Have you ever thrown your paddle before Steve Kennedy I'm Joey with Tony from into pickle that's right into pickles how you doing Joey and I want to talk about sandbagging no sandbagging where the PPA do you think a lot of people sandbag or do you think it's just a couple people and sandbag and if you're not sure what it is it's if you're a 4-0.

And you play 3-5 in event or if you're three eight and you're playing three five I wouldn't call it sandbagging but again are you sandbagging what's your opinion on that I think you know sandbagging Joey is definitely an issue right that we have to deal with sure uh in tournaments and the bigger the tournament usually the more the.

Sandbagging I always tell players like if you gotta if you got a floral medal like at the U.S open or something like that that's a that's a like a crazy four-wheel metal unless you're a four or five playing down right because usually the players that are there or the higher level players but same thing happens for sure I've taped a lot of 4-0 matches and.

I'm like those those are like four five five oh players I don't know if I can beat them and like you said bigger tournaments they tend to have better competition people play Down In bigger tournaments I think you should play down at home what are your views I think I think the reality is that if here's what's oh it's hard Joey so let's say I.

Don't stand back right yeah but everybody else handbags then then I get hoes right so it's gonna get a hose right right so I think it's going to be something I really think it's going to have to be something where the the tournament directors get a little more proactive in terms of making sure that that's not happening right where you got.

Like you know four or fives playing 4-0 and stuff like that sure because I think it starts to mess up the whole tournament um the feel of the tournament you don't mean for players absolutely where you and I are playing right now because we're playing at the higher levels yeah there's not really sandbagging because.

Not as much because you know if you're playing pro you see it more like you're right in the 3540 area where you get four rows or four or five even I mean four oh wait four fives play 4040s play three five right all the time right yeah now my opinion on that it's not the same back in his fault I never take responsibility what I'm saying is I.

Think duper dupr I think it's artificially inflated right now in relation to utpr what are your views I I would think I think so I haven't really followed too much on the ratings sure I don't know the ratings battle or something but yeah but you know it's interesting to see the discrepancies in the in the.

Rating system the other thing that can happen Joey is where you have players who are really like four five but they've self-rated 4-0 or whatever and it messes up our ratings because like what happens is that's actually a good point if we win that match right we don't get any credit like on our rating doesn't move at all yeah but if you lose.

That match you get crushed you get crushed well your ratings get crushed your ratings get crushed you're completely right how do you fix that again it's a it's a it's gonna have to wash itself off over time the problem is we have so many new players coming in right I think some of them rate themselves in good faith I think some.

Rate themselves maybe not in good face but I'd suggest hey some people and worse right right hi guys all the people have you ever thrown your paddle before Steve Kennedy putting you on the spot before or after so I think that's a yes I have thrown my paddle but after you.

Throw it you recognize you shouldn't have done it and you apologize I love Steve Kennedy Steve you're the best my views on rating systems I think it's too much about the money duper just got PPA app just went with utr utr is not the same as utpr right whatever you want to call it and the world think about reading too remember there's another one.

Too inside pretty accurate but I just don't think a lot enough people adopt it right so it's all about the Benjamins right how do you fix it you know the radio well that's where the governing bodies are so important and what's interesting to me now I know we're getting a little off topic but I'll raise it yeah is you have.

USA pickleball is still the governing body of pickleball right yes but the power of the PPA and their ability to influence decision making is going to grow as they continue to accumulate assets sure that one must be coming to Monopoly they bought pickleball Central Wisconsin I've never met him I'm sure he's an awesome guy right you know.

Pickleball tournaments so they're really going for this Monopoly right yeah MLP MLP now the MLP did they buy MLP by understanding I watched uh the other day you know Adam Stone and Rob nunnery have their podcast yeah they were talking about yeah there's a good podcast they were talking about a 25 interest is what they bought 25 interest in the amount.

Interesting that's what they I didn't know that I don't know that personally but that's what I heard so what you learned something hey Joe I didn't know he was going to be breaking news breaking news here's my I'm gonna give you my my two cents on this if you.

You gotta look in the mirror and decide like how important how valuable is this metal to you if you're just crushing everybody and you get a gold medal you know I just don't think that that's something that you should be like crazy proud about if you play against your level competition and you grind that thing out you get that bronze silver.

Gold or even fourth place that doesn't matter yeah I mean that you go home and you go I did good you know I battled yeah are you really Gonna Keep a bronze medal you might I've lost a lot of my medals but they mean a lot to me but it's not about the metal right it's about the competition it's about going out there and battling you know there's.

This Trilogy called compete learn honor right and honoring is actually the most important principle in that book uh Joey's reading this book right now send them right on the comments write in the comments ask Joey what chapter are you on and he'll tell you the honest guys yeah yeah for sure but I want them to know that you're because they heard that.

On my video not your video so they don't know you're reading the book now they know you're reading check out into pickle they will but compete learn honor is is talks about these principles and honoring the game and competing at your level is so important as part of pickleball so I would just tell you it's you're an adult look in the mirror check.

Yourself foreign so subscribe to into pickle we're gonna have more segments with Tony and Tony's awesome so don't forget to have a good day
@WeArePickleball and coach Joe Gmuer discuss sandbagging at the pickleball tournaments and flying paddles.

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