Hey guys dave wars here don't forget to like and subscribe on the day worst pickleball channel it is august it is hot out here in florida and i might be a little sweaty i played earlier but i want to thank you everybody for subscribing if you can hit that subscriber button hit the like button and i appreciate everything i'm gonna.

Try to make uh i'm learning how to cut the videos uh and enjoying them together and stuff so they'll get better eventually so please uh today's lesson is going to be on uh the overhead uh slam and what we're going to do the overhead slam we're going to learn how to do the proper technique and then we're going to.

Learn how to guide the overhead slam you just you just don't hit the overhead slam straight uh we're gonna i got cones out here and we're gonna try to hit the overhead slam uh so uh let's start with the lesson so here we go uh hold hold the rack i got my assistant over here pat.

He's gonna feed some balls and uh so let's try to use this grip here try to keep this in the middle uh right on there's like top bevel so you got the grip so now when you're hitting the overhead you want to make sure when you hit the overhead that you're getting when you hit it you keep your elbow up and hit it.

What happens is people soon they get the overhead they keep this elbow down and they push it and then the ball goes out wide and it doesn't go down you want to keep the overhead up you want to keep you know to hit down on the ball so it has an angle so we're going to do i'm.

Going to hit some balls first and uh hopefully subscribe to this channel and hopefully you'll like some of this stuff so here we go footwork is important turning sideways you know moving your feet little steps elbow up and you're going to reach and point down keep the elbow up don't drop it.

Okay here we go okay okay hold on okay guys so that is just a basic overhead slam try keep my elbow up try to snap the ball through i'm trying to turn my body sideways and getting the ball when i'm moving.

I'm moving sideways i'm not moving i'm trying not to move like this because you might fall try to move sideways so here we go now so he's going to feed me some overheads i'm going to try to aim for the cone this cone now try as many as i can try to hit the.

Angle remember to turn my body in that direction okay go ahead so last one okay so that was uh that side so i tried to turn my body.

Aim for the cones hit everything over there so now we're gonna aim over here for these cones so okay hold on hold on okay guys so now we aim for that corner in there.

So now i want to try to do try to keep and try to fake my head where i'm looking in the other direction i'm going to look over there and hit the ball over here because if i point over here they're going to see exactly where the ball goes so i'm gonna try to fake.

And go uh do some overheads uh over there i'm gonna look forward so i'm aiming over there see that you look forward you look taller and come this way okay hold on okay.

So that one there headed up and i looked straight ahead but i i went to a side out motion so we're gonna go over here i'm gonna look straight ahead over there and try to come across here we go you keep to the middle.

Last one okay guys that was it for the overhead slam in directing the ball and also trying to fake your opponent out where you're slamming the ball so please subscribe to the dave wurtz channel for the overhead slam.

And the overhead fake slam because if you do the overhead you want to get the ball off the court but do not aim for the lines you want to aim a little bit away from the lines because it's just too hard to hit close the lines but get the angle.

Comes up look forward and come across over same thing with the forehand look forward hit away so that is the motion so please subscribe to burst pickleball channel and that's it like and subscribe i'm outta here thank you pat for your.

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How to fake the overhead slam and hit the pickleball