Pickleball has some new rule changes heading into the 2023 season that will have a major impact on the professional level and even the amateur level so let's go through the new rules and analyze what impact they have on pickleball in 2023 the number one most controversial rule change this year is unequivocally the spin serve but before.

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Spencer really made waves in 2021 was a navratil creating the iconic chainsaw serve this served being extremely overpowered and numerous players complaining the chainsaw serve was banned heading into the 2022 season the player may only toss a pickleball for the served with their non-paddle hand except when they cannot use their.

Non-paddle hand at which point they may use the paddle to flick up the ball and surf you may not toss or in part spin on the pickleball with the paddle or paddle hand pickleball players May however in part spin on the ball using their non-paddle hand one of the reasons the chainsaw serve was so effective was because players started their search.

With their backs towards the opposing players so the opposing team couldn't identify which way they are spinning the ball so it basically came down a guessing game on which side the ball was going to bounce after it was hit on the court USA pickleball had also had a rule change heading into the 2022 season to prevent this from happening in which the.

Ball has to be 100 visible to the opposing team and to the referee when serving which effectively made it impossible to hide the ball players weren't able to find a loophole for hiding the ball but were able to quickly find a loophole right after the chainsaw serve announcement although at the time the Spencer was primarily done using two.

Hands to implement the spin it wouldn't take long before players were able to learn how to generate just as much spin using just one hand players who use the chainsaw serve were quickly able to adapt to the one-handed spin serve and find immediate success zaynavertill had arguably the best chainsaw served and quickly was able to learn the one-handed.

Spin surf which he had a lot of success using in 2022 honestly other than Zayn there isn't a whole lot of top Pros who use the one-handed spin surf maybe because they felt like it wasn't worth investing tons of time and knowing it was a strong possibility that it could get banned in 2023. Pros also got a lot better at defending Spencer's as the.

Year went on rendering it not nearly as effective as it once was the new rule states 4A 5 the volley serp the server shall use only one hand to release the ball to perform the serve while some natural rotation of the ball is expected during a release of the ball from the hand the server shall not impart manipulation or spin on the release of.

The ball immediately prior to the serve the service release of the ball must be visible to the referee and the receiver and the reasoning from the USA pickleball on the Banning of the Spencer had five different reasons attached to it number one was the original purpose was just to use the serve to begin play most players cannot Master a truly.

Effective spin serve or return a good spin serve effective spin serves require more Court space to allow a receiver to react only a limited number of players have mastered this giving them an unfair advantage and it is particularly devastating for amateur players so for this rule change I don't see this impacting the professional scene nearly.

As much as the amateur scene the pros didn't have much trouble defending the spin hence why players didn't bother to learn it in my opinion the spin serve could have gotten only marginally better as the rotations per minute probably couldn't go much higher than they currently are but for the amateur scene and amateur players the spin surf was.

Devastating it often led to Aces Mis hits and short returns for the opposing team if you faced a player who had a very solid spin serve and never really played against one before you're most likely losing even if you were better than that player in every other aspect of the game so in my opinion I wouldn't have minded if the one-handed spin serve.

Was kept on the pro level due to it not being completely overpowered but still also added a unique element to the game and I think Banning it on the amateur level was the correct move due to the reasons mentioned before so what do you guys think do you think they should have ban the spin serve entirely let me know in the comments on this one the next.

Rule change that was passed was clothing as a distraction and this has to do with the ball color and player's clothing color so from the rule book it states players avoid wearing clothing that closely matches the ball color this technically wasn't a rule with consequences it was more of a suggestion for players under the fair play section.

In the rule book so now the new rule states clothing as a distraction this doesn't add any additional punitive result this just clarifies that the tournament director can choose to request apparel changes due to the clothing matching the ball color it also suggests to players that they should not intentionally choose clothing that is.

The same color as the tournament ball I think this is a great rule change and not sure why it wasn't implemented earlier and it definitely affects the play if a player is wearing the same color shirt as the ball as it makes it extremely difficult to see the ball at times so this is a really good rule change in my opinion so the next major.

Will change that passed was more time to correct the score and this rule states if the wrong score is called the referee or any player may stop play before the return of serve to correct the score the rally shall be restarted with the correct score called after the return of serve play shall continue to the end of the rally and the score correction made.

Before the next serve after the return to serve a player who stops play to identify or ask for a score correction will have committed a fault and shall lose the rally so a player who stops play to identify or ask for a score correction when the score was correctly called who have committed a fault and shall lose the rally so this applies to.

Amateurs that don't have a referee to keep track of scoring and I think this rule is good giving players a bit more time to announce an incorrect score call because realistically there is barely any time between when the player calls the score and when their paddle strikes the ball so overall I think this is a really good rule change as well so the.

Last rule change that we're going to be going over is called equipment timeouts and this rule is very straightforward the referee now can award a player a timeout if they deem a piece of equipment or apparel needs to be addressed this also applies to rec play which the rules change States and non-officiated matches players will work.

Out a reasonable accommodation among themselves for equipment malfunctions this definitely is a good rule before players had to use one of their timeouts if any equipment needed to be replaced which could have been very costly the sheer randomness of equipment breaking down shouldn't cost the player any timeouts in my opinion those are the.

Four major rule changes heading into the 2023 pickleball season leave a comment below and let me know what you think of these changes also don't forget to hit the Subscribe button down at the bottom and give this video a like I will see you all in the next one
Some important rules that apply to Professional Pickleball, Amateur Pickleball, and Rec Play(sort of).

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