Did you ever fall madly in love with somebody something or a sport like pickleball and then find out after the fact you didn't know these five things that you really hate about them but you still love the sport so much pickleball lovers this is gonna be such a fun segment and don't forget to have a good day.

what the heck the number one reason that I hate pickleball so much but I'm so madly in love with it is one of the friends that you made when you came into pickleball you will lose you may lose you might keep what I'm saying is you will lose them to advance to get better or they.

Might leave you to advance to get better to another group look we don't have much time in our everyday life as it is so we spend that time with our friends playing pickleball if we don't have them in our life we you know we lose them yeah yeah the number two reason I hate pickleball.

So much but I'm still madly in love with it courtspace will seem less and less because of drive to get better like your friends left you already and then you can't find Court space because it's not Advanced play like in Rec Play It's like 4-0 a lot of bangers but you're not going to get better not seriously let's have a challenge quote in every single.

Park around America to combat this great illness of losing our friend the number three reason I hate pickleball so much but I'm still madly in love with it the law of diminishing returns I've done many videos on this you could take a look but basically it means that ecstasy that feeling you get.

When you hit ATP or Ernie and you feel so good it doesn't feel that great the next time the next time it's not that good either and then it's like you're not grateful at all all right foreign reason I hate pickleball so much but I'm still madly in love with it madly in.

Love with it so we don't have court space we lost our friends we don't feel as good then we can't find Partners as we get better right because it's very tough at the higher level to find partners and this is the next big thing you're going to struggle with you're going to struggle with it so much having a good partner does make you a good.

Tournament player it is the one Golden Rule if you have a partner you always play with you'll be extremely good at tournaments oh the number five reason I hate pickleball so much but I'm still madly madly in love with it you're never gonna feel.

Good if you get too competitive someone's always going to be better Kyle Yates is always going to kick my you know what he knows yeah thank you I don't know what I feel but I know that it's showing I don't know whether it's a.

Friendship or it's loving but I know that I can't breathe when I see you watching me think of all numbers this was such a good video and I hate so much about it I would click right now what is the main reason you as a pickleball player hate pickleball but still truly love the sport like those pet peeves in any relationship I don't know what I'm.

Talking about but don't forget to have a good day and subscribe that would be great if you could subscribe and don't hate me
Joey Loves Pickleball for the Record

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1:48 Diminishing Returns
2:22 Tougher to Find Partners
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