I just won Gold in a local 5.0 plus doubles tournament here in New Jersey I recorded our finals match and I’m going to give you a live breakdown Point by point of what went right and what went wrong so we all can learn from it my duper rating is a 5.5 that’s me here in the green shirt my partner Brandon is a 5.7 and both of our opponents are 6.0 we.

Have Andrew here in the black shirt and Peter here in the blue shirt now one important thing to note Peter and I are both lefties so let’s get into this breakdown this is the first point of the match but I want to show you why Brandon missed that shot so everybody’s kind of tight it’s early on so look when Brandon actually split steps here so I’m.

Actually going to break it down and put it in half speed so Brandon split stepping look look as the ball is already hit by Peter here so he’s split stepping way too late making him behind on this ball bam so look at that one more time here we go look at this so he split stepping now right when the ball’s already on him.

Side so obviously he’s going to miss that the time when to split step is when your ball crosses the plane of the net so look the Nets right here Brandon’s Ball’s traveling over he needs to be split stepping here giving him time to react so he should not be moving right now look still moving still moving still moving stopped way too late that’s just.

Being tight early in the game so that’s going to be a theme throughout this entire match these guys were bangers which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but as you can see here let’s watch it one more time I’m going at them attacking showing that the banging doesn’t fease me and I can defend myself the common thing that.

You hear is try to soften up and slow them down that’s not going to work they’re just going to tee off and keep banging at me I need to show that I can handle the speed tried to drive it bottom of the net all good nice and controlled in this point moving the dinks around nicely.

Look at all the locations on the Dinks good point good that’s a good little example right there so on that one check this out so I see look how much Peter’s cheating over when I drive it look here we go right here so I have so much open space when I drive this ball I just need to take some Pace off and just get it to.

Dip so Peter gets caught lunging so let’s see what I do I don’t I rip it because I’m a little tight Peter gets a paddle on it and it actually was a good drive ended up being a good Drive Brandon is in the perfect spot and just misses long but that was a perfect setup not really a comment on that one nice drop.

Yeah all right yeah so that has to be an attack so let’s check that out so here we go I hit a good drop I’m going to pause it bam so look where Andrew is actually taking the drop so he’s below the net but for some reason I hit my drop stayed and watched it I need to be where Brandon is and I should look at that ball if I’m where Brandon is I’m.

Able to crush that next Ball but instead I was a little tight I hit a drop didn’t think it was good stayed back and now I’m in a horrible position I shouldn’t really be trying to attack the ball from back here I I’m better off trying to hit a reset like I did it just popped up and uh he was able to put it away so that’s all right that was a good point early in.

The match let the nerves out nice drop good movement with my dinks one out wide one middle one out wide nice bam there we go so why was that Ernie able to get set up from Brandon here so check this out when I’m dinking with him this is the ball that sets it up right here bam he tries to go.

Heads up so I hit an aggressive dink to Peter’s foot here Peter tries to go heads up and look Brandon is able to take it out of the air so what does that do it takes time away from the opponent so Peter hits a dink oh shoot the opponent’s taking it out of the air now Peter’s kind of wrong footed look he went the.

Wrong way he’s going back to get it his only option is just last resort try to get his paddle on it that’s perfect for Brandon to go for the Ernie so that was all set up because Brandon took that dink out of the air another Drive I handled it well another Drive good handled it well so look at.

That they’re attacking from the midcourt so look at this so we handle the first one well right here handle it well bam look look where he’s trying to drive the next ball from so low that’s why when we attack it sets the bangers up for failure tries to reset it high reset I get a good shot on it instead of him resetting that ball he has an.

Opportunity he goes hard and it just allows us to win the point so all good they have a really strong attacking game we’re just handling it well right now but that strategy it does work nice drop nice move the dinks around yep H just missed the dink all.

Good o nice hands battle there okay great example right here I want you guys to look at this point so look we have Peter here he’s the Lefty they’re not stacked on this side so they’re unstacked meaning back hands in the middle we should be hitting every sing dink to the middle of the Court.

Let’s see what happens I I don’t know let’s see where we hit the ball left is not on the right side look middle middle dink no that’s got to go middle middle dink good middle dink confusion bam into the net prime example I didn’t even know that was coming okay let’s check that out one more time lefties are on the wrong side let’s see why they didn’t.

Unstack okay here we go okay so they just called not for a switch they just didn’t want to switch on that one okay as soon as you pick up a lefty and righty are not on the correct sides every single ball should go to the middle right here look confusion who’s getting it bam prime example good point.

That’s a good point good pickup by us nice composure on this point for both teams nice so let’s check that out that was a great Point nice little speed up by me so again same exact scenario let’s just check that out right here okay so I get that dink out of the air taking time away from the opponent okay.

What does that do he is less time he has less time he rushes a dink it pops up I’m able to attack it just because I was able to get it out of the air that’s the only reason nice new angle that was a good point went behind there moving the dinks around moving the dinks.

Around nice Point here nice rally Andrew has that nice aggressive two-handed dink bam nice Point tried to bang it Brandon went hard good okay so let’s check that out so that’s a good point right there here we.

Go so I actually got a little impatient just cuz I was making a lot of balls I was feeling confident I Rush a speed up look at the location I hit on Andrew very foolish let’s see right here ready look bam Square middle of the chest right here that is the stupidest spot you can go you never want to do that my mind went blank and I kind of just had.

That switch flip in my head of oh you have to speed it up stupid luckily Andrew actually hit it out but Brandon was there to cover the middle his ball was going out Brandon was there anyway way we’ll take it double whammy okay I try to bang it slow it down slow it down good oh my gosh Brandon with the.

Tweener nice Brandon same scenario let’s check that out one more time good point there Brandon with the midpoint tweener here it is let’s see it right here we go so look Drive reset okay where do we get into trouble let’s see this right here okay we’re in trouble right here Brandon hits the tweener great okay so right here.

Brandon hits the tweener it’s in my head like oh he just had a highlight don’t mess this up so as I hit the reset it’s high look how high my reset is he’s oh shoot he’s making contact from about net height so Andrew about net height like he’s not that far below it I’m running in not split step I should be paused waiting to.

Retrieve and reset another ball instead I try to go bat shot crazy and hit a high ball and he puts it away easily okay bangs it again yep banging on that one just got them into trouble let’s just see like I said not many drops bam yeah it’s tough it’s tough good point though another bang they.

Scored one off that so they did get one nice drop two-hander by m just missed it that was a good setup by me um I had the aggressive two-hander there where is it right here let’s see it look at this dink twoand dink I get a ball that I think it can attack and it goes into the net all good.

That’s just an easy mistake maybe it was too low who knows nice point here woo Nice Shot there Brandon unstacked they’re unstacked again we should never lose that let’s look at that real quick they’re unstacked again so we have the Lefty what do I mean by unstacked for anybody.

That doesn’t know back hands in the middle we have the righty on the wrong side the Lefty on the wrong side so look The Middle’s wide open we just need to dink soft middle like that ball it’s it’s me who goes out wide stupid didn’t register in my brain and Brandon attacks that no we should have just slown that down dinks off middle it’s hard to win.

Points when you’re unstacked nice reset oh good speed up that was a great speed up by Peter there oh nice speed up through the middle okay let’s watch this point and then I want to talk about this sequence here okay so that’s the best sequence of the entire video it’s something you can really learn from if you’ve seen my.

Videos in the past I’ve always said pickle ball is like a chess match in the sense of if you show your cards early in the match and you show a shot that can set up a shot later in the match so this is a prime example the camera quality on that one is really bad but we’re going to check it out anyway okay so it’s right here so let’s check this out watch.

Me in the green okay watch me in the green green here we go okay so I’m into it with Peter right now backhand dinking okay bam I speed it up through the middle so I catch Andrew off guard all good like I said camera quality is not the best here but we got to say it got to leave it.

In hey watch right here next ball next ball next ball bam right there okay so what just happened there that caused Andre to miss it okay so this match is in chronological order so the point before I ran around to my forehand and sped it up through the middle and caught them both off guard okay so if we go back in time here.

Bam okay this ball watch me I run around it and do a wind down like I’m going to speed it up again keeping my form in unison so let’s see one more he one dink watch me watch the wind down Wind Down Bam so I dink it run around Wind Down Bam and then I dink it to this corner and catch Andrew off guard and the reason I’m able to catch.

Him off guard is because I just did this exact same motion and sped it up through the middle so Andrews here waiting for the ball expecting it oh that motion means speed up here and then he gets a dink in that opposite corner so he goes oh shoot have to go here and then he’s laid on it so that form of setting it up earlier in the match is why that worked.

That’s a great great great little setup there o Peter saved me on that one my ball was going out yikes thanks Peter oh I’m I’m getting too too confident don’t do that there hit the net with my speed up phenomenal point to learn from so that ball was out let’s just see what happened here so Andrew hits an.

Aggressive two-hand roll here look at that Brandon instead of trying to go back crosscourt and handle his aggressive shot he gets out of it that’s exactly it let’s see it real quick so watch Andrew’s dink right here watch his dink aggressive Brandon goes straight up and now Peter speeds up the ball let’s see where it bounces let’s go like right.

Here look where it bounces okay it bounced like right here okay Peter speeds up this ball and it ends up going out okay I never recommend speeding a ball up off of the bounce unless it’s super out wide or directly in the middle of the court so with him being in this uh Middle With The Ball being bouncing like rsh here he doesn’t have many.

Angles so basically if he speeds it up on this side of Brandon’s body it’s going out now Brandon knows that subconsciously meaning the Court’s too small that’s going out and I’m there to close the middle so it’s really hard for him to make this ball he speeds it up on this side of his body goes.

Out that’s really good for dodging out balls let’s see this same exact thing bam great shot there Andrew so let’s see this okay so ball bounces in the middle of his box same exact thing I say to myself balls bouncing in the middle I haven’t seen them make a speed up off the bounce yet I’m letting this go does it go out no he.

Hits a phenomenal shot right at me if I could go back in time I would still let that ball go I love to begin matches with letting more balls go than I hit to show them I’m capable of it and I’m not going to hit everything this is going to change their mindset and make them dial in their shots as opposed to rip rip rip because they know I’m going to hit.

Everything nice so they bang that ball they won that one okay oh that’s a good one okay so if somebody ever bangs it at you me and Brandon talked about this in the middle of the match so they drove it they hadit a good drive but Brandon tried to cut it to slow it down you’re almost never ever better off doing that you’re better off.

Just attacking it and trying to keep them back he tried to be a little uh finesse and he ended up missing it but they did hit a good drive on that one nice drop and hey we’re dinking we’re dinking okay I change it up good nice roll okay great great great great great.

Point that’s a great point to learn from phenomenal point to learn from let’s watch that real quick let me go back in time okay let’s watch so when things go south is when Brandon is dinking with this guy and Andrew here okay let’s see okay so look at this okay so I as a player right here I see Andrew is hitting aggressive rolls.

Okay so he’s hitting aggressive dinks while Brandon is trying to take them out of the air passively so let’s watch this one more time okay ready let’s watch this let’s watch this aggressive roll passive aggressive roll passive so as soon as I recognize this pattern in the middle of the game that Andrew’s on the aggressive uh the on the offensive and.

Brandon’s more on the passive I take like two steps back so if Andrew tries to attack me I’m there to defend it he won’t be able to light me up and catch me off guard I take some I take a couple steps back I’m there to reset and get us back into it if I could go back in time and I was branded as soon as I recognize that pattern I got to get out of it I.

Don’t want to stay in that so let’s just see watch me step back in real time here we go watch me step back I’m like this isn’t going to be good step back and then bam so when I step back I don’t know what Brandon is thinking there but the plan worked all it worked totally so watch this right here Brandon tries to like jump lunge I.

Guess cuz he just I’m not too sure tries to jump lunge and speed it up from super low instead of just letting that ball funnel to me I’ll reset it we get back into dinking that’s okay that’s a great point to learn from this see it one more time okay so look watch Brandon my partner yeah so even that Ball’s going.

Out if they don’t they ended up hitting it but Brandon’s attacking from his shoelaces so that’s okay that’s just a mistake that’s something good we all can learn from they drove it Brandon softened up actually successfully on that one okay hard to do but Brandon has really good finesse here we.

Go good rally here moving the dinks around so good example there I’m dinking here with Peter let’s see it I’m the entire match I’ve pretty much been dinking with Peter a lot in all of these points and I haven’t been changing it up to Andrew uh too much so dink dink dink I’m almost lulling Andrew to sleep and then when I.

See an opportunity where a ball bounces kind of high bam like that one I just simply flick it off my backend and kind of catch him off guard like oh I finally got a ball this is a great this is a great point to learn from I’m saying that a lot so I’m hope you’re getting something out of this so look at this Brandon it’s a good.

Drop here let’s check this out let’s check this out Brandon it’s a good drop Here Andrew takes it out of the air whatever Brandon hits a phenomenal dink taking Andrew off the line aggressively okay now Andrew tries to go back crosscourt watch this here we go rewinding it so look at this taking way off the line by an aggressive ball and.

Tries to go back Cross Court what he’s got to do is go to me he’s got to get out of that right away he’s off the line he can’t try to be aggressive back look at that bam into the net got to go to me yeah nice reset nice little attack there let’s check that out one more time.

Okay right here good drop let’s see why I’m able to attack this okay so that’s actually my favorite speed up so I just want to check that out one more time so with lefties okay so look how low I’m attacking that ball let’s see 632 so this spot is normally good if I’m a.

Right-handed player because it’s my backhand nobody’s going to speed that up since I’m a lefty look I’m attacking from below the net I want to attack as a lefty middle to middle that is very very good the middle normally gets spread wide open cuz people don’t know where you’re going it’s very deceptive middle middle balls so I go right through the.

Middle and Andrew gets a little chicken wing pop up that’s good only because I was a lefty power to the lefties let’s go same thing as earlier in the match good little uh thing to learn from look when Brandon split stepping way too late look at this he’s got to split now he’s got to split now his ball is over the net as soon as it crosses the.

Net you have to split step he split steps when he’s hitting it look at this that’s okay here we go okay yeah so he’s split stepping as Peter’s hitting the ball he’s not going to have enough time to get his body ready to react now the thing that was going through Brandon’s brain just CU I’m similar skilled player is he’s.

Thinking that Peter is going to hit this ball Softly and he’ll be able to attack it now this is some higher level thinking but I want to explain it to you um because we’re all at different levels if Peter gets this ball out of the air meaning he’s reaching and he gets it low oh shoot so he’s reaching and he gets it low that is when Brandon can do that.

Full run look to poach if he’s attacking from really under the net but the ball bounces Brandon has to expect it to come hard I would even get out of the way just to show I can Dodge out balls but instead you stay in there that’s fine but you have to be ready as soon as the ball bounces you have to stop moving and be ready for the ball on a fourth ball.

There we go good to learn from good to learn from oh just saved me so Brandon tried to cut that one look at that look at this look at this look at this drive look at that tries to cut it tries to cut it with finesse popped up they saved me by just missing the ball big time I drive it.

Nice reset that Ball’s way out yeah okay so those were like almost all out so let’s see why okay bam so this is something you can pick up he Peter rips the first ball hard Brandon resets it next ball Brandon resets here we go let’s see it real quick Brandon resets it next ball Peter steps back off the line you could tell.

He’s looking to attack again got to get out of the way on that he’s not really in control with the shots right there Brandon’s got to get out of it instead of trying to hit a reset the ball’s going out y That’s Good by Peter that’s good good aggression it’s hard to get out of the way nice reset by.

Me yeah stupid okay nice shot there by Andrew stupid by me okay so look at this as soon as I see that my ball is potentially earnable I have to shift heavily to the line and Brandon should follow okay but instead I stay look I actually take steps backwards I have to be stepping diagonally backwards this is good for me to say and he goes right.

Down the line so I need to step like this as opposed to just back that way we’re shrinking the court on Andrew and he doesn’t have as much space to hit the Ernie effectively it’s a good Ernie though see this right here nice he just getting every ball here.

Yeah that’s a no no fly zone with a lefty on the team think like I’m a lefty too you have to like no brain cells are working right now let’s just see that real quick terrible overhead hit the ball hard that’s the first step let’s see let’s just let’s just watch this point what am I doing terrible what what are you doing and then I hit it right.

Back to him horrible let’s see okay right here Bam off the bounds stupid they’re both in total control of their body Andrew is about two feet off the line so if I speed it up at him he’s going to be able to reset it easily what am I doing my head’s down I try to go middle for no reason and Peter closes it super hard great that’s a great point.

From Peter this is a good point to learn from already let’s see it woo that’s a good shot all right so let’s see why this all worked okay right here right here bam so they serve it to me I hit a bad return look how soft it is soft they’ve been driving it all game I know it’s coming hard this is the learning point right.

Here look I know they’re bangging it I split step here look I’m like three feet behind the line I split step I handle it then I go okay what most people do is they think it’s a race to get to the line which it is but you never want to hit the ball when moving so I make sure to split step hit the ball then go as opposed to trying to get to the line.

Then hit the shot so let’s look at that one more time so look when I stop look they rip it I stop there I handle it then we get into dinking great that was good by me that was good and we’re dinking we’re dinking move the ball around so important nice so that’s just good um throughout the match.

I’ve been speeding that ball up middle so you can see the weight shifts for actually both players to cover middle because I do hit that a lot right through the middle of the Court Peter’s there to cover it he goes oh he’s saying to himself right now oh shoot I hit a high Dink it’s going to get sped up like I said earlier with the chess did that.

20 times if I go behind him maybe his weight will be shifted and it was allows me to go right behind him let’s just see it real quick hio shoot bam good point good point yeah same thing same thing as earlier this is a good theme aggressive dink by Brandon Andrew is off the line tries to go back crosscourt sharp into.

The net let’s watch it watch Andrew off the line he’s got to go to me or got to go more midle yeah again so Peters ball might have been flying might have been flying long let’s see it yeah that’s definitely out let’s see it again that’s tough to get out of the way though but it’s at Brandon’s shoulder in.

His Strike Zone he wants to hit it I probably would have smacked it too so that’s hard the only way you could handle that is if it’s a theme throughout the match if Brandon’s like I’ve hit probably like six out balls already maybe the same scenario has happened where the ball is landing on his side.

Where the ball is landing on his side for the fourth same thing he’s a step back he’s ripping it it happened the past six times it’s probably going out it is but we hit it all good I think I think Brandon’s ball actually ended up going in on that so it ended up working out everything happens for a reason good.

Reset nice control okay good so I think right here I was coming in in a lot of control not rushed I think Andrew kind of just made like a last ditch effort of like oh shoot we can’t get it by him I’m not being cocky by any means I’m just saying I think he’s saying shoot we can’t get it by him let me try to go for this shot.

Instead of just conceding the kitchen and hitting dinks just going into dinking with that same exact thing again with Andrew there look way off the line tries to go aggressive back to Brandon it’s high Brandon’s able to speed up Andrew just got to take some Pace off go to May that’s good I hope everybody learn that.

Is a good point to learn from let’s see it real quick comes off the line sharp easy speed up oh God yeah that is not a good speed up by me so I ended up hitting the net but that’s actually not bad sped it up from look where I sped it up from right in the middle of the court so like right.

Here wait wait right there bam so look where the balls it’s bouncing in the middle of the Court that’s the ball I like to speed up because I have options I can go through the middle I can pull it across this guy or I could try to body bag the guy crosscourt here but the ball it just doesn’t bounce high enough and I’m trying to force a speed up I get.

Lucky hitting it off the net but Andrew would crush that that’s stupid that that’s just lucky I can’t take that one nice roll there from Andrew move the ball around yep good nice so that’s a great Point wow a lot of learning in this good so let’s look at this.

Point good so we’re in total control pause it right here bam okay eight I got to take it back a second okay pause it right here wait okay so Brandon is taking this ball out of the air from look how low his paddle is so low and he tries to redirect it this way okay like toward the sideline that would be perfect if he.

Gets it but the ball’s just so low I don’t know if he could get his paddle higher that’s just so low to redirect something that low it’s hard to change the angle he should have just went back to Andrew but it was the right thought process of trying to redirect the ball out of the air that’s how you set up Ernies you dink cross dink cross you.

Take one out of the air that you can redirect line so if you if I just spoke Chinese let’s just see what I’m talking about dink cross dink cross take a ball out of the air down the line that would set up an Earnie all day look at that angle right here boom Peter has to go all the way from the middle here to get it that’s an easy Earnie opportunity.

The themes and key takeaways that I thought I learned from this match were two things mainly the first one is don’t rush the transition so people like to hit their third shot drops and then run all the way into the kitchen because they don’t want to hit a reset because they’re nervous in a tournament but that’s how you make more errors you just.

Have to trust your training like in the begin I was me and Brandon both were running through the transition trust your training be comfortable in the midcourt hit it soft and approach be comfortable in that midcourt the second thing is moving around the dinks you didn’t see many patterns where it’s 100 100 100 to the same spot it was two here.

One to the middle change it up to the guy in front continuously changing and not letting your opponent get in Rhythm this leads to so many popups and Mis dinks that’s everything I have to say if you feel that this video helped raise your pickle ball IQ please type a comment saying that I love making these because I get to critique and better.

Myself as well as help teach you from my mistakes so you can avoid making them thank you for watching please subscribe and send this video to a friend
This is a live breakdown against players at the 6.0 DUPR level.😲 I go in-depth showing the EXACT moment where things go right, and wrong. 🧠

Important things I learned about this match..
1️⃣ Countering Drives – This team would be classified as bangers. Instead of ‘softening’ up on their attacks, we counter attacked back.

2️⃣ Testing Patterns Early – In the beginning of the match, we put the ball in a variety of spots. Trying to find the opponents weaknesses, and strengths.

3️⃣ Stuck To The Script- After we found what worked, we stuck with it. We did not veer off and change strategy. A very common thing for amateur players.

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