All right what's up guys we are back with another podcast episode this time you're stuck with will and I you had guests for like three or four weeks straight you just got me in will this time yeah yeah yeah it's just us I think I feel like it with just us you guys let us know do you like it with just us or.

Do you prefer the guest because maybe that means we both talk less when there's a guest but I do want to say thanks to everyone who made it to the end of the last podcast episode the last three episodes were like an hour and 53 minutes each and the last one with Kyle specifically there was not necessarily a lot of.

Pickleball talk in there and plenty of you said you made it to the end so thank you to everyone who watched that uh we really appreciate everyone who makes it to the end of that and uh we may start doing something where we read some of the reviews on uh Apple podcast as well as some YouTube comments so if you leave us a review good and it's funny we might.

Read some of those so go give us five stars on uh your preferred platform and we might read those they're gonna start asking for ridiculous requests like May Christ say this I don't know quote and I like say here's the thing there's a limit for sure you can't be too ridiculous otherwise I'm just gonna skip it okay okay but what if they like.

Asked you to like read in the accent or the voice of like Batman or something would you do it probably not I would probably feel too still I'll let you handle those that sounds like more of a you thing than me okay we'll see we'll see that sounds kind of fun I mean it would be kind of fun not for.

Me but it would be fun for me to watch you do it okay I'll I'll put in some requests well we'll get something figured out but uh before we dive into this episode we're going to be talking a lot about uh the PPA Minnesota that I was just at there was a lot of fun stuff from that some fun experiences but before we get into that well we got to.

Tell people about our very first podcast sponsor American Eagle they uh they approached both will and I for the podcast because they just recently launched a new athletic athleisure line called ae247 and they wanted us to do some content around that which we actually did in Arizona we basically did a 48-hour challenge in the close uh just.

Through our normal life and it was a lot of fun oh yeah I mean you guys have seen us wear them in some previous podcast episodes while we were wrapping up the content uh will what did you think of the clothes while we were wearing them dude I liked them they were actually really good and really comfy pretty much the only apparel I've brought to in.

Arizona we were there for two weeks and they all held up well I had socks from them shorts uh joggers hoodies shirts athletic shirts I mean I competed in them and they held up really well I mean I'd shoot I jumped in the freaking pool when we got to the Airbnb with the clothes on just to test out how quickly they dry and uh it's safe to say they.

They dried pretty well I was playing pickleball in that same shirt and shorts like probably hours later yeah no I was I was really impressed too I'm always skeptical of clothing deals because I just I don't know I it's not that I wear anything fancy but I just if I'm gonna take a clothing deal I want to make sure it's actually something good.

And I thought they held up really well my two favorite things were probably the jogger shorts those are just absurdly comfortable like just around the house and just for normal yeah you should have because they're probably my favorite thing along with the hoodie like the hoodie I wore this thing like basically all of the Arizona.

Trip as well as the Minnesota PPA so for all the pickleball stuff it's been great lounging around the house like this is probably one of the most comfortable hoodies I own now and wear it all the time in fact one of them was so comfortable that Sarah my wife stole one from I have one less hoodie than I did before so yes I think they're great they.

Hold up well for pickleball they hold up well for loungewear Thought American Eagle did a great job if you guys are interested in checking any of this out you can shop ae247 online and in select American Eagle stores now ae247 is made for wherever making moves in their training collection getting your Chill on and their hangout pieces and.

Everything in between with their Good Vibes line so check out the link in the description and shop ae247 now all right well let's get on to this podcast episode I don't know how much you have to talk about but I've got a lot from this trip but before we get into it let's just recap some news I don't know if you saw but our buddy.

James ignatowicz got his first two PPA gold titles yeah they grow up so fast oh that guy so fast they grow up so fast he still has a lot to do in terms of making his uh interviews a little less weird but if you guys haven't seen it just go to memes of pickleball on Instagram and look for James you'll find them real.

Fast I was gone like the whole weekend I was on a mountain I was visiting my buddy uh Danko and Hartford Connecticut we went to Vermont to go ski and snowboard and it was hard for me to get service and to keep up with all the news going on but the one thing that I saw over and over was that interview of James and then of course of uh DJ young.

Destroying that paddle against the ground of the earth and having it fly into the sky that's that thermo-forming pop baby popped into the moon you ever see another paddle bounce like that I bet you haven't no I haven't shoot if that's what happens if you I don't know if he does that.

Often or whatnot but yeah I was scared for the crowd like oh I wonder I hope he didn't hit anybody I don't think he did and I think I saw he puts in an apology but yeah yeah I don't think it hurt anyone that's good it was yeah that was definitely a pretty big bounce but yeah he he did great I mean he beat Anna bright and Riley Newman in the.

Semifinals I think so that's like a really kind of change right yeah James in Mexico Catherine uh you know obviously Ben and Annalee weren't there but still that's a huge win that I don't know if James was expecting to do soon so that was that was pretty fun the final match seemed like JW was just asleep I mean James was about to really.

Let me Adam 10-0 beat him 11-1 the second game was like 11 5 or 11 7. it mixed no no singles him and JW really yeah dude it was I was watching the stream I was at the venue watching someone else and I had the stream up and I was like oh my gosh James is obliterating JW right now oh it's rough yeah that was.

That was definitely surprising I don't know what was up maybe JW didn't sleep well the night before but yeah so yeah that was uh it was exciting to see James get some titles good to see some Mix-Ups at the PPA uh I do want to cover real quick just some paddle topics for people and if you have anything to throw in well feel free but my carbon 1X.

16 millimeter delaminated so I have now delaminated a 6-0 black diamond a 6-0 double black diamond a carbon 1X 16 millimeter and over the weekend I also found out that my legacy is delaminated so oh my gosh we'll see what happens I have not had a paddle break on me since the warrior and all the companies are telling me it's a small percentage of.

Paddles I don't know I mean I'm sure it is but for me as one person who Cycles between a lot of paddles to delaminate four different ones and while I was at the PPA I actually asked anyone I saw with a legacy a carbon any of them that I saw I asked them have you had him do laminate one guy there said he has delaminated two Legacy these in three.

Months another guy had a delaminated carbon that was like just on the edge of starting to do it one guys was horribly delaminated I don't know if it was a regular player or a senior Pro but like you just listened to it and you're like dude to be clear so when you see when you say delaminated you mean some of the layers are separating from each other.

Yeah so the the carbon fiber face is coming unglued from the core which is you know kind of causing like a small trampoline effect usually the paddle hits a little bit harder and then it gets really loud and in some cases face areas of the paddle are just very dead so they make a weird sound too there's almost like a Ting yes it's a very weird.

Sound like it if yours is delaminated you'll know if you have to ask if it's delaminated it's probably not delaminated it's very obvious in my opinion um but yeah two of my local guys also had delaminated legacies one of them played Senior Pro the other one played 5-0.

So I don't know all the companies are telling me it'll be fixed in March and I really hope it is because these paddles are all incredible I mean everyone loves them I love them I love what I've been playing with yeah like fantastic paddles so I really hope the issue's fixed and it's not going to be something that plagues all these but I did want to let.

People know that might delaminated so that meant I played the whole weekend with a carbon 1X 14 millimeter which is uncharacteristic for me but I actually liked it a lot I really did not have any issues playing with it I liked it a lot maybe if I had my 16 I would have liked it a little bit more but I didn't feel like I had any issues adapting to.

It I that's the pedal that I brought with me to Connecticut as well um I also played against oh first of all I went to the uh did you see the sign that they posted yeah my buddy donko he he I went skiing with him and uh we got some pickleball in and at the course that he played with.

At the rush house the Rocky Hill Tennis Court facility over there but they put a sign out like they spelled out my name welcome pickleball will and I thought that was a pretty cool thing and I got to play with some of the guys there um Angelo was real nice this guy named Scott and then I played against the Senior Pro.

Probably one of the best senior Pros ever played against he's actually probably one of the best players I've ever played against his name is Steve Rogers and I was like what I'm playing against Captain America he's real he's real real he's real yeah he wiped the phone with all of us it was pretty dude did you play him in singles I did play.

Him in singles but after we played like two hours of doubles and he had a he also had a full day of like teaching right sure so um he did beat me I got eight points off of him but uh I just know like if he was fresh like the stuff that he was hitting was absurd like and he was he was playing with the carbon 1×14 as well and.

Uh he was ripping back hands I've never seen some I've never seen a one-handed backhand like that good it was just kind of nuts except for maybe Jay de villier but I thought his was just on his roles was insane but had a good time had a good time that's fun that's fun yeah we were both uh we were both pretty busy you were in Connecticut I had the PPA it.

Was good times um snowy or blizzardy or whatever was it as much snow as everybody's making it seem yeah yes Wednesday Thursday we got hammered with snow now granted you know by the time it was evening on Thursday roads were plowed it was fine you know it was cold but that was about it and.

Then through the weekend totally fine like there were just no issues but if you were coming in either of those days there were quite a few flights canceled or rescheduled um yeah it was it it was rough you didn't want to go anywhere while it was snowing that's for sure I was actually out one of those days and it was like 20.

Miles an hour on the freeway so yeah it was it was not crazy but uh before we dive into my play topic I just recap real quick I've been playing with the 6-0 Double Black Diamond a lot I actually almost played the PPA with that only reason I didn't is because I played one single session with the 1X 14 millimeter and I was like geez this is.

Really nice like I actually I played both my brothers that evening I didn't drop a game it was closer to what I was used to with the longer handle but I could have used either honestly so I'm liking the 6-0 a lot I am going to work on a review of that I just want to make sure that you know all the delaminating issue is caught if that happens I'm.

Working on a head extreme tour Max first look if you just want to know now it has very high RPMs but it is not a good paddle so far it's actually the first paddle I think ever that I've seen that has crazy high spin but just isn't a good paddle so wow okay I don't think there's any way I'd play with it I've only played one.

Session with it so I'm I'll get a couple more in but from that first session I was like yeah I don't want to touch this thing again I see and then I've got Zayn review uh coming up probably the week after this podcast hopefully I'm working with an editor now uh so they gotta kind of get acclimated so I might get behind a little bit but then we will resume.

Normal schedule so okay those are the battle updates all right well my paddle updates are I have four like I guess like paddle videos that I've edited and I've recorded a-roll for I just I mean not edit it but like I've recorded April 4 and I've gotten all the shots for I just need to put them together so what I have coming up is a first look at the.

Gearbox gbx a first look at the Volare Mach 1 with guest star gameplay with uh Pro Grant Bond so you'll see some of that in there I have the six zero Double Black Diamond coming up and then I have the rhombus EVA foam paddle review coming and then I'm currently almost done with um I guess some of the grooving paddles.

That I'm taking a look at and I did hit with Zayn's paddle as well I'm probably gonna try to make it like a first look on that as well but yeah throwback to in your PSA when you're like it is a miracle I even get a video out and now you're like yeah I've got like seven videos in the queue no big deal well yeah it's just organizing everything in.

My life and then also I have if you guys are watching this right now and you see the background behind me this is actually my girlfriend's office I had some friends over from North Carolina and they've come here to help me out because they saw that I needed help and they've like helped me organize my space and like redo my office to make it just.

Better for Content creation so I'll probably do if you're interested I'll probably do like maybe a studio tour of that but just trying to get a workflow kind of going you may not hear from me for like I don't know I mean you'll see the videos come out but you may not hear from me for a while because I'm really trying to like get all these processes.

In place so when stuff comes in I know what to do I can shoot and just like build up this queue of content so I'm not stressing out as soon as the video goes out I typically stress oh crap what am I going to do next and I have a tough time prioritizing and then other stuff just kind of like you know life kind of gets.

In the way at least for me and so hopefully this will be the turnaround time you know I'm spending q1 trying to figure this all out for sure now that is good stuff we like to hear it will the people want the content they want the content they're waiting all right let's talk about the PPA Minnesota this was a fun tournament I actually wish you could.

Have come uh there was I mean got to meet a lot of people uh very funnily enough this is the first time that outside of seeing my brother's play in a video that people have known me from the internet come into town and then seen me and my brothers all in the same place people would pass Isaac all weekend and go dude love the podcast and he'd be.

Like nope that's not me that's my brother that's so funny Isaac I don't think looks anything like you I mean I can see what people are confusing but I just don't see it enough to go think that it's it's me I don't know it's very I mean you can definitely tell your I guess you can tell your brothers.

But I don't think you look anything alike and then I feel like maybe you and Pat are a little bit closer but Pat has the mustache and the beard yeah so it's I don't know fun fact about that how did how did he say it dang it I'm totally forgetting so I'm talking to DJ young Patrick and Isaac both my siblings they're playing the semi-finals against.

Each other in singles oh my gosh just like stressful no there was no trash talking though Isaac did abuse his hat repeatedly okay but DJ young is next to me and we're talking and he goes is that your brother and he was talking about Isaac and I was like dude both of those are my brothers and he's like what.

What and he was like why he's like why does one have the beard and then I don't remember exactly what he said or how it came up but essentially he was just like your brother's beard sucks and then we were at dinner and he happened DJ happened to be at the same restaurant and then he just told Patrick and it was very funny and then I think.

Patrick said something like I don't remember how he phrased it but he told DJ he's like at least I got a medal this weekend foreign s um and it was anyone who did come up and say hi to me instead of Isaac appreciate.

It we always like hearing you know that you guys are enjoying the podcast or the content so if you ever see me come say hi people just I don't know how many three five jokes did you hear you know I actually didn't hear ha actually I'm not sure I was gonna say not that many but now that I think about it I actually think I did here.

Occasionally I should be walking to a match and someone would say like let's go three five ah nice nice did you tell me they were chanting your three fives yeah it wasn't it wasn't like quite chanting but it was like people would just yell at so in my bronze match which we'll get to how that all led up to but people would just like I'd hit like a.

Nice shot or something and someone would just go let's go three five that's so funny so yeah let's just talk about some of the results so I played four or five singles and four o doubles me and my brother wanted to do four or five doubles but when I got back from Arizona the bracket was already full so we couldn't get into that so like when we.

Signed up for all made sense then we practiced a lot four or five made more sense couldn't get in uh four or five singles was a lot of fun I ended up losing my first game which was unfortunate and honestly for both me and the guy I played we were on the crappy Courts at the venue it was one of those situations where there was four.

Pickleball courts on a tennis court and there was not enough space in the back so the side against the tennis net was really tight like it's really hard to return on that side and the other side is really good so the first game I was on the bad side I got beat something like 5 11 or something like that and then the second.

Game we switched sides I beat him 11-2 because my serve was just destroying him like he could not he couldn't get it in or if he did get it in I'd come up and put it in a bad spot uh and then the last game where we switched sides twice uh was 7-Eleven so I went to the backdraw right away which was uh disappointing can you do a swap on the.

Third game you didn't do like yeah we did so I started on the bad side and then at six we switched and I was on the good side but I think he he just kind of had it more figured out he found ways to return he had really good passing shots uh I think the match could have gone either way but he he definitely figured it out I felt very confident that once I.

Was on the good side I was gonna win it yeah but yeah just I don't really know what happened um so after that went into the backdraw which was unfortunate but I beat the the first person oh sorry my very first match was a forfeit which is funny because I later found out the person was actually there but they didn't hear the.

Announcements and they weren't receiving texts oh that sucks so yeah they forfeited the first match and went straight to the backdraw so that the the one I just talked about was technically my second match um third match I won 15-3 felt really good in that one that one was fine next one 15-12 I played someone I knew from.

Here I was up like 7-1 at the switch they got to eight seven we went back and forth closed that game out uh that felt good next one 15 nine felt fine I get to the bronze match and I'm playing a guy that I know I train with him here his name's Dan Forsythe he's probably gonna comment on this video I guarantee you he will troll me in the.

Comments you'll see him undoubtedly he's probably laughing while he's hearing this to be honest he comments on all your videos doesn't he I think he comments on most of them I see him comment on the podcast at the very least yeah yeah yeah yeah so I play him and you know normally I hate playing people I know but for whatever reason.

The bronze match felt pretty chill with him uh game one I win 11-9 I was like okay that was close that was tail biter let's go three seconds yeah let's go three five second game three eleven I was like what just happened I could not string together any points and then the next one were neck and neck the whole game like it is tight the whole way.

Through and I'm playing I don't want to say it's the best singles I've probably ever played but I felt I don't know just the the way my body was moving and how I was hitting felt really good and I was more willing to run for balls that I wouldn't normally run for I actually I really wish this.

Was on video because I would love to see this slide but there was one that just went way off the court and I just ran as fast as I could to get it and I basically if I didn't slide and hit it perfectly I was gonna fall into a bench and into the people watching dude it was like the craziest flight I've ever hit like it was several feet of sliding and.

Then supposedly I don't know if it's true I was too focused on the match but people said because I was really I probably stopped about two feet away from people they said they could like smell the rubber on the ground for how hard it slid that's crazy but are you you're playing with the head revolts four pointers yeah dude okay so I'm.

Wearing those shoes now as well because my new balances uh you know they were done after Arizona and I do like the head revolts a lot they're probably like my second close second favorite shoe but I don't feel comfortable sliding I just feel like they have so much traction I don't I don't know how you slide in them oh really I have like zero issues.

Sliding in them really I mean like um You probably worn yours in I probably need to wore mine in a little bit more but still like I just they feel so stable and I just I don't know maybe it's just the way it's set up or maybe it's just me but I sure just seeing you hear you say that you slide him is kind of to me kind of crazy I've definitely.

Had easier shoes to slide in like the Babylon jet Mach 3s those were the first time I played it I'm almost too slippery where like I was almost sliding unintentionally um but yeah I don't know maybe I'm just used to the revolts at this point because I was I was sliding all over that Court that's for sure and those.

Scores are crazy too it's kind of fascinating I think just like pickleball in general just the momentum switches between matches are insane like swings are crazy it's completely crazy and I even have another one of those that we'll get to in a second but that third game I think we are at eight eight or it was eight and nine maybe I call it time.

Out because my stomach was actually I don't know that it was cramping but it wasn't feeling good I think I just I didn't eat enough that day I maybe had too much water so like my stomach just it was kind of off so it took a time out to catch a breather he serves the ball into the net and it was like the biggest like sigh of relief.

Ever I was like oh my gosh momentum is mine I'm winning this game so I think I get it to nine nine and then we just went back and forth a couple times he ended up closing it out I lose 9 11 in the third which was rough uh but I really wasn't unhappy I think we both played really well um you know line calls everything felt.

Good like it was just a good match even though I really would have liked to win that it's like dude I don't know what more I could have done that's crazy all right well what happened to the next uh the next matches yeah so well that was bronze so that was done and then doubles oh also before we move on I completely understand why Pros.

Drop out of singles as soon as they lose now if they're not immediately in the bronze match because the next day my legs were the most shot they have been in a long time like my glutes through my quads like everything was nuked so I can understand that if you the best you can get is Fifth Place why on Earth would you waste all of your energy to get a.

Fifth place right unless there is money or some sort of points or something that makes it worth your wild I get it yeah but even then if you're like Banner Anna Lee that money and those points mean nothing yeah no this is I can see that this is true what do you think about it for the rec players or the the amateurs who aren't playing pro like you and me.

Like would you like that or not what like which like going to the backdraw and the best you can get is fifth oh no I would hate that as an amateur I was actually going to rant about I already don't love it in the PPA now that you can't come back to Gold if you lose a match because you know losing.

Your first match and now the best you can do is bronze like yes you still want a medal but knowing you can work your way back to Gold feels so satisfying and I would have felt pretty confident in being able to work my way back to Gold but I was just kind of a little disappointed like oh okay best I can do is bronze now after my.

Second match like that's just kind of annoying so I don't love that and if they change it to where the best you could do is fifth I don't think most amateurs would care I honestly don't think I would care if the best I could do is fifth what do you think about uh single elimination brackets for the pros or even the amateurs amateurs I.

Think no way I think that's crazy all that money like you're like ah and then you get knocked out and you go somewhere just to play one game that kind of sucks it already sucks yeah exactly it would be terrible so for the pros I think it's honestly essentially a single elimination bracket at this point if the best you can do is fifth getting.

Knocked out in the first round like yeah it might as well be single elimination without saying it so I I think it's fine for the pros I get it I kind of liked when you could grind back through but I don't know yeah no it made really cool stories if the pros could come back like imagine being knocked out and then you come from the loser's side to make to.

Rematch the person who knocked here and then you took him out like I don't know I think that's that's very uh interesting and very I guess engaging you know yeah I agree so I hope they change it back for the amateurs at some point but my guess is it's so much more time efficient now that I don't see them changing it back I don't think they.

Particularly care about the amateurs I mean when you think about the PPA as a whole to be honest maybe pickleball tournaments as a whole including app but I'm gonna specifically say PPA here it is kind of ridiculous to me you pay so much money 150 to 200 to possibly only play two games to uh if you win you're winning like a ten dollar.

Medal it's not like it's a nice trophy it's not like you win any gear you're not winning anything exciting like you could go to the store and buy this metal if you wanted so I just I'm getting more and more skeptical of these large tournaments where I'm like as an amateur what are you really getting out of it.

You get to watch some Pro matches if you pay for it yeah if you pay for it now you have to even pay additional extra just to get into the stands or whatnot you know yeah I just think as an amateur your experience is really not that amazing I'm sure I'll keep playing them but I will say my motivation to want to do some of them is definitely lowered.

Like okay 200 plus travel plus food plus whatever else now you go one and two was that worth it probably not yeah unless you're going there to I guess meet some people or whatnot and I feel like playing Rec games is I don't know I like going there to play but you can't even play recordings because all the courts are taken up you.

Know which is why I really enjoy MLP get to watch the pros or whatnot do whatever it's exciting and then you want to take a little break because they're only using what two to four courts and then the rest of the facility is open you can go play some and it's I don't know it's a good experience definitely so yeah I just.

Have some I don't know those are kind of my thoughts on that but we'll go over doubles real quick Patrick and I so my singles bracket was 11 people I believe my doubles bracket was 30 people so this is a stinking huge wait wait 30 people or 30 teams 30 teams 30 teams yeah that's yes it was a huge bracket dude it was crazy so that was wild to see.

Um Patrick and I did really well we cruised through our first matches I don't remember what the scores were but I believe up until the semi-final we didn't even go to a game three everything was two games so was feeling great in doubles I felt really loose was moving really well um we didn't need to stack at all which.

Was great semi-final match I I'm playing the guy I played for bronze and singles so I was like it's Revenge time baby playback time we're not losing doubles to the same guy as well we win game one I'm like let's go then game two we're up nine four I'm just feeling it like I'm I'm loving it they call a timeout I think.

I hit a server turn in the net Rick hits a server turn in the net now it's six nine I either hit a server turn in the net or give a really weak ball and they get another point and now they're like we actually had a lot of people watching so they had a friend group and then like my family some friends and other people were watching.

Uh and then their team their people just started getting really loud and for whatever reason that really annoyed me one because I had just made some really dumb mistakes so I wasn't happy about that honestly there was really no reason for me to be mad but I just started tilting before that end of that game I was just.

My mental was gone I have probably never been more mad in a pickleball match than that match because all I could think was you should not be losing this match under any circumstance like I definitely thought and felt Patrick and I were the better team clearly not they ended up winning that game and then in the third game.

I was again mad we lost the the second one I was like you shouldn't have lost that one like you got to fix this then my my dinking started going off we had one guy we were targeting and I just started messing up easy balls they attacked a couple on me made some dumb mistakes they won that one like 11 6 or something dude I'm not kidding.

You as soon as I you know tapped paddles like said good job or whatever um I almost DJ young to my paddle like I just about chucked it at the wall I had to really think for a minute like I was so close to throwing it and then I was like do you really want to be that person no I don't so I did make it I didn't throw it but I.

I can relate to DJ and his frustration and I'm just an amateur like I'm not playing for money I'm not playing for a living so I can understand uh no you should not so mad you should have chucked it I wouldn't I want to see you on the front page of the memes of pickleball I do not want to be on the front page of that page not at all so.

But I did immediately go off and then find a spot just to sit on my own because I was just like dude yes how on Earth do you play so well all day and then you lose that one so you know anyway don't you think it's funny that as soon as you start thinking I can't lose this when you're ahead you're like okay or you like you want to get this.

Over with and just start trying to like get it done uh quickly that's when the momentum changes for whatever reason that's like totally when it happens at least in wreck I'm like oh my gosh and then they go on a run and then yeah then you lose then it's the worst because you're thinking that same thing in your head.

Well you know it was interesting I I was so mad and not confident in my shots anymore like I'd have like a shoulder High head high ball and I would I wasn't putting it away like I was I wasn't bumping it in but like I was so worried about making a mistake that you know it just didn't feel good and then when I would hit one and we'd hit like a winner.

You know people would start cheering to like try and pump us up I like couldn't even get happy all I could think was I I seriously couldn't no joke I just I'd hit a great shot and all I could think was I bet you can't do that twice it was a really weird mental state I I was not very pleased with how I handled that but.

It was a good Learning lesson about hopefully how to deal with that better in the future true wait so what were you playing which paddle were you playing with end up for doubles 14 millimeter oh so you're playing with both for singles and dubs oh wow yep I'm surprised yep it played great yeah I mean I was surprised too I tried to go back to my zero zero.

Three but it's just too soft like I think now that I've gotten used to the power of some of these thermo-formed paddles it's just really hard to want to go back yeah agreed yeah okay but anyways went on after that won a couple backdraw matches they were kind of tight I was still angry in a couple of those matches.

It took a couple it took a bit to come back down we get to the bronze match and we have to play a team so we had one of two things was gonna happen we were gonna play the team that we knocked out second match or we were gonna play Isaac my other brother oh yeah so they played each.

Other Isaac's team lost unfortunately kind of would have been fun to have an Olsen rivalry and then we had to play the same team again I felt pretty good about that because we beat him two games straight last time we had a plan bronze match game one it's like Patrick and I were asleep at the wheel One Eleven I was like holy what just.

Happened I honestly I don't know to be honest I think I was still I think I was still just a little upset and then like I think we just didn't have great momentum and it just took a minute to warm up second game we win that one gosh what did we win that one.

I actually don't remember what we won the second one let's just say it was like 11 6. now I'm getting now I'm feeling pretty hyped we get the second one we're not out um the car we had a lot of people watching that one that was a surprising amount of people watching like I wish I had a picture of it oh because there was.

Like little balconies you could watch from and then Courtside and like people were live streaming the match I don't know it was It was kind of interesting so third game was tight the whole way through um I actually had one of uh our Minnesota refs was the ref of the game so I know him really well so it was kind.

Of funny oh so that's how you won but wow he did actually call two footballs on the other team who are also from Minnesota by the way oh okay like I know them as well so I was I was like thank you thank you for calling football Tom them um but yeah we uh we played a tight match.

It was going back and forth Patrick and I get up like 10-9 we just couldn't close it dude we lose 11 13. oh this is those are the most painful I think those are even more painful than the I don't know the close ones I don't know do you think those are more painful or do you think like losing by a large margin.

I think losing by a large margin is more frustrating because it feels like you just left a lot on the table with this one I felt like I pretty much gave it my all minus you know maybe I was a little bit nervous and not hitting some normal shots but it did hurt being like you were so close you had the lead.

And you couldn't close out the lead like come on that's the way pickleball is actually I think the worst feeling is when you have a huge lead and you squander it and then you lose that's the worst yes that is by far the worst one for sure that's exactly what happened to donco this past weekend when I played him.

Um good plays Relish in this moment I love hearing donco no you you have no idea the last day we played donkey was talking so much to me like it was he was talking so much I actually had to go to the restroom and flush the toilet a few times that's how much he was talking all right and then we go we played two best out of Threes And.

Um uh yeah he was up like eight one in a few of those A2 he just couldn't close it out and I was like that's right Danko suck it I'm going back to Oklahoma now no more class for you let's go donko he is for reference to anyone this is one of Will's friends and when we were in Arizona he was like dude I'm gonna pickle you he's had somebody times did.

Not pickle me and then he got close was it did he play did he get 11-1 on you in one game I actually don't remember I don't remember any being particularly close but I mean it could have happened and I just mentally blocked out the trauma can I say that's one of the great things about pickleball is because you're so close you know the courts are.

So close enough like the trash docking is like so much easier to do and it's just constant and because there's so many points in a rally or whatever it is it's just funny because you know you're dinking and you're talking so much trash and you're thinking easy suddenly messes up something or whatever and then all of a sudden you're nice composed and.

Everything just turns into like absolutely Adrenaline Rush rage like yeah looking for another face it's so funny for real that's all I mean you've played with me I'm not someone who you know I'm not like a Julian Arnold or something where I'm yelling when I get like pumped up the bronze match for doubles was the it's like I seriously.

Think it's an adrenaline type of thing there was so much adrenaline and like emotion flowing through my body that when you would hear other people cheer after you hit a winner yeah I like I understand Julian Arnold now because it would just like come out of me I would just like yell like come on or let's go or like.

I don't know when you compete in a tournament and you're in a tight match like you'll get it I don't know it was it was weird I was like who is this guy yeah no that's weird that's no that's competition man that's what it means to be a competitor so for all the people I don't know there's there's a lot of people out.

There who obviously enjoy Julian Arnold some people don't like him they think he's over the top or whatnot but um I personally think whenever Julian goes out there and he's he's getting pumped up I think it's genuine and uh yeah you know it's not there for show it's it's there for him it's not there for us it's for him yeah and it shows.

That you're a competitor so I don't know until you really compete for something and you really care about something I wouldn't knock those people who are just going crazy you know because it comes out it's it's natural like we are naturally competitive uh like you know people right like sports I think that's the big thing.

People need to understand is that it's when you're playing for something that matters so much to you you train all the time for it your livelihood potentially depends on it there is just a lot of emotion I'm just thinking if there was this much emotion for me you know 4-0 bracket that essentially in the grand scheme of.

Things means absolutely nothing what it would mean if my income now depends on it you know what I mean so I I feel like I had I got a good perspective on the pros uh playing in my bracket this weekend but you know what will yeah we're gonna have to we're gonna have to start something new now I mean I got fourth and four five and.

Fourth and 4-0 okay I mean I'm 4-0 at worst now I don't know no more 35 at best no it's never oh dude I'm not gonna I'm not gonna be the one who does that I think you're gonna be three five best forever maybe if the people start I don't know saying that to you.

Then maybe your name will change but maybe not but you know what it would be a nice I guess additional shirt to have like a 40 or 405 or something like that just to accompany the three five and best you guys are hearing this here first if anyone makes that shirt that idea came from here on this podcast it did not exist before this podcast so.

Just know that if you see it somewhere and it wasn't one of us that was our idea okay fair enough we're gonna copyright that by putting this into the into the time Vault you'll recover that trademark that right now go Chris go get it done exactly um but yeah uh quick other things about the PPA.

I have a feeling there will not be as many Pros back next year really why not because they all hate the court surface at this lifetime so everyone in Minnesota who plays there it's bouncy isn't it it's I actually think it bounces less it's almost kind of like the whole court is one big dead spot is the best way to describe it I've played.

There so much that I'm kind of used to it now but I actually was watching a James match Christian Alshon serves the ball James completely whiffs like he literally doesn't even make contact with and it wasn't away from him it was like right at his body he just missed a forehand and he's just staring at the court like.

What I watched Tyler loon play and something about dinking was really off for him with the court because every time he'd miss a dink in the net he would immediately start tapping the court like with his hands he's like there's dead spots everywhere and I I talked to a number of other Pros they really did not like the the courts.

Because of how it bounced so and I know at least one other Pro that said they will not be back next year so that's unfortunate yeah we'll see I don't know February in Minnesota is maybe not the best time for that tournament well I mean it's it's indoors so I mean well I do have to think about blizzard you can't get in okay this is true this is.

True that makes sense I mean it would be a shame I just feel like like you said you you you have a lot of pickleball courts in your city I yeah I feel like a torment should be held there and I don't know I feel like the uh the other locations get a lot of like Florida gets a lot of love SoCal gets a lot of love you know you need.

Some more stuff and yeah definitely the Midwest states you know Texas gets a lot of love right so we need to spread I hope it keeps up I'm just worried that uh Pro attendance will continue to dwindle maybe it'll be the the tournament every year where the up and comers get to win a gold and then no Golds for the rest of the year true true.

Speaking of um gold winners didn't uh Dylan and J dub take men's doubles I believe they did if I remember correctly I actually did not get to follow that match I can't remember who made it to the gold besides them all I know is that Matt and Riley went out early um what.

Yeah they lost I can't remember who they lost to I should have checked some of this but it was probably I'm telling you a lot of the people we're very unpleased about the about the courts so yeah what kind of stuff yeah what are you gonna tell him play better get good basically everyone else is at.

The same disadvantage I guess so but I mean yeah I'm sure it's not a great feeling when no I know you get a bad bounce like every other bounce or something right so yeah yep for sure I did get to meet uh Frank Anthony Davis apparently he listens to some of the stuff I don't know how much of the podcast he listens to but he's tagged me.

In a story while we were at the venue and it was a clip of his friend and it said 20 hours later and he's still listening to the pickleball studio and it was a dude on his laptop like intently looking at his screen and you could hear my voice in the background I think I saw that what's the wait that wasn't him I thought that was him I mean.

I had shoddy service I really couldn't see it wasn't it wasn't Frank watching it was one of Frank's friends oh okay gotcha yeah it was it was pretty funny so I got to talk to him he's a really cool guy I love chatting with with him he's very very knowledgeable about paddles just had some funny stories it's just kind of weird at this stage will I.

Don't know where you are with it but I still feel like okay I'm just like a YouTuber or like not that like I don't think of myself as like a big deal in pickleball you know what I mean so it's we this tournament a bunch of Pros oh hey Chris what'd you say I said Chris is a big deal guys apparently to some people not in my mind.

Not yet at least but people would walk by and they'd be like oh hey like some pros be like oh hey Chris how's it going I'm like I feel like this should supposed to be the other way around it's not supposed to be you shouldn't be saying hi to me I don't know this is very weird or you know it they're all going to be saying hi to you and you're.

Not even gonna know their names I mean shoot Christian awesome came and said what's up to you before he was anybody what I think I happened to Anna bright she could probably confirm it I was talking to somebody and I think Anna bright like tapped me on the shoulder as she was.

Going by and was like oh hey Chris what's up but I was so focused on talking to someone I just didn't even notice it and then Sarah like Whispers in my ear and she goes like I think that was Anna bright that just tried to say hi to you and you definitely just ignored her and I was like I was like I would did not mean to do that this is.

What I'm saying see guys like Chris is a big deal it's all getting to his head it is definitely not gone to the head yet gee you're just ignoring people left and right like that how dare you it I I did feel back because I think it happened a couple times over the weekend just because you know when you're well you know when you're locked into a.

Conversation with someone you don't want to just stop and then look at someone else you know what I mean when Chris says he's locked into conversation with somebody it really it just means that they're intently listening Chris is just talking at like 100 words per second that's what he means by a conversation at least I'm not like Kyle where it's.

Like 300 words a minute okay you're right Kyle talks so fast he was there too right at the event he was at the event yeah we got to hang out a bit it was fun to see him we we grabbed some dinners helped him uh set up an interview and whatnot always good time seeing Kyle he's yeah he's just he's great I love seeing when any of us.

Are at a tournament together it's way more fun yeah no for real uh wait did he did he play pro that term or did he just go just to oh he did how do you do he played Pro mixed I got to watch that they almost beat Tyler loon and Etta Wright they beat them they went to three games and I believe the third game went into overtime I think it was like.

11 13. so they they were looking solid I honestly believed they were gonna take that one their next one was against Chuck Taylor and I think it was a girl named Angie I'm not 100 sure I did not recognize her but uh they lost that one unfortunately and then men's I did not get to see any of.

Men's I actually can't even recall which teams he told me he played but yeah he did play I was really rooting for him and mixed but you know it was tough tough man you know I mean he's he's gonna get there with all the drilling and the work he's putting into his game funny enough this past weekend was the first time I drilled like in.

Ever well how was it uh it was pretty good uh I drew a DACA we played a few I mean you know we're just messing around and then we played to warm up to play full court singles we played some skinny singles which I think is great for doubles if you just two you should just play Skinny singles because there's a lot of the.

Same kind of techniques you know that you're kind of using playing skinny singles but where you play the kitchen game the thing was incredibly hard but basically you start the kitchen you serve like kind of like and the ball can only bounce in the kitchen but once you serve it Cross Court you can hit it anywhere right and.

So in the kitchen in the kitchen they can drop it like on the other side and you are lunging on the other side trying to play this cat Mouse type of game and man my legs were shot playing that freaking game it was hard so hard it was so hard I've trained that with one of our senior Pros here yeah it's a you your legs are gonna burn you just cover.

So much Court even though it's just the kitchen you're running all over the place because you can do some sneaky stuff where yeah if they didn't get cross-court they have to come cover the line and then you can like fake like you're gonna dink it back cross they start running and then you just drop it up the line yes and then it's just.

You're all over the place it's anyone who hasn't tried it and like singles you should try it because it's a really good cat and mouse Trail you yeah yeah and it's it's honestly just fun too just to like Drop and it's the best when you have your opponent going one way and then then they go the opposite way and they totally mess it up that's the best.

Yep it's good I I uh was a lot more motivated to drill after this tournament because I really want because you want So Close yeah I was so close and I know the skill is there and plus I just you know I want to be a better player I I'm gonna start trying to do one of two things either early mornings find someone who will drill with me and then.

That time is purely drilling nothing else or throughout the week instead of having all of my paddle testing mostly be in games which is what I usually find the most useful you start just Drilling and get a feel for the paddle that way in the past I you still get a feel for the paddle but it's not as much as a game that.

Helps in my opinion but I'm hoping that I can change that so that way I'm getting practice in and I'm working at the same time yeah so we'll see I've I'm very motivated to drill right now I kept telling people after the tournament I was like dude I'm gonna I'm gonna go hit ten thousand dinks on Monday I'm gonna go find someone and I'm gonna hit ten.

Thousand things how much do you think you switching paddles affects your game like do you think you'd be that much better if you didn't switch paddles nearly as much I I don't think I would be way better but I do think it hurts for sure I mean even just drilling yesterday I drilled I was working on uh the Volare.

And rhombus um video and I was playing with those and then I switched to another paddle and it was just so much harder to reset and play with and it was a little frustrating but you know I had to test it a little bit so I was kind of like oh I just don't want to hit with this right now so I think it hurts me but it's not.

The reason I'm not a 5-0 or like above four five or something but it's just kind of like it occupies space in the back of your brain like gotta go hit this paddle in this drill session there's two more I gotta hit then I gotta do a spin test you know stuff like that yeah I was thinking the same thing and I'm.

Like hmm I wonder how much it it messes with me because obviously I don't switch I mean I'm switching a lot more because I've been doing these paddle reviews but nowhere near as much as you and I don't know wondering how much it's going to affect me but I have learned not really learned but it's like solidified some some.

Things in my head when I'm switching between paddles like now with a I'm working really being conscious of transitioning because I think at the level that I'm at that I'm playing at getting to the kitchen line is the hardest thing at least against good players that they'll do a good job of keeping you back keeping you off balance.

As you're moving in but my buddy James has told me this before but it's never clicked with me or I always forget it until now but when I work on my drops or my resets I just aim to have the Arc of the of the trajectory of the ball that I hit the arc the highest point is over the kitchen line and then usually it drops into the kitchen on the other side.

Of the Court you know before I'm aiming for that you know spot in the kitchen right which works you know well enough but now it's like when I think in my head oh having the Apex of this Arc being the height uh right above my my kitchen line has been working like really good for me I've noticed my consistency kind of just go up you know.

That's a neat way to think about it I was listening to Jordan's podcast and I can't remember which episode episode three maybe they were talking about some tips and um Kaden was saying one of the things he targets he aims for is instead of like oh I aim for short in the kitchen or something he says he aims for people's.

Knees like he wants the ball to like hit their knee on the drop really wait he wants the ball to hit their knee wouldn't that be kind of high then if they're if they're at the line is that what you mean it could also it could also push them off depending on like I think it's saying like it's.

Descending into their knee or whatever so you would still have to kind of reach they explained it better on the podcast I can't remember exactly how they phrased it because that was probably a week and a half ago now but I thought it was it was really interesting if you go back and listen to it it was a good episode it's true okay um one other tip.

That I learned that I was doing this uh which is no secret I think Zayn talks about it a few times is after I serve I immediately take a step back like usually I'm at the kitchen line you know and I'm just consciously like thinking especially for singles after I hit a good serve or whatnot I'd take like a hop like a pretty large hop back just so.

I can move forward for the third shot because it's so much easier to and you're just much more balanced right so I can do a better drive or I have better positioning to do like a solid drop so I think that was another thing that I I picked up this weekend yeah that's also on my list of things I want to get better at is.

Um better footwork I can just tell when I'm dinking when I watch myself back it's it's kind of sloppy and I just watching some of the pros you can tell how early they get to the ball and then they're like paused and then hit and it just looks so clean versus a lot of amateurs you see them running to the ball and trying to hit.

And it's just like okay yeah like I could I could move my feet better and it's actually very funny Sarah lately has been uh wanting to get better a lot more like she's been wanting to drill and and play more and so she's been having me help her with some stuff and she she's even worse about moving her feet her feet are glued because she's.

Tall she's just like I can just bend for the ball or I can reach for the bottom like no no no no no no no I need you to move your feet and then hit so it's it's funny going over the stuff with her and then realizing some of the same stuff applies to me but it's like it's not that I'm not moving my feet I can just move my feet more you.

Know I mean it's just it's funny trying to help someone and then seeing like certain things like oh yeah I kind of do the same thing yeah I could do that better too yeah well let's see speaking of feet like movement um I hit when I was playing uh doubles uh I hit two clean Batman's like the cleanest Batmans I've ever hit and I.

Mean so for those guys who don't know it's a shot that I do I call it the Batman uh I probably I don't know if I invented it I'm sure other people have done it but essentially if you're dinking if you're right-handed and you're dinking Cross Court from the left side of the court right there's some times when they hit you out wide enough.

Where instead of taking it as a backhand you take a step back and you take kind of like a forehand instead right and you're almost off the court now if you let the ball kind of come towards you into your body a little bit and use your left hand to kind of balance and like almost like like reach out to the right post you.

Know across like to across to the opponent that you're thinking at then you kind of oh man I don't know if you're if you're listening to this it's gonna sound weird but like yeah and then you just hit it down the line like underneath like your armpit essentially and you kind of okay maybe the best way I can explain it is imagine you are on.

The left side of the Court backhand dinking someone what you do is instead of taking the backhand you take a couple more steps off the court so you can hit a forehand you make it look like you're gonna dink it back with your forehand Cross Court but what instead is like imagine you know the thing Michael Phelps does where he's like slapping his.

Back where his arms cross underneath and then he like slaps his back you're almost doing the same thing where like both of your arms cross each other you don't have to hit your back but instead of going up uh Cross Court you go down the line because you're essentially selling a fake is whatever you're selling a thing it's like I called the.

Batman because I always imagine like when I have my arms out like I have a cape like Batman has a cape yeah and then like you're shooting like his batarang's like underneath the cape underneath your arm and it comes and kind of surprises you but I got it clean on donco and then I did a variation I did a Batman lob down the line totally.

God Batman love what the heck is that it's just it's it's stupid like I don't recommend you try this because like you're in a really weird like position and if they can't it back like you're done but when you get it super clean and it's low percentage shot but you feel real good heck yeah that's what I'm all about baby that's right.

That's right oh my gosh well well I think that's pretty much everything I had for the episode you got anything else no man that was pretty much it man it's good to be back it's good to see you I felt like we didn't talk for like the past five days since you're busy with the tournament I was out of town so yeah no it's good to be yeah that was.

The weirdest thing that is I think since maybe not since we've known each other but at least in the last four months maybe five or six that is definitely the least we have texted I mean we didn't have any phone calls it was just like the least we've spoken period it was weird yeah it was really weird for real for real yeah all right but all right.

That was it man good stuff sweet sounds good thanks for watching everyone and uh we'll catch you in the next episode latest thank you
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