Ball is looking to get a better slice tired of missing yours take a look at this coaching technique it's called the hand and forearm technique what does it perhaps you get a really effective slice take a look here so what I'm going to do I'm going to try and use my left arm to work on reducing my backswing a lot of players have this habit with that that.

Battle comes up they come down and do way too much here we go here way too much try and use this left hand to reduce both your back swing but also use both sides of your body here we go here good slice and through oh maybe just deep a little bit there again left arm left hand on the forearm to reduce that elbow and through you can see now.

I'm using my nice Collective long lever and the ball is going low and deep let's do one more yeah and deep and through that Ball's staying lovely and low making an effective slice very simple technique but very effective one more here ready there and through and that guys is a very simple way of.

Making your sliced a bigger slice better thanks for watching stay sir bye