I cannot believe that they got this on a hot mic okay listen to this this is Rafa hwit and Olivia McMillan and they are announcing a grandstand match they had no idea that they were recording when this was said this is Rafa how’s it going Henry they gonna be putting the camera over here as well.

Okay I actually would like them to you wanna you want to lick my lollipop what how many licks has a I don’t know you tell me it’s my first time with you is anyone listening it’s our first time it’s our first date it is we’re about to figure out how many legs it takes to get tonight who let Rafa on the.

Mic he’s rolling with the lollipop thing yeah we’re gonna be great I mean no cussing you can say fudge we can’t oh my God I already did it okay no cussing don’t worry like we need some we need a camera on us at all times I’m this is a better match this this is a better match up right here than on court okay here I’m just.

Saying I smash that all day long I really would are you kidding me look at that stash I let that snake crawl up over me stash right now oh my God J do you have Instagram yeah oh there you go I guess she’s into it baby this is what you have to do when you don’t make it to Premiere this is this is challenge.

Extra flirty the only thing getting smashed tonight is these right here yeah I mean if we had a camera we could like yes we could how do you say is it cocka yeah Patrick cocka Patrick cocka I I would go with [__] is he cocky you think the big [__] do you think he’s cocky Patrick [__] how many times am I going to use smash the wrong way I feel bad.

For anybody that took their ater all too early today whoa you hear me I feel bad for whoever took their ater all earlier today oh jeez it was a rain delay so he say I think this right now hope you didn’t take your Aderall too early cuz it got delate the best you can get wow uh well shout out first off to dink smash media you can go follow them on.

Instagram they had put this clip together that is hilarious that they caught him saying all that he ended up on Championship court on the mic announcing some of the other games so is that the only spicy thing he said all weekend well we’re going to find out welcome to the sorry not sorry pickle ball podcast I’m your host Chris CI this.

Week MLP is back back we did it we finally made it here it’s the start of the regular season for 2024 we had no idea if we would actually get to see MP again at one point and it feels so good to finally have the best pickle ball format back in Action now things are a little bit different it’s not like a bracket tournament like we used to have.

This is just the regular season we’re going to have a few of these throughout the year then there’s playoffs towards the end of the year so every single match that you see this weekend was of equal value I’m going to go through every Premier match that we we had I’m also going to touch on a few of the Challenger games that we had we’ve got a.

Lot to cover this weekend but I’m telling you it was a great one lots of exciting matchups some really interesting funny moments some awesome dream Breakers we’re going to talk all about it but before we do you guys wouldn’t mind go ahead and hit that like button that helps get the show out to a new audience make sure that you’re also.

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What your favorite part about this weekend was what are some predictions you have for the next MLP event that we do was this mop event better or worse than mop last season also share this episode with your friends we all got pickle ball buddies and a lot of them well they just don’t really watch the pro scene but that could change if you.

Send them this episode maybe that’ll get them interested in it and with all that out of the way let’s go ahead and get into this week’s episode this is the new and improved forgiveness forgiveness is more than say I’m sorry I’m.

Sorry forgiveness I’m not sorry I took the money all right real quick guys before we get into this week’s episode I got to give a shout out to pickleball central.com pickleball central.com is the reason why this show exists let’s go support them over there if you use this promo code sns5 that’s going to give you.

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On day one now here’s how this is going to work because we don’t have semi-final matches or gold medal matches or bronze medal matches none of that every single match that you saw this weekend it was of equal value some teams had more matches than others some teams weren’t even there this weekend the schedule was a little bit weird we’ll get into that.

But the way this is going to work is that if you win a match you get three points if you win a match with a dream breaker you get two points if you lose a match with a dream breaker you get one point and if you just lose the match without getting into a dream breaker you get zero points so what I’m going to do is on the left side of the screen here.

I’m going to show you the total points as we go along after each game again it’s a little bit difficult to know who the better team is because not everybody played the same amount of games but as the season goes on we’ll keep this up that way you can kind of see where everybody’s at because when it comes to November we’re going to have the.

Playoffs and this is all going to matter when it comes to seating so the first match of the Season we had the Columbus sliders and they’re taking on the Texas ranchers all right well let’s get into it so the first first game that we have to start MLP for 2024 we got the women’s doubles teams coming out we got Megan Danon and Brooke Buckner they on the.

Columbus sliders and they’re taking on the Texas Ranchers with Tina piznik and Eda Wright as you can see the score it is a blowout so this first game not the most fun but that’s okay we’re going to get into a lot more keep in mind this is Rally scoring we no longer have a freeze and we’re playing to 25 so you could lose a game returning the ball uh you.

Could win the game off of a Miss serve on the other team it’s a little bit strange and different a lot of people going back and forth from what they like personally I think it’s more fair this way yeah it’s less fun there’s less close matches but as you’re going to see we had plenty of close games plenty of comebacks so it didn’t stop any of that.

All right so now let’s go to men’s doubles we got Riley Newman teaming up with Conor Garnett solid team the Columbus sliders and they’re taking on Christian alson and Pablo TZ Christian and Pablo played together on the breakers last year at one point now check this out Conor Garnett we’ve seen him struggle with The Yips on his serve.

And whoa we don’t even see that one land is this going to continue I was saying this during Red Rock if you miss a serve in M MP that’s a point for the other team so having The Yips in traditional scoring that’s one thing that’s still not good but here in MLP that is significant so we’re going to keep an eye on that check out the little counter.

I got down below that’s one for him so 1012 here for the Columbus sliders Riley Newman trying to drop one in there making his way up oh but now they’re keeping him back and now we got some overheads oh Conor garet just gets that one over and then we’re going to have a fire fight let’s go oh just out for Riley Newman so Riley Newman hasn’t.

Played pickle ball at professional level in a while so he’s probably so pumped to come to MLP he’s like I got G my team and and then he does that oh man Conor gar I feel so bad for him that’s number two it does not stop oh my goodness 1815 oh that one’s long oh that’s got to be so uncomfortable like Riley’s trying to be a good teammate so 2116 here now.

And Conor Garnett is a great player I mean look at some of these gets he’s going to make here and then Christian Alshon and Pablo watch out righty Lefty both wanted to go for it Christian comes out on top able to keep it in they’re keeping them back Connor Garnett comes in and oh can’t hit the drop so the ranchers take that one it’s 2216 now so.

Game point for the ranchers 2417 for them and watch this we are going to get an awesome ATP by Christian Alshon for the game winner so the ranchers up two Z so game three will’ll fast forward to game point it’s 2418 for the ranchers looking to get up 3 look at this they do it so the slider struggling early so game four doesn’t matter for this.

Particular match but they still play it because if there’s a tiebreaker at the end of the season want to know who’s won the most games and look at this Conor Garnett still struggling that’s number four I mean how bad can it get number five there for him H number six oh number.

Seven that’s to lose the game oh how rough sliders not looking good they go down four games to nothing all right let’s go to our second and final game of the first day for MLP how strange is this the sliders are playing two games in the same day the only two premier games that we had but now they’re taking on the New York Hustlers Hustlers got a.

Solid Squad they got Jack sock CJ Clinger Leia Jansen and Jackie camoto this team could probably do some damage a lot of people are skeptical on CJ Clinger I love him he is like my favorite player to watch I think he’s going to do great so let’s check it out and let’s see how they did so we’ll jump to the first game game point for the.

Hustlers beaten up on the women Megan Danon and Brooke Buckner struggling against Leia and Jackie Coto so they take this one 25- 11 so the sliders down five games to zero not looking good all right so we’ll start here sliders up two Z Conor Garnett serve it in no not again there it is man alive oh no one’s playing the drinking game at home should.

We make it a drinking game all right so it’s 53 here and look at this point this is a fun one Riley Newman trying to drop it in off his backf foot going to make his way in CJ Clinger going to have a nice little moment right here watch this Riley Newman going to try for the Ernie but then look at that get from CJ keeps it alive now they’re trying to slam on.

Them and they do it the hustlers pull that one off they get it to 54 84 Conor Garnett oh no finally we’re getting some momentum so 1612 here CJ Clinger shows why he is probably the most valuable pick in the Premier League draft this guy went for like what 5,000 000 or something like this look at these hands.

Smashes it right on Riley let’s go CJ Clinger with a proton power it’s a two-point game now getting deep into it 1719 for the hustlers Jack rips one Clinger trying to clean it up but look at this Riley Newman just getting everything does a little spin aoo there oh my goodness playing Amazing D sliders crushing it right here husters trying to.

Get anything by them what you have to do CJ Clinger is destroying that ball but Riley is getting it my goodness some amazing gets how is this one going to end oh in the Nets Jack sock how dare you so 2017 here Conor Garnett serving uhoh okay he got it in there we go let’s get a good point now two hand backhand Drive Riley drops Connor garet getting.

Taken out wide ATP what a shot gets it to 217 off of this angle look at this my goodness very next Point Hustlers trying to crawl their way back into this and look at this CJ Clinger going to hit viley with the Ernie Right Down the Line nice shot so tied up at 21 here Hustlers getting into this thing look at this.

Backand ATP from CJ Clinger chess bump what a shot look at this right on the line so the sliders end up pulling out a lead it’s 2423 game point and look who it all comes down to Conor Garnett oh that way too long oh my goodness I am physically uncomfortable just watching this so they tie it up 242 24 off a Miss serve so the sliders end.

Up getting it to 2524 another game point Riley serving though look at that jackw hits it long and hits it even longer on that that ball went into the other court Jack sock played tennis then pickle ball and now baseball home run he is so upset that they lost that one so the sliders end up finally winning a game so game three 5 seven here and oh man more of.

This we’re not even seeing the ball land everyone just gets quiet oh man it’s 1117 for the sliders I mean I’m just showing all these just to show you how bad it really is and we got another one this time off the net in the kitchen he’s just smiling had still wouldn’t have a lot of money just to be clear i’ be close to getting.

A Yola gen 3 at this point damn Rob Rob Cassidy going hard at Conor Garnet oh my gosh it’s terrifying to watch him Ser in out it was out so the sliders lost game three now they’re looking to take game four so they could force a dream breaker so will they be able to do it let’s check out out game.

Four this is the start of the game and oh going after Brooke Buckner’s head look at that look at Jansen nailing her so fast forward it’s 1919 we’re all locked up again the sliders they really want to force this dream breaker so they could get some kind of points out of this and look at that ATP attempt Riley almost Falls.

Holds himself together they get the point it’s 2019 now so the sliders end up with a game point at 2625 EXT ra pickle look at that we’re headed to ours first Dream breaker on the first day of MLP let’s go so the hustlers start off with a 5 lead here in the dream breaker production quality sucks I don’t know what this is all.

About we jump back in and CJ kinger in the middle of a Great Rally two hand a backhand Clips the line gets it to 6-0 so 1112 for the sliders one-point game Riley Newman not used to playing singles so much anymore but he shows he still got it look at that Top Spin clips line ties it at 12 so it’s 1913 the husters with a huge lead sliders trying.

To get their way back into it look at this point from Connor guard Nets did he get that my goodness goes on two hand a back in Jack can’t handle it he’s poting over he’s like something is up with that he’s like that bounced three freaking times so it ends up being 2016 don’t forget a dream breaker is to 21 and it’s not Wi on serve but CJ Clinger.

Has no idea hits it out he’s like all right chance to win this high five oh I’m so glad you’re excited all right I’m going to serve this one in and maybe we have a what what’s happening what why are you giving me a high five is that what the game is over we won are you serious why is everybody High fiving me it’s.

Over I love this so much he is so confused he’s like wait a minute hold up he’s like oh thank you so much Riley thank you for walking all the way over here to high five me but wait a minute why is the crowd leaving why is everybody packing their things he’s like why are you guys high-fiving each other I love that so much I’m so glad it.

Was CJ Clinger that made that mistake so the hustlers win the dream breaker they get two points the sliders did not win but they still get at least one point very interesting end to day one of the Premier League for MLP all right guys real quick before we get into day of mop I want to give a quick shout out to someone very special Kimberly peram.

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The same and if not all good and as always you could support by checking out the Etsy store and grabbing yourself some gear hats shirts water bottles whatever you want there’s something that you want that’s not in there let me know and maybe I’ll put it in there all right enough of that let’s get back into it all right day two let’s get into it our.

First match of the day for premere League was the ranchers against the Dallas Flash the first time we’re seeing the Dallas flash play and we don’t even get it streamed for Major League pickleball this was a thing that was pretty consistent all weekend the first match of the day they never streamed I guess they didn’t want to pay the.

Production crew overtime so they just said all right we’ll just not stream the first match a little bit frustrating because I mean we’re missing some good games we did get at least this one highlight right here shout out to the Texas ranchers social media team they live stream the match but they took it down.

From their Instagram but at least we get this cool highlight right here and ended up going to four games ranchers took the first and then the flash took the next three so the Dallas flash 1 and0 to start their MLP debut all right so let’s get into our first streamed match we got the LA mad drops taking on the New Jersey fives we’re going to jump to game.

Three we got analie Waters and will howls taking on kathern Pento and Thomas Wilson so we’ll start here it’s 32 La mad drops up by a point now we are tied a game g a piece so this is going to be crucial to see who wins this game to get up two to one and look at this lob over Thomas Wilson somehow handles it will howls trying to put one away mad drops.

Playing excellent defense what’s going to happen here analie Waters the best player in pickle ball this weekend here look at that will hows puts one down the middle they tie it three a piece so 95 here will how’s on his back foot trying to drop one in analie waters comes in look at that angle and the Ernie oh it’s still alive puts it behind him La mad.

Drops come out on top of that one so we got a one-point game now 2322 will howls is clearly going to be the one they’re going after well how a lot of people not even sure if he could hang in Premier League but they picked him up for a reason look at this they’re going to Target that back can see if they could find a weakness for him but.

He’s staying alive and look at this the forehand is a killer with that proton power use promo code sorry for 20% off your proton paddle look at that so the fives faced four game points for the Mad drops they end up turning things around and look at this it’s 2928 their own game point and will howls goes right at Catherine Pento and so they take this.

Third game 30 to 28 and so game four it is 2416 we got game point and look at this we’re headed to a dream breaker so fast forward fives up by two 1513 and another close call another challenge I think that’s another good call yeah that looks like it’s out what’s the ref think after video review the ball was out the call stands.

Okay five to challeng what was that five to BL chenge oh don’t choke and die on us ref get him some water so here we go it’s game point for the fives 2017 and look who it is it’s zaye natil MLP Champion multiple time.

Champion and look what he’s going to do backhand winner and they take the dream breaker all right next up let’s talk Hustlers versus Flash here we are game one tied up at 2222 we get this interesting point I want you to listen on this one cuz this one is going to have some.

Intense vocalization we’ll call it you’ll hear it in a second going start up with some dinking and then firefight here we gooo who screamed there who was that it was like they were scared might have been Leia I don’t know but anyways the point continues on We’re.

Gonna Get Some solid dinking here well somebody can’t handle it no Leia why so the Dallas flash up 2322 so 23-24 the Dallas flash have a great team they’re one of my favorites we got hurricane Tyra black and Georgia Johnson here for the women’s team men’s team is JW Johnson and Augie this first game was awesome I mean.

Look at some of these firefights that we get let’s go oh Tyra couldn’t handle it Hustlers tied up 2424 we’re getting some extra pickles start us off with this match so 2726 this one’s getting deep they’ve got game point for the flash Hustlers looking to stay alive look at this Leia with an amazing get we’re still going.

What’s going to happen speed up by Tyra and then here we go oh Leia trying to finish can’t do it Georgia getting everything and Tyra is the one to make the mistake ties it up at 27 of piece so another game point for the flash it’s 2827 here and we’re going to get a ball that goes long and so that’ll do it 2927 in this one so.

The flash end up taking all four games in this one they destroy the New York Hustlers so flash looking good to start off MLP weekend all right so let’s go to our next match here we’ve got the Texas ranchers taking on the St Louis shock we’ve already seen the ranchers play but this is the shock’s first match and their first game.

Is with the women’s team we’ve got Anna brigh teaming up with Kate Fey someone that we haven’t seen much of Anna brigh swears by her she’s apparently really good uh and she really proved herself this weekend she played very consistent part of that I think has to do with the fact that she’s playing with a really good player Anna bright uh who has.

Clearly shown that in MLP she comes alive so they are a good Duo Anna bright was killing it especially here and look at this so they tie it up 1818 so still a tight gain 2221 shock looking to tie it and a bright just plays Alpha mode in women’s and she deserves to play like that because she’s so good Tina piznik also a.

Great player known for her resets Anna brigh is going to test her on all of that Eda rri very consistent as well look at this byebye just waves to her right after it so 2423 we got a game point for the ranchers this one is locked tight but Anna bright and Kate Fahy they not quite yet look at this shot coming up from Kate Fahy.

Right in the corner ties it up 242 24 extra pickle here we go so we’re locked up tied at 24 gosh this game is so intense and a bright is so fun to watch an MLP Tina piznik and Eda Wright just calm cool and collected look at this ATP attempt defended overhead defended in a bright coming in hot and they win the point.

2524 chance to win it here so here we go game point for them chance to win this first game their first game ever for the year look at these resets Kate fahe keeping it alive annna bright good communication get their way back in Kate F staying back Hannah Bright’s like.

Go to Hannah backand it works they win game one the shock are pumped so we’ll jump to game three 1716 Christian alson and Tina pnik taking on Gabe tardio and Kate fahe look at this point Christian alson takes up so much of the Court it kind of got him into trouble this weekend might have done it a little bit too much this point it worked out but.

Until here off the net shock end up tying it at 17 so one-point game here 2221 Gabe tardio he could also get big on the court look at this all the way on the right side taking up 95% of it him and Christian alsan kind of playing the same style in that regard look at them just going back and forth at each other ATP Tina piznik defends it K fahe coming.

Over to help out look at this we’re back to dinking here we go Gabe tardio puts it in there t that can’t handle it so they tie it up 2222 so we’re tied up 24-24 we’re getting extra pickle here tardio trying to drop it in comes crashing after that look at this Christian alson with the Ernie Tina trying to clean up and then nice angle.

From Christian alson they get ahead 2524 it’s a game point for the ranchers trying to stay alive in this match and Gabe tardio gets too big oh and he’s pissed slams the ball so the ranchers get up a game it’s two to one now but in game four Anna bright and Hayden Patrick Quinn just dominated look at this they take it 25-.

17 so they win the match 3 to1 all right next up let’s talk New York versus New Jersey we’ll start here on game two tied 99 it’s the men’s game so we got will howls and zaye natil taking on CJ Clinger and Jack sock the women for the New Jersey fives took game one and so here we go the hustlers looking to tie this match one a piece.

Start on this point at 99 look at that from Zayn just stay there talking smack I love it so 1211 here the FES up by a point we’re going I get some solid dinking and then CJ Clinger he is going to get a chance at an awesome backhand ATP it’s defended and then Jack sock puts it in the perfect spot that zann can’t handle so the hustlers TI it up at.

12 so onepoint game Hustler’s up by a point watch this shot from Clinger goes long zaye lets him know so the fives were up by six points and look at this the hustlers have trimmed the lead to three and CJ Clinger is going to go right after Zayn he’s basically going to tell him stop bullying me body bagged CJ Clinger knows.

He could go at Zayn watch this shot coming up right here he’s going to go back door on him oh CJ Clinger pulls it into a one-point game and so it’s 22-21 here and CJ Clinger is absolutely feeling himself look at this hey what was that what are you kidding me what is this whirly woo what what the heck do you call that that’s the CJ.

Clinger shot we’re officially calling it that so we’re tied up 2222 we’re going to go into the middle of this dink rally and look at that zaye counters perfectly walks towards CJ like come on bro you can’t put that stuff in my wheelhouse I love this so much CJ Clinger versus Zayn rivalry we need this so 2322 now CJ is not afraid he’s going to go right after.

Zaye ties it up at 23 so they have a game point now they were down by six they made the comeback a lot of people said that comebacks weren’t going to be too easy with the no freeze but look at this the hustlers attempting to make a huge comeback here and if they could do it here and they do Jacka pumped chest bump.

Let’s go Hustlers tie it up one to one now so we’re going to jump to game four the fives have a 2-1 lead and look at this point from CJ Clinger on 157 he is going to just take over the whole Court he doesn’t care that Leia is there give her some space but then here he comes get big look at these resets my.

Goodness go all the way over oh zigzag back and forth stay there hit the winner right at Mari humberg let’s go CJ Clinger look at this just stays put she can’t handle it 167 and so game point for the hustlers trying to get this thing to a dream breaker against the jersey fivs and look at that they do.

2520 here in game four and we’re headed to a dream breaker so 52 here CJ Clinger to serve trying to keep their three-point lead but Zay natil hits him with the Ernie so 98 now will how will serving taking on Jack sock and he’s going to hit a winner down the line gives him the old are you not entertained FES absolutely crushing this.

Dream breaker against Leia Jansen analie Waters hits a winner gets it to 189 Hustlers have a big mountain to climb Mari humberg with her backhand slice that’s her favorite thing look at that slice she gets it over but man Mari humberg waiting there to hit the winner 2012 we got a game point now a match.

Point on 2013 match point for the fives will howls against Jack sa can he pull it off gets it to land and the New Jersey fives win another dream breaker so an excellent end to the day on day two all right before we get into day three real quick I got to give a shout out to this awesome company Florida pick clothing company they hooked me up with.

This awesome shirt dink Cino I love Duncan so I was like I got to get one of these so if you want this shirt or any of the shirts that they got on their website check them out Florida pickleball clo c.com every time I go on here I find a new favorite one they’ve got a ton of different designs honestly so much to just scroll through and check.

Out I love it when different companies have a lot to look for so go check them out once again that’s Florida cod.com link is in the description below all right so let’s get into day three we actually started our day off with a bit of an odd moment our first match of the day was going to be the New Jersey fives against the AZ drive but before that.

Began we got this breaking news MLP Atlanta update a paddle failed testing at MLP Atlanta due to okay I’m not doing so apparently a paddle failed because of Pinar now they didn’t say who it was what paddle it was turns out it was Andre dicu before he played his match they tested his paddle you know they give it the old rub and they’re like.

Hold up wait a minute what is this why is it sticky he had pinear on it now I don’t know if that’s something he’s done in the past they check your paddle every single time you play I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to use pinear on the handle so it is possible that maybe he just got a little bit on his paddle surface either way I haven’t heard it.

Affect anything else I mean maybe he just had to get a new paddle but it’s not like he wasn’t allowed to play I haven’t heard anything about a fine or anything like that so it was an interesting way to start today on top of that we didn’t even get to see the match this one wasn’t stream so even though we didn’t get a stream we did get some.

Highlights on Instagram the a drive men team Andre Desco Dylan Fraser they take game one game two Lacy schneeman and Caitlyn Christian they’re going to get beat by analie Waters and Mari humberg so we’re tied 1-1 going into the mix match check out this highlight right here Andre dicu is going to set Caitlyn Christian up with the.

Perfect Ernie attempt right through the middle so Caitlyn Christian and dicu end up winning that game and then here we go game for Dylan Frasier and Lacy schneeman King on analie Waters and will how look at that shot from analie Waters so the fives up by two points here 22 to 20 and look at this point will howls.

Played really great when he played with anal Waters and so will howls and analie Waters they are going to take game four and guess what that means that means that we’re going to a dream breaker of course the match that we don’t get streamed has a dream breaker but whatever we’ll take these highlights.

Look at this Lacy schneeman putting it in there easy Drive looking good but the fives end up winning the dream breaker no footage of their win just the celebration after all those clown fans I just learned this weekend too that it’s like Gary Vee’s thing is like the fives like that’s like a it’s like his thing is like I don’t know what it means but I.

Thought fives was like some pickle ball term that I didn’t know about I still don’t get the clown part or the ugly colors but they get another dream breaker win the fives won all their matches in dream Breakers Zay natil went 0 for six in all of his games analie waters went 6 and0 analie Waters has struggled in the past in MLP so this was.

Kind of cool to see her do really well here and also Zena’s done really well and now he’s not regardless they’re still three and0 even though they don’t get as many points for winning it in dream Breakers they’re at least hanging in there all right so let’s jump to our first streamed match so we got the drive playing back-to-back games here which is.

A little bit weird that the schedule was like that but anyways they’re taking on the Columbus sliders so diu and Dylan Frasier here in game two look at that ATP cleaned up from Riley might have hit out ball and then we’re going to get the point to continue sped up from Connor oh can’t put it away and then Connor hits it in the net what a crazy point start.

Your engines what a rally so 64 here drive up by two game one did go to the drive the women’s team beat the sliders and look at this little drop from Riley he cleans up with the bir so they get it to 65 so 88 here tied up Connor Garnett’s been doing great with this serve and oh that one just misses off the net and out of bounds another Miss.

Serve for Connor Garnett what does that bring our total to so 1212 here oh no I think you know where this is going it’s going out of bounds another Miss serve so 1615 a one-point lead for the drive and man we had some awesome hands battles here look at this they get switched up Connor Garnett trying to drive it in there Riley in the middle.

Can’t hang Drive get a two-point lead so so 1918 sliders trying to tie this thing up Conor Garnett hits it in Great serve all right here we go drive from Riley drops it in he’s like get out of my way I’ll handle it Riley’s pump they tie it at 19 all right sliders up by a point 2221 Garnett deep breath hits the serve oh man almost nasty Nelson Andre dicu.

There to the drive tie it up 22 Riley’s like you know what I’ll just take over check this out Bert right down the middle Take the Lead 2322 so we’re going to jump into this dink rally this was a long rally 2423 a game point for the sliders can they pull it off and Watch What Happens here Andre deu ties it up no he does not footfall.

Called on him look at his feet he just Clips the net and you can’t touch the net that’s a fault and so the sliders win on a football all right so let’s go to game three now that we’re tied up a game of piece and Conor Garnett is coming out for mix doubles here we go another long serve on 86 once again this time in the net on 910 takes a deep.

Breath he’s like you know what time out I’m not feeling it oh man look The Yips is like a real thing like I was saying last episode I’ve dealt with it myself I made a post on Instagram when this was happening I had so many people in my DMs telling me I had it too it’s been a problem for me as well a lot of people were saying that.

Switching to a backhand serve works this is just a thing that plagues people in sports I’ve seen MLB careers end because of this it’s like a real neurological thing they did a study on The Yips and they found that a common thing amongst everybody that had The Yips is that they all have a people pleaser personality so if you have the personality trait of.

Being a people pleaser you are more prone to getting The Yips the thing is it like makes your forearm like kind of Twitch in a weird way your mechanics just get thrown out the window they actually have a surgery that you can get where they go in and they do something to one of your forearm muscles and it has worked for people where they.

Surgically remove The Yips from themselves now I don’t know if that’s the move for Conor Garnet here because it’s expensive risky and it doesn’t always work but man I mean giving away all these points is not fun either so he’s really got to talk to a sports psychologist and he’s got to figure this out because it is costing them actual.

Points all right how about an actual highlight we got a tight game here it’s 1516 the sliders are up by Point ignore the scoreboard we’re getting it wrong all weekend anyways look at that get from Connor pops it up diu tries to drop it and Brooke Buckner chases it down Conor Garnett all over the court another one oh can’t get it to land so the drive.

Tie it up at 16 so the sliders trying to get their way back into it it’s 2024 here how about a quick little hands battle and DCU comes out on top so the AY drive up by one two to one so game four will jump here it’s 2220 the AZ Drive are up and we get this fun little Point check this out Megan Danon holding it down here look at this oh my goodness.

What amazing gets in resets Riley Newman’s like I would like to get involved if you don’t mind and he doesn’t Lacy schneeman puts one in the corner to the drive up 2320 so the drive looking to get their first win on 2421 they get it a clean win that’s three points for the drive all right so the next match we got is the St Louis.

Shock taken on the LA mad drops Hunter Johnson actually played really well this weekend everybody thought that he shouldn’t even be in the Premier League super good teamed up with Thomas Wilson here and they’ve got a pretty big lead against Gabe tardio and Hayden Patrick win the lead was five but now it’s three game point for them Hayden Patrick Quinn.

Pulls it to two it’s a two-point game but still a game point for them look at this gardio counters down the middle 2324 now so can they make a comeback tie this thing up at 2 for nope it’s long so the drops they win this one 2523 take game one so now we’ll fast forward to game four the shock are up two to one so.

The Mad drops if they get this they’re going to pull this to a dream breaker and Hunter Johnson comes up big they do it so a chance to win a dream breaker against the St Louis shock so we’ll start here it’s one Z mad drops are up by one got Hunter Johnson taking on Gabe tardio and look at this point that we get gabee.

Tardio how did he get that in oh that barely made it over the net so did that one look at him just attacking full steam ahead Gabe tardio let’s go what a point look at these shots Hunter Johnson in the net Gabe tardio pump so now we got anab Bri against Katherine Pento shock up by three at 74 and a bright twoh handed backhand.

Crosscourt cther Bento can’t get it 84 now so mad drops down by five Hunter Johnson looking to cut the lead how about a hands battle let’s go 117 now very next Point Hunter Johnson he is feeling himself look at that shot 118 very next Point Hunter Johnson going to do something similar gets it to 119 Katherine Pento.

She was struggling this weekend but she’s looking all right here I mean she’s taking on Anna brigh that is never an easy task Catherine brto known for her singles look at that she’s like let’s go crowd come on start cheering for us very next point on 1412 looking to make this a one-point game for the Mad drops kathern Pento hanging in there.

Chases this one down and lands it in there she’s so pumped so one-point game shock up 1817 look at this get 360 Hunter Johnson recovers oh but can’t get the next one so we got a tie game at 2020 in this dream breaker how awesome Katherine Pento and Anna brigh look at this shot Nails it 2120 so game point match point for the.

LA mad drops cther Pento oh in a bright hits the winner in the corner ties it up 2121 so the shock pull ahead 2221 Anna brigh chance to win this match can she pull it off against Katherine pen Catherine is going to hit it in the net she’s so pissed smacks the ball and a bright cheering with the team a very.

Awkward jumping celebration for them but they won the match in a dream breaker the shock continue to kill it all right next up we got the sliders once again now rocking the red Unis but look who they’re taking on the DC pickle ball team it’s their first match here on Saturday they had the first two days off meanwhile Columbus sliders are not.

Looking good and they desperately need a win so a little bit strange to have the DC team play the sliders after the sliders have already played a ton of games so we’ll start here in the men’s match the women for Columbus took the first game but here in game two we got James IGN and dear on DC look at this point tweener from.

Declear gets it to land wow very impressive the point still goes on and here we go James trying to poke that one in there his little jumping feet Conor Garnett comes in hard look at the hands great get by Riley but can’t get it over so tle bar wins the point with his tweener Connor Garnett was doing so good on his serve all game long.

Until it came down to this 217 and oh he hits one long hey you know what I’ll take it that’s just one out of the many that he had this game so the lead is still just three and Conor Garnett no right when it was starting to get close gives up a crucial point there so game point for DC at two-point game and when you think about the fact that Conor.

Garnett gave up two points off of his serve I mean that ends up being a tie game you know that is if they were to score in that it’s not guaranteed they would have but you know free points are free points when you think about the momentum it takes out of you too man that is just not good but anyways DC they are going to take this.

Game which means that we’re going to be all tied up one game a piece so we’ll fast forward to game four Columbus took the third game Columbus trying to win this match here in the fourth game and oh nove from Garnett I’m just uh it’s hurting me I think than itting all us I mean luckily for Conor Garnett they have a big lead here it’s.

1911 you got some room to have The Yips so luckily enough here on game point 2419 Columbus sliders trying to win their first match can they do it Conor Garnett dinking that one was a little high luckily enough Rachel roacher couldn’t handle it so they did it Columbus won a game and won a match all right next up let’s talk about the.

Orlando squeeze and the St Louis shock The Squeeze playing their first match late on Saturday this schedule is so weird I can’t get over it shock are on fire so a little tough to get into a rhythm against a team that has been doing so well all weekend but we’ll start here Federico STA and Tyson McGuffin in game one taking on Gabe.

Tardio and Hayden Patrick Quin look at this squeeze got a onepoint lead 2221 so game point for the shock here 2422 squeeze were looking pretty good I mean Tyson McGuffin and fed are seeming like they got some good chemistry Tyson McGuffin wasn’t even supposed to be on the squeeze he was on the black diamonds and they come up short here the squeeze.

Lose to the shock 2522 game one the shock were just crushing them already up two games to nothing and look at this how about a third game in a row they win 254 here in mixed so they already win 3 0 fourth game The Squeeze ended up pulling off but the shocks still win this match next up we’ll talk about the DC pickle ball.

Team taking on the Arizona drive this was a blowout DC already up three games to nothing of course we get technical glitches like we did all weekend long look at that DC sweeps some four games what an anticlimactic way to end our Saturday all right guys real quick before we get into the next segment I am so excited about this I got to give a.

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You’ll get 20% off your order I’m telling you you’ll be very happy you did it all right next up let’s do day four our last day of MLP this weekend we’re going to start with the first match of the day which once again was not streamed and of course it ended up going to a dream breaker we had the LA mad drops taken on the Dallas Flash we’re.

Going to jump here to game four Dallas up 2 to one La trying to force a dream breaker and Hunter Johnson came up clutch so we’re headed to a dream breaker to decide this one and so this is the only footage we have of the dream breaker here looks like Thomas Wilson was the one to close it out for the LA mad drops they win another dream breaker.

So congrats to the Mad drops pulling out Victory the LA mad drops went to a dream breaker in every match that they had which is pretty crazy I love Yates coming over like hey I’m kind of part of the team right cuz I don’t have a team all right now let’s go to the DC pickle ball team taking on the St Louis Shock first off I hate the name.

Pickle ball team come on like DC you can’t get a little creative anyways at least they don’t have the worst logo in the league better than the fives so anyways here we go we got game one it’s the women’s doubles Kate f and Anna brght look at this up early 10 to five against Rachel roacher and Alise Jones shock got a.

Fourpoint lead now 139 anab bright is just playing so well this weekend so aggressive and Kate fahe just staying so consistent over there on the right side look at this tracks down the lob gives them a lob of their own and a bright handles the drop tries to keep them back in the kitchen now attacked Alisa Jones she handles with the reset another lob.

Kate F he takes it out of the air here we go oh my goodness what a get from Elise Jones Rachel on the back Baseline trying to drop it in and then another L and she’s punished for it look at that a Roar from Anna brigh what a fun point so the shock had a seven-point lead look at this DC got it to within three and Elise Jones so energetic Anna bright so.

Energetic oh my goodness look at that ATP she did get that point they cut it to two so it’s a two-point game now and not only was Anna bright and Elise Jones energetic how about Kate Fahy you think she can get a little energy watch this off the net into the net and she screams in their face about it God love MLP someone makes an error in the net and.

You just scream in their face the crowd so three-point game we’re going to go into the middle of this rally lob from Elise Kate Fey is handling all the lobs from her but at least Jones is handling the resets afterwards too and then here we go watch this Anna bright is just going to get so aggressive take over all of the Court ready for it watch this.

Anna bright dominating let’s go attack attack attack can she finish oh she hits it wide she can’t believe so’s still at a two-point lead here so it’s 2219 here we’re getting laid into this one but the shock still keeping a hold of that lead this is the fun Point look where this one ends up Kate Fahy forehand dinking all day they’re just.

Going right to her and then look at this on the ground hits two balls and then Rachel puts one right into the side of her arm so DC needs to come back and they need to come back quick look at this Rachel roarer getting so big she’s like get out of the way Elise Jones she is pumped so two-point game but it’s game point for the shock they just got.

To get one more and look at this in the net they take game one 25-22 what a close match so now we’ll go to the men’s we got Gabe tardio and Hayden Patrick wiin taking on dealbar with this huge serve that he’s allowed to do now and James Ignat and so everybody was kind of hoping for James to play Anna we didn’t.

Actually get that unfortunately but still kind of cool they’re playing each other’s teams and look at this dear screams at Hayden 1111 so 2018 now DC up and we’re going to get this fun point right here watch dealbar scorpion gives him the what he expects so game point for DC it’s a one-point game shock trying to tie this thing up and they’re.

Going to be stuck back at the Baseline they end up making their way to the kitchen sped up from ignt but it Clips the net no ATP from Gabe he’s in trouble and look at that Hayden finishes G is so pump jumping up and down so DC end up with another game point here on 2524 declear coming in with the drop Hayden back in into the net DC takes it.

Ties this match up one to one so next up let’s go to game three we’re going to start here on 1312 DC with the serve and watch this rip from deal bar and just gives him the what do you expect you let me have the I’m going to take it Alise Jones was cheering after every point they won it was little bit annoying but I mean I.

Don’t know there are worse things to get annoyed at so not the biggest of deals watch this point right here Ernie and look at Elise Jones chess bump hug me screaming up and down yeah so one-point game here 1615 declear was on fire in this game I mean watch this right here backhand flick ATP gets it what Hayden Patrick.

Quinn is going to answer on the next point with an Ernie of his own let’s go so we got a tie game 1717 Hayden Patrick on his back foot how did that ball get in anyways dear up at the kitchen trying to put them back and look at that get from Hayden dear can’t handle it so the shock Take the Lead 1817 so onepoint lead for the shock here.

2120 Hayden Patrick Quinn was such a good team with an a brigh look at him here backhand flick comes into the middle saves himself two-point lead now 2220 so tie game here 2222 we’re getting close to the end here crosscourt dinkin back in fourth and a bright puts one up right in deckle Bar’s.

Wheelhouse for the Ernie they take the lead so game point for DC trying to give Anna brigh her first loss of the weekend and Anna brigh knows that ecoar is waiting for The Earnie and she handles it perfectly to save the game for them within one so the shock end up getting game point for themselves they.

Turn this thing around here at the end and then look at this they’re going to pull it off an a bright undefeated they take it 2624 they’re up 2-1 and so game four James Ignat r Roar Boer they end up closing the deal we’re going to a dream breaker so we’ll start here 85 DC up by three we’re going to jump to Alise Jones.

Vers Kate Fahy and look at these gets from Fahy flicks that one in there they pull it to two so 119 now DC trying to hang on to their lead James ignt has to come up in a hurry and look at that tardio goes right at his chest so DC ends up getting it to 2017 James ignit against G G tardio and off the net look at this they give the St Louis shock.

Their first loss and it comes in a dream breaker James Ignat puts a final nail in the coffin against his girlfriend’s Team all right next up let’s talk to New York Hustlers against the Orlando squeeze the squeeze were down by seven points and down for most of this game and look at this they get it to within one against Leia Jansen and Jackie Coto you know a.

Lot of people well I don’t know if it’s a lot of people but there’s one person in particular I’m not going to say who it is but his initials are JK uh and he’s not just kidding but he thinks that the Orlando squeeze are struggling because they have two women that are right side players I don’t know if he’s necessarily wrong but here we.

Are tied up at 2323 so they did okay in this game Leia Jansen and Jackie Coto come out on top of this so they’re up 24-23 got a game point very next point on game point Jackie drops it in Paris trying to go at Leia and that is a mistake Leia handles everything her way tries again not working and then Viv puts one in the.

Net so the New York Hustlers take game one so the men come out and the squeeze played excellent against CJ Clinger and Jack sock look at this they won 2515 so we’re tied up one game a piece so we’ll go to game three now fed and Paris taking on CJ and Leia Janson and CJ Clinger has got some great hands look at this fed tries to come at him he’s.

Taking up everything let’s go but can he finish fed gives it to Leia crosscourt since they have a lefty the women are facing each other and Paris Todd finishes screams at Lup so onepoint game here the hustlers up 15 to 14 Paris and fed trying to make their way in CJ getting big poking that at Paris coming at her keeps that one in then goes at.

Fed fed barely gets it he’s got to retreat and look at this an ATP out of nowhere from Paris Todd they tie it up 1515 so Orlando now has the lead squeeze up 17 to 16 CJ puts it out wide and ATP he hops over it that is in so 1816 now Paris serving hits a drop from her back foot tries another CJ’s there tries another Leia with the Ernie oh and.

Somehow she puts that in there screams at them so squeeze still got a one-point lead here it’s 1918 and keep your eye on Leia she’s going to come in hot Ernie right through the Middle look at that they tie it up 1919 so the squeeze on 2423 they are going to end up taking it 25 to 23 so they take game three.

They’re up 2 to one so let’s go to game four now Tyson McGuffin and Vivian David taking on Jackie camoto and Jack sock and New York needs to win this game to force a dream breaker look at Jack sock coming in with an awesome poach he is so pumped so they get it 22 to9 so 2422 hustlers looking to pull this game.

Out and force a dream bar and look at that shakeing big from Tyson McGuffin gets it into one the hustlers blew like a three-point lead they had game point at 24-21 and then here we are tied at 24 and look at this Tyson McGuffin with his own shake and bake he’s so pumped and so on 2726 The Squeeze have a chance to win this match without a dream breaker and.

They do it Jack sock and Jackie Coto Jack and Jack they collapsed lost their lead and they gave it up to the squeeze all right let’s go to DC versus Dallas we’re going to start here in game one the women playing first Georgia Johnson and Tyra black taking on Elise Jones Rachel roacher look at this point Tyra getting aggressive great get from Elise.

Jones how about you Rachel who wants the middle one you can’t both get it but they handle it Tyra doing anything she could do handleing the hands battle here we go oh and they finished on Georgia so it’s 2418 and they are crushing and look at this last point that we’re going to get oops did I just.

Spoil who’s going to come out on top I think you’re new not as easy to come back in MLP these days but that’s okay that just means that if we do have a comeback it is well deserved look at this Some solid dinking back and forth some hands here we go set down he’s going to speed up again police tries off balance one more time oh good get oh.

Georgia let’s go shock come out on top not the shock the flash a wrong electricity thing all right next up let’s go to DC versus Dallas Dallas pickleball Club the women’s team took game one and so now the Flash looking to get up 2 here uh JW.

Johnson and Augie go solid men’s double team look at this Ernie defended oh and then a hands battle aiga slows it down here we go he’s going to win this one solid dinking from the Lefty taking the middle balls goes out wide giving it to Jay dub and then he attacks oh and that one’s just out what a rally so 1514 Flash up.

By one we got Auggie dropping it in getting him to the kitchen line James going up the line dinking same for deckle going straight forward with their dinks they are refusing to crosscourt dink it then he attacks Auggie then Jay dub finishes oh no declear watch your.

Ankles did you see that watch declear ball rolls in and almost snaps his ankle he’s okay thankfully Bar’s going to grab his paddle check out his ankle okay just a little Tomahawk he just Chucks the ball as far as he can thankfully there was no other game going on grand stand otherwise that.

Would have hit somebody over there and there’s a blue and he gets a blue guard so it’s 1614 here Dallas up by two dropping it in up at the kitchen that’s where jdb is dangerous watch out DC can hold their own so here we go we got some dinking some dinking let’s go do something exciting de Bar.

Scorpion I love Deco Bar’s celebration of the just hands up the shrug the BL he expects that’s my new favorite celebration I’m going to start doing that at wck here we go it’s 1615 flash still up by a point how about a nice little hands battle what do we say who’s going to get us started James does tries to put it down the middle it’s handled.

Oh what amazing gets so pumped 1817 we’re all tied up look at this how about some more good hands look at the hands from everybody hands hands hands oh my goodness so onepoint game but the DC pickle ball team they’ve got a game point here trying to tie this match up one game a piece will they be able to do it James attacks Auggie he did not.

Expect that for some reason so they take this one 2523 so 2322 here in our third game Tyra and Auggie taking on declear and Elise Jones and look at this hurricane Ty black is going to hit a crosscourt dink dealbar has a soft ATP Auggie handles it and then comes and Fires at him they get the point so they tie it up 2323 so 2323.

Fre now and it’s as if dear was like okay thank you for the feedback on my ATP before why don’t you set me up for another one because I promise you this time I’m going to nail it so Tyra not afraid to do it it’s the corner he’s like let’s go watch this one more time what a spot so that gets them to a game point and if they could get.

This they’re going to be up 21 here Against The Flash but let’s see what happens dealbar just dominates they win the game up to one so game four look at this The Flash are up 6 to zero absolutely crushing Johnson siblings steamrolling him look at these hands my goodness they get up 70 so it looks like.

Dallas got this one handled but then look at this it’s 1011 here they’ve come back and James ties it up 1111 win and so not only did they come back and tie it they’re now up by five 2419 they’ve got Match Point here we go James getting big great hands he takes it keep your eye on James Ignat he is so pumped about this win chest bump.

Jones does he even notice her and just pushes her he does not care about her so keep in mind this was on Mother’s Day they gave Elise Jones a little shout out cuz she is a mother well it does indeed so Jimmy how do you keep it going how do you keep it going all year.

Long can I say how to my kids well I think it’s silence you know next up real quick the St Louis shock against the AZ Drive the shock swept them 40 absolutely dominated them here all right next up our last Premiere match of the weekend we got the Orlando squeeze taking on the Texas ranchers so Christian alson and Pablo.

Tez taking on fed and Tyson and look at this Pablo against fed they just stopped partnering so they are no longer Partners in the PPA so are we going to see a bit of a rivalry fed thinks it’s in Pablo calls it out uhoh are a can’t even look him in the eyes how you going to do me like that dude it close we used to have.

Something special challenge I would say so they end up losing the challenge there the ball was out it was actually pretty clear that it was out and so look at this point it’s like they just wanted to piss off fed cuz that Ball’s out too oh dear he’s like what now this one and I mean are you really going to use two challenges in the first five points so.

1716 here watch this this is hilarious look at Christian alsan in the back grabbing the towel taking his time ref calls a score so fed serves it person’s like wait what I’m just getting a towel can you give me a second it’s kind of hilarious cuz fed is always known for taking his time in between points he’s even laughing so game point for the.

Ranchers 2423 looking to take the first game here but look at this fed is going to hit a crazy volley awesome angle Christian can’t get to it so they tie it up 24 24 so 25 24 the ranchers got a game point here coming in how about a little bit of dinking what’s going to happen speed up by Christian and fed hits it in the net.

So they take game one against a squeeze fed is so angry look at this Pablo tries to come in and be like hey bro we’re good right we’re good like get away from me oh my goodness I did not have Pablo fed rivalry on my 2024 MLP bingo card so game two the ranchers also win that one that means that the squeeze got to win.

This if they want to stay alive in here bed tries the soft Ernie doesn’t work cuz Tina piznik is a reset machine two-handed backhand dink off the line bed coming in tries to speed up and he’s P fed is not feeling it so 2218 the ranchers are up by four and fed drives hard and then watch this in the net and hit the ball at the bar ref was not a.

Fan of that she’s like I know what you were doing there don’t you dare show frustration blue card the N Sports the white cond de oh man a blue card for fed he is not having a good match here and so the ranchers are going to end up beating the squeeze here in this game that’ll get them to 3 0 so game four we go check this out tied 1515 Maddy.

Pickles with the best tweet of all time we got the fresh squeez juice now let’s go for some pulp o so the squeeze did have a game point here uh but the ranchers came back into it and look at this Pablo goes right at Tyson they pull off the sweep there you go have some pul so that’ll be the end.

Of premiere for the weekend how fun was this I know it’s a little anticlimactic there’s no champion of the weekend or anything like that but think about this we get the playoffs coming up in November that’s a long way away but we have a lot of regular season matches the buildup to that November Championship is going to be huge this will literally.

The biggest pickle ball match ever and I am so excited for it it’s in Orlando I might fly out and go to that cuz that is pickle ball history right there just fingers crossed we get there we’ve had a lot of difficulty even keeping the MLP alive so if we do get to the playoffs I’ll just be a happy camper that we got it at all all right next up I’m going to.

Briefly touch on Challenger I know this is kind of a long episode so I’m just going to kind of show my favorite games of each day the Bay Area Breakers ended up being the best team in Challenger which I got to say I’ll take the L on this one I did not think that they were going to be that good Vivian glosman was one of the best players she has been.

Crushing it lately even Rachel Recker played really well this weekend too and so look at this in their first match they end up winning on a dream breaker 2422 all right next up day two we’ll show this Miami versus SoCal hard 8s SoCal hard 8s were very disappointing I thought that they would do do decent uh but they only won one match I think they.

Had like six matches day three we also had this incredible score line in the dream breaker the Bay Area Breakers beat Miami pickle ball Club 21-4 can you believe that that is a blowout day four this is the Florida smash versus the SoCal hard 8s Florida smash another disappointing team I thought they were going to be really.

Good I will say Rumor Has It Travis was not feeling 100% he may been sick uh but they did pull out at least one win here against the SoCal hard AIDS all right well that’s going to do it for a recap of the Premier League and the Challenger league but before we’re done with the recap we got to do hooks of the.

Week all right hooks of the week is officially sponsored by close call replay so when I said I was going to do hooks of the week close call replay reached out to me and they were like dude we love this we got to help you out with this because we really believe that we could change this so there are no more hooks anymore so close call replay.

Is pickle Ball’s first 240 frames per second instant replay line call system if MLP and PPA and heck even AP if they would use close call replay fans would love it refs would love it gambling sites would love it I mean I think it’s just making everything really fair if we have a way to look and see oh yeah that was in or yeah that was out so if do you.

Think that close call replay should be used in the next production that we got for another pickleball tournament let people know let the MLP teams know let these organizations know close call replay wants to kind of push from the bottom up and get them to do something about all these tight calls we had a lot this weekend and I’m going to go through.

Them and yes I say them as in plural we had a ton of submissions for hooks of the week our first one comes via ranchers pickle ball Instagram this match was not streamed but they did record this look at this JW Johnson calls this one out but look at that that is as close as it gets that looks into me let’s see one more time Christian.

Alson I think he got hooked by JW Johnson next up look who we got on hooks of the week it’s Zayn Naver the inventor of the segment Zane how dare you call this one out I mean this camera work not the best angle and it’s like 20 frames per second I’m being slightly hyperbolic but not even that much look at that I think.

That’s in I don’t know man that one looks good I feel like this is just a result of the crappy camera this is why we need close call replay all right next up on hooks of the week it’s feder Rico stack federo has been the most submitted person look at that one that seemed like it was right on the line got a hook they have a jack sock what kind of hook job.

Is that so what’s the call W yes it was Jacko pump take that fed don’t you dare try and hook us again next up on hooks of the week who do you think it’s going to be out of these four Riley Connor Garnett Dylan Frasier or Andre dasu not you watch this shot from Conor Garnett.

Right on the line that’s as good as gets how dare you try and hook Connor Garnett he’s already struggling enough with his serves don’t take away more of his confidence we have yet another one this time it’s declear as the hooker of the week look at this one he calls it out the shock don’t have a challenge so they can’t even look at.

It but this is on camera so we can I slowed this one down let’s see is it in it looks like it is oh look at that that looks in to me right there again with these terrible cameras we need close call replay to happen all right this is going to be like the hook of the week I got to say this one was rough and it was kind of fun to see so check this out.

Jack sock Jacki camoto against the squeeze with Tyson McGuffin and Vivian David Vivian David I don’t suspect that you would want to hook somebody would you look at that one that one was so clearly in fed comes in he’s like that is out you can’t trust fed I might have given Viv the benefit.

Of the doubt but when fed comes in do not do that do not do that fed up here he’s like I saw it that was out that goes inside of the line what are you talking about so let’s see I mean that looks very much inside the line I mean if this was 240 frames per second we’d see this clearly.

Still I think it is in listen here you’re a hook is the ball you’re a hook fed going hard fed’s coming out fed and Jack are getting into it sounds about right after you the ball the call was overturned the ball was in a it’s like my bad I didn’t mean to get you into a fight with fed all right well that is going to do it for a recap of.

Our first MLP event here in Atlanta but before we head out of here let’s play a game of partner body bag winner off the net partner body winner off the net partner body win off theet the M the James not sorry not.

Sorry all right partner body bag winner off the net the game where I’m giving three people in the pickle ball world and I got to decide who I’d partner with who I’d body bag and who I’d hit a winner off the net against this week the three people I got are the most controversial people from the weekend so number one we got Rafa hwit number two.

We got the man with the sticky paddle Andre dasu and number three champion of hook of the week we got feder Rico sta all right so who do I want to partner with who do I want to body bag and who am I going to hit a winner off the net against well I don’t think I want a body bag Rafa cuz then he might get really fired up and start getting chirpy and.

Then he’ll get in my head and I’ll start screwing up you know when it comes to Fed 2 you got to watch out for the hooks but I feel like if you hit a winner off the net against him I mean you can’t really call that out also I feel like he does deserve a bit of a body bag gosh this is a tough one all right I’m GNA body bag fed I’m gonna hit a winner off.

The net against dasu and I’m going to team up with Rafa huid he seems like he’s fun just don’t talk to me about your lollipop all right well there you have it I’m going to partner with Rafa I’m going to hit a body bag against fed and I’m going to hit a winner off the net against Andre dasu all right well that’s going to do it for this week’s.

Episode thank you guys so much for sticking around and watching if you have not already make sure you smash that like button go ahead and subscribe to the channel in case you’re not already subscribed even if you feel like this pops up into your algorithm anyways well it helps me out a little bit get this out to a new audience also make sure.

That you hit that notification Bell that way the minute a new episode drops you are going to get notified share this episode with your friends maybe they missed out on MLP or they don’t even know what it is well this might be able to get them into it leave me a comment down below tell me what you thought about this weekend what was your.

Favorite Parts what was your not so favorite Parts tell me what you would have decided on Partner body bag winner off the net did I miss any hooks of the week that you feel like I should have put in there which teams do you think are going to bounce back and do a little bit better when we see them in DC for the next MLP event send me all your.

Predictions down below if you want to help support the show you could do so in a few different ways one is by going to the Etsy store you could also become a member on patreon or if neither of those things are up your alley but you still want to help out you can always send me a super chat too don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and X sorry not sorry.

Pickle ball once again thanks so much everybody for watching we’re going to see you back next week we got PPA they’re staying in Atlanta it’s going to be a fun one so we’ll see you then take caregiv saying sorry I’m sorry forgiveness.

UPDATE: The “illegal” substance on Daescu’s paddle was a combination of sunscreen and sweat which had built up over months of use. NOT an illegal substance or pine tar.

On this week of the Sorry Not Sorry Pickleball Podcast, I recap my favorite moments from 2024 MLP Atlanta Season Opener, including Rafa Hewitt’s “hot mic” lollipop moment, Connor Garnett having the yips, and of course everyone’s favorite game: Partner, Body-Bag, Winner Off The Net.

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