Foreign TV reactions make sure you rate comment and subscribe we'll be talking about is Jamie Foxx yeah that's right Jamie Foxx popular actor comedian pretty much was in some sort of.

Situation where he was receiving medical attention word on the street he had a stroke there are rumors claiming that the family parent for the worse I've been watching this story uncover for a minute.

And I just decided hey let me share my thoughts about this in my humble opinion Jamie Foxx was already cloned already and he's no longer with us so uh you know R.I.P Jamie Foxx what you have to understand about the industry is it's very satanic and as you can see by the uh the image.

On the screen you know the Demonic hand that's on Mr Fox shoulder it's very clear who he was with um a lot of these guys already sold their soul to the devil a long time ago and uh it's not a surprise to me what's going on but what's even more surprising.

Is the amount of stories that came out out TMZ been reporting on this story as you can see based on the time stamp and the dates on uh May 3rd uh TMZ reported that Jamie Foxx remains hospitalized as friends urge prayer for Jamie.

Now this is TMZ now now you know TMZ do not just put out a story they go gather the receipts they go get the proper information and do what they need to do they put this out on the third of May Jamie Foxx remains hospitalized which means he's in a hospital.

Right as friends urge prayer for Jamie now think about this the friends are Urgent prayer for Jamie and he remained hospitalized but then on the same day another post from TMZ Jamie Foxx breaks silence first time posting since.

Hospitalization wow on the same day it's interesting so he remained hospitalized and everybody's saying you know to friends we need to pray for him you know it's looking real bad you know and at the same time he's supposed to be doing a movie now what did I teach you.

Fam about these movies in the industry I told you many times that when they do these industry movies somebody gotta be sacrificed there is always a blood sacrifice every time a movie is produced you guys you ladies have to do your research every time Hollywood put out.

A movie you have to understand there must be a blood sacrifice every single time somebody Gotta Die somebody gonna either die on the set somebody gonna die somewhere what you have to understand is that Jamie Foxx is due for sacrifice I keep telling y'all this y'all keep getting.

Mad at me when I report the news y'all keep getting upset that's why I stay quiet the whole time because I want to see how all this stuff unfold so I can find out the lies so I can see what's going on and lo and behold all of a sudden now his so-called daughter whoever that woman is.

You understand she comes out with a post on her Instagram think about this Jamie Foxx loved ones reportedly preparing for Worse right now this is supposed to be what's going on on social media but now check out what this daughter wrote this is very interesting.

Update from the family update from the family sad to see how the media runs wild my dad has been out of the hospital for weeks but whoa wait wait wait wait so let me get this straight hold on so you need to tell me that uh your dad been out of the hospital for weeks but.

On your Instagram there's no posts of you let people know that he's out the hospital now again I don't know who that woman is you know I mean I don't know nothing about this Man's family but she have the name Fox so I'm assuming that's his daughter right.

Uh she's claiming that her dad her dad she said my dad has been out of the hospital for weeks recuperating but TMZ post on the third that your dad was being hospitalized like I I just it's just not making any sense you know what I'm saying.

Hold on a second let me get rid of this person right here about we just finding out now like these people just enjoy getting blocked I don't understand but anyway um I just told the idiot that uh I've been watching the story Brew for a few weeks and I'm now sharing my thoughts and there's always a clown that.

Just want to get blocked anyway um TMZ post this on the third that Jamie Foxx is in the hospital remains in the hospital but the daughter says that he was out of the hospital for.

Weeks but she never posts not one message on her Instagram it just goes to show how much love she had from for her father right now think about this Jamie Foxx suffered an alleged stroke if you know anything about a stroke right you just can't have a stroke like last.

Week two weeks ago and then all of a sudden all of a sudden now right after having a stroke you're out playing picketball nah you lying so the daughter is lying this is another industry uh move to.

I guess do a little damage control because they know that the public is not dumb the public is smart people can put two and two together Jamie Foxx was cloned fan Jamie Foxx may have already died do you understand and they got a clone set up because the daughter is basically saying my dad has been out of the.

Hospital for weeks recuperating but she never told nobody this right she never went to social media and say hey everybody my dad is home my dad is home appreciate everybody no so what's really going on here because various news stations been posting Stories the blogs are blowing up TMZ been reporting this news.

Everybody been talking about this people been making R.I.P videos but now all of a sudden the daughter want to say my dad has been out of the hospital for weeks recuperating so let me get this straight let let's play a little game here because.

Those of you that are on social media that been following the situation with the late Kevin Samuels you know if you in these YouTube streets that somebody have possession of his YouTube channel his Instagram and everything else where they keep trying to rehash old.

Content trying to get views because they're trying to make money off of a dead man right so it is not unlikely that somebody can post various updates on your Instagram because they did this on Kevin Samuels Instagram page which is the same thing that was done in Jamie Foxx situation.

Because if Jamie Foxx gave an alleged update because as you can see based on the stats it says Jamie Foxx breaks silence first time posting since hospitalization on May 3rd and if you go to his Instagram it have an all black post with him basically saying you know uh I'm feeling blessed.

Whatever the case is and that's it the truth of the matter is if Jamie Foxx was out for weeks recuperating and his daughter said he's out there playing pickleball why Jamie Foxx didn't just make a regular video since he got the strength to play Pickleball boss.

The man is cloned fam the man was cloned and then on top of that to add insult to injury he's supposed to be doing a movie and they had a so-called double allegedly this is what I'm hearing through the grapevine so think about this all of this is going on he has a stunt double somebody else have to play his part because he's being.

Hospitalized but rather than him being on a set film in the movie he's out playing pickleball now how is it that you got a stunt double out there finishing up a movie for you but you got the strength energy and time to be playing pickleball do you know that if you just had a stroke you're not supposed to be doing those.

Strenuous activity you're not supposed to be out there lifting heavy weights running around doing all this stuff because what's that's going to do is gonna put you in a position where you're gonna nut you're gonna get another stroke you're gonna get another stroke because you're recuperating.

So why would the daughter come out and make this post talking about you know in fact he was playing pickleball yesterday right after a stroke he's playing pickleball you lying you lying and how do you know he playing.

Pickleball you live with him still you still live with your daddy how do you know that and if he was out for weeks why you ain't report to social media by saying hey everybody appreciate the prayers my dad is home you know what I'm saying and you have little selfie photos.

And whatnot with your dad you don't got not one photo on your Instagram with your dad you don't got no updates matter of fact you made this post as a so-called story why didn't you just make it regular why where's the photo of your father out the hospital how could he be out playing pickleball with no photos and no videos.

You lying we have ex an exciting work announcement coming up we don't care about the announcements you're lying you understand you're lying the internet been brewing about Jamie Foxx for weeks where were you to make a post about it.

All of a sudden you want to talk about it Because the Internet already done no that your father may may have already done died and was cloned a lot of these people been cloned in the industry a lot of rappers been cloned already come on man do we got to keep going back and forth on this debate.

The industry is satanic they need certain individuals to remain alive to complete the bidding of the devil Jamie Foxx was due for blood sacrifice yeah it was his time it ain't surprising you know it is what it is this is how it goes in the industry.

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Tammy for the 10. appreciate your support all right Jamie Foxx in my humble opinion has been cloned and we're gonna see a new type of Jamie that you ain't seen before this is not new now I don't want to go down the laundry.

List of Industry people that have been cloned already some of you already know all the names but a lot of Industry cats have been cloned you see the before and after you know something ain't right your gut told you look there's something wrong this dude is not the same person and it is what it is it's it is it's not the same person.

You understand with all this AI stuff out here people transforming voices you can make rap songs with other rappers voices this world is sick my thing is this ladies and gentlemen we gotta make sense of all of this the daughter said that Jamie Foxx was out playing pickleball yesterday.

Do some research on what happens to a person when they have a stroke do some research do some research now I don't want to put anybody on the spot in the chat or in the clouds anywhere you know in terms of if you ever experienced or had a stroke it's not a game and you don't go out playing pickleball.

After a stroke do you understand it's a serious thing you're not supposed to be doing no strenuous work exercise uh you know lifting heavy things running back and forth because you'll go back into like you you'll have another stroke you know I mean you can't do that kind of activity no doctor would tell you hey.

You just got it out of the hospital you know you're supposed to be recuperating but you playing pickleball how does recuperate and pickleball remain in the same sentence foreign how it doesn't make sense the daughter is.

Lying she's lying y'all she's lying this is what they do they think you dumb they really do the industry think that people are not smart you know again TMZ Ben was reporting about this issue you know what I mean hey Ben was following this stuff and now.

All of a sudden now their newest story is Jamie Foxx daughter says he's out of hospital and recuperating How Could You recuperate and play Pickleball at the same time that doesn't make sense that is like that uh that NFL player what's his name the guy that uh his.

Heart stopped or something like that um I forgot his name we did a couple of videos about him um that's like he he was in the hospital then he get out the hospital and he's back playing football like the next week or two weeks nah it doesn't make any sense there's no way yeah Demar Damar Hamlin.

That that's like he just got he just got finished having a situation where his heart stopped and then two weeks later he's back on the field playing football does that make sense no to recuperate it takes a long time a stroke is not a game now it's very clear to me that he was cloned.

The thing is can they convince you that he good that he alive and everything is nice because the daughter's a liar I'm not believing nothing the daughter wrote because you don't know if that's the daughter listen people a lot of these Instagram profiles are not even run by these people.

You would really think that the daughter run her own Instagram no she don't I promise you the daughter do not even run her own Instagram y'all other companies run these sites you think Jamie Foxx run his Instagram no somebody else run the Instagram they don't got time to be sitting around.

Posting all day somebody else is authorized to post this and post that to keep it fresh to dress it up they don't have time for that social media is Big Business you got to have people that are talented that are able to keep up by posting the latest news posting your stories posting this to keep the people engaged this is what.

It's all about on social media no actor is running their profile do you understand someone else is who do you think post that that uh that that comment on Jamie Foxx Instagram that wasn't Jamie Foxx that was somebody else to make you believe that he good he not good if he good you would have saw him on.

Camera like he normally be you would have saw a photo you wouldn't see some dark image saying I feel blessed or whatever the case is nah that man gone man that man is gone so whatever Jamie Foxx you see now that's the Clone version.

I'm just letting you know the news you know don't get mad at me I'm just reporting the news what I'm seeing what's happening here because again the daughter don't make no sense you don't come out of a hospital recuperating and play in picketball whoever told her to post that done messed up because any person that.

Has any sense would read this and be like nah this was AI written this was written by some artificial intelligence program because there is no way that you can have a stroke and then come out of the hospital and then your doctor especially when you're a high profile actor your doctor's not.

Going to tell you go play picketball no you know what I mean just think about what you deal with if you had an injury or some sort of medical issue and you went to the hospital your doctor would recommend you know uh not to not to be too active you.

Know get a lot of bed rest drink a lot of fluids blah blah blah so think about if you're a multi-millionaire high profile actor and you're doing a film that needs you do you really think your doctor's going to put you at risk by saying go out there and play picketball no and if the dad been home out of the.

Hospital for weeks why the daughter didn't report on it why the daughter didn't say nothing y'all if Jamie was out for weeks why he ain't say nothing you understand why none of his family didn't say nothing.

If he was out for weeks and he good Because the Internet was on fire the whole time there have been rumors about the family preparing for a funeral are they preparing for the worse or however you interpret that where was the daughter to.

I guess put those rumors to rest by saying nah we not we didn't release No statement about you know we're we're preparing for the worst we didn't do that why now why she reporting now because it's getting heavy now the industry I mean the uh the the media and social media is pretty much like wow so.

He got cloned for real because you know how it is the way the industry works somebody Gotta Die I told you these blood sacrifices is real his number is up he gotta pay it's either look I told you about how these blood sacrifices work as an actor when it's.

Your time you gotta offer somebody else up as a blood sacrifice or if you can't you gotta offer up yourself maybe his daughter was supposed to be offered up as a sacrifice and Jamie Foxx probably is like nah fam I can't give up my daughter man that's my daughter yo they probably like look you're gonna have to give your daughter.

Up bro and he probably didn't feel like he wanted to do that and because of that he's like look just whatever happened to me hey it is what it is and he may have gotten sacrifice yeah so hey he made his deal with the devil man.

Jamie Foxx already made his deal with Satan so hey you know it is what it is man I just don't like the fact that the industry lies so much and they think everybody is dumb people put the puzzle together he have a film that they working on let's put it together from scratch let's.

Put it all together Jamie Foxx is in the industry you know he took you know he had to take the oath you know he had to go through the rituals in order to get in you don't become successful in the industry without going through the rituals you should know this already this is standard procedure in the industry right.

Um in the industry they gotta you gotta put on a dress they made Jamie Foxx put on dresses they made him dress up like women they did everything to this man so you know he's bought and paid for already so it's this is not a game you know I mean he's due for sacrifice right so now we we go back from from the start.

He has a film that they working on all of a sudden in the middle of the film he has what the industry reports as a medical emergency anytime you hear the term medical emergency they don't want to release exactly what it is because they don't want you to put the.

Puzzle together now word is he had a stroke you understand that's supposed to be the alleged medical emergency now once that happened during the filming of a movie that's the blood sacrifice ritual at work it has already started do you understand which means he was most likely given something to drink.

May have given something to eat and it triggered something within his body may have been injected with something you never know how these people work and he went through this medical emergency allegedly now he's in the hospital because he gots to pay with his soul you.

Gotta pay to Satan at the end of the day if you want to be rich and famous and live in the best of the best houses and cars and really blow up in the industry you've got to sell your soul I told you already this is how it goes look at all these black actors they always put them in dresses every black actor male you gotta go and.

Address gotta act like a woman you gotta do it it's the only way now you think it's all comedy you think it's games but ain't no way in this world somebody gonna put me in a dress and I'm gonna call that Acton are you kidding me nah there is no way as an actor I'm gonna be.

Placed in a dress and I'm gonna justify it as I'm acting and y'all gotta accept it because I'm acting no that's not acting bro they emasculated you that mean you've been bought and paid for ain't no telling what the industry already done to Jamie Foxx and then you have all this drama going on between him and P Diddy.

So it's a lot of stuff that's out there he may have broken the oath offended a lot of people and they said look guy it's your time to go not a daughter she's most likely dumbed down and naive and don't understand what's going on clone you you understand and then send you back and your family won't even know the.

Difference your family won't listen fam rappers that you knew from back in the day have been cloned already do I got a name any like let's let's stop let's stop playing games man this this industry is satanic Jamie always been friends with the devil man.

Don't misconstrue anything I'm saying this man have already done given his life and soul to Satan already this is not a surprise I just don't like the fact that the daughter lied update from the family sad to see how the media why would you be writing this now after all these.

Weeks why now why she did this now social media been talking about this where was the daughter before and is the daughter the only one that could speak for Jamie come on man.

Half of these so-called industry kids industry children whatever the case is they be waiting for their fathers and mothers to die so they could take their so-called wealth so it could be transferred over to them they can't wait for them to die this happens all the time your relatives.

Can't wait for you to die why she said update from the family now think about this update from the family do you really think that this woman wrote it she didn't write this y'all she did not write this why would it starts off update from the family if she's the one who wrote it what is it.

Corin Corin Fox I'm not sure if that's how you spell the name Corinne Karen whatever her name is if she wrote that it wouldn't say update from the family somebody else wrote that y'all who writes like that look fam if I'm running my own Instagram I would not say update from the family.

If it's my Instagram you went and start off update from the family she did not write that she don't got control over her Instagram somebody else is writing these things you understand update from the family sad to see how the media runs wild.

Who talks like that that's AI generated y'all do you know they got websites that can do all sorts of things for you they can write scripts for you they could write rap songs for you they could write uh video titles for you all AI generated she did not write that.

Update from the family sad to see how the media runs wow my dad has been out of the hospital for weeks if he'd been out of the hospital for weeks again why if he'd been out of the hospital for weeks why would TMZ post that Jamie Foxx remains hospitalized as friends urge prayer for.

Jamie on May 3rd why would he do that it's May 12th how could he have been out of the hospital for weeks if he was just in the hospital on the third somebody's lying somebody's lying y'all like I said.

Not everything on social media be accurate but one thing I can tell you is when TMZ put out stuff fam they do the research before they release that info trust me there's a lot of stories that came out and TMZ didn't even touch the story they just left it alone because it just didn't make sense.

But with this Jamie Foxx story they've been following it you know you even have one post there on the third Jamie Foxx fell in as beat Shazam host during hospitalization is Nick Cannon um whatever the case is they're posting all these things and then they have this post of Jamie.

Foxx breaks silence but he never spoke they're posting because they noticed that on his Instagram somebody made an upload but anybody can do that that's what I'm trying to show you fam anybody can control your Instagram somebody have control over Jamie Foxx Instagram because think about it the.

Post that was made on Jamie Foxx Instagram was made on the third it was made on the third ladies and gentlemen today is the 12th how come no new posts have been made of Jamie Foxx claiming that he's out playing pickleball they think that we dumb they really do.

They think that we dumb and we don't know what we're doing I'm just trying to keep y'all in the loop so that you don't get played the daughter is in on this she may have allegedly sacrificed her dad fan yeah I better peep the game the daughter may have allegedly sacrificed her pops we may have to do.

Some investigation on the daughter fath he may have sacrificed him she may be a part of the cover-up she may be a part of the cloning of Jamie Foxx allegedly cause she seems to be the one that's the spokesperson for Jamie Foxx all of a sudden he don't got nobody else that could.

Speak for him is she the spokesperson maybe she sacrificed him maybe she's trying to advance her career and said Hey Dad it's your time to go maybe them boys in them in the industry came to the door and said look if you want to excel in in in in this industry you're gonna have to sacrifice.

A good offering well what I need to do you need to sacrifice your dad what that's right I wanna sacrifice someone must be your dad the only one but.

That's my father that's Jamie Foxx it doesn't matter if you want wealth and wishes you must sacrifice Jamie Foxx but um he's doing a movie and um how could I live with the regret and the the guilt.

I mean I love my dad do you love money do you love success okay um what I need to do well huh there's so many ways you a special package all you have to do is Miss drink.

And this is what they do fam this is what they do bruh I'm telling you man this is how they do it in the industry maybe the daughter is involved maybe she sacrificed her pops fam think about it now I don't know nothing about his daughter I'm just hearing about her I didn't even know he had a daughter.

I didn't even know this man had a daughter you know what I'm saying she looked good I ain't gonna lie I'll smash but then again she might be toxic and poison if she deleted her pops bruh it's crazy man oh so he got two daughters I thought his daughter was a white girl.

At first though because it seemed like all her friends are white I don't know it's like maybe she want to be white I don't know but uh all jokes aside man I really think that maybe the daughter may have some involvement in this man because again this is look people how many of you have.

A grandma or uncle a father mom and you knew they had a stroke with a show of a one how many of you had relatives that you knew that had a stroke how many of you would have show ever won because you just can't have a stroke and then the next day or a week or two later you out playing.

Pickleball it's not gonna work see all of you that that have this experience of relatives that had Strokes you knew they weren't the same after those Strokes they were not the same things change their activities change everything change so even if Jamie Foxx recover from a.

Stroke he's not going to be the same again he's not no amount of money can put you back a stroke is a serious thing man and it's just sad to see that people be having all this money all this wealth and their health be bad man this just goes to show you can have all.

The money in the world and not take care of yourself because you don't care you think you're going to live forever sometimes I say man if I had all of this money the way these people got man like man you know what kind of people I would be hiring all different sorts of medical people to.

Make sure this is right that is right I'll have the best of the best how these people don't got that how these people didn't see this coming how these people prepare for movies and don't have physicals and and don't have proper nutrition I just don't get it like like how now here's another thing ladies and.

Gentlemen let's throw this out there what if Jamie Foxx was already cloned what if Jamie Foxx was already cloned and what happened is the artificial intelligence or whatever was used to clone him had a malfunction come on come on.

What if he been gone already what have he been died already come on man y'all gotta look at this thing from an AI perspective look at all the technology we got now look at all the blood sacrifices that happened in recent past what if this man died already.

And the family been covered it up and for some reason during the movie there was a malfunction with the Clone and they had to bring the Clone into the hospital for repair under the guise of a medical emergency yeah.

I'm on now come on we may be onto something here we may be onto something think about it what if he already died and Jamie Foxx was already cloned and we were all fooled already and during the episode of the filming there may have been some sort of Machinery around and there may have been.

Some sort of uh situation where the artificial intelligence or whatever was operating the Clone may have had some sort of malfunction on the set and they quickly got Jamie the Clone up out of there quickly to avoid media coverage to avoid anyone from catching any video.

Right and they brought him to a special location a special Hospital when they examined the Clone and then they released the Clone because how could you have a stroke in your outplaying pickleball how it takes a lot of energy to do that.

That strenuous activity you know what it is running back and forth that's like tennis I believe pickleball is probably another word for tennis or um I don't know some sort you running up and down you're using some sort of um racket or something like that and how.

Could Jamie do that after a stroke think about it fam that's not Jamie Foxx he's he's already cloned he's not here no more he may have already done Ben's sacrifice what does his daughter do what does his daughter do what what kind of Fame do the daughter have I know nothing about the daughter other than.

She can get it that's all I know I don't know what she'd do but she need to be breed up um anybody know anything about the daughter in terms of like what she do like um is she famous like is she an actress or you know what she do because her.

Instagram she have a lot of um followers and whatnot most likely because of her dad and because you know she's cute and all but other than that what she do all right let me see she does his show she does her show his show with him she was his co-host she's an actor um seems like she may be having a little ambition.

May have allegedly sacrificed her father a couple of years back because if you don't know if you don't notice this The Jamie Foxx of old changed I don't know if anybody peeped that but Jamie Foxx once looked a certain way a couple of years back and then it was a major change he just totally changed looked totally different everything.

Changed and this happens a lot with a lot of these industry cats so she was a co-host with her dad could be that she may have offered him up as a blood sacrifice allegedly because one thing you have to understand about actors is they act and you never know when they playing you.

Never know because a lot of them act even when they're off the stage you never know so this story with Jamie Foxx in my opinion is that he was cloned a long time ago and while filming a movie I mean think about this think about how fast they got.

A double to play Jamie Foxx think about that fam how does the movie industry immediately have a double to play your role that fast how do they have a double for Jamie Foxx so quickly isn't that amazing think about that.

It's almost like they had another clone readily available just in case that one malfunction this industry is sick bruh it's really sick listen this is just between me and you fam I believe a lot of actors that are in Hollywood or not even human you can get mad you could tell me.

I'm crazy I don't believe they're human I really don't I just don't believe they're human I've always had these thoughts that a lot of these people that you see in Hollywood that they're not even human that they're all clones puppets because the kind of work they do.

You have to ask yourself like what kind of Life do these people have outside of this where do they go where do they have fun and why there's really nothing going on in their life other than what we see on social media it's like they're robots it's amazing.

How they make us believe these people are real think about the things these people do some of these people they be old very old and decrepit and they'll be filming a movie and during the movie they look super young they're muscular all of this CGI technology fam it's not real a lot of these actors Ben died already.

They've been sacrificed already I just don't believe the daughter man I believe that the daughter needs to be investigated on this one because like I said this post this post was not made by a human being this post was made by A.I we have an exciting work announcement coming next week too.

We what do you mean we shouldn't he be filming a movie what's going on where's the announcement of he's going back on the set to complete the movie did the movie get completed I don't know did the movie get completed ladies and gentlemen do you have any info on that.

Because people believe that when I make content I post to be everywhere at one time like I'm I'm not present like I don't got a life like I don't do anything else other than make videos like I just sit here all day just making video video video like I'm crazy you know.

Because if the movie is still being filmed then why he's not back on set why he didn't return back to work the movie was finished so it was finished already oh it was finished with the AI guy or some sort of Technology man.

That ought to tell you right there that he had a transition look maybe he was already sacrificed and was cloned already or the blood sacrifice was taking place during the filming of the movie it's either one or one or the other it can't be both he may have been the real Jaime during.

The filming of the movie and he was offered up as a sacrifice and he didn't know it was his time you know he probably didn't know that it was going to be his time but in most cases he should because I believe this the blood sacrifices have to be given like every 10 years.

Like every 10 years you have to offer up a blood sacrifice and they probably told him offer up one of your daughters you gotta offer up someone close someone that you love that's what's the way the sacrifices go you have to either upload not upload uh offer up your your mom your dad somebody that's close to you if you look at every.

Industry cat all these artists if you notice then Mom their dad somebody has to die their son their daughter somebody has to die and then once they die you notice they get a little more famous you know doors start to open up because of that sacrifice you know.

But I really believe that the daughter put out this story because she's trying to protect the image of the Clone she don't want the Clone um narrative to continue to go down these social media streets she don't want that to be in the minds of everyone.

Because that's what a lot of people are reporting on right now they're saying that uh Jamie Foxx was cloned some people are making R.I.P videos already um I just stayed quiet the whole time because I want to hear the conclusion of the matter and to me this post is what made me decide to now share my commentary.

Because I already knew something was strange about his medical emergency out of the blue and I knew that while him filming a movie it had to be a blood sacrifice I was just waiting for him to die because I already done knew if you had a stroke during a movie you're supposed to die.

And based on all of the reports it said that Jamie Foxx condition was growing worse so I was waiting for him to die so I could make my next video you know even though that might sound bad but at the end of the day you know this is content you know I mean I gotta report the news but I'm way I was waiting for him to die.

You know what I mean so by the pure fact that we hear rumors that the family Was preparing for the worst and TMZ reported that he still being hospitalized and people are his friends like asking the public for prayer I'm like this guy is gonna die so how was it that he went from need in.

Prayer you know struggling looking bad everybody's saying is not looking good for Jamie Foxx you know now he's out playing pickleball is not making sense that's not the real Jamie Foxx it appears as if though he'd been clone.

Y'all and this is designed to promote the movie this is the sacrifice to promote the movie now everybody's gonna go see the movie because they want to be like yo I saw the last movie from Jamie Foxx.

The last movie when Jamie Foxx was an actor you know when he was alive allegedly because as far as I'm concerned he died already I mean somebody had asked me the other day it was like yo Rango could you do a video about The Jamie Foxx situation I was like you ain't know he gone already.

I think I told them that in the comments I was like he been gone you know what you see on TV is clones a lot of people been cloned you know rapper's been cloned already a lot of rappers one minute they had a they were you know they had a bunch of weight on them next minute they slim.

Down looked totally different clone clone some rappers they were ultra skinny at one minute next next three months they diesel and you're like what the hell what what's going on here clone they done sacrifice that brother already.

That's the way it is man you know but this is what's going on you see all you gotta do is just keep your eyes open man and you can see what's going on in the industry you're not dumb you're smart a lot of you already don't know that Jamie Foxx died already your.

Spirit told you that already your spirit told you Jamie Foxx died already you already had confirmation now they trying to tell you that he out playing pickleball no the daughter's lying the daughter may be a damn clone for all we know.

You never know fam you never know what goes on in this industry man it's sick industry is sick fam you know but anyway that's all I'm gonna say on this matter if I get anything else I'll report on it but um as far as I'm concerned you know.

I mean Jamie Foxx you know he already done passed away in my opinion you know so R.I.P to JB Fox um he'd been cloned in my opinion you know you could get mad you can cry I don't care it is not bothering me I'm just reporting the news um the story from the door that don't.

Seem right if you believe the lie that daughter put out then you crazy you gotta be crazy I mean think about this update from family nobody starts off a post like that if she's writing this she wouldn't say update from the family what family.

What family who wrote that is the question you need to ask yourself who wrote that who wrote update from the family that's not her understand sad to see how the media runs wild my dad has been out of the hospital for.

Weeks weeks weeks if he'd been out of the hospital for weeks why she's now saying this she could have told you this weeks ago she could have told everybody on her Instagram hey y'all uh my dad is out I appreciate all the prayers he's doing.

Well she did not do that so this post right here is a lie he been out of the hospital for weeks recuperating in fact he was playing pickleball yesterday that's to make us think that Jamie Foxx is doing well when actually he could be doing bad it's a play on words yeah.

In fact he could be playing he in fact he was playing pickleball yesterday that's to make you think that he's doing good when they really are constructing the Clone or uh you know restructuring the program software in the Clone to sound like him remember they got AI.

Voice technology that can make anybody sound like actors now so they can program these these things man thanks for everyone's prayers and support why is she thanking everyone for their prayers and support now if her father been home for weeks foreign.

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That's viewing in the cloud stop being shy subscribe to the channel stop playing around right we'll be back with another one I got about two more streams to do so I'm gonna go prepare for those I'm gonna be on camera for the other two streams.

All right won't be on camera so don't don't you know don't start getting mad I will sound like renko how come you off camera man why you ain't on camera bro like what's going on I'm gonna be on camera for the next two streams for him gotta go get something to eat you already don't know the drill.

Fam right after that stream I gotta go get something to eat all right so uh shout out to Sean to navigate in the building what's going on um I'm not sure if I seen v dub in the chat early or not I know I saw a couple of people there but anyway appreciate everybody coming out we're gonna be back.

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JAMIE FOXX Was CLONED and SACRIFICED? Corinne Foxx Says He Played Pickleball After Stroke?

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