We're in the Finesse here but to be able to have both of those at her disposal took a lot of work Jones and Etta Wright Elise Jones almost South pawed that back into the court but couldn't get it all the way there right to the corner getting some.

Positivity on the court with her she'd know she rides an emotional roller coaster with not just her emotions but her health is a diabetic and that's hard enough to play on but not hard taking over not I kind of thought the serve was going to miss too so it was all wonky there but got away with it.

Foreign it wouldn't be attacked off the bounce smart job by them and out of bounds Smith did take a very lengthy bronze medal match last night to head out of here with a medal to fly both my shoulder elbow and wrist.

At given times really helps her here in pickleball so three in game five foreign so no points scored.

That ball doesn't know which way it's spinning right now and a right deserved that one foreign I mean you know that hurt but she found.

It inside and then snaps a winner Cross Court what a rally a second shot at Championship point.

Let's hear
Recapping another 5-game thriller from the 2023 PPA Red Rock Open

Women’s doubles Gold medal final featuring Meghan Dizon & Etta Wright vs. Lea Jansen & Allyce Jones