It's being described as a cross between tennis ping pong and badminton by any measure pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country and there is a strong demand for places to play as CBS 2's Tony Aiello tells us pickleball is now coming to a local shopping mall millions of Americans are passionate about pickleball you get a good workout.

You can really work up a sweat quickly Court spaces at such a premium the Y in New Rochelle put temporary pickleball setups on its basketball court demand is there you know that the man is absolutely there which is why a group of local entrepreneurs is repurposing the old Saks OFF Fifth space at the Stamford Town Center to create pickleball America.

With 28 courts it will be the largest indoor pickleball Center in the U.S we're looking forward to just uniting all walks of people and inspiring them to play pickle Mia chapani is one of the principals behind pickleball America she says outdoor pickleball courts can lead to complaints from Neighbors as was the case recently in Ridgewood New Jersey.

With plenty of empty space at Stanford Town Center indoor pickleball could be a boon not a bother can pickleball help save them all I think this is just going to drive a lot of foot traffic through the mall we're gonna it's gonna be a destination most players say the growth of the sport is fueled by the camaraderie as much as the.

Exercise it doesn't matter if you're 80 or 20 it's still something that as human beings We crave and need we take it seriously but we have fun while we're playing pickleball is a Smash Hit soon to be served up at the Stanford mall Tony Aiello CBS 2 News the family that owns Saba via Furnishings bought the Stanford Town.

Center three years ago and says indoor pickleball will help position them all as a regional wellness and entertainment center who would have seen this coming reimagining I know right
It’s described as a cross between tennis, ping pong and badminton. By any measure, pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the country, and there’s a strong demand for places to play. Now, CBS2’s Tony Aiello tells us pickleball is coming to a local shopping mall.