Hi my name is Tim Buick PPR certifiedpickleball professional for total pickleball here's something that we don't talk about notnearly enough in pickleball is what do we do before the shot sometimes your best work is donebefore the shot is even hit and what I'm talking about is early preparation and footwork that'swhat we'll be discussing in this video so let's get right to it so much of playing good pickleballis what happens below as well as what happens above oftentimes we just talk about how to hit theproper shot but we're not moving the way that we need to early preparation is key to successfulpickleball and here at the line we're going to talk about how do we move when we're dinking whenwe're volleying and it's efficiency and movement so what we're going to be doing is we're going todink here with my buddies and our movement okay.

As we move from side to side I am going to stepand I'm going to put my hip out I'm going to make contact with the ball in front I'm not moving muchsee how I turn my hip and I turn my outside foot and I point this over to the side so my movementhere I'm in the ready position if I'm going over there the Temptation is that we cross we neverwant to do that we do that then we hit the ball too late it cuts down our options instead Iwant to turn my outside foot keep my paddle out in front this turns my hips and then I canhit the shot now on the backhand side same thing I'm going to show my Knuckles I'm going to turnmy outside foot my left foot in this case as a right-hander and I'm going to hit the dink thisway we moved efficiently like this all right when we're up at the line too often we get HappyFeet and we're doing this kind of stuff and.

We get out of position and then we're not readyto hit the next shot so let's see how it looks turn out step good that's it make contactout in front see how little I'm moving here I'm not moving much at all my paddle's notmoving much my legs aren't moving that much drop the head of the paddle see mystep I'm just efficiency of movement if we want to be successful we need to have properfootwork at the line now let's see what it looks like as we move toward the back court I'm standingin the transition zone we call it the transition zone because we're transitioning from the backto the front again this is where we want to be to play winning pickleball so how do we get therein terms of movement okay this is a transition zone this means we're moving forward how do wemove first let me talk in generalities we move.

In pickleball with shorter steps okay A little bitof a breeze is starting to whip up here there were a couple of times that we were playing I thoughtthe ball was going to be here and then suddenly it's here okay we move in short steps this isour movement okay so I'm going to talk about the split step okay with the split step I'm backhere I'm transitioning I'm hitting the resurface return and then I'm coming in my movement isI'm going to hit the shot come in split step and now I'm ready to hit now I may have to dothe split step here I try to hit a third shot drop maybe it's not good you know one other thingI have a saying don't follow the garbage if I hit a really bad third shot I'm not coming all theway to the line because I don't need to go to the dentist to get drilled by the ball so say I hit amediocre third shot I hit the shot split step now.

I'm anchored I hit my drop split step I'm anchoredto hit my volley so it looks something like this footstep I hit my shot split step there okaysee the movement let's do it one more time okay all right gonna hit a drive that time split step drop boom see how I'm anchored every time Ihit that ball here's what we do far too often I'm running right through it the split step helpsget you anchored two benefits you're anchored while hitting and also once you do the split stepnow I can move in any direction but if I'm running through it I can't that's the key to the splitstep in pickleball one of my favorite drills is the three ball drill and this is talking aboutmotion everything that we do in pickleball is moving forward the game is played out in frontof us so with this three ball drill what we're.

Going to be doing is I'm going to feed them threeballs hence the original name three ball drill I'm gonna feed them three balls the first one's cominghere depending on how I feed it they're going to either hit a drive or a drop okay this secondball then they're gonna come forward because most often on a third shot we're not going tobe able to get all the way to the line so then they're going to go to the yellow dot split stephere definitely hit a drop and then you're going to come up to the Green Dot now you're ready toDink and volley so let's do it you ready guys yeah that's the drive drop good nowcome on up hit your volley that's it good come on up come on up that's it okay good there's the drop ready to volley good goodnow we're talking that's it put that baby.

Away all right I hope you enjoyed thisvideo I hope you've realized and seen how important it is that we move correctlyon the pickleball court if we improve our Movement we improve our results for moretips and tricks go to totalpickleball.com foreign
Struggling with on-court movements? PPR Certified Professional Tim shares tips to improve your on-court pickleball movements.
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