All right one zero two inside out zero one one come on Bluetooth foreign.

One one two one one foreign one more two.

hang on one one two one one completely yeah what.

one thank you Jesse let's go level two all right here we go guys.

foreign three five two three five two.

Foreign it's actually one six three two let's go three six one.

Seconds three six two six three one foreign questions what thank you sir.

460. what sister here we go let's go foreign Hey sister.

I take food thank you thank you.

Second third one two whatever one two two one one.

Two foreign foreign oh thank you sir.

two two one here we go it's crazy guys oh three three one.

let's go great rewind come on come on everyone oh.

yeah three five one okay bye three five two.

five three one let's go check everyone um foreign.

If you want I just thought they're not doing the stage three seven one two three one four seven one foreign.

great job 741 foreign totally of course everyone.

Foreign foreign 851 .

all right here we go five eight one no foreign all right thank you.

Foreign flying them out yeah.

Jessie Irvine/Jay Devilliers vs Catherine Parenteau/Riley Newman

PPA Baird Wealth Management Texas Open
Oasis Pickleball Club
Rockwall, TX
Nov 3-6, 2022

Pro Mixed Doubles
Winner to Championship Sunday

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