Wait no more the udef 6.6 review right now pick up all lovers please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget to have a good day initial reactions of my clients i love this handle i have a lot of clients that are a woman and they like a smaller handle they found love with this paddle from the get-go second observation it is.

Very soft and makes a very nice sound very nice sound and you can place it anywhere you want third observation i can't quite drive it like the hd 6.3 it's not a power paddle it is a soft paddle for touch next observation if i hit it on the side going pretty hard it almost comes this way so what does that mean it means.

That the sweet spot is smaller if you hit it on the outside it's going pretty hard it might turn a little so keep that in mind now let's compare the cell curve double o3 versus hd 6.6 my first observation is the selkirk double o3 holds the ball on the paddle a lot longer so you can put a lot more spin hd 6.6 does not do this the next.

Thing i realized is i like the sound and the touch and the feel of the hd 6.6 a little better than the selkirk double o3 series however the selkirk double 03 series puts insane's amount of spin i could do whatever i want on speed ups and i can't quite do this with hd 6.6 not at all humble lovers have you played with udef what do you think of that.

Paddles please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget here are the pickleball pirates we may love pickleball just as much as you do i know it's tough to believe but it's true oh yeah the segment went really good yeah i just got my shirts from the pickleball pirate shop yeah it's just like super cool hat and a real nice shirt and it.

Really fits like my chest is like you know goes out but it fits my chest so good yeah just go down to the store right there order you'll get it yeah you support me and
Watch HUDEF HD 6.6 pickleball paddle review by coach Joey Gmuer!
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