What is up farm and family how y'all doing today today we're checking out the Hugh def 6.8 pickleball paddle it's part Kevlar part carbon fiber and it's got through raw technology I'm gonna let y'all know what I thought I'd think about this or thought about this move over to Specs we're gonna go over the control the power I'm gonna let you you.

Know hear my brother's opinion so stay tuned for that and at the end of the video If you enjoyed it smack that like button it helps me a lot but let's get into this the length of this paddle is 16.34 inches the width is 7.64 inches the thickness is 11 millimeters grip length is 5.71 inches the grip.

Circumference is 4.02 inches it's lot weight so it's 7.5 to 7.9 ounces that's no joke it's super lightweight the material is kevlar and carbon fiber finished the shape is elongated it's edgeless and the paddle core is polypropane it says the skill level is beginner to Pro we're going to get into.

The rest of this review and I want to discuss exactly how I feel about that it's also got the 3D printed texture on there so it's not going to rub away but if you saw my ev1 review you know kind of how I feel about the 3D printed texture I'll go into that in the detail here in a little bit too okay when it came to the power of the.

6.8 I felt like when you hit it in The Sweet Spot the ball would just launch off of it but then when you hit it anywhere except for like right in the middle of it it would come off dead it would go into the net but then the next time you hit it you would you know launch it because you hit it perfectly in a sweet spot I.

Feel like this is one of the paddles where you can call it a power paddle but it's only a power paddle towards the very center of the paddle it has a very very weak you know sweet spot when it comes to control like I said The Sweet Spot was sort of lacking I don't know if the three raw technology is causing that but when it came to dinking.

And stuff I would feel like if once again if I didn't hit it right in the middle the control you know was way off I would hit it in the net then if I hit it in The Sweet Spot the next one will go launching so there was no control it was just a roller coaster altogether every time I made contact with the ball I was like oh gosh am I a centimeter too.

Far away from this sweet spot because like out of all the paddles I've reviewed and tried this one had the worst weak spot you know the the worst sweet spot that you know I tried and I could experience firsthand like it didn't take me long to experience that at all they have 3D printed textures which is a.

Permanent texture but I don't really like the 3D textures because I feel like every time there's a 3D texture put it on it's always really slippery the head gravity and I think it's the head gravity lot also have a 3D print spin is what it says on the paddle that was the first high price paddle you know that I purchased and I like the shape of it and.

The heaviness of it but the overall feel and the 3D grit was just rough I did not it was rough no it was not rough it was slick I did not like it at all and I feel like this doesn't provide any spin either if you want something with spin you would probably need to go to a carbon fiber paddle or just something with spray-on texture I know it's going.

To you know wear off but at least you'll have decent spin for a period of time maneuverability this is the major upside or the the only Plus in my opinion of this paddle it is super light one of the lightest paddles I've ever felt it is super thin so obviously there's not going to be much to it so when it comes to hand battles or moving it.

Around you're going to be quicker than everyone else you might not get the ball where you wanted to go but you are definitely going to be quicker okay I don't think this paddle is going to break you know unless you snap it over your knee or something ridiculous like that I feel like it's a pretty sturdy paddle or at least it felt like a.

Pretty sturdy paddle I know the 3D texture is not going to degrade but you have already heard my opinion on that so it's basically all I got to say you know about the durability of this paddle yes I use an over grip okay I use basically an over grip on almost every paddle unless the handle is already you know just massive and I feel like I.

Can't put another one on it the rhombus 2.16 is a ping pong shaped one and it has a really big handle and I would not put an over grip on that but other than that I put an overgroup on basically every paddle and when it comes to this paddle I would definitely add lead tape all the way around the edge like from the bottom you.

Know the top of the handle all the way around to the other side I felt like when I was swinging it if the ball hit the edges the paddle would want to rotate in my hand and that got a little Annoying it only happened I think two times but that was enough to make me go whoa okay I got to do something about this.

Uh the company responds Tom uh this is what I you know like about the company I messaged them and I'm sure they've seen other people's reviews and stuff on them and they had the confidence to send out their paddle they're a raw raw carbon fiber paddle companies that I reached out to and they were like oh yeah we'll send a paddle and then I was like I'm.

Going to be doing a massive comparison video where I rank everybody's and they instantly there were there was I think two of them that were like no we'll pass or we'll pass for now so I have a lot of respect for them sending their paddle you know and being open to critiquing and not you know trying to you know persuade someone.

Else's opinion because it's easy for a Paddle Company like no we don't want you to review it and then they can just you know sell paddles to people without you reviews being on YouTube and another thing I like about them is they're trying stuff that's outside the box okay this paddle may not be for me it may not be something I'll recommend but.

Something in the future they make could be you know the future Innovation you know and Technology of pickleball because if we start bashing everything you know these companies make that as you know new they could just stop trying to be creative and all of them just fall in line and what we have for the next 10 years is raw carbon fiber paddles with.

No increase in technology at all so I'm not completely you know bashing this company or saying it's an awful company I have a lot of respect for what they're trying to do it is completely different than other companies their next paddle could be good I just don't think this one was it or not in my opinion okay when it comes to the price.

Oh this is this is the worst part okay it is like right at 200 and I feel that this is a 60 or 70 dollar paddle probably like I would I would recommend this to a beginner well no you can't say that I would say this is a beginner paddle I wouldn't say this is from beginner to.

Expert like it said in the beginning so the 200 price range isn't really warranted in my opinion what's up y'all and this is Jalen here with the review on the Hue def 6.8 um for me personally the paddle did not feel great at all The Sweet Spot was like super inconsistent if you didn't hit it like right on The Sweet Spot it.

Just feels awful it does have a lot of Pop then when you do hit up the swish spot which is also a positive and a negative depending on how you play you do get good hand battles with it because the paddle is so light but for the price and everything else about it I really wouldn't consider buying this paddle but yeah this has been my review.

Of the Hugh def 6.8 I hope you enjoyed it if you found this you know insightful and it helped you and you know helped you make a decision smack that like button it helps me a lot I had to re-record this because the last audio you know file was messed up so if you made it you know all the way through this again I really appreciate it it.

Means a lot to me as you can tell I don't really script stuff I speak you know straight from my mind and from my heart because it's not going to be worded exactly the same it's going to be a completely different video but I'll be talking about the same stuff basically but until next time hope you all have a good day y'all stay safe oh yeah I got.

Gearbox gbx review I got the G um gearbox cx14 ultimate review coming I got the vatic flash review coming I've got the 6-0 Sapphire review coming there's a lot more coming stay tuned peace
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this is my review of the HUDEF 6.8 I discuss its specs and how it plays.

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