So we had singles day on Thursday and we had a semi-finals match between Tyson McGuffin and Jay davilier when you're taking on Ben John's on Championship Sunday Tyson and Jay have been mixed doubles Partners the entire year but things get a bit heated in this singles match scores 10-6 in favor of davilier Tyson had to call timeout Tyson gets a.

Side out on this point and then starts going on a run after davilier hits some bad unforced heirs so the score is now 10-9 Tyson serving and we get another unforced Heir by Jay on a deep return and then Jay just puts his hands up in the air and looks at the official and on the very next Point Tyson puts a forehand into the net Jay's still.

Arguing with the official about the last point the announcer thinks it's about the previous point at 10-9 and saying Jay was complaining about not being ready and Jake was talking about earlier I think the 10-9 point I think Kenny was claiming he wasn't ready for the serve to me Jay looks like he's ready when Tyson hits the serve and in my opinion.

Jay I believe is complaining about Tyson's serve which a lot of viewers in the past have questioned Tyson's legality on his serve which to his credit it's very unique sort of like a wind-up beam served with a lot of moving parts and it kind of distracts you from seeing if it's actually legal or not and the rule from the USA pickleball States.

The service arm must be moving in an upward arc when the ball struck paddle contact with the ball must not be made above the waist level the head of the paddle must not be above the highest part of the wrist at contact a drop serve is also permitted in which case none of the elements above apply so I think where people accuse Tyson of.

Having an illegal serve is it being above the waist level at the point of contact almost like a sidearm serve for reference I've rarely ever seen anyone get called for an illegal serve but Tyson's served definitely close to Illegal at times but it's almost impossible to call illegal in real time just because how fast it is so on the.

Next point he gets the side out but walks towards the official show and is still I think saying something he has his hands on his hips very frustrated posture Tyson ends up completing the comeback and scores six unanswered points and we get the friendly slap paddles but Jay walks off just shaking his head so in the very next game here.

Tyson goes up to zero de villier gets his side out and now he's ready to serve clearly still frustrated with Tyson's serves and what happened in the previous game he decides to try his own and the point of contact is literally above his head on this I mean kind of freaking hilarious to be honest immediate Reserve gets called by the official because it.

Was illegal I mean look at where he's making contact with the ball and you can't help but just laugh in this case almost like a tennis serve at this point on this reserve the trajectory of the paddle looks similar official lets this rally go on then afterward the point he brings both players together and to give them a few words the sound's not on so.

You can't hear exactly what they're saying but Jay looks very disinterested in this conversation Tyson also has a few words to say back I think Tyson was complaining about replaying points on on illegal service so Jay serving again serves exactly the same way he hits the ball out but the official calls a replay on this point.

Even though he hit the ball out Tyson is complaining about replaying the point when Jay is being called for an illegal serve but get back to playing Tyson doesn't think Chase found the line he's he's not happy with the serve that Jay is offering but and Jay missed that serve there.

Jay's making it and so right there that wasn't a legal sir that's called the replay but he missed the illegal serve that should be a fault in my opinion there's no way you should be able to hit the legal surf Mission yeah I'm 100 on on Tyson's side here the rule the rule is a research 15 seconds gentlemen.

If that's the case just hit an illegal service every time and hope they don't call it right where are we the score is zero two and I will recall zero two and I think Tyson has a point according to USA rule book service faults during the service it is a fault against the server resulting in a loss of surf if.

The server uses an illegal serve when performing the volley serve the thing is though the PPA doesn't fully follow USA pickleball rules if the Serb was deemed illegal and not considered a fault but instead a replay of the point then players could just keep doing illegal serves and keep replaying the point and even the announcers are pointing out.

This absurdity that's the case just hit a legal server every time and hope they don't call it right the PPA from my understanding implemented its own separate rule that because of a previous incident with another player allowed illegal serves to be replayed Jay was just demonstrating how ridiculous this rule could be abused and Jay completely.

Disinterested after this debacle and he goes on to lose 11-4 makes you think these guys are still Partners in men's doubles so wondering if there's something going on behind the scenes Tyson seems to have shut that idea down in the post-match interview let's give a hand to Jay here Jay's my guy so uh it's kind of crummy I gotta I gotta play with.

This guy on Saturday he's my boy he's like a brother to me and uh this is the first time this stuff has happened so all good though um yeah I feel like I served uh exceptionally well as uh as we all kind of dealt with there it was a little messy.

Um it's my first time uh being in a position where uh somebody was questioning me on my serve and then obviously he was kind of flirting with serving a little higher himself he was missing serves and then he was allowed to reserve that rule has to be changed I mean for gosh sakes what is going on out here anyhow uh definitely not a fan of.

It it needs to go away I'm gonna talk to Don Stanley right now uh because uh I mean it's not fair that somebody can just serve from two o'clock and Miss serves and then just get to re-serve so change the rule this whole situation was just odd but it's hard to ever be mad at Tyson so I doubt there will be any Fallout from this match between Jay and.

Tyson and Jay doesn't totally give up on this weekend he wins he ends up winning the next two matches and takes home bronze but anyways if you enjoyed watching this video remember to hit that subscribe button hit the like button I will see you all in the next one
PPA Takeya Showcase Pro Singles semi-finals match between Tyson McGuffin & Jay Devilliers. Some questionable serves cause an odd rule to be enforced and we get some controversy.


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