Point wow Packer Zena and Vicky Ryan oh that is a whip from jackon inside in out here he’s not liking Jack sack right now oh the athleticism on spot Point wow beautiful shot from mcguin Point drop behind McGuffin right before the.

Serve beautiful play from Tyson McGuffin gets his way to the kitchen oh my goodness Jack sck that game point continues for Jack sock he was laughing at McGuffin for calling the Timeout on game point Miss return from McGuffin so it might even just be let’s come back to what we originally planned.

To we’ll see here to do from his tennis background his ability to whip the ball but he absolutely generates a crazy amount of spin oh my out inside out 43 seed going to do the same again against Dylan fer seated eighth in this tournament need sign out and ab and it still wasn’t even that.

Long oh no filthy from Jack socket the kitchen the back hand roll to the same spot opens him up mcguffin’s going to cover space just to back point oh my right now point that was the Target that was.

Working earlier which was the inside out doing a good job mixing it up oh my goodness Jack suck 7 eight Jack oh my what a counter off the volley point oh whip oh no Miss.

Return had great great more of that as it’s continued to get him a lead here early in game three oh my back wall McGuffin is my goodness inside in Inside Out Jack sock is putting on a clinic former tennis start oh my goodness.

6 it’s unbelievable point of the match Jack sock gets the crowd on their feet what a moment for the tennis start with a little dance at the end with that big winding forehand M gets the ball goes down the line 81 and Jack sock with Match Point Tyson McGuffin fumbles the return.

And the second top five win goes to Jack sock in his career a three- game Thriller over the three season
Highlights from the Men’s Singles Round 16 match – Jack Sock vs Tyson McGuffin. Mesa Arizona Cup 2024 – Pro Pickleball Men’s Singles Round of 16 match.

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