd be willing to.

Bet that the yola has a much longer life before it develops any dead spots the last couple of things i'll mention are the handle and the looks the handle is on the shorter side and is pretty slim i didn't like the slim feeling if you have bigger hands then you will need to either buy a bigger grip replacement or add some over grips to build it up the.

Grip is also white which isn't great it gets dirty pretty fast and i didn't like that talking about the looks i prefer the yellow design and looks over the amazon paddle by a mile i would honestly be a little embarrassed to pull out the galaxy paddle but the yolo looks clean and it's a well-known brand so you feel more.

Confident with it on the court so that's all i have for you thanks for watching and i hope it helped
Joola has some of the most popular performance paddles but their entry level paddle, the Essentials, isn’t too shabby itself. I specifically compared it to a cheap paddle I bought off of Amazon so I could tell you exactly what the difference is between them. Watch our review to see if it’s the right paddle for you.

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