Slaves should be the senior pickleball report from the court that I built in my parents basement powered by TNC Network let's get it going as we look at these different paddles from different companies at different price points paddle companies that have been in.

Pickleball a long time relatively speaking and those who are new to the market if we look closely they all have the USA pickleball approved logo or stamp of approval on their paddle that's interesting and it's interesting because the question has arisen over the last calendar year in into the new year about.

Whether or not these paddles and other paddles from other companies are the same panels with the same quality and build control with the same grit with the same spin with the same touch and feel are the same paddles that we the amateurs are using as the pros are getting to use that is what we're going to address.

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T-shirt all right on to the content well we're starting off 2023 with a little bit of controversy uh in 2022 we had paddle gate the U.S open sort of debacle which I covered in a video which you can get the link to in the description.

Um and it was between USA pickleball and crbm paddles carbon and they were banned mid-tournament for having um being outside the legalities of spin that's the spin that could create and then during the tournament an official was testing a Yola paddle not necessarily.

This model on camera and he mentioned that this paddle was probably going to fail and it did fail in his test on the camera as well and then you know it went from there like who's making these decisions because the YOLO paddles were not banned or recalled and carbon had to jump through all these.

Hoops to get their paddles reapproved and so on and so forth and then later in the year when Anna Lee Waters lost her only singles match of the year to Paris Todd Paris was using a yellow paddle and uh at the end of the match uh Annalee wanted the panel check it was checked and it was told it had passed it.

We had never really had we never get to see the results it was just there's not really any transparency going there so the question is really what does this mean this little stamp of approval and again paddles from all different price ranges and whether they've been around for a long time so the paddle I use.

Um different models whether they're cheap expensive or a panel that's been around in the standard for a very long time they all want that seal of approval and at the end of the day it doesn't seem to mean a lot because no man's land a Blog that I followed brought up an issue that was on one of the pickleball Forums on.

Facebook about somebody who had come into contact and had one of Catherine parento's paddles and she's with paddle Tech and it was I believe they said a carbon face that had a lot of grit on it in other words something very unlike a paddle Tech paddle that is on the marketplace and the idea is with the rules that we're all supposed to play.

With the same equipment the pros play with the same equipment we play with but the rumor Mills have been going around that the pros get the grittier paddles if there's a batch that are grittier and you know we don't know but this is all suspect it is suspect because of the actions of USA pickleball over the years and so they seem to cherry pick who they.

Ban and who they don't and uh which players maybe can get away with certain things and which companies might be able to get away with certain things again a lot of this is speculation um I would consider going if I were you to read the blog on no man's land uh they do an excellent job of analysis on Pro pickleball and uh this is one of the.

Things they brought up because it comes up every so often and as pickleball grows the more money becomes prevalent sponsorship Celebrity Status recognition um people are going to sort of push those barriers and it seems at this point we really don't have a strong organization to uh really enforce the rules.

Which going down the line is not going to be good for the sport if it wants to become something that is looked upon as legitimate and maybe potentially an Olympic sport so check it out I do not buy um paddles anymore unless I watch PB J pickleball a YouTube channel where he tests all the panels with the same.

Equipment that USA pickleball does and again unofficial because you know as he says he's a guy on the internet doing it but you know this isn't rocket science and a lot of these paddles that he tests don't fit the parameters that USA pickleball has set so I would check out that channel again I did a video on that as.

Well there's a link in the description and you know look at those and make your you know choices based on that because that's all we really have to go upon at this point apparently the seal of approval doesn't always mean something so another big name that was kind of associated with the story is Andrea Coop and um.

She plays with panel Tech as well Rick whitskin who I interviewed I apparently jumped in on the post and said that he was not aware of any such battles being out there Annalee Waters plays with paddle Tech so this could be paddle gate to Electric Boogaloo and uh paddle Tech's a company that's been around a long time and has been.

Pre-reparable so we'll see what happens with this if anything again this is about USA pickleball doing their job and the question is are they doing their job all right in the meantime let's pick
Are professional players playing with the same paddles as amateurs?

No Man’s Land blog

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