Hey guys dave wish here don't forget to like and subscribe on my pickleball channel and uh today we are going to work on the serve i'm actually going to teach you how to hit the the fast serve but uh we're gonna i'm gonna go over at.

The very beginning of of different types of serve you see uh going uh people um different types of serve that people hit uh you'll see all types of different forms and and stuff so i'm gonna show.

Uh a first couple uh swings here i'm just gonna show you the things that you're that people do wrong but uh the basic uh hitting of the serve is uh you want to have the grip uh you want to have it you know right here like this like a shake hand.

A shake hand grip so you got that star you'll see some will try to serve you know with it bent forward or turning their wrists or they turn it all the way back um you know and the ball is floating up too high uh but mainly if you want to do the grip.

Shake hand and you try to get the grip to come down to here lower part because you get more snap on it if you get the grip here what happens is this gets in the way for power so try to hold it down here try to have.

It loose and you're trying to use your wrist on the serve you're not trying to hit the ball stiff arm you want to try to have the ball in front bend your knees and you'll see you turn the pile sideways and you snap.

So here i'm going to just show you uh some swings that people do that you shouldn't do these here's a here's one of the swing serves i always watch people go and when they do that swing you're not even not even looking up you're not you don't know where your point opponent is.

Or anything like that and all they're doing is looking down you can't you got to get it over the net uh so so and then you got some people that just kind of you know when they serve they have the paddle tilted down and they're just going.

Like that you know it's pointed upwards you don't want to point it upwards because then you can't uh do any topspin or anything on it and uh and then you get some people hold in they you know they hit it behind them and they and they serve behind them you always want to try to get the ball the contact in right in the.

Hitting zone which is right here in front and snap so i'm gonna do is we're going to do some serves here's some cones over here here's basically some spots where you want to serve you know you want to serve down where the tea is or sometimes i'll do a little.

Angle off the court but one important thing is don't aim for the lines uh like these are that one's a little too close i don't aim for the lines uh the pickleball serve is not a devastating serve you're just trying to screw them up so uh we're i'm gonna do some serves and there's gonna be two different types.

Of serves when i i'm gonna serve a real hard one low and it's gonna bounce low and then the second one's gonna be like semi hard but it's going to loop and bounce high so here we go i'm going to do some serves right now and just try to you know get your body try to swing in it don't try to be going like this or.

Anything you've got to get a snap and try to have your paddle kind of sideways when you start if you start like this it's not going to work you're going to start and then it would have to come here and then you snap it so here we go uh hearts are so i'm trying to snap it trying to keep.

It low keeping it deep and then i'll try a couple off the corner here and what i'm trying to do is i'm trying to snap it so here i'm going to do a serve those are the low hard ones this one i'm going to do is a semi like uh.

It's going to go high and curve down here we go i just used my wrist and that's a great serve because it keeps them deep it keeps them deep that's a great search and also just try to use your body use and try to swing into it and uh you're not going to be able to do the.

Serve if you're going like this you know it doesn't work that way you're going to have to learn how to tilt it sideways how to use your and the harder you hit it try to put more spin on it.

And it'll it'll get you to get the ball to dive and to sink so foremost balls out in front bend your knees and snap and what you want to do is you want to come down.

And come up you can't go up here and go like that it just it just doesn't work that way so and then we'll end the video god so this is a good little drill to to just try to aim and try to hit the cones and try to hit them fast.

So this is uh the video on how to hit a fast uh serve uh either hit it fast and low or high and loopy and deep and and the spin usually kicks off and it makes a makes it even more difficult to hit so please uh like and subscribe on.

The uh dave worst pickleball channel i want to thank everybody for uh subscribing the channel's really starting to take off and stuff i'm just so glad that i can help somebody out there i do have some skills so i do know uh you know some stuff on how to get better and i think this is uh.

This is good to to work on it's a hard serve and you know a lot of times you'll do heart surgery your sauce or you do a spin serve i'll do maybe a side spin serve or something next video please subscribe dave worsh pickleball
Showing the problems in serving and the form to crush the serve