Good morning it's uh what is today Thursday I'm at the 4.0 mix tournament and my partner bill is shot shot so he won't get on camera but I played with him last year can't see him no I won't join all right so we won our first match we lost our second now we won our third so we're in the consolation what else do.

They call it the opportunity bracket and then I have my ladder match after this at three o'clock so if you want to get in on all the pickleball fun you have to move here to The Villages I'm Robin cavalera I'm a realtor here here's my phone number call me if you want to buy a home here and play Pickleball or visit my website at Robin. all right I'm going to finish playing and sweating off a couple pounds and we'll be good I'll be Beach ready I'm calling the beach this weekend and you know what I think I'm gonna film from there too so you check that out