I'm Debbie drums certified pickleball coach about to expose there is no doubt that John Isner is a force to be reckoned with entering the game of pickleball in 2022. he's a fierce competitor on the courts he's got the height a whopping six foot ten inches he's got the shots and he's got the strategy as I was watching the epic.

Game between Isner and Sox versus Irvine and Waters I noticed two of John isner's winning shots that I've been adding to my game and I want to share them with you first a shout out to the awesome game the ladies played 11-0 the first game kudos to the guys for taking it to a nail biter to three games now let's dive into isner's backhand role and the.

Low Drive drop shot and what we are looking at here is isner's third low Drop Drive shot here's three examples notice how the ball goes low right over the net at the opponent's feet it's not quite a drop and it's not hard like a drive it's a drive drop shot let's head over to my home drill court and see how to drill this shot a couple of things.

That we want to keep in mind is number one we want to keep the ball very flat and low right over the neck the best place to execute the drive drop shot is either at the corner wherever you would drop the ball is a great place to drive drop the ball so the corner the middle or the left corner of the neck now you can.

Drill this shot with a buddy and your buddy would stand on the opposite side of the Court they would stand at the non-volley zone line and feed you balls that you could practice Drive dropping to wherever you'd like it right over the net and flat which I'm going to show you or you can go ahead and get yourself a ball machine I use the pickleball tutor.

I know the lobster is great too you can get anything that feeds your balls so that you can practice the shot or if you're in the tri-state area and would like to book a session at the drum pickleball drill house you can go ahead and contact me the link will be in the description below this video so I'm going to go ahead and Power on the tutor.

And let's go ahead and practice the shot okay let's go ahead now and look at isner's backhand roll shot John Isner finishes again so and they have done it the 10th is gross here we are back at the home drilling court and now we're going to drill the.

Isner backhand roll shot from The non-volley Zone okay so not every one of us is 610 but we can practice this shot within our limitations of how tall we are and how much reach we have right so a couple of things that we want to keep in mind with the backhand roll number one we practice it from the non-volling zone line that's where this particular.

Shot is performed second we want to be in a nice athletic stance because for this one we're going to work on not only the roll shop but being able to take balls in front of us way in front of us out here for as far as we can possibly reach so when we're practicing this okay we want to.

Recognize that a lot of our strengths and we is going to rely on our legs our stability of our legs our quads right we're going to get in that athletic stance so our glutes are going to be working and when we are working out here in this plane our core is going to also help us to protect our back and keep us strong from.

Whoa falling in that kitchen so obviously we do not want to do that so first before we get into the role we want to work on taking balls out here potentially even taking them out of the air or they back so this is how we do it again that athletic stance let's go so you see how I'm stretching forward by the way with this drill you can practice.

With the buddy on the other side I like the practices against the wall because you just get more reps in for your time so now as you can see I'm kind of already preparing for the backhand roll shot or I show you what that shot looks like I want you to visualize the roll either coming from underneath or from your back hand so I can do a little both.

Ways when it comes to uh back I'll show you the shot first and then I'm going to show you how the bowl should look on the paddle so here we go those are hot so once again so what I want to do is I want to visualize the ball going right over the net I'm going to roll it over and I my aim is at my opponent's feet.

Okay so here we go so let's see number one how I took the ball I'm taking the ball out here and number two is I'm brushing the ball to give it some Top Spin that's where we get that roll so we either can roll the ball from under it down here with our wrists straight forward or we.

Can roll it with a natural backhand so here's how both of them will look so that was a backhand and that was with your wrist down so basically you want to brush the ball so it flips the bowl and gives it that topspin that we want so it rolls down at our opponent's feet hey if you like this video please go.

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