What's up guys Ben here again and back again for just paddles engaged tip of the days today brought to you by the engage Omega Evolution Max today we're going to talk about warming up to go win the match and not just warming up to warm up so let's go all right guys today we're going to talk about preparing and warming up before a.

Match now how many times have we got stuck in a rut or kind of just tapping the ball back and forth to each other and then when you start the match we get down to a 3-4-0 deficit right out of the gate before you give him syrup that's almost half the game so if Austin's my teammate we're gonna warm up differently we're gonna warm up and give each other.

A look at what you're gonna see in the game now I'm not trying to beat Austin in our warm-up but I'm definitely going to push him a little bit not only to get his blood flowing to get his heart rate up to get his mental focus on par so we can be the ones jumping out to that early lead and then make that first game a lot easier so push each other give.

Them a look at what they'll see in the game don't try to win the points but let's push each other a little bit and it'll help you jump out to an early lead foreign
Don’t let the other team get out to a hot start because you aren’t warmed up! Watch and learn as Paddle Expert Ben Croft outlines how to warm up with a purpose for your next pickleball match. If you’re interested in the paddle used during this video, shop all Engage paddles here: https://www.justpaddles.com/products/vendor~engage/

To summarize, preparation on the court before the game has started is key. Stop the careless dinking and hit some shots at your partner to get ready for the match. Game-like shots are key for prepping both you and your partner for the match ahead.

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