But first when it comes to staying in shape a lot of us think about classes in a gym but the hottest sport out there these days for players of all ages is pickleball that it is it's a bit of a combination sport it's a collection of others it actually originated in Washington state where pickup Crews of people with different backgrounds for.

Fishing boats are known as pickle Cruise they say since this sport combines so many others they just called a pickleball and our very own George corset couldn't wait to get on the court with the league sponsored by our friends at Senior Care Plus have a look Senior Care Plus is supporting and promoting pickleball for seniors what.

Makes it such a great sport for seniors for our seniors there's so many different levels of pickleball that you can play we have our beginner level or intermediate are our high intensity pickleball player so it's a great sport for seniors of all activity levels just to get out there and and be active and engage with other seniors and really.

Just kind of socialize and meet people and really be a part of the community foreign plus is a really excited sponsor pickleball this year it's it's come to our community in a really big way as you can see behind me all these courts here is just so fantastic for our seniors to get out and play.

It's a cross between tennis ping pong and badminton and it's a hit so here specifically they have about three to four hundred people come every single day every day every day um it's a Monday through Sunday sport people can come anytime during the day I believe they open at 8 30 um and so most people come about three.

Or four times a week that's the case for Ralph barbato he's 69 and that's in the middle of the age group that plays pickleball here you know there really isn't an age range it starts as early as four years old and into your 80s no problem so you have members actually out here playing in their 80s absolutely well that's incredible and if they're.

Young as four that means grandparents and grandkids can play what a great sport for those two to get involved with because we're always looking for more things to do with our grandkids so Ralph what is it about pickleball to get you out here you know probably the biggest thing is my friends I really like getting on text.

In the morning and finding out if my friend can play with me or my couple friends can play with me and it's a great way for me to get together with them and have a great time foreign as well as they come here they play for a little while and then they sit around and they talk they have lunch together they really just like have become.

Friends just walking in here from the parking lot you're hearing people hey Sally Hey Joe people that they've never met before they met through this activity and it improves lateral movement hand and eye coordination and balance too I think the one of the biggest things I.

Noticed is reaction time um Mobility you have to move in this game you have to move to the ball the ball doesn't come to you like in tennis it's not only great for your physical health it lowers your blood pressure helps with your cholesterol really helps you to stay active but it's fantastic for your emotional social uh mental.

Health getting out here and being a part of something um you know social and Senior isolation is a real problem in our community and so if you ever just want to get out and meet some people this is a great place to come do it what about different levels of play I mean if I was brand new and I'm walking the door the last thing.

I want to do is play some guy who's really good right right that's a good question when you come into a seal like this is usually signage up that says this row of quartz is for beginners also you had of course just for beginners absolutely and then you have Courts for intermediate play and then the more advanced play so do you play Pickleball.

I have not played pickleball yet I'm super excited to get out here with my hometown house Senior Care Plus and renowned co-workers and uh join a club so get involved get fit game on get on your horse oh George so how do you get involved brain I happen to know that one we've got all.

The information on that on our website just go to aging and awesome.com and click on the featured segments tab