Hi welcome to Brianna's pickleball my name is Jordan Briones and if you are still popping up the ball make sure you watch this video all the way through now let's Jump Right In all right so in this video we are going to talk about how to keep the ball down and not pop it up when your opponents.

Are attacking you this game is evolving and changing day by day and some players are just really good at speeding up the ball and attacking so at times we're going to want to counter back but also sometimes we're going to just want to reset it and block it and that's what we're going to be talking about today all right so whether you are at the.

Non-volley zone line or a little bit off of it when players are attacking you and the ball is relatively low around the waist level or lower or sometimes maybe you're just not in a good position to counter-attack that ball and you want to slow it down you are going to want to hit something neutral which we call our reset shot all right so I'm going to.

Show you a couple Clips first of what I see a lot of players doing and why the ball pops up and then we're going to talk about exactly how to fix it foreign so across all levels I see this all the time sometimes we're getting attacked and we're trying to slow the ball down.

Or drop it in the kitchen the non-volley zone to keep it unattackable but what happens the ball flies away up and they slam it down at our feet or maybe our partner's feet so how could we avoid this in this video we're going to give you three very very important key points that you need so that you can keep that ball down alright so number one is going.

To be the grip pressure remember when we're trying to slow the ball down anytime we're taking a faster ball and actually trying to take Pace off of it our grip pressure how tight we hold the paddle has to be fairly loose if you are really really tight it's going to be really hard to slow that ball down because you have a very tight tension in.

Your grip and then it's it's just easier to hit that harder when you have a really tight grip so on a scale of 1 to 10 I would say around three to a five for a good reset volley okay so here we go Katrina is going to feed me the same shot and I'm gonna make sure I have a loose to medium grip here here we go.

Again okay okay yeah okay all right so for both of those a one-handed or a two-handed reset all of those I had a light to medium grip pressure and that's really going to help in not hitting the ball really really hard alright so number two this is a.

Huge one and this is trying to slow the ball down or reset the ball when you are moving alright so that's exactly what we don't want to do in a couple of those previous Clips you saw that I was still moving or slowing down into my shot but I'm not balanced and ready to go what you'll see the really good players when they're resetting balls they make sure.

They're in a good low position their center of gravity is low they're in a good paddle position and you'll see them with the weight on the balls of their feet and they're ready to go here so this is all calm and stable they have a good base and all they're moving is their paddle getting ready to block it and getting in a good position position.

Out in front okay okay all right so just like you saw there being balanced and stable is one of the most important things when we're trying to control the ball remember we're trying to take a really fast ball trying.

To soften it so that it is harder to attack Landing somewhere in that non-volume zone so the best bet that we have is to be as stable as possible so even when you're coming through from the Baseline here you're coming through the transition and they are hitting that ball make sure you have enough time to come to a good split step you're nice.

And low and you're ready to go all right so now let's hop into tip number three and I think this is the most important one and that is going to be not having a big swing or big follow-through all right when we're trying to just block the ball and reset it into the non-volley Zone trying to hit a neutral ball there we do not want to be swinging.

At at the ball I see this all the time players are getting attacked around waist level knee level or even you know down here at Shin level and they are just swinging up okay when that happens of course the ball is going to go up into our opponent's wheelhouse so that they can slam it okay so here we just want to make sure we're blocking.

Out in front and if it's a lower ball you know we might have to give it a little bit but again light grip pressure right and also I'm not swinging like a swinging volley all it is is a little block or a little lift up this is what you'll see if I'm using two hands this is what you'll see when I'm using one even on my forehand it might just be a.

Little nudge upward because we got to get that ball up and over the net alright so let's see a couple here a couple good resets all right all right okay all right so like in those you won't see a big swing all right we're.

Taking the pace off of the ball there's more than enough Pace coming from that ball the faster that ball comes in the less we have to do all right so if you are continually popping up balls make sure that you're remembering these three things these are really important and go out there with a partner and drill and practice these things okay this doesn't.

Come naturally this takes hours on the court of practice and if you find this video helpful go ahead and give this video a like we really appreciate it and we'll see you in the next video Light Within the moment moment and don't go wait until the morning you never know when it is.

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So……. if I were to think of one shot that totally transformed my game, it would be this one – The RESET. If you don’t know what the reset shot is, then you probably are stuck at a 3.0 or 3.5. This shot is absolutely necessary at 4.0+ levels, so you’re definitely going to want to watch this video all the way through!

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