Hi everyone i'm scott uh i train with cliff and one thing that i've really learned from cliff is patience okay whether defending or attacking patience is key today i'm going to talk to you about being patient uh specifically attacking from the kitchen kitchen line and your opponent being at.

The baseline but being patient while attacking moving the opponent keeping them back making them hit drop after drop hopefully you get that beautiful pop-up that you can smash away so one of my favorite drills is what you're going to see here which is has me at the kitchen line as my opponent at the baseline they're going for third shot.

Drops and i'm doing my best to put that ball away start with me at the line cliff's gonna hit third shots and i'm gonna keep him pinned back best i can that was long i can i'm going to move it from side to.

Side hopefully put him under some pressure so that he hits a bad third and hits it high like that and that's exactly what i'm looking for but the patience is i need to keep these balls in even though i'm being.

Aggressive i'm not being crazy i'm not over hitting i'm backing up a little when i need to coming forward when i need to i'm looking for the right ball and that's out the pressure comes from making your opponent move making them have to move their feet.

Making them uncomfortable they have a weaker side their backhand maybe their forehand they miss a lot of drops i made him stretch he was on the move he stretched that's what you're looking for let's talk about how to be patient when you're defending to become like a very good.

Defender at any spot you need to learn the basic let's stay unpickable okay first you have to master your serve your return okay banking resetting third drop shot.

Overhead etc i do my third drop shot it's gonna start attacking me so what i'm doing right now i'm taking the pace of the ball and slow it down okay i'm moving my feet okay.

Moving my feet and drop it every time so i should be able to drop that ball at least 10 to 20 times as you can see i'm pretty relaxed.

I'm not worried even if i hit the ball too high because i'm gonna stay in the baseline wait for the right opportunity so as i mentioned earlier the thing about being a good defender you have to be able to master.

All the basic shot all right no worries about dropping the ball with your forehand okay same thing you're good with your back and too and you're good with your drive okay i'm here.

See and i got the easy put away okay how can you convert your patients in attack i'm gonna show you okay so at the same time i'm gonna be defending i'm gonna create opportunity sometimes you hit a third drop shot and it's too high and they're gonna make you pay for it.

Okay so i want you to understand it's not the end okay just stay stay back be patient they're gonna attack you and as you can see my shot is gonna get better every time you see.

And now i'm moving around you see that even with my job now i can attack now okay so this is how you can convert like a defense to attack hey guys i hope this video was useful don't forget to like and subscribe to cliff pickleball thank.

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