What is up farm and family how y'all doing today today we're checking out the Hugh def Viva 16. if you remember my huge F 6.8 review you'll remember exactly how it was and how I felt about it but let's have a little flashback it has a very very weak you know sweet spot so there was no control it was just a roller coaster all together if you.

Want something with spin you would probably need to go to a carbon fiber paddle or just something with spray-on texture now that you see how I felt about the paddle I also mentioned how it wouldn't stack up against raw carbon fibers that are thermoformed and foamed edged I also mentioned how the price of it was too expensive and Hugh def.

Responded by reaching out and sending me their new paddles that are raw carbon fiber thermoformed foamed edges and price pretty dang good so we're gonna get into this review you're going to figure out you know how I feel about the power the control the price of it but I have mad respect for a company that can take you know criticism and not get.

Upset you know like Blacklist people like it other companies I'm not gonna name them have hated a review that I've released and they just ignore me now but who def didn't they actually were like well we're going to give it another shot but let's get into this enough of me running my mouth this paddle's face is a t700 raw carbon.

Fiber its thermoformed edges it's injected with foam in the edges as well it's a unibody design so it's not going to snap like Raleigh Newman's gamma paddle in one of the recent Pro matches the shape is elongated the weight varies from 7.8 to 8.3 ounces the length is 16.5 inches the width is 7.4 inches the thickness is 16.

Millimeters which I've already told you all that the grip length is 5.5 inches and the grip circumference is 4.25 inches when it came to the power of this paddle I felt like it most resembled The vatic Flash 16 millimeter like when I was hitting I didn't feel like the ball was launching off at a ridiculous rate I.

Didn't feel like it was uncontrollable at the kitchen I didn't feel like you know when I hit a drive that it was going to automatically just launch into Oblivion it felt like it was pretty controllable with the amount of power it had and it felt almost identical to how the vatic flash 16 millimeter felt when I was using it in terms of power that's.

The best way I can describe it there may be another paddle or two you know thermoform Wise that you know it's similar to but that's the one that I would probably you know group it with in terms of power as for me I see this is sort of like a carbon 1X when it comes to power it doesn't have like crazy pop so it's actually really controllable but.

It does have enough power to put away a shot as you've heard with the power I didn't feel like it was ridiculous like launching it didn't have crazy amount of power to where it was uncontrollable so when you get to the kitchen I feel like your Dinks your third shot drops your resets your.

Blocks all that is going to go you know pretty Flawless if you've used the thermoform paddle this isn't going to be like way out there in the control category like it's not crazy soft it's also not crazy powerful it is pretty much an all balance paddle in my opinion so you're not going to get up you know upset if you're wanting control.

And power like that's pretty much what this pal you know paddle offers yeah like my brother said this paddle has great control and you will not really struggle with it at the kitchen line in terms of spin I don't do the spin numbers or anything like that I just sort of eyeball it based off of how you know my serve you know dips how my.

Slices are how my Top Spin dinks and stuff are you can generally tell a difference in paddles if you've played with the paddles enough but with this one it groups up there with the V7 The vatic Flash and the rhombus R3 Pulsar that hasn't came out yet all of those sort of have the same similar spin which is crazy.

Good spin I don't know if I'd compare it to the Legacy spin but it's still crazy good spin with that said Legacy is in a different Factory now so they might not be producing the same spin they once was so take that last comment with a grain of salt so the spin on this paddle is really good I've been using the engage Ultra 16 millimeter as well and I can.

Definitely tell the difference between the spins on the two paddles in terms of maneuverability most of these starroform foam Edge paddles are going to be a little bit heavier or feel heavier than the generation one raw carbon fiber paddles F has made a you know division one a generation one raw carbon fiber paddle.

And it feels significantly lighter than the front you know thermoform foamed Edge paddle so if you're wanting something with a lot more you know mobility and stuff I would probably look towards the generation one but their generation two isn't like crazy heavy either you're not gonna you know be complaining about your wrist hurting or.

Anything like that unless you've already got you know wrist problems or a really tiny wrist I would think it's just as durable as the other thermoform foamed Edge paddles I don't see anything on it that was made cheaper or anything like that the one thing that my brother kind of had a grop on was the handle he didn't.

Really like the handle a whole lot I personally didn't have a problem with it I generally if I over you know if a handle is too boxy or it feels weird if usually if you slap an overgrip on it it will kind of fix it a little bit but I didn't have that problem before I added an over grip but that was just his personal opinion.

But yeah I don't think it's going to snap or anything like that because it's a unibody build too and when it comes to customization all I did with this paddle was I added an over grip I didn't add lead tape or anything like that the paddle felt really good using it all around and I didn't really see a need to add lead tape at all I.

Felt like an over grip was enough but I should have put electric tape or something over the edge to guard the red edges even though that that is one of the cool looking parts of the actual paddle I'm so tired of seeing black and white Edge guards for the price okay just so you guys know I have a 15.

Affiliate link down in the description so the 99 thermoformed foamed Edge paddle will be 84 dollars with the code I want to tell you how I work when it comes to codes I will test out a paddle I'll see if I lock it and then if I do and I would actually endorse the product I will use the code or try to get people.

To use the code for discounts if I don't like the paddle you won't see me share the link for the code the 6.8 paddle from UF I did they would have sent me they you know were going to send me a code but I didn't like the paddle so I didn't you know push that link versus this paddle I really really like especially for the 84 dollars when you.

Use my code like that's ridiculous so for this paddles cost I really don't think you can beat it because with my brother's 15 back you get it for 84 dollars and we do get a kickback from that but I really do think that this paddle is well worth the money though but yeah this has been my review of the Hue death Viva 16 millimeter I'm going.

To be testing out the 14 millimeter I'm gonna see you know what the difference is and see if it's anything drastic so stay tuned for that I've also got the generation one 16 millimeter and a 14 millimeter and I've also got their raw carbon fiber EVA foam paddle I'm going to be trying out and 6-0 is sending me their um dbd 14 millimeter so stay tuned.

I got a lot of stuff coming y'all and if you've enjoyed this and found this insightful smack that like button and Molly whop that subscribe button hit that Bell so you can stay updated for you know new content because I'm doing one or two videos a week and I got an engage Ultra video coming out later this week I'm recording it Wednesday y'all.

But until next time stay safe have a good day drink plenty water peace y'all
This is my review of the HUDEF Viva Pro 16MM pickleball paddle. Its a thermoformed paddle with foamed edges and unibody design.

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