Power sprinkled into his game as well lately pretty D quality first point from the fellas quick thanks for referee for this one Alan Roman price Mary name yeah they’re going to need a lot of.

That from J Martinez F that was about a four shot combination finally finished right off the paddle of Colin John’s nice power J one one one sorry sorry Colin had to take a chuckle at that as that Clips the.

Tape aggressively smacks the ball back towards his opponent oh he got a ball abuse warning for that that was that was a little dicey on on the warning for ball abuse there but Colin John frustrated with the net again wow so attack tag of Colin off the tape and then a clean tag in the hip of Ben John’s what a start for McGuffin and.

Vic great spot from Ben JNS xia sitting pretty heavy on the backhand side Ben finds the middle of the Court J couldn’t switch over his paddle from backhand to forehand quick enough no let’s a fly m in Martinez Vic big drives first volle is huge for.

The Johns can’t start slow against this team the fade away two-hander from jme ambitious play but I I don’t I don’t hate it at all because he’s had so much success with it in recent tournaments and earlier in this.

Tournament wow a convenient Ernie finish for J Martinez Vic already on his way out yeah a little half Ernie from Tyson and then the full Earnie combination from xia that’s a nice speed up from Ben but Tyson not in a terrible position sliding to his right looking for the backand counter just half a second late.

Man that is beautiful all this talk of J off the bounce uh with the two-hander and this time just rolls one out of the air looking like he belongs here on Championship Sunday as well very comfortable partnership here between these two it’s a fly 52 lead now for McGuffin.

And Martinez Vic yeah great partner communication from Tyson as Colin was looking for that well-timed aggression but well long and that is also a rocket of a drive from Tyson and great aggressive Court positioning from xia to score squeeze calling JNS into a first volley error good pressure from the guffin.

You’re not going to out dink the John’s Brothers the key is to sustain this level of aggression and consistency right on the side of MCU Martinez Vic second good look from Jia he needs to drive that ball couldn’t come over the tape but that’s that’s the play.

722 that’s always tough though for a momentum mental perspective to miss two third shots in the same sequence back to back fire fight P Johns comes away with it I mean Tyson can’t hit two better counters than he did right there on the backhand side but shockingly Ben John’s up to the task what a combination there from Ben.

That initial dink from Tyson sailing just high enough for Ben to find the combination into J’s body and then finishing on the next shot second it’s a it’s a tough situation for Tyson I mean he’s got Ben right in front of him a lot of his offensive skills fall right into what Ben likes to have come his way.

Oh just five for J Martinez Vic a it’s a great look very nice Point Ben and Colin John’s a well oiled machine at this point72 on a two two points away ATP from Ben John’s a textbook on that backhand side here they come just about as good a start as you can have for xia Tyson McGuffin but the John’s.

Brothers just doing their thing well how do you find the balance then when you know exactly what patterns comeing your way from Ben Colin dinking if you’re J and Tyson how do you find any separation just missed uh I I mean I I think that actually Tyson is one of.

The players that can dink with with the John’s brothers so he has to be patient I mentioned that you know his middle forehand attacks and he goes to the right shoulder is a tough place to go on Ben little little Catch and Release flinger there from J Martinez big but if Tyson doesn’t do it too often I think he can find some offense to the backhand.

Side of Ben and possibly throw up some crosscourt forehand lobs over Colin John’s no wow asking you shall receive yay for me all right don’t worry don’t worry uh the next one won’t be that clean as I’ll say something and they’ll do the polar opposite but right there great lob from.

Tyson second a that’s too bad J Martinez Vic clear Miss hit on the two-handed backhand Drive says no big deal let’s keep rolling oh that is a beautiful combination from J Tyson gives him a little booty tap letting letting him know that he loves.

Every bit of that next time he will finish nice great pressure forcing Ben well behind behind the Baseline to contact that drop attempt okay so he just full sends the forehand crosscourt and you have a bit more leeway to attack crosscourt when you.

Don’t do it too frequently and you have incredible pace and spin like Tyson McGuffin does oh man what a well constructed point one of the best wobs I’ve seen and somehow Callin John tracks it down even when you push him back off the.

Line they just get back up there at such a high frequency just makes it look easy so casual the John’s Brothers in a two-point hole here in game number one that’s the best player in the world right there Ben John’s 121 titles to his name on the PPA.

Tour can’t ask for a better Point than that one fire fight yeah xia really creating offense from his team from a variety of positions 792 floating slice return throw throwing off the timing of the Colin John’s drive and ball back over to McGuffin and Martinez Vic with a great opportunity a little bit of offense from.

Colin Johns you see him really leaning in goes to keeps his balance but only on one foot to maximize his reach into the kitchen oh oh my wow stingy defense and a bit of.

Everything on the side of McGuffin and Martinez Vic they had to earn this game point yeah that was a shake and bake Point neutralized we start dinking again and another phenomenal L from Tyson McGuffin oh my it’s long and Ben Johns is going to challenge right away but here’s alen.

Roman what is the word down there Alan after review the out call stands point game switch ends out call stands eagle eyes Adam doing it right here on Championship Sunday thank you sir when the world sleeps greatness Rises and While others dream of the next level we Chase.

It challenging every limit turning obstacles into Stepping Stones because the next level isn’t just handed to you it’s earned go next level with 6-0 Pickle Ball by Deep Eddie VOD what a game one and I expect more of the same in game.

two Tyson M Goin unreal digs from the midcourt and a wild backand from Ben Jean’s well long such quick footwork across that kitchen I you know I am I am all for the little guys being chams out there and his his footwork and movement especially.

Laterally is just ridiculous who you call him little wow McGuffin finds it down the middle splits the difference looks to the crowd they are electric puts finger to the ear showman out there Tyson McGuffin and matching his Showman ship with some incredible.

Play wow this is wild right now shake and bake points from xia and Tyson and what a lead in game two 40 Easy a shot of the sequence catches the net for X but as I mentioned second go what a startd what deception there from jalme who is often taking that ball from the.

Same position inside out soft to the backand of benj this time he whips it through the middle and Colin is late to cover wow and is’s a Mis hit dink on the short hop half volley from Ben John’s no points for the John’s Brothers in that service possession a rare sighting I think that the John Brothers might just.

Start to to not hit to ja or the middle of the court and possibly try to isolate Tyson McGuffin oh that angle is not coming back Colin Johns all over it and when I say that Tyson is playing phenomenally it’s just the offense right now from xia is so good from the middle of the court and when they are playing to his.

Side J Martinez cleaning up I mean that was a full scorpion forehand from Colin Johns which just rarely comes back in play and J is just there for combination and puts it 2 in inside the Baseline Miss from Colin Johns overcooks it if you needed J Martinez Vic originally from mayorca Spain hit some tennis balls with a guy.

Named RAF and AD doll back in the day A nice response from Colin at the kitchen and Martina V also playing college tennis for Hawaii Pacific University three-time All-American there based out of Honolulu Hawaii John’s brothers1 based in Austin Austin’s a lovely city but.

Honolulu Hawaii I mean come on not a bad place to call home from mayor to Honolulu yeah reasonable 161 he’s playing singles unbelievable and all Tyson had to do was handle that initial speed up with a great slide and backhand counter and then his partner xia just fills the rest of the Court what complimentary pickle ball right now.

From these two ATP effortless one from Ben Johns and a nice job of not fully revealing that he was going to go around the post to the last second and Tyson was late to cover wow the defense of McGuffin saving the point yes it was and as I said the complimentary pick ball Tyson just.

Playing his role to Perfection and J providing the fire power as the shortest competitor on court have a day 622 that’s the one he’s got to be careful with yeah going to the right side of Ben’s body he’s always there with the forehand side I don’t blame Tyson for.

The heat check he’s playing so incredibly well well this is the second match up between Tyson mcin and Colin John’s today they played a mixed doubles in the bronze medal match earlier this morning how did that ball get back oh missed the ATP though no no I I.

Think you got it did you say miss the ATP sorry j Martinez oh I see I see gotcha gotcha gotcha my bad partner nice ATP from Ben John’s though just impressed by the mesmerized by the defense I know I I totally get it Shea sping meffin yeah don’t don’t mind that still don’t think he has gone to it too much so I.

Think that that is a reasonable place but lead evaporating for McGuffin and Martinez in game two in this best three out of five championship match and that defense of jai Martinez Vic despite popping it up has been keeping them in this match relatively questionable initial attack from Tyson.

But xia just there it’s just been it’s just been such a similar ping as Colin is so good at that shot so the offense of jaia just must be on another level to have this many errors on the one-handed backhand counter of Colin Johns love mix inin and the right time to do it Tyson McGuffin they call him the most.

Electrifying man in sports yeah that’s right and he’s had three lobs he was two for three on the crosscourt and now he lobs Straight Ahead against Ben JN which is tough to do you have much less Court to work with three out of four for Tyson wow Chia Martinez Vic has Colin John’s on a string right now he does you.

Can’t Ernie Downy soft as that dink was just an inch or two over the net Colin in decent position just couldn’t get it done John goes inside out Martinez Vic looking to McGuffin for clarification 842 Martinez VI cleans up what McGuffin started what what is going on right now is that Tyson has all the confidence in.

His partner so he can play as free as he wants to show you methodical Point Colin Johns goes down the line waits for his opportunity to strike yeah that was perfectly placed from Colin actually had J made just up.

In the air after a beautifully constructed dink rally Johns captured a silver medal and mixed doubles with Tina piznik earlier today congratulations to them bronze medal excuse me nice put away power from J tough to put the ball away from Colin Johns when he is in the back of the court or in the midcourt.

492 what a hold and that floating slice again from Tyson as Ben comes all the way over right in front of his brother for the third shot Drive attempt Martinez Vic had what he wanted and usually when this rare score line happens to the Johns Ben gets really Alpha and starts to take even more court.

So we will have to monitor Ben’s Court positioning that’s a good hold for the John’s Brothers no game point surrendered on their side now a five-point hole to climb out of a great slide from Tyson he knew it was coming perfect position and able to hit that one-handed counter back to the middle of the.

Court wow he just won’t go away except for that one they are making the John’s Brothers earn every inch of their offense right now yeah I mean it was it was great Scramble Play for J and Tyson just too much sustained.

Pressure and that’s a quality calling John’s Point forcing JIA to overextend break form and go for too much go too good from Colin Johns and human Championship court has been SP boiling us here today so far with all our matchups men’s doubles looking interesting so.

Far you oh just missed it J Martinez Vic one of the few players to beat Ben Johns and men’s singles this season part of his breakout performance and John’s Brothers back within one oh no for fault to tie it the John’s Brothers will take the point obviously a huge moment.

Even with McGuffin and J winning game one have an opportunity to get up two games to zero against the John Brothers you must take it go not enough offense to hold the John’s Brothers game point swings to their side yeah what a momentum shift and the counter attacks of Colin John’s have just been getting better and better.

1092 no dropped in John’s Bros will take the second extend ending this match to at least four games I think Ben and so here we are per usual protocol game three upon us now CH unfed takes a pick with a fan.

Comes back out slaps an inside out volley that counts as a tag too as it CLI clipped the shoe of benan hey it’s not easy to hit him so when you do you have to that just missed I like the idea though going with the lob had them fooled but uh the soft stuff at the kitchen has been.

Out by Ben and Colin they have not been giving offensive opportunities to Tyson and xia like they were earlier in the match so it’s a delicate balance for xia and Tyson do do you force it a bit or do you just play with what’s given to you and grind out more points in the John’s brother’s style which they like to.

Use 0 02 oh too good Ben John’s had a wide open alley down the line yeah Tyson has been uh fading to his right to counter with the backand this time he loads up with the forehand and Ben found that little sliver of Court nice job by J not trying to do too.

Much had him had himself in the perfect position he could have over hit that last ball he just plays it right up the Middle with plenty of pace and control oh so close for Martinez Vic brilliant defense from McGuffin as well yeah early in that point Tyson did a nice job of getting back to the kitchen line but.

Colin John’s handling the combinations of jme it’s been a big difference point in case right there one two that Ball’s not coming back smooth overhead to the open court for Ben J’s inside out something we haven’t talked too much.

About either is injury resilience of Tyson McGuffin recently returning from a foot injury the net goes Martinez Vic Tyson McGuffin talks about it openly on his podcast with his wife Meg did PRP to the foot to assist with that injury recovery just missed the ATP to Ben Johns the rare time Ben was too smooth I.

Think he needed a little extra pep in his step to get all the way out wide for that ATP the angle was there there’s Colin Johns again and I think when oh there’s Meg McGuffin Tyson’s wife they have four children she looks a bit nervous I’m not going to lie she talks about the nerves she.

Experiences during Tyson’s matches oh my that almost came back in sometimes it’s more difficult to watch them play yeah you know you’re in control of what’s going on uh out there when you’re on the court just kind of happens when you’re watching you’re just at the mercy of what’s going on out there very.

Tough especially when you care about one of the players so much nice drive there see if they can tie it up huge forehand from Tyson McGuffin Colin John’s not even trying to stick that volley trying to take Pace off come up with it Ben John’s taking over nice put away.

Colin actually the one that started the fire with a quality forehand attack Tyson dug a couple 332 another combination of crosscourt starting of the fire from Colin and then been finishing they’re picking up steam 331 that’s a similar pattern to earlier.

In this game J is going to go inside out forehand dink to the Ben John’s back hand taking it out of the air Tyson’s got to figure out a way to neutralize that with his count ERS P John playing singles on his side stand back Colin no worries yeah Colin didn’t even try to creep forward he he.

Just he just hung out back at the Baseline and let Ben do his thing 5 31 that’s tough right rli the tape just threw off the rhythm of jmv nation in the sport of pickle ball the fastest growing sport in the.

World a great start coming out of the timeout to force the John’s Brothers to a two 632 light confusion in the middle I think Tyson thought xia was going to take that ball first volley wide wow perfect shot inside the Baseline threading the needle through.

The John’s brothers that was a rocket even set himself up rolled a soft shot at the left foot of Ben John’s and then immediately looked for the for the Ernie just the fact that J even got a paddle on it impressive yeah that ball sat up shoulder High to the Colin John’s.

Forehand I like that play of going at the player that’s closest to him there’s a nice drive and on that commercial break I did hear a bit of chatter between J and Tyson they didn’t look to be aggressive of early in the point when they’re serving with third shot.

Drives that was just working in game one in the first half of game two great adjustment from Colin John’s cleaner on his counter and picking the right side whether it is backhand or forehand the two and three shot combinations of xia Martinez Vic just haven’t been there lately.

Well he doesn’t need a combination if he just hits a he just hits a clean winner up the middle I mean that’s phenomenal deception and even a bit of frustration for Ben John’s just deceived on that ball good slide from McGuffin yeah that is definitely the play he’s been loading up forehand the last two times Ben has.

Tried that shot this time the backhand is similar to Colin John’s putting that one-handed backhand counter back to the middle of the court it’s a great angle from J to finish and there has been the best source of offense from the kitchen line from Tyson McGuffin the lob as he forces.

Colin JNS to go with the left-handed overhead and that finishing shot from Colin very solid but I’m more impressed with the first volley Tyson and J are going to drive their thirds the first volley must be crisp and it was and loves that pattern is rarely going to go away from it elsewhere in the draw Travis RM Z.

Natil earning bronze over on grand stand earlier congratulations to them nice just missed it now I think Ben put his hand flat oh yeah so that just inside the Baseline great shot from Tyson loading up on the forehand side exactly what I told him not to do.

Big hold from thein Martinez Vic yeah huge hold letting game two just slip away this is just a massive moment in this match Ben really wanted that ball Colin was just locked into his position and just letting baby brother know he’s got some putaway power as.

Well oh that really happens but the Le Court will get Colin Johns B the reaction it’s just it’s just so good from net cam I like the pull of offense from Jia I know it clipped the tape and nothing the John’s Brothers can do but that ball set up enough for xia to be aggressive so I’m glad he went for.

It xia out of the air Colin JNS in the crouched position looking for the Scorpion forehand that’s just perfectly placed from jet Martinez Vic seven foot strip on either side of the net you can go in there if the ball bounces but you cannot volley out of the air oh miss return leave now on the side of the 4C.

Looking for a monstrous upset oh Colin Johns was prepared for the speed up yes he was but I still like the aggression from xia it hasn’t been working quite as well as it was in game one in the beginning of game two but he’s sticking with it there miss serve from Ben.

John’s 782 oh my goodness I mean Colin misses and Ben is is just right there in the perfect paddle position on the forehand side you could see from the reaction from Tyson Guff and that ball does drop in and I think it was fortunate for Ben as he slightly M hit it even even when.

He miss hits it works out for him and a miss from Ben now they’ll take a onepoint lead mcff Martinez Vic now with a chance to tie yeah clearly a huge deal not to let the John Brothers get to 10 nice hold they want a chance at this match this possession is quite large for McGuffin and Martinez Vic feels that way.

Anyway 892 big serve forcing the Miss return tie game 992 McGuffin closes but it’s out he had a wide open Finishing Touch that’s a great combination with the drive from jaia Tyson in perfect position but even though you’re in perfect position.

Doesn’t always work out 991 pen John slides hits it down and now the dreaded game point on the side of the John’s brothers that was tough for in 1091 and that is how game three will conclude the John’s Brothers now one game away at the break and they’re going to need a lot of that to come back and.

Take down the world number one here in game four just too high there from ja after an extended dink rally and of course they they they have belief I mean the the actual point scored is the exact same between the first three games just the 2-1 Edge to Ben and Colin and uh still lighthearted over there on.

The side of Tyson McGuffin and X Martinez Vic just in yeah just in and I I do think that jme needs to continue to fire he can’t be frivolous with it but he needs to provide offense for his team he did that in game one it was evident he was The X Factor yeah it’s it’s been fine even in games two and.

Three but Colin has been more on that initial speed up from him only one point for Ben and Colin ball back over let’s see if they can get something going and I was also only able to talk about uh the the non volley Zone there we also have the ATP the around the post.

A very popular shot for these players you you tyon MCU beats his chest yeah I think we we almost had an ATP right after I said that a couple times but Tyson finding the offense on the two shot combination at the backand of Ben John’s that is the.

Spot to go that’s a great little two shotter from Tyson two one one uh-oh let cord on call and John’s he didn’t really react too aggressively so good for him but you know he’s feeling it he’s feeling the anger is mounting on the inside he internalized the anger this time internalized see how see how that affects.

Him almost two there as he comes into cover behind Tyson that ball gets a little too tight to his right hip and he misses the drive that’s the first bad Miss on the lob attempt J squeezed one in a couple points ago with the one-hander out of the air Tyson’s still above 50% on the lobs second that’s a phenomenal hooking.

Forehand Colin John’s rightfully so sitting heavy on the two-handed two-handed backhand for defense but Tyson pulls it all the way Cross Court that’s that pattern has happened multiple times with the floating slice return Ben comes all the way over in front of cin and misses the drive 311 second.

Ser 312 stuck on three for now yeah two third shot D attempts on that last possession I like that aggression didn’t work out that time just long that was one of those.

Combinations that was working for xia ear on backhand speed up off the bounce followed by the forehand three or four shots in the exact same spot Ben looked to sneak in there and take one out of the air caught the net 2 32 I mentioned multiple times that that’s.

The spot but that’s going to happen sometimes when you go after it with Ben John’s nice job by him is keeping that two hands on the paddle to crack the counter too much pressure that’s three or four shots from the shoulder level from Ben John’s no almost no way to weather that.

Storm even though the hand speed of J has been really good throughout this whole match inside through the middle Tyson mcgu oh okay I was I was wondering who hit that last ball cuz J was there as well but I think the yep the paddle of Tyson snuck in there R dexterity on that.

One missed forehand from the middle of the court from Ben J’s on the Soft Stuff J and Tyson will take that every time he finally had been fooled been thinking he was going to go line at the two-handed backhand Tyson changed his spot to go middle it was a great decision by him just couldn’t keep it in.

Left foot on the line a Colin went for the earn he couldn’t get back to position in time and that is a footfall violation that is tattooed crosscourt 5T off the kitchen line but still the power of Tyson mcguffin’s forehand too much deem that the Ferrari.

Forehand X adds one to the tag category on his side yeah little little rib cage action there from Colin John’s and that ball was clearly going to sail out but nothing Colin can do to get out of the way a that’s tough that was one of the better runs in the last two games for McGuffin and xia it ends with a Miss serve but very solid three-point lead.

For them I mean they work so hard up at the kitchen in these extended rallies you just can’t give away the freebies early in the point one hold down one to go that’s the rare Colin John’s solo shake and bake as he drives from the back of the court and comes rushing.

Forward hopping the corner J Martinez Vic earns the side out on the earning that’s another one of our terms there Ernie jump in the corner and not a that was going to say not a a big wingspan or or jump uh uh stride from J so the foot work is so clean on that shot from.

Him that’s a great first Bly from Colin John’s I love Tyson McGuffin squeezing the middle of the Court hard just got to give credit to Colin oh my Jia me no that’s not the one you can miss after that incredible defensive reflex yes that I mean chia’s hand speed is really ridiculous 61 just wait from Ben John switching.

Over from backhand to forehand he makes the air in the net2 yeah Ben has Tyson scrambling backwards and Tyson needed that extra time with Ben in such an offensive position that’s tough footwork there Tyson I think initially thinking of taking that ball out of the air he’s pushed off the kitchen line and can’t.

Refind his balance all right there we go nice combination Shia May forehand Ernie and not easy to put this ball away from Tyson McGuffin on the backhand side but he does 781.

CH Martinez VI crashing to tight oh the crowd loves it nice dig out of the air in the midcourt from Tyson to extend the point and then jalme does his thing good go go go go go oh patient Point both sides the.

John’s Brothers rarely Miss on DS yeah it it’s it’s such clean soft stuff from all four players almost nothing to work with and find some offense from anyone the John’s Brothers just never blink in those extended rallies so clean ah just missed it’s a great look again on the backhand side from McGuffin just a couple inches.

Long and John’s reaches in but J Martinez Vic is there that’s so important for who needs to be sliding to his right that’s great for Tyson’s uh just kind of mental factor to know that J has him covered in the middle oh a el cord slapper off the ATP defense and a little little dance move shimmy.

From Tyson McGuffin after that one and he he did put the hand up to apologize but he had a little dance before that pretty good defense let court or not yeah I agree and he cracked that forehand Colin was sliding to the middle of the Court like he should have so that might have been a clean winner.

Anyway everything is on the line right now for McGuffin and Martinez Vic looking to force a fifth deciding game take a one-point Edge that’s great stuff great pressure big drive from J squeezing the middle from Tyson oh my goodness scorpion for the Scorpius panel for Colin Johns and X picked the right spot if if Colin’s going to go.

Scorpion you got to try to find the left shoulder backto back shots at the right hip of Ben J’s a backhand poke from Tyson and an inside out forehand from J game points for McGuffin and Martinez Vic on a two this point was all or nothing and we are going the full distance on.

Championship Sunday McGuffin and Martinez Vic come from out of nowhere in game four game five here we go will start us off down the line clean winner for McGuffin what a spot he’s been moving his his attack spots in a variety of positions throughout this match and a clean winner.

For Tyson up the line stares at the crowd to follow too oh great earning from Ben ball set up just enough for him to jump the corner right off lism he might have had him beat we never catches the tape but Ben was sitting pretty heavy backand Tyson was targeting.

The right hip great extension out into the kitchen from Ben John’s he didn’t that ball was floating but he didn’t wait for it he attacked it took his opponent’s time away again extension into the kitchen you can see on the replay Ben Johns is.

Contacting that ball two maybe even three feet inside of the kitchen line two one Ben John’s all all over The Lava T but what a dynamic point for McGuffin yeah great ATP defense from Tyson and Ben John plenty of power he didn’t even get.

To snap his wrist like a traditional overhead more of a straight arm version but still jamming up X Martinez Vic mentioned moments ago Ben reaching into the kitchen this time Xiao does the exact same thing 32.

No yeah that’s a big two points from Jia and Tyson one forehand from X one from Tyson Colin could come up with either I I mean I hate to chuckle but um I mean at this at this point that might be the best strategy is try to get Colin John’s rattled from Le cords Well Place third too while the.

John’s brothers were unwinding the stack Mor nice offense from Tyson oh the tap robbery that was a great first B from Ben a cannon from Tyson McGuffin and the ball right to jal’s pad Same Love and and Ben John’s read it.

All the way through yeah insane defensive hands from Tyson in the heart of that point but Ben has a beat on the lobs right now 3 2 1 second thir nice job Callin so Adept at getting into the kitchen from the back of the Court there you go I mean left side.

Player J providing the offense Tyson says I got some fireworks over here from the right that has been the difference in game three for his team you just see that sliver of Court when Ben is unwinding this stack from back back right to front left you think you can find it but jaia just.

Overcooking it a little too much oh no and a missed third no points from Ruff and Martinez Vic points are at a premium against the John’s Brothers this third from Colin and quite a reaction from him too not even full sending the forehand drive just going at about.

75% Pace little paddle abuse there from J punching not thrilled with that Miss man that is such a good combination from J finding the right hip of Ben Johns from the middle of the court again gets a shoulder high ball and just misses Tyson thein supporting J though.

On his way back to the Baseline positive partner okay tyon McGuffin pulls the trigger on Colin I mean that’s a cannon like it is so hard to beat Colin crosscourt even when the ball is up and that’s sort of up not all the way up from Tyson great job oh just wide.

Fromin Johns gets out of the way yeah he was looking for that sneaky attack from the middle of the court with the backand he hasn’t used that specific attack very much oh what coverage by Ben on the stack unwinding there still in a phenomenal position to win this match but Ben’s been hit several times you.

Don’t you don’t see it you rarely see that oh no yeah I mean that is world class defensive chops from Tyson McGuffin to get his team up to the kitchen line serve back to the John’s Brothers short return and a let cord tag Point deficit on a one need a big response on the end change.

One hold down for M and Martinez Vic what else needs to go well on their side no no more room for errors obviously against the John’s Brothers what else clean when they get to the kitchen and find offense early on third shot drives and poaches if it’s there wow so that’s backto back errors from Ben and his favorite crossport gink.

Pattern and then on a third shot that’s tough break crazy hands from J to handle the first ball Tyson McGuffin rare midcourt error and gets a verbal warning on top of that some colorful language frustrating sport I get it nice job from Colin not even cons considering.

Hitting that ball as J driving from a low position on the third shot Ed him every everybody’s getting hit it’s not just one person they’re passing it around a lot of shots into the rib cage and and the hips of these players it shows how quality some of the offense is yeah the speed doesn’t always.

Translate on TV just how fast their hands are oh no Miss not the recipe here in game number five Martinez Vic looking frustrated the John’s Brothers in a closing stretch 831 there’s a nice play from Jia had some early success with that shot Ben late.

Filling in the middle 832 and trying to go backside on the third shot Drive of xia and still plenty of life from the boys on the near end it’s a gutsy holds have to get some though on their serve go go go go go you said you said gutsy hold how.

About a gutsy lob from Tyson McGuffin over Ben John’s and then finds powerful offense catching Ben transitioning forward go slapper of an overhead from Ben John’s that’s a nice combination Colin looking for the Ernie and Ben finding the putaway 4 two.

oh Vic pulls the trigger thought he had it just long that’s a great all from Ben Johns turning his body sideways and letting the ball go out yeah that that Tyson McGuffin forehand Cross Court has some extra special sauce on.

It okay still alive who wants it right now Tyson McGuffin hasn’t won a title since his Triple Crown in Utah last season this would be significant for him and that’s a big serve from McGuffin they get one yeah not even close on the return from Colin Johns and of course Tyson McGuffin one of the best serves in the.

game uhoh go Tyson McGuffin comes away with it back within two on a one wow what feathery.

Touch from all four players at for an extended dink rally at this point Championship Sunday on a one Tyson McGuffin looking to close the two-point Gap close call in the middle and then Colin John strikes it right back to the middle yeah that’s been his best Counterattack the last two two and a half games for.

Colin John’s this has been a marathon Adam this match started at 10:49 a.m. local time here in California it’s now 12:41 and John’s all over it the run will end at six that’s such a soft touch from all four players at the kitchen takes 1520 dinks combined for anyone to make a mistake.

Oh no tough one to miss yeah so that’s one high two points to go from J and now a Miss to the tape for Tyson terrible timing for that Squad Championship point on the side of the John’s Brothers 101 J the spicy overhead not just yet J says they need one more to get another.

Chance just G and the John’s Brothers will take home their 31st career title as a team Adam thanks so much well the John’s Brothers they’re usually on Championship Sunday but it’s rare that you’re pushed to five games so Ben we begin with you how are you guys able to stand tall and.

Pull away in game number five uh yeah I felt like we definitely let game four slip away a little bit so I think it was just really important to to kind of Bear Down in game five and make sure we didn’t get too loose cuz we did get a lead in that game as well uh and they did make a little run at the end um but I’m glad Colin made a couple clutch.

Plays we made our drops I think really the most important thing overall in the match was just getting the line more consistently I felt like we were a little loose with our drops it was a 2hour grinder here on hea Championship court so Colin 31 titles playing alongside your brother Ben it’s rare in pro sports nowadays that you get to play.

Alongside family how significant is this one yeah it’s always special um to play on a center chord and win a title but to do it with your younger brother um I never thought I’d be in this position so it’s very special what was the most fun part about this Championship Sunday as you embark on the first of two for you sir uh you know I’d say the most fun.

Part was having Jama in the final he’s he’s a great guy he’s real fun um and I think he’s really entertaining for the crowd uh so I’m happy for him to make another run to a final and it’s uh it’s always entertaining to to to play against him so I’ll uh leave that as the Highlight for this final all right their fifth title of the Season.

Congratulations to the John’s brothers and now a quick word from our title sponsor Carrie Griffiths from violia the chief Communications officer Carri wow what a match amazing so exciting to watch uh violi has been helping cities and industries and communities for 170 years with their most pressing environmental challenges.

Whether it’s Water waste or energy so we are delighted to be the official sustainability provider for the PPA tour and on behalf of our 220,000 employees I want to wish you congratulations for winning the violia LA open congrats a big congratulations to the John’s Brothers 17 and one on.

Championship Sunday since the start of 2023 what a moment that we have seen so many times before
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Watch the Men’s Doubles Championship match: (1) Ben Johns/Collin Johns vs (4) Tyson McGuffin/Jaume Martinez Vich

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