When I first started hearing his name around the scene it was everyone was saying he was the most hyped man in pickleball he brings a little bit of I don't know what do we call it a little yeah I was gonna say Swagger but so I had a lot of fun doing this you know I got out of my comfort zone a lot you know there's a lot of.

Anxiety that comes with like walking around with a camera but you know I I did it and I stuck with it because I believe in what I'm doing so enjoy the behind the scenes testing one two three voice we need the voice today okay match starts at 9am let's do this okay.

Which one of the Center Court too Center Court two is right here playing my first game up eight two guy takes the timeout let's go let's go all right out here at the app Hilton Head tournament round one play William so back I win the first set or game I guess 11-5 lose the second one 11-6 guy.

Plays really well then third one 11-1 up next we have J.W Johnson currently ranked number one in the app have not played them before so I'm excited let's see what happens the the word on the street is that he is a very much a fan of his own game I think he attracted a lot of attention in the beginning because people wanted to.

See if he could back it up oh nice little hand exchange there would it be he's he's a lot more animated than normal it's it's pretty it's pretty funny actually I like it and so Christian Alshon good attempt some good rallies and good points in there for sure for him no I usually get pretty.

Uh passionate when I lose let's say so I have to like go be away from people I don't know how this is an exception but I'm just kind of like walking or walking away man you know I just I didn't make them play enough and I hit a lot of trick shots but that's what I.

Do you know we take losses and we we learn from them so hopefully I learned a couple things here until next match I'm here with J.W Johnson he is ranked number one in ABP uh currently and tell me what's going on going on in your mind well I'm thinking about playing our future number one uh and that was that was a tough that was yeah.

So it's up tell me was there any moment that you were just worried yeah absolutely from the very beginning especially when you started doing the tweeners I thought those were gonna go in yeah we're trying to bring some entertainment to the sport and I think we're doing a great job who do you have next.

I know luckily hopefully you again winter mentality anything else are you a little nervous in the presence of a professional athlete I have currently been a pro athlete for about a month so I'm no longer nervous all right right all right we're out eleven three.

Point game man 15-4 Mr Armstrong okay I just played none other than the third time I played him great match great match I won 15 13. I was up most of the match I was up 14-10 he brought it back to 1413 hit a really close backing up the line was about two inches out not even within an.

Inch pulled it out and you know it's a it's a pretty serious moment so he was a little a little frustrated with my call but you know not going to call it in just because it's close anyway uh yeah on to the next round let's get it thank you.

Whatever I ended up losing to Jay kuzmider there's like 15-7 or something and man I'm heated bro like what like what the oh how you doing what's up long time goodbye did you watch um.

Yeah that guy's a good player yeah everybody's good right foreign get ready all right guys back in the great City of Chicago at the University of Chicago where I attend school up next we have Pro men's doubles with Johnny Goldberg.

So go check it out
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JW Johnson is ranked #1 in the World for APP