this is another one of my very favorite singles drills one player is going to be slicing while the other player is hitting topspin and again this is a no volley drill okay this is all ground strokes so both players are going to be back.

Towards that baseline i'm going to start out as a player that's hitting backspin on everything and sami has to hit topspin on everything so in this dynamic sami is at an advantage he can hit a little bit more aggressive of a shot he's working on his offense and.

Dictating i'm working on scrambling and playing defense okay so go ahead sammy oh no so sammy wins the point he then becomes the defensive slicer so now you're slicing and i get to play with topspin you only get to play with topspin.

As the returner the server is the slicer okay so it's similar to a regular point in that the server is at a disadvantage you only score as server and as slicer okay so sammy go ahead you're slicing i'm tapping boom i win the point.

I serve i slice oh i'm working you with this slice oh no talk get hit hey guys if you're looking to learn from me in person make sure that you check out my website it has my entire teaching schedule lined up there what this drill should also.

Show you is how to deal with backspin a lot of times people are intimidated when the other person is hitting with slice you just need to know what that ball is going to do to your paddle so imagine i'm tossing a basketball against a wall.

If i were to toss it with forward spin right it would spin hit the wall and kick upwards correct and if i were to toss it with some backspin it would hit the wall and kick downwards the same exact thing is happening when a.

Pickleball hits our paddle when sammy hits with slice to me it's going to hit the paddle and kick downwards off of it if you were to hit with topspin to me it's going to hit the paddle and kick upwards so this drill helps me identify the spin that's being given to me and compensate accordingly and in.

Fact i can use sami's slice against him the more slice he gives me the more topspin i can hit in return a lot of players are returning serve with slice you should realize that a slice gives you the opportunity to hit more topspin and this drill is a phenomenal way to work on dealing with slices.

Top Spin Slice Game

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