Have you ever thought to yourself I really like pickleball but I'm a little too old or not good enough to play it I have no fear because pickleball is now played at the highest levels of professional sports the most important question though is what is the most popular city for pickleball players to live in whether you're a seasoned player.

Simply enjoy playing with friends this video will assist you in determining the best places in the U.S where you may play and live hello and welcome to Pro pickleball media your number one spot for all pickleball content in today's video we're going to talk about the top 10 places where pickleball is extremely loved where the majority of the players.

Live now let's get right into the video three fathers Joel Pritchard Bill Bell and Barney McCallum founded pickleball in 1965 on Bainbridge Island which is a short boat trip from Seattle Washington so you probably already know that Seattle is number one number one Seattle Washington Seattle is one of the most popular pickleball locations in the U.S.

This is also the location of the renowned pickleball station which is regarded as one of the most acclaimed and popular pickleball courts in the nation this court is also to the first commercially devoted pickleball court in Seattle so if you want to demonstrate your pickleball prowess this is the ideal location in Seattle.

In addition to its world-class facilities this pickleball station is the hub for equipment and instruction in the Seattle area additionally they provide clinics and sessions given by instructors with a rating of 5.0 number two Phoenix Arizona in Phoenix Arizona you can expect to see a lot of pickleball training camps the city is.

Teaming with training facilities for gamers of all ability levels these scamps are aimed for players who are interested in receiving high quality training from internationally renowned teachers Green Valley Recreation in Arizona includes 12 outdoor pickleball courts in the middle of the Arizona desert they were granted permission to.

Extend their facilities in January 2019 making them the largest pickleball facility in Southern Arizona so you may anticipate significant enhancements to their already great courts there are also pickleball courts in the number of villages in the Phoenix metropolitan area my folks spend the winter in Mesa Arizona and the village boasts eight.

Pickleball courts and of course when you factory in Phoenix ideal climate you can play year round number three Madison Wisconsin 2016 Madison's first dedicated pickleball court opened in graner park in the west due to the growing popularity of pickleball across the U.S an increasing number of requests from.

Pickleball atficiandos in Madison Parks division of Madison has an earmarked funds for the construction of permanent courts so if you are in the region it is time to demonstrate your pickleball expertise Garner Park is the location of Madison's specialized pickleball courts in addition to Garner park there are 20 other locations to play in the Madison.

Region 10 pickleball courts were just added to my 20 000 person community currently it's the sport with the quickest growth rate number four Minneapolis Minnesota pickleball is immensely popular in Minnesota as the number of snowbirds go to the south over the winter and bring their family friendly sport back to the north causing.

Pickleball to explode in the rest of the U.S in Minnesota however there are numerous pickleball groups that meet and promote the sport in fact there are three usapa ambassadors inside the city limits of Annapolis who can educate you on the sport number five Chicago Illinois pickleball has reached Chicago and become a favorite of many Chicagoans.

Of all ages due to its rapidly expanding popularity they're now 14 places for pickleball courts in Chicago Illinois pickleball has become a popular sport to play in the 2019 built parks of Hinsdale particularly in Brook Park where pickleball courts are provided from 6 30 a.m to 7 30 p.m both locals and non-locals congregated this.

Establishment to play there was also a poll connected by the local parks and recreation department inquiring about pickleball in which some respondents requested greater open court time this proves that the sport has inspired large number of Chicagoans now before we move ahead please take a second to like this video And subscribe.

To our channel so that we can keep bringing more informative pickleball content to you your little contribution means a lot for us number six Plano Texas the pickleball courts at the Carpenter Park Rec Center are bustling with activity as a result of the high number of eager players who are now using them in the city of Plano.

Texas inhabitants and natives have taken an increasing interest in participating in this particular sporting Activity one of the many reasons why people in this area enjoy playing the sport so much is the fact that it doesn't require a lot of skill to participate it doesn't demand as much movement as racquetball or tennis and it's not nearly as.

Aggressive as those Sports the Oak Point rec center in Plano is where the sport of pickleball had its start and initially there were just eight to ten locals who started playing it now however this activity is becoming increasingly popular and from there those residents began recruiting additional people until the game spread.

Like wildfire eventually reaching an entirely new population a good number of the locals claim that participating in this sport has brought them both Health and Social benefits you not only get a wonderful workout but you also have the opportunity to talk to some new individuals number seven Honolulu Hawaii pickleball is like medicine fun way to.

Get healthy for the people who live in and around Honolulu to participate in this activity all that is required of you accept a positive attitude is the fact that it's extremely simple to learn that you do not require any prior abilities and then you can start right away the pickleball courts that were formally used for tennis and volleyball.

Have been converted by the department of parks and rec of the City and County of Honolulu in addition to this they have the Oahu pickleball Association which is a charitable organization that works to expand the popularity of pickleball not only in Hawaii but also in other states additionally with the assistance of their committed and trained pickleball.

Professionals they offer seminars clinics and workshops geared towards beginners as well as enthusiasts additionally throughout the course of the year the ohahu pickleball Association conducts a number of events that are held annually would you be interested in taking a trip to Hawaii so you can play some.

Pickleball well I believe that I would play some pickleball first thing in the morning and then spend the rest of the day lazing about on the beach now sign me up number eight Virginia Beach Virginia pickleball has become one of Virginia Beach's most popular sports most locals and residents play at the princess and rec center where people of.

All ages enjoy the sport people can play singles or doubles and up to 35 people can sometimes play at the rec center at once you can play Pickleball at the princess and rec center as well as some other recreation centers and parks in Virginia Beach and what's really cool about this place is that all of Virginia Beach's rec centers offer pickleball and.

They even have courses for people who have never played before you can also try out on some of the paid tournaments they have number nine Lincoln Nebraska the capital city of Nebraska Lincoln is also a popular place to play Pickleball pickleball fan and Pros will find a lot to do and see in the city the Lincoln Parks Foundation is working with a group.

Of pickleball fans who are really into the sport to turn two tennis courts in Peterson Park and to six pickleball courts for the public to use you can also hear the name of Bill Roars who is 71 years old and has helped the Lincoln pink eyeball Community grow he also works with new students especially in the summer pickleball is played by a.

Wide range of people from grandparents to grandchildren and people who want to stay active number 10. Omaha Nebraska since 2011 many Nebraskans have enjoyed playing pickleball the city of Omaha parks and rec department has made a Facebook page for pickleball tournaments that people in the area can join they even have an annual meeting for Nebraska.

Pickleball that is like a family reunion with lots of food fun and pickleball games you can also play here if you're not a member and if you're interested you can join one of the tournaments to play against other people in a friendly way so do you ever plan to move to those states to play Pickleball tell us in the comments also don't forget to like this.

Video and share with your fellow picklers also if you love pickleball then make sure to watch this next video on our Channel thanks for watching bye foreign

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I really like pickleball, but I’m a little too old or not good enough to play it.” Have no fear— because pickleball is now played at the highest levels of professional sports.

The most important question, though, is what is the most popular city for pickleball players to live in? Whether you’re a seasoned player or simply enjoy playing with friends, this video will assist you in determining the best places in the United States where you may play and live.

Hello and welcome to Pro Pickleball media. Your Number 1 Spot for All Pickleball Content!
In today’s video, we’re going to talk about the top 10 places where pickleball is extremely loved and where the majority of the players live!

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