can you imagine we might get one more full game of this this is an exciting matchup that's all there is to it uh probably the hottest guy on tour in terms of singles up against the firest fireiest guy on tour uh coming off some great singles play at the MLP a few weeks ago and a gold medal in Alabama.

Like you mentioned previously so we we have two two hot players uh you know somebody somebody is something's got to give something's got to give yeah oh good recovery crazy green JW Johnson it's hard to find a scrub in that group.

Julian Arnold saying too good and Hunter Johnson immediately just agreeing completely with it I love it I mean that's a huge serve I think we'll return that on a knee and Hunter Johnson exclaiming so good to himself I love that I used to do that yeah too good so at least.

Persona is very different than off Court and all you needed all you need to do is poetry reader and writer fire up as if there's another level of fired up he's not already Act oh my gosh that was an ankle breaker back I mean you can't I mean don't try this at home guys oh nice attempted pick up there from.

Arnold but just again Hunter Johnson too much but again they've only played each other one time before Arnold's got a lot to consider now going into game two so it was rewarded hey hey staying positive I'm certainly not to the extent he was.

Maybe thinking in his mind that's so good with the court covered oh what wow oh I mean wow I mean this is so crazy foreign.

Ready to push this to three but hunter Johnson coming back back point to head to his second in a row championship match and a great volley from Julian mixing up his spots thinking he was going to go across court but he he pushed it right up the line okay.

That's right he says I didn't keep Hunter Johnson on his toes sorry not on his toes on his heels and a Johnson I think he is starting to try and match the energy a little bit more just to close this out hey.

Oh it's so good it's so good I just love the scans of the crowd after he does one of those I mean Kyle Yates has his phone out Mr Arnold yeah sorry Kyle yeah it's definitely uh taking a video of this action I can't blame him game point for Arnold to try and force a third.

was that was that net quarter pole I don't know what that was I think it was still off the net but loser all right so unfortunately for these two straight to Lou Johnson get back into the mix and I think it's definitely two if not three today yeah oh my gosh I mean.

oh that almost a little wide oh my God yeah that cross come on he's been on that knee how many times it's because he keeps getting them back and Hunter and where the ball is going nice combination.

Yeah just tag me in a reel and I think wow I mean the is happening out here foreign Match Point here for Julian Arnold to take that first spot in Championship.

Sunday for our Men's Pro singles gold medal match I told you they were gonna hug unbelievable unbelievable
Hunter Johnson (White Hat) takes on Julian Arnold in one of the most exciting pickleball matches of 2022