How to look like a 5-0 in pickleball when you're not actually a 5-0 so your friends think you're good the Kyle Yates trick shot right now pickleball lovers don't forget to have a good day for the record I love Kyle Yates and I wish I was him he's a cool dude Kyle.

Yates is such a cool dude that's Shay Underwood he can hit the shot too it's a very very simple shot to hit I know it looks very intimidating that's why we're going to look at it in slow motion right now the Kyle Yates trick shot looks like it's extremely complicated but it's very easy to learn pretend you're backhand.

Dinking turn your wrist and then forehand think seriously that's all you do pretend you're backhand Dicken turn your wrist hit a forehand think surprise your opponents look really good and probably meet your future wife or husband I'm sure it's a simple shot to hit pretend you backhand dank flip that paddle over and then hit a forehand.

Flick it's that simple let's take a look one more time pretend you backhand think and then what do you do tell me I'm listening you flip that paddle over I don't think you have it go to Joey this is how you do the Kyle Yates trick shot one more time backhand dink flip your wrist over forehand think after you hit a winner yell get off my court get.

Off my court Kyle Yates I love Kyle Yates get off my court backhand dink you really sell it you really sell the backhand dink then you flip it over and then you say look I got a royal flush I got a real flush pickleball lovers thank me later when your friends think you're 5-0 when you're actually a three or five at best please leave your comments.

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Learn how to surprise your opponent with this trick shot just like Kyle Yates with PPR certified Pro Joey Gmuer in slow motion. Watch today pickleball TIP in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more pickleball lessons!

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