I'm on my good buddy aspen kearns pickleball farm group page on facebook i'm reading a post i'm blown away by what the new york times wrote and we're gonna have fun with this segment pickleball lovers please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget to have a good day.

If the new york times published an article saying your favorite sport has a massive amount of injuries would this help grow the sport this is what bothers me about the new york times article one it is selling fear have you ever had someone try to sell you life insurance in the past you're gonna die sometime.

Right ironically i hear a lot of people say pickleball has changed my life i've never been happier i've never had more friends and i can do something every single night of the week that's healthy and athletic yeah before i pulled my groin like two games before and i felt so bad when this.

Happened oh shoot i really did not mean to do that cliff was okay with that said i say this everything this is what one of the quotes from the article said not verbatim but basically it said this that the perception of injuries in pickleball is less for the player so when they get injured it seems.

Like they get injured more so take plenty of small steps all i should be on mark johnson in red oh he really hit his head hard i'm trying to help him up maybe people shouldn't play with me maybe i'm cursed but if you do want to get injured take plenty of small steps plenty of small steps back two no one in the pickleball world knows.

These people they're interviewing it's not like it's jordan brones if you truly love pickleball i'm sure you've played on a record because we can't go without it we're addicted to it and i love it so much i like to kiss the ground nothing like kissing a wet court on a tuesday i also recommend lobbing on a wet court to get injured and if you do that people.

Are gonna get really upset with you and they might try to punch you so i'm giving you many good tips on how to get injured three whether you like it or not a number of people never ever play pickleball because they have read this article and they don't want to get injured what did i learn from this article people are getting injured in.

Pickleball by taking too many small steps so maybe they should take less steps and they won't get injured also i learned they injure themselves every single part of the body so does that make pickleball the best full body workout on the planet i think it does because if you're injuring every single part of the body it's a full body.

Workout i think that's a definition never ever call out a ball with your partner don't say anything run into them and you'll get injured i guarantee it i guarantee it or your money back i almost run into keith and i'm playing like a crazy man a crazy man with some pre-workout in his veins and here it comes here comes i assure.

You this is going to be pretty good pretty good and you have to run for every single ball pickleball lovers what do you think of this article do you agree with me or do you not please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget here are the pickleball pirates we may love people just as much as you do i know.

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New York Times posted an article “Pickleball, Sport of the Future Injury?” which caused some backslash from pickleball society on Pickleball Forum on Facebook. Here is Joe Gmuer’s take on it. Watch today pickleball TIP in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more pickleball lessons!

NYT Article: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/08/20/health/pickleball-sports-injury.html
Pickleball Forum discussion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1340630926008388/posts/7957468054324609

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