So as you can see Kenny's paddle is down and if he stays like that I call it bowling ball position it's not a great position yes if I hit a ball underneath the waist it's an all right position if you can control the height but unfortunately once I start putting it higher on him all he can do is hit up on the ball if.

He can even get it over here we go he's staying in bowling ball and I put it high what can he do not much okay so Kenny's doing bowling ball dinking keeping the paddle down and boom okay so he barely gets it over good get that's all all he can do because he's stuck with that ready position one more.

Okay that's popped up and that would be lunch for you guys that's it or I can hit his handle see he's stuck he's handcuffed and that and that's why and that's why anything High good luck see you're kind of handcuffed right hi coach Maddie Klein here from pickleball.

Minute please subscribe on YouTube look us up on Facebook and please look up that's right free today we're going to talk about paddle position and we're going to show you some video or actually you just saw a little and you're going to see a little more of why you don't want to have your paddle like this when you're.

Waiting you either want to be here here here here but you definitely don't want to be like this the ball will come and hit your hand your handle and even if it does hit the middle of the paddle which is going to be rare it's going to pop up because look at the angle of my paddle so here we're going.

To show you some video please enjoy we have 135 videos so far Please Subscribe and talk to you soon take care pickleball minute that would have been gone that's all he can do if you keep that paddle up there that's all and that's in by seven feet it's in by seven feet with no Pace whatsoever.

So now get back to a real good ready position whatever your ready position is much better much better be much better there you go okay now go back to that bowling ball Style one more on bowling ball there you go and that's the answer stop doing that people.

On this episode of Pickleball Minute Coach Matty explains, ready position will set the stage and decide how far you will possibly excel in this awesome game. If you have a bowling ball ready position you must change it after your dink, the high ball will get you.
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