Foreign keeps the best Riley's got alive what an exchange going on right now foreign this is incredibly high level pickleball folks that you were watching right now you've got to be kidding me with this point what.

I mean that was just unbelievable and it finally ends with a disputed call and look at that look at this look at the respect look at the respects Jonah Dave what a point steps to the side change or this is the point from this is the Long Point for this time earlier okay this is a Long Point this is this point was unbelievable.

And it just keeps going I mean you've got the Ernie there you've got more attacks but yet more defense from the Newmans I mean take a look at this they're gonna be sitting back here for the next five 10 15 shots defending with their life yeah they work their way back up and then.

They take advantage getting aggressive themselves and how many times did you feel like this thing could be over and it just keeps going look at that speed from Kohler and yet the ball keeps coming back and the work on the Baseline out of Newman's.

The Takeya Open. AJ Koller/Andrea Koop vs. Riley Newman/Lindsey Newman. Mixed semifinals. I’m a man of superlatives, but really, this is it…THE GREATEST POINT IN PICKLEBALL HISTORY! 💯

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