I actually do have one more answer I'll keep it short though oh yeah go oh I had I have one oh yeah it's probably the same it's probably should we say it on on the count of three together let's see if to see if we're uh it's ready one two three all right welcome back to another.

Episode welcome to the Briones pickleball podcast the best and top podcast pickleball podcast in the world here if you are a player that loves pickleball wants to improve their game this is the podcast for you by my side I have our co-host Kaden nemoth Kaden what's going on man that was a hell of an introduction right there.

Jordan that was really good yeah well you know what there's a lot of talk about uh you know there's there's several podcasts nowadays um yeah and they all think they're the best out there but uh really um they lay the law you know lay the law down we're just we're just saying it saying it how it is um we have a lot to.

Get to today uh we're gonna start off with our strategy tips and we have a lot of really good stories for you or a great story and in the Pro pickleball scene there's a whole bunch of stuff that has happened chaos chaos you know at Newport Beach PPA um so just really quick I know you're.

Listening and you may have time to listen to this whole episode and if you don't check out the time stamps below because if you want to jump right into the all the pro controversies and all that that's towards the end if you want to improve your game and learn about strategy technique and things like that and improve your game that we're going.

To do that in the beginning of the show and we have a special surprise at the very end so um yeah if you want to listen or watch this all the way through you are um the best you're the best the best you're the best and that's what we do here so here we go we're going to start off right with the strategy tip Kaden.

Um mine if you want to start you or me go for it okay so uh mine's fairly simple today um and again this is something all good players do not do okay this is what this is a do not tip okay and that is um specifically when dinking but this happens.

This also happens in other shots but do not aim for the sidelines okay yes so um obviously I coach a lot of people yeah through the two-day intensives and and you know through other things if you coach people all the time one of the things that we see very very often is we see players miss.

The ball wide especially under dings yeah and obviously you know once we get better and our accuracy gets better we can definitely you know Target closer and closer to the line but I always tell my students this very very rarely do we see Pros Miss wide dinks now we see them head into the net at times we see them pop it up but I.

Almost never see dings that are wide what would what would you say about that Canon I I would actually 100 agree with that oh thank you um now we do hit a lot of Cross Court dinks which could obviously put you you know in a position to miswiden I guess yes I'm not saying it's impossible to do but.

It's not something we do regularly and I would say for the most part when we are thinking Cross Court we're not actually thinking for the sideline but we're thinking pretty much for their left foot right if it's back in the backhand you're going to dig for their left foot which will look like their right foot for you and if it's forehand beforehand.

Then you're going to dig to their right foot that looks like their left foot for you so we're never actually aiming for a sideline yeah um and I will say when you guys do try or will try to hit the sideline you guys will probably miss more times often than make yeah until obviously you know unless you're you know a very good high.

Level pickleball player we all make mistakes I make mistakes I've gone for the sideline and missed it and uh even when I first started playing um you know when when you are playing against better players it you feel the pressure of feeling like you have to hit a perfect shot it's not the case yeah that's true.

So that's my my tip okay and again I just think if players move their targets in especially towards the silence move them in a foot or two even Ben Johns himself um the best player in the game right now he doesn't even aim for the sidelines so should you be doing that no um so that's just strategy tip and.

Guarantee you if you listen to that you're gonna actually find a lot more balls in the court so absolutely what would be your strategy tip Kaden let's get to you oh so mine is very simple and most of you guys already know this but I will say it's one thing that I hear let's say it's kind of like a pet peeve I hear people say this or teach this.

Incorrectly all the time okay um you are allowed to step into the kitchen whenever you like there you go you can yeah you can live in there there you go the only thing you can't do in the kitchen is hit a ball in the air all right so I hear people say all the time you can't step in the kitchen until the.

Ball bounces yeah let's just break that down really quickly okay do you guys know what that means that means I literally cannot step into the kitchen until I've seen the ball bounce in the kitchen and so which is not true which is not true right I can't tell you how many people you know I see just hanging out behind the kitchen line and then as.

Soon as the ball bounces they like twitch towards the ball and I'm like I'm like whoa whoa I'm like wait for it like you don't have to react to the ball that late like step in the kitchen they're like well I have to let it bounce and I'm like no you don't yeah so if you guys are ever caught at the kitchen line standing behind the.

Kitchen line until that ball is bounced you guys can jump into the kitchen whenever you feel like you're as free as a bird there you go so yeah for those more beginner players are out there or maybe some intermediate players had no idea about this rule um don't let the non-volley zone and that's why hence the term non-vol you.

Can't volley in that zone don't let that scare you um from from going in there as soon as soon as you see that short ball immediately move obviously if it's short you're going to let that ball bounce so immediately move think think that ball and then just get right back out because obviously you don't want that ball sped.

Up right I think the best example of that is like when someone hits the net and it kind of just trickles over like I can't tell you how many people I see wait for the ball to bounce and then try and go and get that ball I'm like what are you guys doing you know and they ask me like oh how do you get to that ball so quickly I'm like that's because I see.

It hitting the net and I'm already there before the ball is bounced yep so so great um great um strategy learning and uh and kind of roll tip there yeah really really good um we're gonna hop right in uh to a story here oh um and then right after the story we're gonna answer some of your pickleball.

Questions so in a form below if you want to send your questions in and get them answered on this podcast or maybe in a future YouTube video go ahead and click the link below but we're gonna hop into this uh amazing story and then we will get into um then we're going to actually get into some of your questions from the viewers.

Oh so um this is something that I found uh online a little blog post here and again we're trying to accumulate some some really good stories just uh you know there's nothing there's nothing good uh better than like a feel-good a pickleball story you know or or something that's really really cool so.

This is written by um Sophie I think I don't know how to say it but uh I probably butchered it but here we go um and the title here is a pickleball saved my life oh um here we go so not from literal death but from a life where I would not have.

Known the joys of being an athlete again not a literal athlete if that means I am training for the Olympics or I'm being paid to play but an athlete in my own right from my own definition I used to be 350 pounds I have lost 200 of them and by loss I mean Gone Gone I used to call call my body a vehicle to transport transport my brain now I see.

My brain as an essential part of what my body is doing on the pickleball court um I have I've lived my whole life avoiding moving at as much avoiding moving as much as possible um and I would immediately go back to to my dwarf experience of life where movement was avoided at all costs until a July Morning of 2021 the 29th to.

Be precise with the outside temperature of 109 degrees in our newly found home in the middle of Arizona see this what I'm saying I I don't know where she lives but shout out to Sophie I walked onto the pickleball court for the first time I never even heard of the word pickleball before from the look of it it looks like it looked like badminton and.

Ping pong and then I went out to try it every Court had four players except one with only two I marched onto that one and asked them if they can teach us some rudimentary rules little did I know these were two of the presidents of the club um.

And 4.0 players finishing what I found out later is called a cine skinny singles game we were lucky they were kind well they are Canadian so Kinder than most okay you didn't know that no they gave us a tour of them of this mysterious sport I never heard of I.

Understood most of it scoring seemed unnecessarily complicated but otherwise I get it send the ball to the other side of net and get the opponent to not return the ball no big deal um so I'm just gonna hop down there's more so it says in the bottom here she now plays every single day wow minus six days.

Oh when she had covet okay and yeah so she she plays every day she cross trains to better her game and that is uh and again that's Soph I think um from from Arizona wow so that is let's give it up for Sophie yeah where are you at Sophie yeah um I actually tried to uh find her I'd.

Love to have you on the podcast um Sophie but this is super awesome obviously uh We've we read a story like this a couple podcasts ago but um someone losing a hundred pounds yeah this is losing over 200 and that is uh pretty remarkable when you think about in any form or fashion pickleball does that to people man.

Um I just I feel like once people start they don't want to stop and then they realize that you know oh maybe I'm not in the best shape I want to get in good shape so I can so I can play this uh you know as well as I possibly could and it it really does kind of motivate people to yeah to get in shape so they can be the best.

Versions of the of themselves and yeah yeah so I mean Sophie is a prime example of that that's awesome yeah so super awesome and again a lot of this even with the last story that we read about people getting healthy with pickle it's not even like they're trying to lose a whole bunch of weight no it just happens because they just just love the game and.

Then they and then they go above and beyond and they go they start doing CrossFit training they start doing yoga they start doing Pilates it's it's a chain reaction when it comes to pickleball so maybe pickleball the gateway to Better Health yeah huh yeah that'd be a good title huh yeah so that is really good actually yeah so really.

Really good Sophie now we're gonna hop into um some pickleball questions from the viewers so these are questions that are actually being sent in and we are going to go over them now now all right so number one this is from um Anonymous here.

Um remember if you're sending in your questions please include your name uh maybe where you're from that gives us a better context um and if you're your age if if you want and maybe some of your background whatever any of that helps because then we can kind of break that down okay question from listener and viewer.

Um if your return of serve or another shot is too short and your partner is at the net should you alert them that it is so short should they move back as far as they can before the opponents hit their shot and then split step and how should you alert them so um I'm just gonna read this.

Another way I think what they're saying is let's say you're up there at the net Caden yeah um service coming to me yeah I'm playing with you I return the ball I know my ball super short what should I do what should you do how do you handle that situation yeah so there are a few rules before we even talk about you know the person the person who hit.

The ball short before I even get to the communication part as the returning team if I'm not returning I am going to be watching every move my partner makes as they're returning the ball so I see where they're positioned where their body weight is really good where you know their paddle is all of it.

Right and then on top of that I can see also where they're returning the ball right so before my partner even needs to communicate anything you guys if you guys are not the ones returning you guys should be watching your partner yes and we we talked about that on a slow break down slow more breakdowns um in in my past intensive this week that was one of.

The things uh one one guy in particular would not he would just have a habit of just of not watching the returner and then the return would go by then he would have to react so what you're saying on that which is really really crucial is watching the return off of your partner's paddle yeah because then you can we can see trajectory we can see.

Kind of their body position if they're leaning back if they're if they're kind of stepping into the shot so yeah well and and watching that allows kind of your partner to also feel a little bit more trust because now they're saying okay well my my partner knows exactly what's going on I just hit the worst return of my life.

But guess what he sees it or she sees it and they know what's coming so yeah um now let's say my partner doesn't look at me you know while I return that's fine no big deal I will typically you know let my partner know I'll just say short and of course before the match I'll remind him that when I say short I'm talking about the ball not myself.

Um I'm five nine guys okay I'm not that short I just I'm in a short joke for myself I don't know why I set myself up like that but the point is partner communication goes a long way yeah so you guys don't need to say full sentences but you guys can have little keywords that you know you guys can use to help each other out on.

The court yeah I say like watch it yeah watch I'll say short yeah you know whatever whatever floats your guys's boats but partner communication goes a long way in pickleball and I mean for the most part as a player I watch so much of my partner and I watch every move they make so we.

Really don't ever have to communicate but that doesn't mean we shouldn't um that's really good so so again if you are that person at the net though yup what do you do you see it short yeah and now now what so if my partner does happen to hit a short return personally for me I'm staying right up at that kitchen line because I'm expecting a.

Full-blown Drive probably right at my belly button or right at my chest which personally I can handle but let's say you can't if you can't no you're not gonna run away you're not going to back up as far as you can I would typically say take one step or maybe two steps off the kitchen line to give yourself a little bit more space and a little bit.

More time and then your goal is to now punch volley or block volley but I will say I personally like to stay up at that line because it gives them or it's a it's a higher part of my body that I'm gonna get where I'm gonna see a ball compared to if I back up I might see a ball that's a little.

Bit lower so yeah there's give and take with a lot of things right like you said that yeah give and take and again when you get short returns like that I would say the majority of the time that serving team should be hitting the ball at the returner yep but the person at the net you have to be ready so totally agree with Kaden there.

Um it depends it's very situational for me I may stay up um if I need a little bit more reaction time and I know that person has a great Drive I might take that step or two back but this question um said yes they were asking should you move as far as back as you can before they're hit but before the opponent.

Drives the ball and then splits up so yeah your answer is really really close I would I would definitely take a step or two take as many steps as you can um that you need right to handle that ball and then and then yeah the biggest thing is obviously we don't want to be moving back as that ball is being driven right we want to take a quick step back.

And split so yep you guys definitely don't need to move back any farther than the transition zone you guys only really need one or two steps you guys really need three steps and sure go for it well it's all about time like you're not gonna have time to run to the Baseline yeah so really really good but yeah watch your again watch your partner.

Always return the ball from there then that kind of helps in the communication you know the ball is going to be short because you're watching out their paddle yeah and then obviously practice your volleys and and just get ready just being prepared as soon as I see the short pole short ball I am in defensive mode.

Um you know I'm not typically on the offense there I know that they're going to drive it so I know I need to hit a good counter falling or blockingly so really really good um second question here from Arthur H oh Arthur Mr Arthur thank you uh how do you deal with aggressive poachers um.

Poachers that just are all over the court and they're running in front of their partner how do you deal and play against and beat those players or teams really great question um I have a lot of thoughts okay I do too and do you want us well and and again we don't have to get super super um I don't really do this why don't we.

Go back and forth okay we'll we'll both say one answer at a time until we run out of them okay so dealing with aggressive poachers uh number one and there's a lot of tips here and again you all have dealt with this right especially if you play tournaments but even if you haven't there are very aggressive players and if they're.

Beating you up and eating you up then we're gonna have to do something strategically to try to mitigate that to try to slow that down so my number one thing would be right off the return okay so if you're returning the ball and um you know you def you actually want to return it for the most part to that poacher one of the things that we see a.

Lot is a drive and drop combo where one person would like let's say this poacher this guy or girl or or lady that is just doing a really good job of being aggressive offensive we see their partner driving the ball and then that person clogging middle and then poaching so yeah it's definitely I think a good play or something to try.

Would be returned to the poacher whoever you think is really really offensive and aggressive then that at least keeps them back for that one shot and then hopefully you can work the point from there but uh that's my first tip there's multiple but uh that was great that was great that is absolutely the first tip okay first tip that was great uh second.

Tip would be practice your punch volleys so I like it the reason why we practice the punch volleys is I think for the most part people think they're punching for when people are speeding up or for you know people are trying to hit the ball hard and you gotta remember that for the people who are poaching most the time they're poaching off of someone's.

Drive right they want something to be popped up right now obviously you see it on the drop every now and then but I'll be honest it's usually more on the drive when people are forcing Pace on you and then someone's kind of crashing and then coming into the middle of the Court hoping that you're not going to be able to control your volley so if you guys.

Are you know finding that someone is poaching on you a lot because maybe you can't control the third shot drive that was hit at you guys practice those punch volleys and work on punching that ball through so that ball stays low which either will it'll either make the the poacher's life a little bit harder.

Because they might have a lower ball with a little bit more Pace um but what you'll also find is if they don't get the pop-up they're probably not going to poach because they're going I can't punch on that or maybe who knows they'll still go for it and they'll make a bad decision exactly um so really good Kaden again on that.

It's super important that we're practicing our volleys just in general yep but um here's one I want to add to that here's one huge mistake against um poachers or against players that bang and just like to drive it if you're if you're constantly driving the ball and you're trying to I see players oh we.

Need to slow it down we need to slow it down so they end up trying to block yeah but then that ball sits up and then it gets killed yep so um against poachers and against bangers I would actually um encourage you to do what Canon said and punch those balls out like as as what I mean by counter them counter.

Those volleys out don't try to just block it in Because unless you have that skill but I mean nine out of ten times I see players try to slow the ball down they don't have the skill to absorb all that pace and sometimes it's hard with really fast drives it's hard to absorb the pace so it's easier to just punch it out I have a I have a funny story about.

A lady who uh when I told her that she lost her mind and got mad at me for telling her that one time oh it's a not to punch the ball out well I told her I was like Hey like she was like oh well I play against these tennis girls at my club as well still living in the bay but she's like yeah I can play against these tennis girls and all they do is hit the.

Ball hard like I want to learn how to beat them and I'm like okay well you have to pack us your punch volleys and she's like well what why would I hit the ball hard at them when they're hitting the ball hard at me and what well that that just makes no sense now I'm playing another game and I'm like well if you punch the ball.

And you're able to keep it low they can't actually hit the ball hard with a hard shot at their feet yeah and she's like well my husband said that I should just stick my paddle out and slow the ball down and I was like well your husband takes lessons from me so I don't know why he's trying to give you tips right now.

Finally I was just like whatever man I'm like you know what you want to win this battle you've won it well yeah we get question I mean uh I get that all the time but again learning the skill of resetting blocking but also I think the most important the more important skill is learning how to.

Counter so for sure super super important really really good there uh I actually do have one more answer I'll keep it short though oh yeah go oh I had I have one more time oh yeah it's probably the same it's probably should we say it on on the count of three together let's see if to see if we're uh all right all right so third answer of.

How to beat poachers ready one two three go behind them yeah oh my goodness see we don't even plan stuff no no this was not planned guys we're uh we literally did that because we're on the same wavelength okay so uh let's talk about that so yeah this is something super important now again we deal with poachers from that third shot drive but.

Now um it still could be that but now up at the kitchen line right where you know people are really really aggressive covering middle um likes of abandons or somebody that um it doesn't even have to be that at any level there's some sometimes people taking the middle of the Court putting.

So much pressure do not be afraid to dink to their sideline I'm not on the sideline but two towards their sideline yeah and that's what we mean by going behind them you can expand on that if you want okay yeah well think about it this way if someone's going from the right to the left just think about hitting a ball to the right instead of.

To the person who's back on the left so we all know that you know if someone's back the whole goal is to keep them back right but what happens is when poachers realize that maybe their opponent their Partners take a little bit longer to get up to the kitchen line or maybe you know they're focusing on the shot and then coming up to the kitchen line that's.

What gives them opportunities to poach yeah so going behind them is great because if you see someone kind of over committing maybe a little bit too early all you have to do is poke a ball to where they're usually playing the ball and you should be in pretty good shape and I will say it's probably one of the more.

Satisfying shots in pickleball when someone kind of exposes a poacher yeah so again don't be afraid to dink towards your sideline and again if if poachers the way that they poach is they poach middle balls so whether they're coming from the left from the left or from the right Edge want everyone to think about that they're clogging middle so if.

They're doing that send that dink or send that counter volume or send the ball to their side to keep them away and it will it will keep them honest right and that's that's the thing what we mean about that is like you know the more you can do that the more they're gonna have to scoot back over to their side and it's just a really good skill.

Dude how cool is that we like totally just I I had a um a 80 no I did too I mean I was like I think we're we both teach pretty similarly and I mean we both yeah I mean that was that was cool that was good okay so um let's see here we are going to just read one more story from the UK oh okay.

So this is just I'd love to go to the UK this is just like a I don't know this is just like a you know player people who watch this podcast they are faithful listeners so we just appreciate everyone um make sure you share this podcast with a friend if if you think this is great information um this one says hello.

Like that so hello yeah hello okay I am riding from the UK my name is Michael D Groot um a Dutchman living living in the UK I'm also a podcaster oh oh and I was interviewing Clinton young in May 20 2022 and he mentioned pickleball I don't know how that is Clinton is a speaker and founder of pickleball for life oh in.

San Diego okay oh oh you know I think I know the pickleball for Life brand oh okay I had never heard of the word pickleball so started searching looking at videos cut to make a long story short I got in touch with pickleball England who supported me in running in my first my first taster session I don't know.

What that is taster yeah I can't say I do either okay and remember I had to learn to fast forward now I am a iptpa level one coach County Web rep um Worchester you know that it's I think that's his name I think I said that right for pickleball England I hope you did and organize and run three hours of.

Weekly pickleball for around 50 to 60 of our retired and semi-retired Community here in wire forest in Worcester Worchester okay uh yeah I think I know what you're trying to say okay all right I'm not gonna fix you because I'll probably mess it up too it's continuing to grow and now I am promoting pickleball all across the country here.

In the UK uh running task testers and doing some coaching see I gotta if you know what running tester is should I look it up real quick um sure uh just let us know in the comments before Kanan uh says something but um it's early it's early days here we only have 5 000 people playing regularly across the UK so we have a long way to catch up for.

The uh with the USA our goal is to have 25 000 UK players by 2025 wish us luck so Michael De Groot thank you for that submission shout out to all the pickleball players in the UK make sure that you subscribe and follow this podcast.

What is a running Tasker by the way can it I got nothing um okay maybe it's just a spell tester tasked like t-a-s-t yeah ER yeah and all I got was how to be a professional taster okay um but uh you know what so comment below if you know what that is maybe it's just.

A little lingo uh you know UK lingo there it sounds like this guy also caught the bug yeah you know yeah no no really cool so UK so there's 5 000 players in the UK that's not bad that's not bad at all a lot of people it started out like that in the United States too and look at it now yeah there's more pickleball players in the.

US than there are golfers yeah so shout out to you Michael thank you for that on the sport thank you for that keep growing it um now we're just gonna go you know what I would do you a disservice oh today if I didn't if I didn't just promote the two-day intensive okay we got to do that.

I mean yeah again if you're trying to improve your game you've heard us say talk about this before I run these two-day intensive um two-day intensive experiences yeah where a lot of people from across the country fly out to me and I work with a four to one ratio so just four four players four.

Students um this is a lot of instruction the same skill level um and I'm just gonna really just uh a review from a couple intensives ago all right this is from Steve Scott from Carmichael California shout out to Steve thank you um I have been to many camps in a lot of lessons and different training programs.

And learn different techniques over the last two years and when they we're over there oh what what is this okay and when I was there there was nothing to reference to continue my Improvement this is all changed now this two-day intensive with Jordan was very informative and received and I received.

Personal help every step of the way and great instruction Jordan is very good at communicating the topic of each drill um talking strategy and spending time to get get it right and correct the things that I need uh correction for uh Jordan takes the time to build a video reference for each of the four of.

Us in this intensive training is such a great idea and so very helpful I've never seen myself on video and now this gives me a path for improvement now I have a personal coach that I can contact and receive personal support in and I am on my Improvement path Journey this was the best very best training experience I've ever experienced.

Steve Scott from Carmichael thank you Steve wow thank you um that's awesome yeah and again he what's really cool so just to let everyone know I've I've ran 13 of these now so you know we're still in the beginning phases yeah I'll tell you what it's a really great experience and one cool.

Thing it's kind of like I mean if you ever sign up for this two-day intensive there's a link below go ahead and and check that out but these people I spend a full two days with them yeah we go out to dinner we get to know each other and we do a lot of instruction and we do things after I.

Really get to know them and they're like it's just really cool because they're like really good friends yeah a friend coach Dynamic right um by the end so if you hey if you're in that intensive um it's worth it guys it's definitely worth it if you guys have the time you know you guys should definitely jump on it there's nothing else like it I'll be.

Honest yeah and uh yeah so thank you Steve Scott from Carmichael and again if you do not have the means to travel um Kaden here is going all across the country you're actually going to be in South Carolina right I will be I'll be in South Carolina well so yes so I'll be North Carolina I'll be playing in the.

PPA North Carolina open and then I am well I think I'm ubering down to South Carolina uh long Uber dude it is a long uh well it's only like two hours oh okay that's not terrible I've done it before okay um I was teaching out there the 8th and the ninth and then I actually will be flying.

To Cincinnati the next day and playing in the app Cincinnati open okay so we're gonna follow Kaden on his Pro Journey but um that being said if you have a a large group or a club or something like that Kaden would love to come out give you top level high level instruction um so also in the description below.

You know check that out there's a form you can fill out to send Kaden to your local I'll go anywhere man I want to see the world just don't send me to Florida um he may still take Florida um I mean I still might but Florida if it's mosquito season maybe maybe indoor indoor indoor would be fine okay I'm good with indoor all right he's he's uh.

He doesn't he's not a fan of the Mesquite toes no no we don't get along that's like the one thing I don't get along with yeah so uh there's a forum below fill it out if you'd like Kaden to come to your local camp uh sorry local Club to teach a pickleball Camper Clinic go ahead and fill that out now we are gonna jump.

Right in to a Segway where we thank Selkirk to be our for being our sponsor thank you shout out to sucker so also a um best in the game yeah there's also a link below where you can purchase uh Selkirk stuff so check that out uh like powerful paddles Power air yeah well and we're gonna.

We're gonna talk more about paddles on another episode maybe we do a we're gonna do a paddle review if you guys want to see a selker paddle review and other power reviews why don't you leave a comment below oh yeah now we're gonna hop into the madness here uh we're gonna get to the pro pickleball um Talk scene there's a whole bunch of.

Stuff now Newport double shootout was is that what I believe it's called Bingo here PPA Newport double shootout very interesting I don't remember many PPA events where there's not singles so pba's actually done this tournament twice okay yeah okay um and I've played in both but uh okay they actually didn't do it last year but they did it the year.

Before got it okay awesome and they brought it back all right so Caden uh played there with in the Pro division were you guys in the main draw we were okay so we'll talk about uh Cadence stuff later down the the podcast but there's a lot to bring up there's a lot there's a lot we're just gonna we're just gonna Jump Right In we're gonna.

Jump to the results a lot later on a lot of moving Parts but yeah to start off here um I mean I don't know how you know I don't know how to transition into this but and there's just a lot to talk about but uh finger fines here okay so this is a Pablo tell yes um and for the most part I haven't met.

The guy in person yet he's actually a nice guy yeah I just every time I see him you know he he looks like a great guy um he's a tennis player though I mean he's got that you know that fire in him you're right um but again there was some um there was some bickering out from the stands out there um and then you can see.

Here uh his this is his apology but we're gonna get to what he did um it was a very heated match a lot of emotions on both sides I apologize to everyone I should not have reacted the way I did and I would do better in the future so that's from Pablo Tellez I think at the end here I don't have a video but he uh he put some fingers up that weren't uh.

Really accepted widely accepted and uh which is crazy because everybody accepts it when you're on the road but uh so uh um you know specifically that middle finger he he kind of he kind of pointed it towards some haters or some players that were bickering or um were they haters or were they.

Motivators yeah I mean he won the match yeah they did and I think that's what fired him up but um so he got so this is the first fine uh with player um player and uh what is it called you know interaction with the fans yeah for sure the first find that we saw was DJ young that uh crbn paddle flying 12 feet up in the air in the stands yeah this is.

I think the second find um no it wasn't a paddle toss but yeah and um again so what I did you know I I don't know the things that were said there's a lot of rumors out there I'm not gonna say any because I'm not sure but whatever was happening I know it was pretty excessive it was kind of during points I believe.

Um and then he just him and um Federico Stacks rude pulled the win out against I think it was Tyson McGuffin and was it James yeah so huge win by the way and um he was just uh this is him so you're gonna talk um I'm gonna win so that's right what are your so again leave comments below.

What do you think about this kind of like what do you think about hecklers and impeccable now there's different sides to this kid and what side are you on because I have some lines and some thoughts but like I want to get your feedback first everyone's saying you know oh this shouldn't be like tennis.

Well I don't know I don't think it should be like the UFC either yeah all right so like what where where's your line what do you think PPA should do and what where do you where would you like to see professional pickleball go in what route well It's Tricky right like you watch other sports there's obviously lines to other sports yeah but I think.

As a player I mean that's kind of something that you know if someone is kind of making that noise I would never be the type to get angry by it because personally I'm a baseball player so I love heckling I love it I love it it just fires me up but I will say there are times where.

It's excessive right like obviously if people are talking in the middle of your points and they're saying you know things to kind of throw you off it's not something that I would try you know let personally bother me but it definitely if it were to yeah I would have probably handled it a little bit differently right so yeah I can't say.

I'm on Pablo's side I can't say I'm on the fan side I will I definitely can't say I'm on the fan side but um but personally I think I think there's a lot of different things that could have gone differently and if it did I think obviously this wouldn't be as big of a headline but yeah um personally as a fan if you guys are.

Heckling players on the court what are you doing um you know this is a sport that should be fun this is a sport that should be uplifting and outgoing and that's why I love it so much but when you have you know drunk fans who are just screaming messed up things to kind of throw you off your.

Game yeah that's where I'm kind of like okay what's what's going on here right you watch a baseball game and you see an intoxicated fan heckling a baseball player the baseball player can get him kicked him kicked out of the stadium in a matter of seconds right so I'm glad you brought that up so.

Um so here's here's my take here yeah um so dang Gingrich shout out to Dane um but he he mentioned something you know his posts are a little out there something but he basically just mentioned like oh well as a professional athlete you should be able to drown everything out yeah and yeah so I I understand I agree but we do need to.

Come up I think I think there just has to be just like the paddle delamination paddle testing rules which we're still working through and because the PPA still has to learn how to regulate and do this I think this this is a place for this to grow too and figure out where's the line so I don't know if I can agree with one or the other I would say you.

Know I just think we just need to come up with the line for the sport and then figure out where that goes from there but just like you said in baseball games and other other things and you know obviously tennis we don't have to compare it to tennis but if if it's like actually maybe like during points and trying to.

Mess you up you know I think I think players in the crowd should get warnings I think yeah just like the players and I think the ref should be allowed to do that and maybe security could get involved if if it's like a second warning um you know or third you're out or something like that but but obviously.

We're not I don't think we're there yet I don't think but that also means we're hiring security you know well there's usually Security in these these events well in the facilities yes in the facilities yeah right so but either way I just think that um we have to decide what the line is and now as in we I don't know maybe the players I think the.

Volunteers would be the people that would have to get rid of them yeah so I don't know but that's what again that's what happens when you have a drinking involved and things like that um it gets really really tough but definitely there's got to be some sort of line that we're going to you know we're gonna we're gonna cross.

At some point and hey if you're gonna let everything go then I guess that's in you know if that were the case then just let everything go and it's just gonna be loud and crazy like a hockey game but I don't but I don't think that personally me I wouldn't really want to see it go that extreme that route just because I I just.

Think that would take take some out of the game and everyone says to me like oh we shouldn't it's not 10. it's not tennis so you know tennis is just so like um so soft and stuff yeah but there's a because of the sport it's very similar to tennis like yeah right Point builds and then this tension builds and then.

Then there's an eruption at the end of the point like there's something to be said there about that kind of you know what I mean that kind of like atmosphere it makes it really fun and then if you have just like people yelling stuff and it kind of just takes away from that and again if if that's the way we're gonna go then I understand.

But I don't know I like I like the tension building quietness oohs and Oz here and there but not not um purposeful yeah right front like well I think I think that's also what makes MLP so awesome yeah you know what I mean is like it is a different environment for fans because it's not like just your.

Normal tournament exactly so I think you know you can establish that you know maybe the PPA and app do kind of enforce something more like tennis and then MLP says hey we want it Rowdy we want it loud we you know and so you can you can go to the specific type of experience you're looking for you know what I mean so.

What it does though is it opens up ways for people to say okay well hey like I want to be I want to Heckle I want to go out there and I want to make a noise so I'm going to go watch MLP yeah you know and then there are people who are like oh well I just want to go watch some really good pickleball yeah yeah and they say okay well then I I'll go watch.

You know a PPA tournament or an ABP tournament you just gotta have yeah variety there you go you know what I mean you can't just have everything be the same or it's just you know because there's there's that's the problem with sports everybody's got a different opinion on everything.

So you give options now yeah that are actually realistic and guarantee you it'll probably work out yeah there you go so I think I just think uh you know there's growth to be don't Heckle those guys don't Heckle don't Heckle unless unless unless it's allowed don't Heckle don't don't talk down to players.

You know I'm sure uh whoever was heckling Pablo this weekend I guarantee you if you were heckling him on the court you would fold and uh break down so yeah so you know if you are heckling on the court be better don't do that kind of stuff yeah so we'll have to see what happens with that um and then again uh it's a growing.

Sport so we're gonna have to see next we have um Sarah ansbury and Jill Braverman played women's doubles together they actually did really well and I saw that they beat was it Elise Jones and uh I'm pretty sure it was but it might have.

Yeah Lauren stratman and Yana beat him first okay but I'm pretty so so Sarah annsbury um is uh she's she's been part of the game a long time Pro division there's been uh there was definitely a lot of controversies here and um a lot of people thought that originally that you know.

Um so with the whole paddle challenge thing I think they're still trying to figure out now there's on-site testing yeah for well this was the first tournament that had it yes for paddles and I don't know how much you heard the their Caden but there's paddles now being tested before matches um after matches and still I I'm pretty.

Sure you can choose the challenge or not choose the challenge but I don't know if that Rule's still there but if you choose a challenge and you come out wrong do you lose have you heard about that do you yeah you uh well if you lose the challenge you find it's just absolutely that's crazy I just think it's ridiculous and it just will.

Um no one would want a challenge but here's what happened Sarah annsbury Jill um Braverman um they they had their paddles tested before the match yep and it was within legal limits now what we found out what we found out later um was that Sarah was informed that it was very close to the Limit line so here.

We go um this is coming from Carl Smith's the USA pickup all managing director of pickleball standards so this is the guy that leads the uh the professional industry this guy's legit um and this is what happened um as is our protocol Sarah was informed.

Before the quarterfinal that her paddles core and surface bonding had deteriorated considerably over the course of the tournament she received an official warning with the current manufacturing standards her paddle had a high likelihood of crossing the legal threshold during the next match and that it would be in her best.

Interest to retire that paddle we we can only recommend the best practices however the final decision lands in the hands of the player interesting so if this is and I'm pretty sure this is true because this is coming from Carl Smith's himself but so it's they test the paddles in the beginning and they're already giving Sarah a.

Warning that this particular one that you've been using another match previous matches is getting really close I don't know why like if that was me I don't know why I would I would not continue to play with that paddle that doesn't make any sense yeah but I mean you also have to realize that like she's been probably she's probably been.

Playing with that paddle for the last month or so right and so yeah I mean for for you and me maybe it doesn't take that long to just you know adjust to a new paddle of the same paddle but for her maybe it's you know well yeah the feel no no paddles break in yeah and here's the problem with uh the manufacturing and and everything here.

Here's where it gets tricky so but again if I'm at a tournament I guess you took the risk I guess it's not that crazy but so after the match they won and then um the the opposing team actually challenged it yeah and then it lost and then they got ousted from the tournament and um Sarah's response and and Jill's.

Response you can see in Instagram or whatever I saw a video somewhere on Facebook or something yeah so I basically said you know this is unfortunate this is unfortunate but but basically you know we support the usapa or whatever so really interesting response I don't know if that was just to keep things.

You know if they uh really beat off yeah I really thought that way but again um I would say I guarantee you if if someone Pro players paddles close I don't think they're going to be using it yeah I don't think that's gonna happen anymore yeah I mean if you're getting getting it tested and they're saying oh it's pretty close I probably wouldn't.

Play it I'm just going well that sucks okay I guess here's a he's so interesting this gosh it's just this sport has so much to grow in this paddle testing I know that they're getting better and better and and these are pro players so they can have 10 paddles there yeah right so what I would do is and and then going into the tournament I.

Would have five paddles that feel that I've been playing with that feel good not a terrible idea maybe I test all five and then see which one is the furthest from the limit yeah and play with that one you know what I mean like if anything that's what you're gonna have to do but I mean I don't love the idea of playing.

With five different pedals no but I mean hey if that's what's uh yeah keeping you under legal limit then I guess that's what we do right so and then there's another notion of okay what and there was mult by the way there was multiple paddles that tested over the legal limit but they just didn't get challenged that's really interesting so because.

Players are afraid I mean why not just challenge every single thing because players are getting fine now so it's kind of like it's just a ridiculous kind of I don't know how they're gonna one day there's going to be a podcast coming out that we're not going to talk about uh the legality of paddles yeah maybe it might be in 16 years who knows.

For all those Recreation recreational players out there this doesn't matter it really doesn't go out there play your game but we're just trying to inform you of this craziness that's happening on the pro tour so if you guys aren't a pro right now just use whatever battle you guys feel like playing yeah and then um yeah so moving on from that we're.

Actually gonna stay on the topic of uh paddles uh but on in a different uh note or different ways Salome davite uh she was actually challenged her her legality um of her paddle was challenged from the previous tournament because she was hitting Rockets um it really seemed like rockets when I was watching but it came back back.

Negative like a negative as in it was legal title it was good so it must have been the four extra ounces that you put on the as lead but I mean hey that's uh that's just the it's just what she's got in the bag man yeah so smokes so Salome um I'm glad your uh test results came out negative I know and uh that's.

Something that is something so very very interesting uh we'll see and keep you guys updated and gals updated on that um now let's get to where are we going here we're gonna go get uh some huge upsets okay so a lot of crazy things that happened so actually um Kaden why don't you while I'm pulling this up why don't you you were there I.

Was okay and you were there here at the Newport PPA why don't you tell us just how the atmosphere tell us about the tournament I know you've been there yep if you haven't been to Newport Beach it's a really nice area and a really great venue so why don't you just tell us kind of like give us a little background of the tournament and then.

We'll talk about the yeah upset alerts coming up yeah so the tournament was at the Newport Beach tennis and pickleball Center um I have been there multiple times before and of course when I saw that there was a tournament in Newport I said well I'm not going to turn down the opportunity to go to beautiful Newport.

Beach California yeah um but I will say the the venue there they have really nice courts the only thing that's pretty obnoxious is they don't have blockers in between courts wow um so you get a lot of balls on ball on balls off a lot of balls coming on the court now yeah while you're playing and it's it's it's a pretty uh.

Pretty infuriating sometimes but also at the same time sometimes the refs don't call it so you're able to kind of just play the point out um the venue itself um obviously it's beautiful weather um it's it's got you know good parking except for the fact that maybe they.

Weren't quite prepared to host over 700 people this weekend so parking was kind of a nightmare but besides that everything was pretty smooth running it was uh it's it's pretty compact they have like little rows that people are allowed to walk by and it doesn't help when people are just like standing in those rows to watch but and then when.

You're trying to walk through it's it's a little tough to get through every now and then and of course they have vendors going down that road too so there's just there's not a whole lot of you know walking and standing space but besides that there's no there's no such thing as a bad time in Newport Beach man I I would.

Say I had a pretty good weekend out there I got to stay um in an Airbnb with my GM of the Scottsdale Scorchers oh really yeah he rented out a house for uh for all really kind of like the Arizona pickleball League crew so it was uh me Brad his buddy Joey his daughter Maddie and her friend Sam and then pickleball players.

It was me PESA Craig Johnson uh Nico Montoya Michael Lloyd uh wait there was how many you guys you stayed with all of them oh heck yeah man and we we stayed in there in an Airbnb like right next to the beach so we uh didn't have it bad huh no no it was it was a fun weekend it was too short though I should have gone sooner yeah I left on Friday I should.

Have I should have I should have been there okay well that's uh the Newport here we're gonna go right into um we're gonna start here with men's doubles and then we're gonna go over mixed and then we will go over women's doubles okay so it was a pretty wild weekend this weekend yeah so um Ben Johns was here Annalee wasn't here.

Um so obviously we had a lot of different mixing up mixing mixings and uh yeah so here we go we're gonna start off here man it did not work but right here we're gonna start off with men shout out to Jay dub and Dylan Fraser we got that for um gold PPA gold so is this their fur second this is their second second this.

Is the first time they've beaten um Matt and yeah Kylie Ramana Riley Newman okay yeah so Dylan Fraser um JW gone Johnson for gold I guess uh yeah Riley and Matt Wright for the silver and Federico Stack Street and um Pablo taya's four bronze um really really good remember we.

Already talked about that this was that close one statute and taya's um defeated ignana witch McGuffin eleven nine in the third um and they got beat uh pretty handily by Newman and Wright um and you know what you know uh there wasn't any big big upsets except.

Um Ben Johns and Colin Johns in the second round so this is a big one they get um they get ousted by Ben and Newell and Philip Locklear yeah um those are the uh I think they're from uh shoot where are they from uh Kansas Kansas okay so they're from Kansas now these are I watched the match um huge upset right.

Um so Lefty and righty Ben knew I played them in singles I actually have a um a video of me dissecting my game against him uh he beat me 15 10. was fairly close but he's a good player he's been playing um a while now but what did you see out of the match Kaden um obviously the John brothers are losing to a team like this.

Not saying that they are um a bad team but this is pretty uh pretty uncalled for yeah right yeah I think it kind of came out of nowhere but um honestly uh one Ben super duper good um I would say Ben's probably one of the left better lefties on the tour um kind of has a a goofy style of.

Playing but it works for him he's got good drives um and Philip Locklear not a guy that I knew of until this weekend but this guy I mean it kind of just looks like a beast you know what I mean but he uh he has really good speed UPS he actually has had pretty good dinks um and I think in the situation where you're playing.

Against a guy like Ben and Colin where you know you can't kind of you can't just sit in the points and say hey okay let me see if they'll miss it dink they're not gonna miss a dink so you kind of have to attack them out at a bunch of different areas that maybe they're not used to seeing yeah and it uh so Caden you and I talked about this.

On the car ride but yeah if you're gonna take out the Johns Brothers in upset where first second round and they're not you know really warm or that interested or whatever you're gonna go out swinging and that's exactly what we saw yeah Ben was driving a lot of thirds um Philip was cleaning up um and vice versa right so yeah.

Um you know nine out of ten times I say if they play nine more times I think Ben and Colin take that with ease for sure but uh this was a huge upset and again the Johns Brothers are kind of known for that slower start you know that's right lower and look at you can kind of see they relax a days ago here on the first.

Match was like eleven One Eleven one I don't know who they are but they probably uh you know breezing through and again um because it's two games to 11 you lose the first one and a close one that second one creeps up on you um and about body language and I can I can see it I've watched and studied the.

John's Brothers enough um this kind of match was the match their match to lose yeah because these are the ones I mean there was no energy um there was some high like you know when they made a good shot it was like whatever but again they just they felt the PRI I think Colin felt a lot of pressure I mean he was these guys were.

Driving at him and he pops them up here and there and we all do that but it was way more than normal yep and um and Ben I I saw Ben Miss some routine dinks that he never misses yeah so just kind of I know that they were just frustrated there so that's what we saw I will say I do want to give a quick shout out to Gabe tardio and uh.

And uh my boy Garrett Whitehead they uh were the 24 seed this tournament and actually made it to the quarter finals of the quarters um so yeah so this is definitely um in both of those do you know who Garrett Whitehead is no but they're they're both under they're young right yeah they're they're both like 16 years.

Old yeah so we have some amazing talents coming through the ranks in especially as teenagers so shout out to them um but yeah Dylan Fraser JW I'm just I'm happy for them I actually called it with Michael Lloyd that JW and Dylan were gonna win this one against Matt and Riley we called it yeah before it happened that's really really cool and.

They won in three straight um Kaden niemoff you played here you played Alex Newman and Rob Cassidy I did I played my normal partner here I know I lost that one in close to 11 7 11 9. yeah um a little tough I think okay and then there's two different things the local boys Arizona Nico Montoya Michael Lloyd.

I don't know if you saw this I did well actually kind of I was playing when they were playing but okay but uh yeah so Nico Montoya um shout out to shout out to you man I know you've been here I know we hit a couple times here he's he's really gotten really good and Michael Lloyd I.

Haven't played him before but I've seen his game Michael's great as well he's uh he's definitely um yeah they definitely played well and took a game off of a stacked through until yes so yeah and actually if you go up yeah PESA and Craig actually played together up here oh did they I did they won their first shout out to pesceteoni.

And Craig Johnson from AZ and then they oh they did they got to play Matt Wright yeah and Riley and they kind of did not challenge them much there yeah not not quite so performance that they were looking for but interesting okay so that is a big upset there obviously the Johns Ben Johns um and his brother getting upset in the second round was was a big.

One there we're gonna hop right into mixed doubles Pro here we go mix doubles Pro and we got Talk of the tournament Lacey schneeman yeah um so but let's start off with the gold shout out to the bro and sis um Duo Georgia Johnson JW Georgia we've seen her game Skyrocket.

Over the past six months I would say or so and um those are literally my little siblings yeah I mean I called their mom mom okay well hey hey that's what it is she calls me son all right uh yeah you guys know so JW and Georgia um yeah with the gold uh Lacey Schumann and uh Tyson McGuffin that's one I think.

We did not see coming making is uh back to back-to-back appearances in the gold medal match for mixed man yeah so late on a tear Lacy's there Andrea Coop and Ben John's for bronze so again a big I don't know if I would say big um I think you would still have to put Ben Johns here to win this but for sure but not by a large margin so let's see they they.

Beat oh Lindsey Newman and um Eric Lang the Johns um Ben Johns and Andrew Coop beat uh let's see here that was actually Colin Johns and Cali Smith versus Ben Johnson so he beat his brother um and then and then they lost against Tyson and Lacey she she men so um really interesting there um Tyson.

I just think he just played solid all throughout and I'm telling you did Lacey I mean she's just getting better and better or what what Kaden what's the story we had a hell of a weekend I think she is getting better and better um I mean she's made appearances in the championship for the New York Hustlers and MLP.

Um this is a girl that literally I think last year I was like hey do you want to play some tournaments together and she was like yeah let's find one and now um now I barely even get to talk to her because she's basically a celebrity but uh no I'm just kidding but look no but.

She's super sweet yeah really good player I've actually known her for the last couple years and golly I mean she's gotten better and better and better each tournament I've seen her in um yeah so let's let's look at mcguffins and shiman's a run here look at this Michelle asks Covell and Pablo Tellus actually almost beat him first round.

Almost ruined that 12 10 in the third and then shiman and McGuffin go through Jesse Irvin and Jay delivier and they go through Anna bride and James and not a witch that is huge wins and then they beat Benja I mean beat Ben Johnson Andrew Coop so it's just I mean that's four matches but those are like those probably felt like nine matches because.

Yeah those all were gosh pretty intense matches what is this mix yeah gosh the mix Pro mix is tough it is tough man and again oh Elise Jones and Riley Newman play together that was a new partnership um and then oh they got knocked down by the Johnsons lost pretty handily one match away from the gold to the Johnson so shout out to.

Um you know the the bro and sis yeah Johnson's uh really uh one person who made an appearance this weekend in Pro mix doubles was a YouTuber David dobrik that was pretty that was pretty funny he actually had a really sick like behind the back in uh in one of his matches but he uh he did go to and out so okay so next and last but not least there was no.

Singles in this tournament we already talked about that which is really interesting last but not least for sure is women's doubles Pro shout out to Lucy kovalova and Cali Smith for gold and Andrea Coop and Anna bright for silver and Yana graskina and Lauren stratman for bronze yeah um and I think without Annalee Waters here I mean any of these.

Matches could have gone either way I think um I don't know who is a who would you put us a favorite here with Annalee being gone um I mean if you asked me who I would have put my money on I probably would have said Andrea and Anna yeah but I mean it's weird because Lucy and Cali every time I put money on them they've.

Let me down but every time I haven't said anything they've won so I don't know if they're good I don't know if they're not good I I'm honest I mean I know they're good I'm just confused as like to what the heck is going on but like they've had tournaments where things have been wide open because Annalee wasn't there and I'm like okay.

Yeah I'm gonna take Lucy and Cali and they lose in the second round but yeah hey they were the one seed this time and it looks like for the most part they kind of strolled through everyone um except for until they got to the final the final looked actually yeah what's interesting here what uh Etta.

Right it's Jesse Irvin they withdrawn I wonder if someone got hurt there hopefully they're okay but this is the one where ansberry and Jill Braverman actually beat Lacey and also um Lena and and look at this 11. ended up forfeit yeah ended up winning it because the paddle got disqualified wow just really crazy so anyways.

Um that's really interesting um wow look at Andrea and Anna had a quite an easy day on Saturday too they gave up seven points in their first match they gave up five in their necks and they gave up 11 in their next and then they were in Championship Sunday yeah so really really good um you know I don't know what else to.

Say here but the women's is getting tougher and tougher oh for sure and um uh hurricane Tyra black that's a tennis player played with Georgia look they took out Lindsay Newman actually uh actually asked her to play North Carolina with me what did she say I have a partner okay so uh kanan's trying to pick up a.

Uh mixed doubles I like mix man ever since I started playing uh Arizona pickleball League man I love mix now yeah I like want to play mix instead of playing singles there you go well um yeah it's yeah it's fun makes it fun maybe I should call back uh give a call to Old Faithful who's that Annalee Waters oh Anna Lee yeah and the God of.

All mix Partners I mean no well you know like I said we you know we have a you know tournament in history together we're literally yeah undefeated together yeah Anna Lee might might you know you know you know can Ben and Natalie say that they're undefeated together I don't think so but I can I can say that with the Emily because it's true yeah hey you.

Know small sample size but still okay so that's that um little celebrity outing here we're going to kind of just show you a celebrity outing pick here oh look at the lose Two Fellas we got J W double gold medalists to be exact um double crown double crown we got the that doublet Crown look at Caden neem off.

With them um I don't know why his eyes are closed maybe he got maybe this allergy season or something like that uh I got going on here I mean uh yeah I think I caught him while he was taking a nap or something not actually but yeah you know J.W Johnson man the guys get that hairy chest though that is a.

Complete stunner what in though you know what I mean wow I think that's his um um this is thank you no like that's his uh what's that movie uh Zoolander oh that's uh that's Magnum okay you know what I mean JW um yeah I've met him a couple times I know I know you uh you talk to him a lot but he's uh he's a funny interesting.

Funny kid man yeah I do love what is his personality like he's just quirky kind of guy huh very quirky yeah doesn't say a whole lot but I will say he does like to mention how he's he he he thinks he should be big brother because he's bigger than me but then I remind him that I'm stronger than him um and then we like to you know mess.

Around where like you know he tries to grab my forearms and then like I'm just stronger than him and faster than him so just like I grab his arm and then he like tries to escape and then I just put him in like a different type of uh arm lock oh yeah so yeah we uh you know he likes to compete for big brother in the family but I I quickly kind of you know.

Push him down and say hey no I'm I'm big brother you're you know you're just a little kid get out of my way but out of the in the family I will say he uh he gets all the love for being the better pickleball player um but he's you know he's a good kid uh he probably could use a shower and maybe some hair gel every now and then and.

Maybe some chapstick maybe um maybe some interview advice and maybe maybe a razor for his chest and his nose um oh man but he did shave his face that day so he's got that going for him but now you can kind of see the butt chin so yeah I don't I don't I don't know if I were JW well I guess if I were JW's real brother I guess I would give him a.

Little bit more advice but that's just me that's just me I mean look at look at me I'm I'm totally not shaved right now and I look like I have dirt on my face but here I am yeah you're falling off too so I can't really say much look at my hat it's disgusting I it looks like we've gotten comments on that by the way too the washer hat getting so think.

About that well that's why I wore a different hat today but uh but yes I I know I agree I it looks like I dropped my hat in dog turd and uh picked it back up and then yeah yeah all right so J dub um congratulations to you buddy um double gold really really cool and again how old is.

He by the way 20. okay 20. so 21 21. new faces of pickleball I don't know will we see J dub continue to dominate and get better and better and really push Ben John's um to the limit uh we will see but J dub has definitely got all the tools oh for sure um to to dominate and for sure let me.

Ask you this um I didn't see many of his matches this weekend but is he attacking off the bounce yet that is so crazy that is so insane but I mean his role is so good I know like a yeah I understand in the air it's just like but you know I mean he could definitely add it yeah we I mean we all.

Know that J dub has the weird hinge thing hands are rich yeah hinged wrist wrist in the middle of the as he takes his four in the middle but ah J dub if you're if you're listening to this just add a forehand speed up off the bounce it's very simple I don't even have I don't even have to teach you you.

Already know how to do it I just think you should do it more uses it in singles all the time yeah find double Zone I don't know I don't know dude maybe you talk to him dude he just uses his really long calorie arms and just gets him in the way and takes it just initiate that hands battle JW your hands are ready hop so uh I guarantee you if you tried.

Speeding up off the bounce he would also be very successful yeah it's just so I don't know that's my only critique J dub without so get this without the off the bat bounce forehand speed up JW's winning gold so with it um maybe he's saving that maybe it's in the bag like I don't know I don't I don't even need to stop it doesn't even.

Need to use intelli really needs to you know what I mean yeah um anything else Kaden no I uh I thought uh this tournament was actually a lot of fun uh I'm looking forward to the next tournament in Newport Beach uh uh oh oh and then uh well we have a new segment today okay we have a new segment and I don't know uh leave a comment below uh.

If uh you uh have some interesting ideas for us but we got the uh I call this the Briones pickup all topspins Top Spin Wheel like that I do um and uh we have uh some you know some things on the wheel this is a wheel like you would uh get on on a game show and things like that so we'll see where it lands and last segment of the day uh.

Just just has a little you know just a little improv here do we know what's on here um okay yeah um we'll see we'll see okay well you might have to explain some of the rules yeah I mean and this is kind of off the cuff here so Kayden why don't you give.

It a whirl here oh my goodness oh would you rather would you rather okay um so I'm gonna so get in uh would you rather um get hidden in chess by a matte right overhead or a Ben John's swing volley High.

Forehand where do I get hit on Ben's chat on the chest oh and would you rather get hit on a chest by Matt Wright's overhead or Ben John's High forehand up here where he takes a full swing probably Matt it's over it really yeah I don't know well that would suck either way I mean yeah but I mean to be fair I've.

Played baseball so I've been hit by baseballs harder and faster than yeah you know a little Wiffle ball to the chest like obviously I'd be like oh God but like at the end of the day I'm just getting like a little red mark and maybe like a little bruise on my chest compared to like some of the bruises that I've gotten getting hit by pitches.

In baseball so that's so funny um yeah so uh yeah if you for those of you just listening there's a little Spinning Wheel here we're just having a little a little fun here uh should we do two of these today yeah let's let's do another whirl here oh funny story uh oh Caden why don't I.

Mean it could be pickable it could be non-pickleball related but acadian's gonna tell us just a little funny story that he had either growing up or uh on the pickleball court I'm leaving up to you let's let's tell a good story to the viewers here and then we'll end it on this okay okay uh I actually do have a funny growing up story.

Um so I would say growing up I was a pretty good kid uh I never actually got called to the principal's office once in my life of going hard to believe very hard I know I know I uh don't come off as that kid but that's I don't know I was good I was a good student anyways okay um.

One day there were two kids in my class and um one kid was named Kagan and the other kid was named Michael and uh Kagan actually uh jabbed Michael in the head with a pencil like bleeding like stabbed him in the head with a pencil and so Michael got so upset that he bit him okay so the two boys got sent to the.

Principal's office yeah now when uh school is this dude that's just Elementary School Man kids are crazy I don't know all right I'm just going to San Francisco oh um that explains it but when the principal off uh when the principal had to call kagan's parents he called the parents and said hey you know your son uh stabbed a kid with a pencil.

And he got bit in return so you know when you come pick him up um you know you uh you know he'll he'll get out you'll need to come pick him up you know a little bit after school yeah you know yeah so no big deal I was I just got out of class and I just kind of waited like 30 minutes for my dad to show up because he thought he was gonna.

You know have to go to the principal's office but I was just waiting on the first floor so I actually like 30 minutes later I saw my dad walk into the principal's office and I was like Dad what are you doing and he's like son come with me really quickly so I went outside what and he was like how was your day today hey son and I was.

Like oh it's good normal I was in first grade man I was like normal another day man I don't know I had pot stickers for lunch and he was like well did uh anything happen while you were in class today and I was like um no not really and he was like nothing happened with any other kids you.

Didn't get upset with anybody or do anything I was like nope and he was like okay you didn't happen to get in any arguments or fights with any kids named Michael and I'm like I don't know where this guy's going with it so I'm just like no I don't yeah normal day yeah I don't know what's.

Going on all day yeah and uh you know my dad was was very uh it was very big when I was like when I was a kid about telling the truth yeah you know what I mean and like my dad was more of the dad that was like you know if you tell like my dad would always say the truth will set you free yeah so maybe if you did something bad but you.

Told the truth there wouldn't be as big of a consequence but if you lied it's actually how I train my kids yeah right right right you know and my dad would say that every time you know son the truth will set you free and I'd be like and so he said that to me and I was like okay you know I don't know what this.

Guy's not talking about yeah and he was like well I got a call from your principal today and I was like why and he was like well I heard that you did something to another kid and I was like I didn't do anything and he was like now Caden what did I tell you about lying I don't I don't appreciate you lying to me and my dad like never like never like.

Actually like beat me but his way of like reprimanding me for me lying or me for for me misbehaving was like I had to put my hand out and he would say you know put your hand out do you want five really hard slaps or do you want ten medium hard slaps and I would say oh I'd be all nervous I'd be like oh well five is less so five really hard ones and.

Then he would you know smack our hands and he's like son he's like don't make me put your hand out and I was like Dad for what like I didn't do anything yeah and he's like all right that's it put your hand out so I'm like I'm like in my school hallway and I'm like put my hands sticking I'm like oh.

And my dad used to do this thing where he'd go like this and like wind up a little bit and like as we like as he would start to snag we would like move our hand and be like oh don't Smack because that that doesn't count you know and like right as he's about to give me my first one we just hear footsteps running down the stairs and into the.

Hallway oh my God and we just hear Mr niemoff Mr neem off and my dad like pauses and he's like yes and they're like we are so sorry we called you earlier saying that uh you know your son had you know gotten bitten by Michael and and stabbed Michael in the head with a pencil we are so sorry we called the wrong parent we actually.

Were talking about oh this kid named Kagan not Kaden and my dad was like hey son how was your day come on let's go get some ice cream so you were that Caden was that close away for getting those uh five smacks I was getting I was going to get it beat down but I uh funny man yeah I got well I almost got accused of uh.

Something I didn't do so yeah that would be probably my funny story yeah but uh but yeah I remember that to this day till this day yeah now you're not for sure no uh um there's gonna be no confusion on names no from now on no although my dad does call me Mackenzie every now and then which is my sister's name so.

Interesting yep he gets a little confused still every now and then but yeah I I did get my life saved that day and uh yeah what could have been all right good story Kaden um for the viewers out there yeah give us some interesting ideas what to add on this spin wheel um to uh you know kind of further.

Enhance what we're doing here about pickleball we are maybe answering pickleball questions telling pickleball stories um or just things like that there are a lot of good ones on here though yeah so I mean we'll save that for next time but again for the viewers out there make sure to comment like subscribe and.

Um share this podcast with your friends the best pickleball podcast in the industry if you want to improve your game me and Kaden are here for you that's right um thanks so much and we'll see you in the next foreign.

Welcome to the Briones Pickleball Podcast! Stay tuned in every week as we talk all things pickleball! Pickleball strategy, pickleball news, pickleball paddles and much, much more!

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:54 Jordan’s weekly strategy tip
00:05:00 Caden’s weekly strategy tip (rules tip??)
00:07:49 How pickleball SAVED a life: Amazing pickleball story
00:12:41 What do YOU do when you hit a SHORT return?
00:19:05 How do you deal with AGGRESSIVE poachers?
00:22:35 The BIGGEST mistake when playing against bangers
00:27:30 Pickleball EXPLODING in the UK??!?
00:31:05 Train with me IN-PERSON for 2 FULL days!
00:37:30 Pickleball player FINED for giving the “bird” to the crowd
00:39:52 How should we deal with HECKLERS in pickleball?
00:44:01 Why pickleball SHOULD be like TENNIS
00:47:05 Pro team gets DEFAULTED due to illegal paddle
00:51:40 ILLEGAL paddle gate is getting WAY out of hand
00:53:23 Salome’s paddle is LEGAL!!! She just obliterates the ball.
00:54:35 Newport Beach PPA experience
00:58:00 Jdub and Dylan take gold, Johns bros get UPSET in second round
01:01:20 The KEY to beating Ben JOHNS
01:04:44 Mixed pro results; JW double golds
01:08:18 Pro women’s results
01:11:28 Caden meets a HUGE celebrity
01:14:48 JW, the MASTER of never attacking off of the bounce
01:16:38 ***NEW SEGMENT***
01:16:39 Getting hit with Matt Wright’s overhead?!
01:18:45 Caden gets FRAMED

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