From temper the Terra tc-16 review right now pickleball lovers don't forget to have a good day look I'm making this more of a testimonial when I got this paddle about a week and a half ago I was amazed by the waiting on this paddle This is the Holy Grail in my opinion to the shape of a paddle meaning I can get around so quickly on this paddle because.

It's oval shaped I don't know why no one's really made a paddle somewhat like this in carbon fiber so this is from yesterday I'm in the top right hand corner I'm playing with the tamper and take a look at how I can maneuver the ball how I can speed it up the ball stays on the paddle that much longer and I can do that that was a pretty good.

Shot by me let's look at a couple more points quick speed up right the ball can stay on the pad a little longer that's why I really think I can do damage on Saturday in Pro and take a look I still get power right but I'm spinning the ball more with the Terra tc16 and look what I can do from.

The kitchen line I'm working on this two-handed backhand if you have a two-handed backhand you really like this paddle because you could do that the width of the tmpr 16 millimeters it is textured carbon fiber if you feel this it spins like anything else I don't really understand carbon fiber I will say I was blown away by the amount of.

Spin I can get with this paddle when I'm driving with this paddle it naturally wants to come over in my hand it really does this weight's incredible I will say one thing when I really try to crush it to crush it I don't know I don't quite kill it can I get power from the Terra tc16 because it's extremely soft So Soft that it is very amazing for resets and I.

Can get power from it but I don't get crazy pop what does that mean you're not going to get that pop like a grooving e gives you why do I like this I like this because I'm playing pro on Saturday and I'm not beating them with pop this paddle gives me a chance to win from the kitchen with my speed ups with my misdirections it is everything I Really.

Ever Wanted in a pickleball paddle I'm blown away by this pedal I really am I'm not sponsored by Temper but I'm playing Pro app on Saturday because I truly think I can do damage from the kitchen line with this paddle with my Mis directions it's so soft it stays on the pedal really long time and I think I can do really well.

Lovers may I suggested this video it was so good and have you ever played with the Terra tc16 it just came out I doubt you have and also a little teaser how about this the Terra 13 millimeter it's not approved yet just a teaser and you can click on that video and don't forget to have a good day
Joey reviews of Terra TC-16 TMPR pickleball paddle.

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